Lesbian kissing on the Target Field jumbotron: Comment of the Day

Same-sex kissing on the jumbotron?
In the controversial PR mess over a Target Field guard telling a pair of lesbian smoochers to knock it off, commenter Robin raises the possibility of an intriguing bit of street protest:

Pull a fast one on the jumbotron operator.

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Defending John Calhoun: Comment Of The Day

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Is complaining about Calhoun's support for slavery just political correctness?
Two Athens State University, Ala., professors tell us the proposal to change Lake Calhoun's name -- so that it doesn't honor a man who called slavery "a positive good" -- is nothing but a bunch of politically correct hooey.

In their very long defense of John C. Calhoun, they say, "The Lake Calhoun critics want to misrepresent and vilify one of America's greatest statesmen."

The "moral statesman," like the rest of the Senate, voted in favor of the Fugitive Slave Act, they say, so leave the guy alone.

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MSP: The most racist airport in Minnesota? [Comment of the Day]

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Charles Lindbergh was all about racial purity.
If Lake Calhoun is named after a pro-slavery racist, should it get a new name?

We asked that question this morning and the poll results and comments took off like wildfire.

"This is ridiculous," writes commenter Boom Boom Shikadance (who should get some kind of award just for appropriating that moniker). "Charles Lindbergh had anti-Semitic views and racist beliefs," so what do we do about the Lindbergh Terminal at MSP?

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If Bachmann's "twaddle" matches Drazkowski's, that's equality: Comment Of The Day

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Bring on the debate!
Amy Myers, a New Jersey high school sophomore, has challenged Rep. Michele Bachmann to a debate so that the congresswoman can prove she's a credit to her gender, rather than a badly misinformed and gaffe prone political hack.

Our Comment Of The Day goes to Sally Joe Sorenson, who suggests that, "As earnest as Ms. Myers is, I believe she misunderstands the nature of gender equality."

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Neil Gaiman's a capitalist. What's wrong with that? Comment Of The Day

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Neil Gaiman is successful. This bothers House Majority Leader Matt Dean.
Since when did Republicans take such a dim view of free enterprise? Here's Neil Gaiman, a hugely successful and famous author, paid handsomely for his accomplishments, and House Majority Leader Matt Dean calls him a "pencil-necked weasel" for accepting a $45,000 speaking fee from Stillwater library.

"It is not like Gaiman reached out to Stillwater library and demanded to be offered a speaking engagement. Stillwater library contacted Gaiman's assistant, asked if he were available and for how much, and then agreed to book him," commenter Snorkel writes.

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"How many more gay people does God have to create?" A defining moment: Comment Of The Day

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Steve Simon's question, caught on video, has gone viral.
Right before the Republican-controlled House Civil Law Committee approved a constitutional amendment banning gay marriage, DFL Rep. Steve Simon asked a simple question:

"How many more gay people does God have to create before we ask ourselves if he wants them around?"

Commenter Brent Haugen called it a defining moment.

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Bryan Hutcherson should be treated like his dog: Comment Of The Day

"Snoop" was starved to death.
Few stories inspire commenter venom quite so much as those about cold hearted humans abusing their pets.

Such was the case with our post on Bryan Hutcherson, the guy who said feeding his pit bull was too expensive and stressful, so he left it on a sidewalk to die.

"They should shove him in a really small cage and not feed him for a month then throw him in the street!" Patty Hagan Higdon opined.

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Vikings need more than one boring new stadium: Comment Of The Day

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What's wrong with the Metrodome? (Oh, wait.)
The new Vikings stadium bill dropped on Friday, posing in part as a jobs bill, and with the requirement that the team pay for just one-third of the facility's construction cost is already grating on our commenters' nerves.

"Yeah...they should build a new stadium, then tear it down, and then build it again. That will create even MORE jobs," says "green23."

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"Michelle Bachmann" is our comment of the day

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Sooner or later, we thought we'd hear from Michele Bachmann in our comments section, thanks to our never ending documentation to show why she's easily the most qualified Republican to run against President Barack Obama in 2012.

And we were so close.

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5 Future Pawlenty Pop Culture References: Comment Of The Day

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Tim Pawlenty: Pop culture icon.
Tim Pawlenty made some tortured references to Charlie Sheen and Lady Gaga in a speech to Iowa college Republicans the other day, evidently in a bid for the youth vote.

After that, and T-Paw's never-ending spate of Hollywood movie trailers aimed at hiding his innately boring vibe, commenter Vitajex felt obligated to e-mail us his 5 Future Pawlenty Pop-Culture References:

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