19 Bar Shooting: Facebook Tip Leads to Arrest of Devon Strouss

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A former classmate of Devon Strouss's confirms this photo shows the same man who is accused of shooting two people outside a Loring Park-area gay bar.
After 9 p.m. Wednesday evening, a 19 Bar patron who had been denied service opened fire outside the the bar's entry, injuring the general manager, Barak Evertsen, and another bystander named JJ Jarvis. The gunman, who entered the bar with a dog on a leash, left the scene before authorities arrived.

Bar staff didn't know who the gunman was. But investigators were able to crack the case thanks to two tipsters, one of whom alerted police to the alleged gunman's Facebook page. That page contained photos of a Devon Strouss with a dog matching the description of the one that was in 19 Bar Wednesday night.

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David Paul Patterson Says He Was Arrested for Saving Lives With Marijuana

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Marijuana Growers Headquarters
David Patterson says he used cannabis oils to save lives

When David Paul Patterson arrives in Hubbard County District Court in Park Rapids, Minnesota, he dresses up. Not in a suit and tie, but in baggy shorts falling below his knees and a forest-green shirt with a giant marijuana leaf splayed across the front. His "court uniform," Patterson calls it.

It's a bold strategy, especially for a man facing trial for drug sale and possession. But the way Patterson sees it, there's nothing to hide. He openly admits to having pounds of marijuana in his remote house in the woods of Walker, Minnesota. But he says he's using it to save people's lives. That goes beyond the law.

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Social House Owner Faces 68 Felonies but Might Not Go to Jail at All

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Social House photo courtesy of the now-closed restaurant
Michael Whitelaw, owner of the Social House, an Uptown sushi bar that closed over the summer, faces 68 felonies, each of which carries a maximum sentence of five years in the slammer, for allegedly cheating the state out of about $100,000 in sales taxes from 2009 to 2011.

Those charges sound stiff. Real stiff. But Hennepin County Attorney's Office officials openly acknowledge Whitelaw almost certainly won't go to prison for more than 23 months, and could get off without serving time behind bars at all.

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Cut-Off Patron Reportedly Opens Fire at 19 Bar; Two Injured, Shooter Still On Loose [PHOTOS]

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-- Updates at bottom --

After 9 p.m. last night, a 19 Bar patron who had been cut off reportedly returned to the bar and opened fire, leaving two injured.

Details about what happened were tweeted out by Critical Minneapolis, the same blog that recently published video of a Green Line train almost hitting a vehicle.

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Drunk Santa Zombie Scares Bejesus Out of St. Paul Teens

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Photo via The Smoking Gun
Though he wasn't booked into jail, the St. Paul PD confirms that this is a photo of Johnson.
A 14-year-old boy was washing the dishes in his St. Thomas-area St. Paul home around 9:45 p.m. Saturday night when he and his 16-year-old sister got the scare of their lives.

Through the door suddenly walked a drunken zombie in a Santa Claus suit, later identified as Brock Johnson, a 21-year-old St. Thomas senior who had apparently been out partying on the night of the Zombie Pub Crawl and was so blasted he thought he was actually back in his Roseville residence.

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Matrix Lee Faces Felonies for Shooting at Como Lake Purse Thief

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Matrix Lee
Matrix Lee has been charged with two felonies -- Dangerous Discharge of Firearm and Reckless Discharge of Firearm -- for firing his .40 caliber Smith & Wesson handgun at a woman who stole his fiancee's purse at St. Paul's Como Lake.

According to the charges, Lee, 50, and his fiance were sitting on a bench near Black Bear Crossings on the lake watching ducks on Monday when he noticed a woman exit his Toyota 4Runner carrying his fiancee's purse. The door of the vehicle was unlocked.

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Jeff Anderson Settles Lawsuit with Archdiocese, Sets Up New "Child Protection Protocols"

Categories: Crime, Religion
Jeff Anderson & Associates
From left, Jim Keenan with Tim O'Malley, Jeff Anderson, Auxiliary Bishop Andrew Cozzens, Vicar General Charles Lachowitzer, and Mike Finnegan
Jeff Anderson hurries down the historic hallways of the Landmark Center in St. Paul dressed in a blue-pin-striped shirt with a white collar and pauses to hug two men. Both Jim Keenan and Al Michaud have been working with the attorney for years -- both victims of clerical sexual abuse.

"This is a good day," Anderson whispers and steps aside, revealing an odd sight: two priests.

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Minneapolis Cop Looks at Photo of Sex Assault Suspect, Sees Him Standing Across Street

Categories: Crime, Police
Peijan Hodges
Talk about fortuitous timing.

Thursday morning, a group of Minneapolis cops were walking around downtown, showing colleagues a photo of the suspect involved in two Ramp C assaults on October 7, including a sexual assault. Thankfully, the case was quickly cracked when the photo was shown to an officer who looked up and literally saw the guy standing across the street.

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Deondrae Atkins, Arrested for Not Much, Allegedly Had Cocaine in His Nether Region

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Deondrae Atkins mug via Ramsey County
A night of playing dice turned into possible prison time for Atkins thanks to a little over 1.5 grams of cocaine.
On August 25, Deondrae Atkins was hanging out, rolling dice for money on a sidewalk near the Dorthy Day Center in downtown St. Paul, when a St. Paul police officer monitoring closed circuit television noticed another man in the area rolling a "marijuana cigar."

The officer approached the group, and recognized one of the men gambling as Atkins, 25, who he knew from "past encounters," as a criminal complaint puts it.

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Hennepin Sheriff Candidate Eddie Frizell Calls for an End to the Stanek "Dictatorship"


As Hennepin County Sheriff candidate Eddie Frizell turned his large, bald head around his small town-hall forum at the North Regional Library in Minneapolis, it was obvious that he was seeing a true cross-section of the voters he was looking for. Sweatshirts, not suits. Different languages and ethnicities. And unique concerns, like a fear of entering the force due to harassment or a reticence to even call the police in an emergency for fear of them clamping down on undocumented immigrants.

"It's just the ability to recognize where we're coming from," one attendee told Frizell. "And I don't think many can realize that."

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