Comment of the Day: Guns at the State Fair

Erik Hess for City Pages
This beer hall was the location of the first armed robbery in the fair's history.
News that arrests have been made in connection with the State Fair armed robbery prompted a comment section debate about guns.

One exchange in particular neatly captures the fundamental disagreement between pro-gun folks who think firearms enhance safety and anti-gun folks who think more guns leads to more violence.

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Comment of the Day: Country Club is a Country Club

At least one reader wasn't surprised to learn that the "online country club" created by James Touchi-Peters, the acclaimed former conductor of the Minnesota Philharmonic Orchestra, charges $9,000 for memberships.

After all, what else would you expect?

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Comment of the Day: Why Radisson Dumped the Vikings

A wall of Radisson logos was the backdrop for Speilman's widely decried news conference.
Radisson's decision to suspend its sponsorship of the Vikings came just hours after General Manager Rick Spielman gave a news conference where he tried to justify the organization's controversial decision to allow embattled running back Adrian Peterson to play.

Coincidence? ChazDanger thinks not.

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Prison Rape: It's Just a Joke, Guys

The latest controversial Chino Latino advertisement
Yesterday, we shared the story of Minneapolis residents successfully petitioning against Chino Latino's latest offensive billboard which bragged that the restaurant has "The freshest meat outside of a prison."

An overwhelming number of commenters thought it was fine or didn't get why the "joke" was offensive... so we wanted to take the opportunity to open up a discussion and showcase some of those thoughts.

We like jokes! But there's also a time and a place for some jokes.

See also:
Twin Cities Residents Successfully Petition Against Offensive Chino Latino Billboard

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Comment of the Day: Stuck Between a Rock and a Treehouse

When John Hennen complained about his neighbor's son's treehouse, it put Minneapolis officials in a tough spot.

Ignore zoning rules, or come off as fun-hating over-regulators?

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Comment of the Day: Becoming state's official marijuana grower ain't easy

Thumbnail image for IndoorGrow.jpg
Sure, applying to become one of Minnesota's two official marijuana growers sounds like the most fun job application you'll ever fill out, but have you read the fine print?

Chris Kurle has, and his succinct analysis of it wins him today's Comment of the Day award.

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Comment of the Day: Bike lane blues

John St John on Flickr Creative Commons
As we told you about yesterday, the biking scene in St. Paul is on the upswing.

But it doesn't matter how nice your bike lane is when there's an inexplicable road construction sign right in the middle of the damn thing.

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Comment of the Day: Melin sounds off on McFadden

In the wake of news breaking about two Minnesota Muslims dying in Syria while fighting for ISIS, Republican U.S. Senate candidate Mike McFadden went after Al Franken for not being adequately concerned about radicalism here at home.

Our story about McFadden's attacks (and Franken's counterattack) got the attention of Rep. Carly Melin (D-Hibbing), who thinks McFadden's attempt to score points on the issue is out of bounds.

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Comment of the Day: The Minnesota Cubs?

About the only thing that doesn't stink about the Twins these days is Target Field.
Keith Olbermann put the Twins marketing team on blast for comparing the on-field product to a luxury car when it's really more akin to a broken-down beater.

That got Dave Overlund thinking about another MLB team that loses a lot, but at least does so inside a nice ballpark.

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Comment of the Day: Cash scrum at the fair

Serge threw away one-tenth of what the State Fair's first armed robbers made off with the night before.
At least one of our readers saw himself in the video of Serge Vorobyov making it rain cash at the State Fair.

The situation on the ground remained relatively calm throughout Vorobyov's trip on the Skyride -- he says he tossed 800 one dollar bills and two hundos to folks below during the jaunt -- but Passing Wind Rainbow's comment got us thinking about what might've happened had people been aware of the big bills Serge was working with in advance.

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