On the Hunt for Life After Death with Paranormal Investigators

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If you believe in ghosts, you will find them. You'll hear them in leaky pipes, see them through dusty camera lenses, and feel them breathing down your goose-pimpled neck. They feed on your fear, growing more powerful as your paranoia intensifies.

My first paranormal investigation took place at Wolcott Mills in Faribault, Minnesota, on a bitter October night. I was a novice reporter — a 22-year-old English major who landed a job with my school paper — and I longed for a story outside of the University. I contacted local paranormal groups, set up two investigations, and, of course, slated the story for Halloween.

The hunt began at a Faribault A&W, where I quelled my fears with chili cheese fries and listened to Jerry Ayres, the leader of the Supernatural Investigators of Minnesota, recount the site's history.

Wolcott Mills burned to the ground on November 3, 1895, after which the land was purchased by the Faribault State Hospital and used as a training ground for patients deemed competent enough to learn agricultural skills. The abandoned site is now home to a handful of crumbling buildings and a cemetery where patients and their children are buried.

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Cambridge School Principal Chris Grote Allegedly Stalked Ex-Girlfriend

Clockwise from top, Grote's Facebook profile photo, his mugshot, and a picture from his school district.
If you think working your way up the ladder to become a public school principal reflects strength of character, consider the allegations facing Chris Grote.

Grote, the 47-year-old principal at Cambridge Primary School, faces a host of misdemeanor and gross misdemeanor charges for allegedly stalking his ex-girlfriend outside her home in rural Isanti County for the second time in just over two months early Sunday morning.

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St. Cloud's Kevin Petroske allegedly secretly filmed women through their windows

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Kevin Petroske
-- Update at bottom --

Around 9:30 p.m. on August 3, a woman living just off St. Cloud State University's campus called police to report that she could see what looked to be a man peeping through a window at another woman and possibly filming while he did so.

Sure enough, when officers arrived at the scene on the 500 block of Sixth Avenue South, the man, later identified as 33-year-old Kevin Petroske, was "standing at a bedroom window staring in the small opening at the bottom of the window where the blinds were not covering," a criminal complaint says.

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Here are creepy emails Cook County Attorney Tim Scannell sent his 17-year-old love

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Tim Scannell
Cook County Attorney Tim Scannell is currently on trial for two felony counts of fourth-degree criminal sexual conduct in connection with a relationship he carried on with a 17-year-old girl a couple years ago. (July 28 update -- A jury convicted Scannell of both counts.)

During testimony this week, Scannell, who in late 2011 was nearly shot to death in the Cook County Courthouse by a 42-year-old man who he'd just tried and convicted of having sex with a 15-year-old girl, denied that the relationship ever progressed beyond kissing. The now 19-year-old girl, on the other hand, testified that Scannell, 48, touched her breasts and butt and pressured her to have oral sex with him at least once.

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St. Paul perv janitor Walter Happel allegedly got away with sexually abusing kids for 30 years

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Happel's most recent mugshot
In March, Walter Happel, a 62-year-old Newport resident and longtime janitor who most recently worked at the Linwood Monroe Arts Plus School in St. Paul, was charged with felony interference with privacy for allegedly sticking his perverted head under a bathroom stall while a 12-year-old student was in there on February 19. (Read the full backstory here.)

After that news broke, a number of students came forward to report similar incidents. Not only that, but Happel's son corroborated a report St. Paul police received back in 1991 about Happel forcing him and his female cousin to have sex with each other when they were children.

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The five creepiest allegations facing alleged St. Paul perv janitor Walter Happel

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Walter Happel
:::: UPDATE :::: St. Paul perv janitor Walter Happel allegedly got away with sexually abusing kids for 30 years

Walter Happel, a Newport resident and longtime janitor who most recently worked at the Linwood Monroe Arts Plus School in St. Paul, faces a felony count of interference with privacy for allegedly sticking his perverted head under a bathroom stall while a 12-year-old student was in there on February 19.

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But as investigators looked into that incident, a number of additional allegations of sexually inappropriate conduct involving Happel, boys, and bathrooms came to light. Below the jump we run down the five creepiest incidents contained in the criminal complaint.

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Paul Conrad, former Mankato elementary teacher with foot fetish, faces child porn charge

KEYC screengrab
Conrad won a Golden Apple teaching award from Mankato-area TV station KEYC less than two months before he lost his job.
After a string of creepy incidents involving students' feet that spanned half a decade, Paul Conrad finally lost his job as a second-grade teacher at Hoover Elementary School in North Mankato in November 2011.

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More than two years later, the award-winning teacher was charged with possession of child pornography after three witnesses saw him looking at pictures of young females wearing swimming suits, some topless, at Mankato State University's Centennial Library.

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Fargo man wants Sam Ponder to do something really gross to him [PHOTO]

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Sam Ponder
Saturday afternoon, for the first time ever, ESPN's College GameDay show -- featuring Sam Ponder -- was broadcast live from Fargo.

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It was a big deal up there, and a bunch of drunkards enthusiastic fans took to the streets in downtown Fargo to make their presence felt on national television.

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Sammy Henderson allegedly murdered woman during intercourse [MUGSHOT]

Sammy Henderson
Sammy Henderson, 24, has been charged with second-degree murder for allegedly strangling Sherell Craighead to death while having intercourse with her over the weekend.

Henderson told authorities Craighead, 30, was a regular casual sex partner of his. He admitted to putting his hand around her neck while the two had intercourse on Saturday night or Sunday morning that began consensually, but culminated in rape. He denied, however, that his conduct could've caused her injuries.

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Stanley Alms, store manager, allegedly used security cam to videotape employee's breasts

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Quinn Dombrowski
Feds say a furniture store manager videotaped a female employee's body at work.
The federal government is suing Davis Typewriter Company, an office supply and furniture store in Worthington, saying it failed to fix "a sexually hostile work environment" after a manager was caught videotaping another employee.

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