Lonnie Johnson Accidentally Texted Drug Court Looking for Dope

Categories: Crime, Drugs

Winona County Sheriff
When looking for drugs, remember to double-check your texts

Accidentally texting the wrong person ranks right up there with the embarrassing reply-all and the late-night butt-dial as one of the great faux pas of the digital age.

Fortunately, the damage can usually be undone with a quick apology. Not so in Lonnie Johnson's case.

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Three Kittens Discovered Inside Dumpster in Taped-Up Box

Categories: Animals, Crime

abcrumley, via Creative Commons

Some people are just the worst. Last week a property manager in Hudson heard loud meowing coming from a dumpster near Buffalo Wild Wings, and when he investigated further he found a shipping box taped shut with three kittens inside.

Kathi Pelnar, the city's animal control worker, responded to the man's call on December 11 around 11:30 a.m. She estimated the kittens were between six and eight weeks old.

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Drunk Driving Suspect Kong Vue Had An Interesting Version of the Alphabet for Police

La Crosse Police
"A, B, C ... I'll guna kill all yall"

A police officer responding to a car crash in downtown La Crosse early Sunday morning found Kong Vue blocking a busy roadway in a smashed up car with its lights off.

Under those circumstances the officer began giving Vue field sobriety tests, which he failed in spectacular fashion.

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Police Say Jesse Dahlstrom Randomly Stabbed Elderly Woman to Death in Grocery Store

Categories: Crime, Duluth

Duluth Police
Jesse Dahlstrom has been charged in one of the most unsettling crimes in Duluth's history

Today the St. Louis County Attorney' Office will file 1st-degree murder charges against Jesse Dahlstrom for committing one of the most awful, senseless acts of violence in Duluth's history.

Police say Dahlstrom, who is believed to be suffering from severe mental illness, walked into a SuperOne grocery store in west Duluth last Thursday night and randomly stabbed a 75-year-old woman to death with a butcher knife. Several SuperOne employees heroically subdued Dahlstrom and detained him until police arrived.

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Strange Coincidence Leads to Arrest of Pharoh Merritt in Stabbing Case

Categories: Crime

Bloomington Police Department
Pharoh Atteff Merritt may be charged with 2nd-degree assault or attempted murder

Paul Koscielski told two women who had locked their keys in their car that the Eden Prairie police would open the car for free, but they insisted on calling a locksmith because they were in a hurry. Within an hour the locksmith who showed up to assist the women was under arrest for stabbing a clerk at a Bloomington gas station December 7.

Koscielski, who manages the Holiday gas station off Valley View Road in Eden Prairie, continued to go about his normal routine after speaking with the women around 9 a.m. last Wednesday. Then two detectives from the Bloomington police department showed up.

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New Video Offers More Detail in Phillip Nelson Assault Case

Categories: Crime

file photo
Nelson, right, is on trial for assault after he kicked Kolstad, left, in the head

Recently released video shows the clearest picture so far of what happened on the night an altercation in downtown Mankato nearly killed Isaac Kolstad.

The new eight-second video shows Kolstad sucker punch former Gophers quarterback Phillip Nelson in the back of the head, then Nelson's friend, Trevor Shelley, returns the favor by sucker punching Kolstad as he walks away.

Then Nelson comes in after Kolstad hits the ground and kicks him in the head.

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Police from 16 Agencies Team Up to Bust a Single 60-year-old Burglary Suspect

Categories: Crime

Hennepin County Sheriff's Office
Robert Allen Pfeifer

The holidays are when most hardworking folks make a final push for profit, and police say Robert Pfeifer of Minneapolis has been particularly industrious, hitting about 60 businesses spanning 13 cities and five counties in the Twin Cities area last month.

Late Thursday night, about 10 police officers surrounded Pfeifer in the parking lot of Fantastic Sam's, a hair salon in Plymouth. Police say they caught the sprightly sexagenarian red-handed in the middle of a burglary.

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Thieves Steal $500,000 Worth of Diamonds in Heist at I-90 Rest Stop

Categories: Crime

Steven Depolo via Creative Commons
Thieves came away with "three or four suitcases" full of diamonds in a rest stop heist

Thieves smashed the windows of a van coming back from a jewelry trade show in Chicago and stole at least $500,000 worth of diamonds in a dramatic heist outside of Rochester Sunday night.

The Olmstead County Sheriff's Office is working with the Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension to try to track down four male suspects and has asked the FBI for help with the case.

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Police Say Kevin Elberg May Have Been Drunk When He Beat Up Elderly Hmong Hunter

Pepin County Sheriff
Elberg says he was acting in self-defense after Sao Lue Vang pointed a .22-caliber rifle at him

The police officer who first responded to a November 5 trespassing dispute in the woods of Wisconsin noted Kevin Elberg's breath had a "distinct odor of intoxicants" in a statement included in felony battery charges filed against Elberg.

Elberg, 43, denied drinking prior to the incident, in which Sao Lue Vang received internal injuries an emergency room doctor called "life-threatening," according to the Pepin County sheriff.

Last week Elberg, who is 21 years younger and about 70 pounds heavier than Vang, was charged with battery with intent to injure and false imprisonment by the Pepin County attorney. Both charges are felonies carrying a maximum sentence of six years imprisonment and a $10,000 fine.

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Marvin Hill Arrested for Assaulting His Pregnant Wife With a McChicken

Categories: Crime, Iowa

Polk County Sheriff/McDonald's
Marvin Tramaine Hill is not a fan of McChickens

Instead of being grateful when his pregnant wife woke him with a delicious McChicken, Marvin Hill threw the sandwich at her and later smashed the bun in her face, according to a police report.

Des Moines police say Hill then called 911 to report that she assaulted him, but the cop who arrived on the scene wasn't buying it.

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