Comment of the Day: If CNN Says You Got It Right...

The last handful of years haven't been great for CNN, with mistakes like this, this, and this (to cite just a few examples) damaging the cable news channel's reputation.

Yesterday we told you about how a CNN piece praises Twin Cities officials for getting transit right with the Green Line. Put it together and it got reader Mike McLean thinking:

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Comment of the Day: Vikings Stadium Port-A-Potty Scary, But Legit

MSFA on Twitter
Our post yesterday about the "world's most dangerous port-a-potty" high above the site of the new Vikings stadium raised questions about whether putting one of the damn things way up there is legal.

According to reader Jake Condon, it is. Condon shed some light on the regulations covering port-a-potties at perilous construction sites like the one in question.

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Comment of the Day: Our New Hire

In response to the news that City Pages is hiring a news writer, reader Matt Sherman made one simple request.

No, it wasn't that CP change all the passwords and lock me out of the office before my last two weeks are through. It was that we don't hire somebody like Bucky Rogers.

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Comment of the Day: Why Como Lake Shooter Was Charged

Matrix opened fire with a Smith & Wesson handgun similar to this one.
Yesterday, we shared the story of Matrix Lee, the 50-year-old St. Paul resident who faces two felonies for shooting at a purse snatcher in a busy Como Lake parking lot Monday.

Many readers expressed dismay that Lee, who had a carry permit, would be charged for firing his gun at a fleeing thief. Be that as it may, today's Comment of the Day explains why he was in the wrong from a legal standpoint.

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Comment of the Day: Blame Ebola on Obama?

Some think Obama isn't doing enough policy-wise to prevent the spread of Ebola. Others think he's asleep at the wheel, playing golf when he should be doing... something. Still others just like to blame everything on Barack.

On the other side of the spectrum, Obama defenders are pointing out that Republican presidents don't exactly have an impeccable record when it comes to preventing the spread of unfamiliar, scary diseases.

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Comment of the Day: John Oliver Asks, How Is Columbus Day Still a Thing?

John Oliver (right): Not a fan of ol' CC.
We usually feature reader comments in our Comment of the Day posts, but today, we take a break from regularly scheduled programming to bring you John Oliver's take on the hottest topic of conversation on Blotter over the past week or so.

Oliver, host of the acclaimed Last Week Tonight show on HBO, isn't sure why Columbus Day is still a thing. (It already isn't a thing in Minneapolis, of course.) And in a concise, humorous video package, he and his team laid out their case as to why it shouldn't be.

See also:
John Oliver's Devastating Takedown of Miss America Has a Local Angle [VIDEO]

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Comment of the Day: No Excusing Christopher Columbus

The federal government might still celebrate Columbus Day today, but here in Minneapolis, the holiday has been rechristened as Indigenous Peoples Day.

Our Comment on the Day on Friday came from Chris Early, who argued that "it is a bit fuzzy philosophically speaking to revise Columbus (or any historical figure from 500 years ago) into some villain based upon today's moral standards." Today, we feature a comment from someone who disagrees.

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Comment of the Day: Columbus Day in Historical Context

First Landing of Columbus on the Shores of the New World by Dióscoro Teófilo Puebla Tolin.
Are we right to decide whether or not to celebrate holidays like Columbus Day (now Indigenous Peoples Day in Minneapolis) in terms of today's moral standards?

With a very well-written argument fleshing out why he thinks we shouldn't, Chris Early wins today's Comment of the Day honor.

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Comment of the Day: Longing for the Love Boat

vikings love boat.jpg
The child abuse and foundation-funded orgy allegations surrounding the Vikings' best player has some fans longing for the simpler days of yore.

You know... the days of "running through the okra patch," a.k.a., the "Love Boat."

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Comment of the Day: Low Standards

Hey look, they can't hit cars!
Yes, there have been a surprising number of accidents involving cars and Green Line trains since the LRT service opened for business in June.

But have there been so many that we should factor it in when considering future transit needs?

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