Jessica Kilde Pleads Guilty to Murdering Her Boyfriend By Dragging Him Behind Truck

Becker County Jail
She's facing 40 years in prison for the grisly crime
On Aug. 15 the Becker County Sheriff got a call about an individual who had been run over by a car in Ogema, Minn., about 20 miles north of Detroit Lakes.

When law enforcement arrived at the scene they discovered 41-year-old Richard Baity dead in the street with marks on his neck and 16 inches of a broken yellow strap nearby, according to charges filed four days later.

Baity's girlfriend, Jessica Kilde, was observed driving a Ford Sport Trac toward the scene with a piece of a similar-looking yellow strap tied to the top of the rear passenger-side door frame. It was still dragging behind the pickup.

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Peijan Hodges Will Likely Serve 15 Years in Prison for Ramp C Sexual Assaults

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Hennepin County Jail
He pleaded guilty Friday afternoon to the brazen daytime assaults in the busy parking ramp
On October 7 around 1:30 p.m. Peijan Hodges, a 22-year-old homeless man, grabbed a woman in the busy Ramp C parking garage in downtown Minneapolis and forced her in between two parked cars, according to charges he pleaded guilty to last Friday.

Luckily the woman fought and yelled for help, and eventually a man exiting the elevator was able to scare him off. Three hours later Hodges was at it again.

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Man Killed After Shooting Two Cops at New Hope City Hall

Categories: Crime

Screenshot of J Bla on YouTube
Two officers were shot after a swearing-in ceremony at last night's New Hope City Council meeting

[UPDATE]: The shooter is being identified by several media outlets as Raymond Kmetz, 68, who has a history of mental illness and making threats toward local city officials.

During last night's New Hope City Council meeting a man opened fire on a group of police officers following a swearing-in ceremony for two new officers. Two officers -- authorities have not yet released their names -- suffered non-life-threatening injuries and the gunman was killed when police returned fire, according to multiple media reports.

The surreal situation began around 7:15 p.m. right outside of council chambers. A video of the incident shows John Elder, a Minneapolis police officer who serves on the New Hope City Council, draw a gun shortly after the shots ring out.

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Police: David Vanzo May Have Wheeled His Dead Mom into the Bank to Get Cash

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Hennepin County Jail
Weekend at Bernie's come true?
Police are investigating whether or not David Vanzo's 90-year-old mother was alive when he wheeled her into a Plymouth Wells Fargo Jan. 5 and withdrew $850.

Later that same day Vanzo called 911 and reported that his mother, Caryl, had stopped breathing. When cops arrived they found Caryl dead, and she "appeared to be dirty and soiled and may have been in that state for a while," according to Jeff Swiatkiewicz, a captain with the Plymouth police department.

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Thomas Fuselier Lost Cops in Car Chase, Captured When Fence Snags Fake Leg

La Crosse Sheriff
Today's lesson, boys and girls: Wooded escapes from police pursuit can be hard with a fake leg.
Thomas Fuselier led police on a wild 11-mile chase that ended only after he got his prosthetic leg caught in a fence in the woods near the Wisconsin-Minnesota border.

According to charges filed Wednesday, police tried to pull over Fuselier, 57, for a faulty brake light in the Holmen, Wisconsin. He refused to stop, instead opting to take Highway 53 north to some county back roads. He waved to cops while they chased him through the back roads of La Crosse County and lost them when he started power-sliding through turns on the slick, snow covered roads.

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Irina Vorotinov Charged With Faking Husband's Death to Collect $2 Million Payout

Categories: Crime

Alkon Vorotinov's Instagram
The FBI caught Irina's son with photos of her husband taken months after he was supposed to be dead
The FBI says Irina Vorotinov faked her husband Igor's death in Moldova and collected a $2 million life insurance payout, which she quickly moved to a Swiss bank account.

If the charges are true, she probably would've gotten away with it if her idiot son Alkon hadn't taken pictures of Igor after his supposed death. That's like Faking a Death 101.

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Will UMN's Proposed "Yes Means Yes" Policy Actually Catch Rapists?

Categories: Crime, U of M

Kissing the War Goodbye by Victor Jorgensen, from Wikimedia
Bad form, sailor.

Probably not.

But then again, jailing rapists may not be the ultimate goal of the University of Minnesota's proposed "yes means yes" bedroom rule.

For a long time, the litmus test for rape was whether one partner said "no" to sex, only to be ignored. Yet considering how natural it is for victims to freeze up in the moment, University of Minnesota's student government is now trying to decide whether mandating verbal consent at every stage of a sexual encounter will make campus safer.

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Rachel Thompson Pleads Guilty to Helping Her Dad Dump Body of His Murdered Girlfriend

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Hennepin County Jail
Her father put her in a pretty tough spot
Walter Thompson's rap sheet has to be one of the longest on the books in Hennepin County. Since 1990 he's been arrested at least 22 times and charged with just about every offense in the book on multiple occasions: DWI (five times), assault (6), disorderly conduct (2), indecent exposure (5), drinking in public (2), public urination (1), marijuana possession (2), criminal sexual conduct (1), and trespassing (1).

All of those crimes pale in comparison to his most recent one: 2nd-degree murder. On December 2 Thompson, 55, pleaded guilty to beating his girlfriend Nerissa Shaw to death in September 2013 after four years of domestic abuse, and was sentenced to more than 34 years in prison. Before going away he managed to drag his daughter into to the mess too.

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Marie Mielke, Clergy Abuse Accuser, Comes Forward with Her Identity

Categories: Crime, Religion

Photo by Susan Du
Jeff Anderson and Maria Mielke

Formerly known as one Jane Doe out of dozens of anonymous clergy sex abuse accusers, 29-year-old Marie Mielke stepped forward Monday to tell her story of being groomed for molestation by the Rev. Michael Keating, who is currently still employed by the Archdiocese of St. Paul and Minneapolis.

Mielke says Keating initiated a string of unwanted sexual contact with her when she was just 12 years old. She didn't go into detail about the actual abuse, but she said he took advantage of her trust in him as a family friend in order to touch her inappropriately when they were alone. The official complaint against Keating alleges "sexual battery."

Mielke says she didn't know how to process what happened to her as a child until she was 19 years old, a college freshman taking a social problems class. She remembers sitting in the back of the class one day and reading a chapter about sexual abuse, mentally checking off the bullet points of all that applied to her own experiences with Keating.

"From that point on it was just this downward spiral," Mielke said, recounting the emotional turmoil of uncovering repressed memories from her early teenage years. "I remember being seduced by him at one point and I could see the [First National Bank] sign in downtown St. Paul flashing. Whenever I looked at that I would all of a sudden have flashbacks to something that I didn't understand. I would have trouble breathing. I would start crying."

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Zachary Moore Convicted of Using Car Repair Shop to Scam Dozens of Angry Customers

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Screenshot of WCCO-TV
Young business owner who got in over his head or scam artist?
One could argue Zachary Moore's downfall began with an innocuous story WCCO-TV ran about his business back in May 2011.

When he was only 18 years old Moore started a business called Civics Reborn, where he stripped, refurbished and sold Honda Civics made between 1992 and 1995. It was a great idea: he bought the Civic's ubiquitous parts in bulk for cheap and swapped everything in need of repair out quickly to give a penny-pinching customer a reliable, fuel-efficient Civic that was almost like new.

Three years after he started Civics Reborn business exploded when everybody started freaking out over gas prices (remember that?). Moore told WCCO his business quadrupled in the span of three months.

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