The five creepiest allegations facing alleged St. Paul perv janitor Walter Happel

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Walter Happel
Walter Happel, a Newport resident and longtime janitor who most recently worked at the Linwood Monroe Arts Plus School in St. Paul, faces a felony count of interference with privacy for allegedly sticking his perverted head under a bathroom stall while a 12-year-old student was in there on February 19.

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But as investigators looked into that incident, a number of additional allegations of sexually inappropriate conduct involving Happel, boys, and bathrooms came to light. Below the jump we run down the five creepiest incidents contained in the criminal complaint.

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Paul Conrad, former Mankato elementary teacher with foot fetish, faces child porn charge

KEYC screengrab
Conrad won a Golden Apple teaching award from Mankato-area TV station KEYC less than two months before he lost his job.
After a string of creepy incidents involving students' feet that spanned half a decade, Paul Conrad finally lost his job as a second-grade teacher at Hoover Elementary School in North Mankato in November 2011.

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More than two years later, the award-winning teacher was charged with possession of child pornography after three witnesses saw him looking at pictures of young females wearing swimming suits, some topless, at Mankato State University's Centennial Library.

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Fargo man wants Sam Ponder to do something really gross to him [PHOTO]

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Sam Ponder
Saturday afternoon, for the first time ever, ESPN's College GameDay show -- featuring Sam Ponder -- was broadcast live from Fargo.

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It was a big deal up there, and a bunch of drunkards enthusiastic fans took to the streets in downtown Fargo to make their presence felt on national television.

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Sammy Henderson allegedly murdered woman during intercourse [MUGSHOT]

Sammy Henderson
Sammy Henderson, 24, has been charged with second-degree murder for allegedly strangling Sherell Craighead to death while having intercourse with her over the weekend.

Henderson told authorities Craighead, 30, was a regular casual sex partner of his. He admitted to putting his hand around her neck while the two had intercourse on Saturday night or Sunday morning that began consensually, but culminated in rape. He denied, however, that his conduct could've caused her injuries.

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Stanley Alms, store manager, allegedly used security cam to videotape employee's breasts

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Quinn Dombrowski
Feds say a furniture store manager videotaped a female employee's body at work.
The federal government is suing Davis Typewriter Company, an office supply and furniture store in Worthington, saying it failed to fix "a sexually hostile work environment" after a manager was caught videotaping another employee.

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Utah man on MSP flight says he's not a perv, he just got peppermint oil on his junk

The Smoking Gun
After he felt "burning," Clarke, in his own words, "removed his penis from the inside of his pants."
The FBI Joint Terrorism Task Force is investigating a Utah man for whipping it out during a flight last November from MSP to Salt Lake City. (Shouldn't they be after Al-Qaeda or something?)

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The man, 48-year-old Stuart Clarke, was on the second leg of a flight from Amsterdam back to Utah when the incident occurred. He doesn't dispute that his penis saw the light of the aircraft's cabin. But questioned about what happened by a member of the FBI Task Force two days later, he offered up a classic explanation for why he let it hang out.

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"Scott, Gang Bang Organizer" busted after hotel manager finds his business card

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Bloomington Police Department | Will Clayton
Part of Pollock's defense is that the gang bang was a birthday party.
If you're going to organize gang bangs in hotel rooms, you might not want to make business cards and a website advertising it.

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- There were some very weird police calls in St. Paul last weekend
- David Pillatzki Jr. faces felony for Facebook video of himself shooting a gun

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James O'Keefe creeps out Ana Marie Cox on Twitter

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James O'Keefe creeping on Ana Marie Cox
It's not a state secret that original Wonkette Ana Marie Cox now makes her home in Minnesota. And apparently, one of the creepiest guys on the internet is using that to his advantage.

Remember James O'Keefe III? When last we left him, he was pulling gross dildo pranks on CNN reporters and pleading guilty to reduced charges for not-really bugging a New Orleans Congresswoman's office.

Now, the charming Mr. O'Keefe is creeping on ladies via Twitter.

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MPD warns southwest Mpls residents about string of recent luring incidents targeting girls

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An alleged attempted abduction of a 13-year-old girl by three men on May 5 is just one in a string of luring incidents that have occurred in southwest Minneapolis this month, according to the Minneapolis Police Department.

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In total, there have been four luring-related incidents this month in that part of town, and a fifth incident where an older man was seen creepily loitering in a residential neighborhood while possibly taking photos of children.

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Woman who allegedly sent Billy Joel's daughter threatening emails found naked in MN woods

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finley joel rect.jpg
Finley's messages to Alexa Ray Joel attracted the attention of Billy Joel and Paul McCartney.
Sheryl Finley allegedly sent Billy Joel's daughter, 27-year-old Alexa Ray Joel, more than 60 Facebook messages threatening "pedophilia, sadistic-sexual behavior, violent physical assaults and murder," court records allege. And the story just gets weirder from there.

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Finley, 40, was reportedly arrested naked in the woods in Austin, Minnesota. In January.

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