Comment of the Day: In Defense of the Star Tribune's Anti-Transgender Ad

The transgender pride flag.
Though some readers threatened to cancel their subscriptions in response to the anti-transgender ad that ran in Sunday's Star Tribune, Dennis Jansen, an engagement manager at Thomson Reuters, argues the paper made the right call.

That's not because he doesn't support the LGBT cause. Instead, Jansen points out that by letting groups like the Minnesota Child Protection League espouse their hurtful views, media outlets like the Strib give them enough rope to hang themselves, so to speak.

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Comment of the Day: In Green Line Era, It Ain't Easy Driving Drunk

Michael Hicks
Our post about last week's crash involving an alleged drunk driver mentioned that the incident was the 13th car-Green Line train crash since the Twin Cities' latest LRT service opened in June, but we certainly didn't mean to suggest the train was at fault.

Nonetheless, we got a kick out of Joshua Redman's quip about how it's especially hard to drive drunk along the Central Corridor in this day and age.

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Comment of the Day: Is "Marijuana" Racist?

Thumbnail image for marijuanaplant.jpg
Coleen Danger
Here's a thing you probably didn't know is a thing -- cannabis activists now think the word "marijuana" is derogatory and shouldn't be used.

The case against the M word was brought to our attention in response to our post "Legal Marijuana Could Bring in $46 Million Annually for Minnesota, Study Says."

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Comment of the Day: Sad but True

Thumbnail image for catholicguilt_cover.jpg
In light of stories like this one, there's a dark irony to the news that Archbishop John Nienstedt forced out a gay music director at St. Victoria Catholic Church in Victoria.

It was explained succinctly by Mike Bougie in today's Comment of the Day:

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Comment of the Day: Pot Tax Subsidy for the Twins

YouTube screengrab via Pioneer Press
Twins fans who have had to endure Nolasco's starts could probably use a bong rip or two.
A new study estimates Minnesota stands to gain $46 million each year in tax revenue if marijuana were legalized.

Coincidentally, that happens to be just slightly less than the $49 million contract the Minnesota Twins gave pitcher Ricky Nolasco last offseason.

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Comment of the Day: If Stalin Could Play Ball, Would the NFL Have Him?

Our post about the Dallas media urging the Cowboys to acquire indicted running back Adrian Peterson got one reader thinking about how, if you're an elite professional athlete, no sin is unforgivable.

Here's what Ryan Siverson said:

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Comment of the Day: What Rhymes with "Quagmire"?

The Minneapolis protesters don't want to see repeats of scenes like this one from the Iraq War.
In response to the news about last Saturday's "No New Quagmires" protest against American military involvement in the Syrian conflict, some readers got deep:


Others, however, cracked wise about how difficult it is to work "quagmire" into a catchy slogan.

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Comment of the Day: Guns at the State Fair

Erik Hess for City Pages
This beer hall was the location of the first armed robbery in the fair's history.
News that arrests have been made in connection with the State Fair armed robbery prompted a comment section debate about guns.

One exchange in particular neatly captures the fundamental disagreement between pro-gun folks who think firearms enhance safety and anti-gun folks who think more guns leads to more violence.

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Comment of the Day: Country Club is a Country Club

At least one reader wasn't surprised to learn that the "online country club" created by James Touchi-Peters, the acclaimed former conductor of the Minnesota Philharmonic Orchestra, charges $9,000 for memberships.

After all, what else would you expect?

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Comment of the Day: Why Radisson Dumped the Vikings

A wall of Radisson logos was the backdrop for Speilman's widely decried news conference.
Radisson's decision to suspend its sponsorship of the Vikings came just hours after General Manager Rick Spielman gave a news conference where he tried to justify the organization's controversial decision to allow embattled running back Adrian Peterson to play.

Coincidence? ChazDanger thinks not.

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