Teen's prank ends in samurai sword stabbing, police say

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Nicholas Lee Curtis

It was the classic high school prank: two boys in Anoka, Minnesota, playing around with a few rolls of toilet paper, covering a friend's house, lawn, and trees with the stuff. Little did they know, Nicholas Lee Curtis was watching. And he had a sword.

Curtis wasn't in the house that the teenagers were pranking. But he lived with his mother a few doors down. One of the pranksters parked his car only a few feet away, and that was enough.

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Dennis Carter, MSU-Mankato football star, allegedly shot man over marijuana debt

Dennis Carter
Dennis Carter, a standout wide receiver for MSU-Mankato, faces an attempted murder charge for allegedly shooting a longtime acquaintance in the head over a marijuana debt.

The incident occurred shortly before midnight on August 20 along a dirt road near the Renaissance Festival campgrounds in Scott County. The victim, later identified as 28-year-old Diaa Ahmed Abdelhakim, says Carter shot him execution-style and only failed to kill him because his gun jammed. Carter, on the other hand, told investigators he accidentally shot Abdelhakim after wrestling his gun away from him during a struggle.

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MPD denies report HCMC shooting began inside hospital

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Just after 3 p.m. yesterday, shots rang out near the Hennepin County Medical Center. Nobody was hurt, though a vehicle was struck by a bullet. The hospital was locked down for a brief period of time.

The Star Tribune, citing comments made by Minneapolis Police Department Lieutenant Richard Zimmerman, reports that "a group of people passing through the hospital entrance got into an argument with another group and somebody started shooting." But reached for comment this afternoon, MPD spokesman John Elder tells us that's not what really happened.

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Charges: John Stanton panicked after 2nd woman in 6 weeks died in his St. Paul apartment

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John Stanton
On May 10, John Stanton's wife, 46-year-old Towanda Harris, was brutally murdered by her ex-boyfriend following a boozy argument at a party in Stanton's apartment at 1465 Minnehaha Avenue East in St. Paul (unit 101).

Just over a month later, Rahel Nigusse, a woman who was present when 54-year-old Willie Chestnut allegedly stabbed Harris to death, also passed away in Stanton's apartment while he was out running an errand. It doesn't appear Nigusse, 39, was murdered. The medical examiner ruled her cause of death "undetermined," and noted she was in poor health because of a case of severe diabetic keoacidosis.

Nonetheless, according to charges filed this week, when Stanton, 64, returned home and found Nigusse's body, he panicked.

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Charges: Angela Jackson ran down Tarrince Winbush outside Bulldog over dispute about tab

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Angela Jackson
Angela Jackson faces a first-degree attempted murder charge for allegedly running down 39-year-old Tarrince Winbush outside the Bulldog near 26th Street and Lyndale Avenue in south Minneapolis just before bar close on the morning of August 16.

According to the charging document, the beef between Winbush and Jackson, 37, stemmed from an unpaid bar tab.

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Prosecutor isn't talking about why he decided to charge medical marijuana mom Angela Brown

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Marijuana Growers Headquarters
One person's medicine is law enforcement's drug -- at least until next year, when Minnesota's medical marijuana program is rolled out.
On Wednesday and Thursday, we called Richard Stulz, Lac Qui Parle county attorney, in hopes of speaking with him about why he decided to press charges against Angela Brown, the Madison, Minnesota woman who gave her ailing teenage son medical marijuana oil to (effectively) treat symptoms stemming from a traumatic brain injury.

But Stulz, unfortunately, isn't in the mood to talk about it. Our calls weren't returned, and that appears to be the case for other reporters who have reached out to him as well.

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Couple stole hundreds of thousands from a building project and helped collapse a bank

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Photo via Wikimedia Commons

On its face, the plan was perfect. Virginia and Philip Carlson would develop a building project, secure loans from a bank, and fiddle around a bit with the contracts to grab some money for themselves. They'd buy cars. Snowmobiles. Even help pay for a second home.

But it didn't work. The plan ran out in early 2008, and yesterday, the couple was found guilty of stealing hundreds of thousands of dollars from the project, helping lead to the collapse of a local bank.

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Angela Brown charged for giving medical marijuana to her ailing son

Courtesy of Angela Brown
Angela Brown and her son, Trey.
:::: UPDATE :::: Prosecutor isn't talking about why he decided to charge medical marijuana mom Angela Brown

In a year, she'd be applauded as nothing more and nothing less than a law-abiding, caring mom. But fact is, Minnesota's medical marijuana law hasn't gone into effect and won't until next summer, so instead, Angela Brown faces criminal charges.

The Madison, Minnesota resident has been hit with two gross misdemeanor charges for giving medical marijuana to her son, Trey, who suffered a traumatic brain injury when he was struck in the head by a baseball in the spring of 2011.

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Hit-and-run, stabbing, shooting mark unusually violent weekend in Whittier

Minneapolis Police Department
Investigators work at the intersection of 26th Street and Lyndale Avenue South following a hit-and-run outside the Bulldog Friday morning.
This summer, crime has reemerged as a huge issue in north Minneapolis -- not that it ever went away in the first place.

This past weekend, however, was marked by a string of unusual violent crimes in south Minneapolis's Whittier neighborhood.

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Local coin dealer indicted after long history of fraud, deception

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Jacqui Brown

To his clients across the country, Dennis Charles Helmer was a wealthy businessman, operating a hugely successful coin shop with $500 million in annual revenue. They thought their precious metal coins were safe with Helmer's business, Wholesale Assets Worldwide, being invested in the right places and hopefully making them a bit of money in the process.

But it was all a lie, a house of cards built on top of a company that ended with only $12,000 in inventory and a negative bank account balance, according to grand jury documents. Helmer's history of fraud and swindling was finally unearthed through an investigation by the Minnesota Commerce Department and United States Postal Inspective Service. He's been indicted on 19 counts of mail and wire fraud, only the latest in a long line of deceptions.

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