Uncovered body lies in street following latest north Mpls homicide [VIDEO]

Rick Berg on the North Vent Facebook page
Officers gather at the site of last night's murder.
Just a day before the Minneapolis Police Department beefs up patrols in north Minneapolis in response to an exceptionally violent July, the area's third homicide of the month went down.

According to the MPD, at 6:59 p.m. yesterday, officers were summoned to a shooting at the intersection of 26th and Penn Avenues North. When they got there they found a 41-year-old man dead on the pavement.

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Here are creepy emails Cook County Attorney Tim Scannell sent his 17-year-old love

Categories: Creepy, Crime, Law, Sex
Tim Scannell
Cook County Attorney Tim Scannell is currently on trial for two felony counts of fourth-degree criminal sexual conduct in connection with a relationship he carried on with a 17-year-old girl a couple years ago. (Update -- the case headed to the jury last night. We'll note the verdict when it's in.)

During testimony this week, Scannell, who in late 2011 was nearly shot to death in the Cook County Courthouse by a 42-year-old man who he'd just tried and convicted of having sex with a 15-year-old girl, denied that the relationship ever progressed beyond kissing. The now 19-year-old girl, on the other hand, testified that Scannell, 48, touched her breasts and butt and pressured her to have oral sex with him at least once.

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Alleged Bemidji shooter Chad Pickering posted pics of himself toting gun on Facebook

Categories: Crime
At left, Pickering's mugshot. At right is one of his Facebook pictures.
Yesterday, 40-year-old Bemidji resident Chad Pickering was charged with first-degree attempted murder for allegedly shooting his 17-year-old neighbor for no good reason when she went outside to walk her dog about 10 p.m. Monday.

According to the charges, Pickering shot the girl four times, including twice in the chest. Thankfully, she's expected to live.

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Ron Powell gets 15 years for killing man with gun smuggled into Champions Bar via prosthetic leg

Ron Powell
A bizarre, tragic shooting last August 8 at Champions Bar resulted in a 15-year sentence for Ron Powell, who smuggled a gun into the now-closed bar via his prosthetic leg.

Powell, a 43-year-old Minneapolis resident, was hanging out at the former Lake Street dive when another man started punching him. He fired at his assailant, injuring him, but one of his shots hit innocent bystander Mark Stephenson, 51, who later died from his injuries.

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Delonte Thomas allegedly shot three women at North Side birthday party

Categories: Crime, Minneapolis
A police spokesman couldn't immediately confirm that Thomas (left) is one of the men in the "person of interest" photo released last week (right).
Minneapolis cops believe they've arrested the man responsible for the North Side triple shooting that capped off a violent week in north Minneapolis earlier this month.

Six days after the Minneapolis Police Department released a photo of two "persons of interest" in connection with the incident, Delonte Thomas, a 19-year-old North Side resident, was hit yesterday with three felony attempted murder charges and three felony assault charges for allegedly shooting three women at least eight times each at a July 9 birthday party at 3551 Fremont Ave. N.

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9-year-old pot snitch told police, "Doing drugs is bad"

Categories: Crime, Marijuana

The parents gave their marijuana plants names like "Justice" and "Lily," a police report says.
The 9-year-old Barnesville girl who snitched on her parents for growing pot entered the police station on June 6 "visibly upset" and, though tears, told officers she took her story to authorities because "doing drugs is bad." (Read the backstory here.)

"She didn't want to be around marijuana smoke anymore because it made her sick," an incident report sent to us by the Barnesville Police Department says. "She also indicated that she was concerned... because [redacted] blow marijuana smoke into [her] dog's mouth."

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Murder at North Side 4th of July party related to unsolved St. Paul slaying, charges say

Prince Pope's murder remains unsolved. Authorities say a confrontation over it led to a slaying in north Minneapolis during the early morning hours of July 5.
The violent ripple effects of Prince Pope's murder at his January birthday party in St. Paul are still being felt across the border in Minneapolis, according to charges filed yesterday in connection with a murder at a 4th of July party on Minneapolis's North Side.

At the party, which was hosted by 24-year-old Francesca DeSandre at 2617 3rd St. N., Marco Gresham, also 24, confronted a woman identified in the complaint as "V.G." about "her knowledge of [Gresham's] alleged involvement" in Pope's murder, according to a statement V.G. subsequently gave to police.

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Mpls police release photo of "persons of interest" in North Side triple shooting

The triple shooting left this North Side house with bloodstains in the backyard.
The Minneapolis Police Department has released a photo of two men investigators are characterizing as "persons of interest" in a Wednesday morning triple shooting at 3551 Fremont Ave. N. that left three women injured.

Here's the photo:

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Delbert Huber, man questioned for Wetterling abduction, died in prison of natural causes

Categories: Crime, Mystery

WCCO screengrab
Huber talks with WCCO's Esme Murphy the day before his death.
On the heels of blogger Joy Baker's fantastic work about possible links between Jacob Wetterling's abduction in St. Joseph in October 1989 and a string of attacks on young teenage boys in Paynesville in 1986 and 1987, authorities took a fresh look at the Wetterling case last month.

One of the people they spoke to was 83-year-old Delbert Huber. At the time, Huber was serving time in the Faribault prison for murder. He was convicted of killing a school teacher during an October 2011 dispute over $50. (His arrest produced the unforgettable mugshot below the jump.) In 1989, however, Huber lived in Paynesville, which is about a half-hour from St. Joseph, and after Wetterling's abduction he was questioned about the case because of his resemblance to a witness account of what the abductor looked and sounded like. (Read more about that and see a sketch of the suspect here.)

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9-year-old snitches on parents for growing pot

Categories: Crime, Marijuana

:::: UPDATE :::: 9-year-old pot snitch told police, "Doing drugs is bad"

A 9-year-old girl recently walked into a police station in the western Minnesota town of Barnesville and calmly reported her parents for growing marijuana inside their home.

"Her and one of her friends came here and just had these concerns about her parents," Barnesville Police Chief Dean Ernst tells us, adding that the friend was about the girl's age.

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