Christian Ponder has a baby: Top comments

Christian, Sam, and baby Bowden.
What, you didn't think people were just going to congratulate the happy couple, did you?

In response to our post about Christian and Sam Ponder introducing their baby girl to the world, some of our readers broke out their best tried-and-true jokes about the embattled Vikings quarterback, who, two years after being viewed as the organization's quarterback of the future, heads into this season as the likely third-stringer.

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Comment of the Day: Brad Pitt? Try Kato Kaelin

Mills (left) and Pitt
In fairness, Kato Kaelin is no slouch in the looks department himself.
Every day, new comments are posted on old Blotter posts. And sometimes they're LOL-worthy.

For instance, last month, we told you about Politico's comparison of the looks of Republican Eighth District U.S. House candidate Stewart Mills and Brad Pitt. Some people flat-out don't buy it -- others pointed out comparisons they think work better.

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Comment of the Day: Why our Constitution is far from perfect

Howard Chandler Christy's painting of the scene at the Constitutional Convention in Philadelphia
Earlier this week, Stewart Mills criticized Rick Nolan for deleting a tweet from his official account calling the U.S. Constitution an "imperfect document."

But as commenter Patrick Solomon points out, there's at least one glaring reason why our country's founding document is flawed.

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Comment of the Day: Dog biscuits, not guns

Our report about yet another family dog being gunned down by police prompted a lot of discussion, most of it critical of law enforcement's "shoot first, ask questions later" mentality.

But as regular reader ChazDanger points out, there's a more peaceful, tried-and-true way for police officers to deal with dogs.

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Comment of the Day: More to Minnesota than drinking

In response to our post about the top 10 #bragMPLS tweets, one reader couldn't get beer off the brain.

We'd like to remind him, however, that this ain't Wisconsin.

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Comment of the Day: The MNGOP's poster child of injustice

Michelle MacDonald
In light of recent stories about racial disparities in arrest rates for drug-related crimes in Minnesota -- to take just one example -- it's strange to see local Republican hold up Michelle MacDonald as their exemplar of legal injustice.

Yet that's exactly what party officials are doing in justifying their endorsement of the controversial Supreme Court candidate.

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Comment of the Day: What's worse, tax hikes or forced child labor?

Our post about Eden Prairie GOP House candidate Sheila Kihne's controversial blogging features criticisms of her made by Rep. Pat Garofalo (R-Farmington), who has been putting Kihne on blast for supporting tax increases.

Garofalo cites Kihne's blog as a source. But in criticizing her on Twitter, he fails to mention the fact that on the same blog, Kihne openly supports forcing "any children 12 or over" who live in families that receive welfare to "have a job to contribute to the household income."

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Comment of the Day: Why Kluwe matters

Kluwe during yesterday's downtown Minneapolis news conference
These days, every time we post about former Vikings punter Chris Kluwe, we're inundated with comments asking us, "Why do you waste ink on this guy?" and, "Aren't his 15 minutes over?"

Fact is, Kluwe's core allegation -- that Vikings special teams coach Mike Priefer said, "We should round up all the gays, send them to an island, and then nuke it until it glows" during a team meeting in 2012 -- is very significant. Especially when you consider the extent to which bigotry of all forms is becoming less tolerated in professional sports and mainstream society in general.

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Comment of the Day: Some-sex Marriage

Tony Nelson for City Pages
This surely isn't what Gov. Dayton had in mind when he signed marriage equality into law.
If local moms really need what this St. Paul road sign says they need, then reader Brian McClellan has correctly diagnosed one problem with marriages in Minnesota's capital city.

Here's what McClellan said:

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Comment of the Day: Dealing with Comcast

This week's cover feature, written by Chris Parker, is entitled, "The fall of net neutrality: Cable's plot to destroy the internet."

One of the main anti-neutrality forces, of course, is Comcast, which, as the piece details, forced Netflix to pay an undisclosed amount of money not to have its streaming service slowed down for those accessing it via Comcast's cables.

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