Comment of the Day: The smell of food trucks

"I love the smell of napalm in the morning."
As military helicopters darted above downtown Minneapolis and St. Paul this week, one local man had this reaction: That prompted reader John Bunch to reflect on this legendary scene from the classic Vietnam War movie, Apocalypse Now.

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Comment of the Day: Why militarized police are no laughing matter

Photo by Danny Wicentowski for the St. Louis Riverfront Times
A scene from Ferguson, Missouri on Monday night.
Today, we give out our first joint Comment of the Day award to two commenters who had worthwhile things to say in response to our post on the joint military-law enforcement drills that surprised and scared people Monday night.

Our first winner gets recognized because he succinctly and persuasively refuted someone who thinks military choppers flying over the Twin Cities is no big deal. And our second gets the nod for providing some comic relief.

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Comment of the Day: Taking responsibility for Hidden Beach's issues

Nick Vlcek for City Pages
A quiet evening at Hidden Beach.
In response to the news that the Kenwood neighborhood group is considering sending a resolution to the Park Board calling for the temporary closure of Hidden Beach, many readers put the Minneapolis Police Department on blast with comments of this sort:


But that blame is misplaced. Larry Moran, chairman of the Kenwood board, tells us the resolution his neighborhood board is considering is largely a response to bad behavior by beach visitors, including property damage and drunk driving.

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Comment of the Day: On the militarization of the police

Danny Wicentowski for the Riverfront Times
Snipers monitor the crowd during a protest in Ferguson last week.
Our post about last week's tense Michael Brown vigil in north Minneapolis got longtime reader swmnguy thinking about police militarization.

It's an issue that's relevant locally, but has become a national topic of conversation following Missouri law enforcement's arguably over-the-top response to unrest in Ferguson following the officer-involved shooting of Brown.

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Comment of the Day: Hell's Kitchen answers questions about minimum wage increase

The bar at Hell's Kitchen.
Today's comment of the day goes to Cynthia Gerdes, one of Hell's Kitchen's co-founders, who weighed in our post about her bar and restaurant's support of Minnesota's recent minimum wage increase to answer some questions.

Here's what she said:

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Comment of the Day: Why focus on guns?

38 special.jpg
Do you agree with the old saying, guns don't kill people, people kill people?

Well, guns certainly help people kill people, but in response to our post about the latest mass shooting in Minneapolis, commenter Brian Defferding made a case that the problem actually goes deeper than firearms.

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Comment of the Day: Good and bad trolling

But sometimes feeding the trolls can be fun!
Take it from a guy who knows a thing or two about trolling -- there's better and worse ways to do it.

An instance of the better path comes from this Green Bay wrestling fan, who brilliantly trolled the Land of 10,000 Lakes with a sign at a WWE event earlier this year.

On the other hand...

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Comment of the Day: When a politician's views "evolve"

Is ridgid consistency really a virtue? Depends who's judging and what their own positions are.
Yesterday, we told you about how Eden Prairie GOP House candidate Sheila Kihne's is being criticized by her fellow Republicans for stuff that happened 20 years ago.

In Kihne's case, she's taking heat for moving from more liberal to more conservative on social issues. But maybe she shouldn't -- after all, as the years go by, one's views are bound to change.

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Comment of the Day: A "Bacon Increase Fee"?

A "Bacon Fee" might not be so farfetched. Prices of the delectable meat are at an all-time high.
Our Comment of the Day post about the math of a minimum wage fee -- itself a response to our piece regarding the new minimum wage fee Stillwater's Oasis Cafe is charging customers -- got a couple readers thinking about what it'd be like if bar and restaurant owners were similarly transparent when other costs of business went up.

One reader thinking along those lines was braidedmerkin, who wins today's top comment honor with this:

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Comment of the Day: The math of a minimum wage fee

Yesterday's post on the new minimum wage fee Stillwater's Oasis Cafe is charging its customers is a huge talker, with over 360 comments posted as of this morning.

One of them did an admirable job breaking down how Oasis ownership stands not just to break even, but to profit from the 35-cent-per-table fee.

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