Check out this crazy video of the demolition derby on I-35 near Forest Lake

Just a day ago many of us winter-savvy Minnesotans were mocking Atlanta for becoming something akin to a Walking Dead set thanks to icy roads and a couple inches of snow.

Those jokes aren't quite as funny today, are they?

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It was especially no laughing matter for drivers headed down an ice-coated I-35 this morning. Check out this crazy footage caught by a traffic cam near Forest Lake:

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78 percent of Minnesota commuters drive to work alone

Minneapolis is debating streetcars, the whole metro is up in arms over the beleaguered Southwest Corridor light rail plan, and the long-awaited Minneapolis-to-St. Paul Green Line is set to open sometime mid-next year.

But while the Twin Cities talks mass transit, according to the U.S. Census Bureau, a full 77 percent of metro area commuters are still driving to work alone. For the state as a whole, that number is 78 percent; for the country, it's a slightly better 76 percent.

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Check out this van dangling precariously above I-94 [UPDATE]

Categories: Commuting
-- Update at bottom --

Two lanes of I-94 eastbound through St. Paul were closed this morning as a van dangled precariously above the highway.

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The image at the top of this post is a still from a traffic cam (via the Star Tribune). It shows the only thing keeping the van from crashing onto the highway at I-94 near Seventh Street was a metal fence.

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Dashboard cam captures more milk than you've ever seen gushing into Lowry Hill Tunnel [VIDEO]

Categories: Commuting
lowry hill milk rect.jpg
If there was ever a time to have a pack of Oreos in your car...
Not crying over spilled milk is sound advice -- but if we're talking about thousands and thousands of gallons?

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Footage released by the Minnesota State Patrol shows a tidal wave of milk gushing into the Lowry Hill Tunnel moments after a milk tanker overturned Tuesday afternoon.

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Oakdale driver pulled over while under the influence of McDonald's

Categories: Commuting, Food
Image by Tatiana Craine
Don't love it while behind the wheel, kids.
A driver recently spotted swerving his car erratically on Greeley Street in Stillwater wasn't drunk, high, or on bath salts. But he was under the influence -- of Ronald McDonald.

-- Hamburglar lives! Bag of McDonald's swiped from unsuspecting customer
-- Vikings' Jerome Felton, arrested for DWI in McDonald's drive-thru, was lovin' it too much

After an officer watched a truck cross the centerline, a 19-year-old Oakdale man told police he was all over the road because he was preoccupied chowing McDonald's.

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Shawn Daivari Hiawatha Line smackdown: The surveillance footage [VIDEO]

daivari footage.jpeg
Who needs Metro Transit police when you have Shawn Daivari?
Metro Transit has released surveillance footage of former WWE wrestler Shawn Daivari choking out a belligerent passenger during a southbound trip on the Hiawatha Line a few weeks back.

-- Shawn Daivari, former WWE star, chokes out belligerent racist on Hiawatha Line
-- Metro Transit responds to security concerns following Shawn Daivari incident

Though the footage doesn't have sound, it appears to show that the incident unfolded just as we've previously reported. An unruly passenger gives a bicyclist a hard time when he boards the train, then appears to turn his ire to another off-camera rider. As the man prepares to initiate a physical altercation with the off-camera rider, Daivari springs out of his seat, takes his jacket off, and chokes the troublemaker out.

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Metro Transit responds to security concerns following Shawn Daivari incident

daivari train.jpg
Daivari's Hiawatha Line smackdown isn't reflective of security problems on Metro Transit trains, a spokesman said.
A couple weeks ago, former WWE star Shawn Daivari choked out a belligerent passenger while riding on the Hiawatha Line to the airport.

-- Shawn Daivari, former WWE star, chokes out belligerent racist on Hiawatha Line

Daivari said numerous people on the train hit the train's emergency help button when the disturbance began, but at the next stop, "nobody got on the train, so we knew there were no cops waiting to get on and help."

That characterization of the incident raised concerns about security on Hiawatha Line trains, but in an interview with City Pages, Metro Transit's PR manager, John Siqveland, gave a slightly different account of the incident and said officials handled the on-train smackdown the best they could.

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Singalong on downtown Mpls bus raises question: Who needs earbuds? [VIDEO]

Categories: Commuting
Metro Transit bus.jpg
Bus singalongs FTW.
Earbuds are great, but something's lost when everyone is locked into their own personal audio bubble.

SEE ALSO: Shawn Daivari, former WWE star, chokes out belligerent racist on Hiawatha Line

Spontaneous bus singalongs, for example.

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Joseph Kadlec swerved car at passing motorcyclists, shot one in face outside PD

Categories: Commuting, Crime
Kadlec allegedly shot a biker in the face during a road rage incident.
God forbid you encounter 71-year-old Cambridge resident Joseph Kadlec when he's behind the wheel, but if you do, don't try and pass him.

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Kadlec has been involved in six road rage incidents since 2008, and the worst one occurred last Saturday afternoon when he allegedly shot a motorcyclist in the face right outside the Isanti Police Department headquarters.

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Shawn Daivari, former WWE star, chokes out belligerent racist on Hiawatha Line

Categories: Commuting
shawn daivari.jpg
Daivari on why he went with a choke hold: "They were using the Figure-Four in car one, and I didn't want to steal their finisher."
Think wrestling is fake? That might be news to the belligerent racist dude who got choked out by Shawn Daivari on the Hiawatha Line train yesterday.

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Daivari, a 28-year-old former WWE superstar who was born in Minneapolis, says he was headed to the airport after visiting family when a big fat guy started harassing passengers on the train. After one of the riders was threatened with death, Daivari sprang into action and subdued him with a choke hold/body scissors combo.

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