Canadians Caught Smuggling Weed Into Minnesota in Maple Syrup Cans

Photos courtesy Cook County Sheriff
Never change, Canada

On April 7 a couple of Canadians were entering Minnesota through the Pigeon River port in the very northeastern point of the state's border.

Being good, honest, polite Canadians, they admitted to Border Patrol they had a few joints on them. Unfortunately, that declaration led to a search of the car.

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Police Tracked Pierre Collins's Cell Phone to Son Barway's Murder

Hennepin County
His bail has been set at $2 million

The Hennepin County Attorney has released second-degree murder charges accusing Pierre Collins of killing his 10-year-old son Barway for insurance money.

Using cell phone records, police lay out a damning play-by-play of Pierre's whereabouts on March 18, the day Barway went missing.

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Pierre Collins Arrested for the Murder of His 10-Year-Old Son Barway

Thumbnail image for pierrecollins.jpg
Law enforcement are expected to come forward with murder charges after Barway's body was recovered

For more than three weeks police have stopped just short of telling the public that Pierre Collins was responsible for the disappearance of his 10-year-old son Barway.

Yesterday police arrested Pierre less than two days after Barway's body was recovered from the Mississippi River.

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Body of Missing 10-Year-Old Barway Collins Found in Mississippi River

Crystal Police
Police continue to call Barway's father Pierre the primary suspect

On Saturday afternoon, 24 days after 10-year-old Barway Collins was reported missing, a Boy Scout group spotted his body floating face-up in the Mississippi River near the intersection of 53rd and Lyndale Avenues North.

Police publicly shamed his father, Pierre Collins, for being untruthful throughout the missing person investigation, and now Crystal Police Chief Stephanie Revering says he's the primary suspect in a homicide investigation.

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Minneapolis Police Chase Down, Arrest Suspect in North Side Double Homicide

Public domain/Pixabay
Police are still investigating the murders at North 46th and Penn Avenues

A little after 10 a.m. yesterday morning, police got a call about gunshots fired at North 46th and Penn Avenues.

An officer driving a squad car saw two men running south and decided to give chase. A few blocks later, he tracked one down and arrested him.

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Norman Bachman Charged With Murdering Wife 18 Years After Her Disappearance

Ramsey County
Ramsey County Attorney John Choi decided to charge Bachman after taking a "fresh look" at the case

Toni Bachman was last seen on April 25, 1997. It was a few days after she learned she was getting a new job at Hamline University.

Toni and her husband Norman Bachman were having marital troubles, according to emails and chat logs reviewed by Ramsey County. She wanted to leave Norman for a West Virginian man she met in an online chat room, but she couldn't do that until she felt financially secure.

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Mercede Johnson Charged in Drunken Mankato Butt Shanking Incident

Categories: Crime

Blue Earth County
She claimed the swooning lovers were just wrestling in morning bliss

According to the Blue Earth County sheriff, Mercede Johnson lives with her boyfriend in his mom's place on the outskirts of Mankato.

Around 6 a.m. last Saturday, Johnson's boyfriend, identified as "SW" in court documents, walked up to his mom's bedroom and told her, "Mom, she stabbed me in the ass."

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Matthew Clarkson Arrested For Driving Drunk in Leprechaun Costume on St. Patrick's Day

Categories: Crime, Drunk

Screenshot/Channel 12
If you were ever just asking to get pulled over and Breathlyzed...

Matthew Clarkson had all the ingredients for a great St. Patrick's Day.

He was solidly drunk, rocking a sweet leprechaun costume and had a bit of cocaine on him to boot, according to Channel 12 News.

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[UPDATE] Robbinsdale's Nyberg Photography Is Being Extorted on Yelp

Categories: Business, Crime

Nyberg Photography
Nyberg Photography currently has zero stars on Yelp as the review site tries to figure out the scam.

When Brad Nyberg received an email from what seemed like a potential client asking about a photography session, he happily responded with information about his studio. But the subsequent response was less cordial. The emailer threatened to launch an online smear campaign against his business unless Nyberg paid $299.

Nyberg ignored the obvious scam, filing the correspondence away. But warnings kept coming. "Hey, I don't know if you got my last email, but negative reviews are going up now," read one. He ignored those too.

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Coffee Masturbater John Lind Pleads Guilty to Indecent Exposure

Categories: Crime

Ramsey County
Minnesota had to change its sexual assault law after Lind's lawyer found a loophole allowing felony charges to get dismissed

John Lind had a crush on his co-worker at Beisswenger's hardware store in New Brighton, so he masturbated into her coffee and on her desk on multiple occasions.

At first the co-worker thought they were just having issues with the coffee, and that it smelled kind of like spoiled milk, but eventually she caught Lind in the act and he was charged with felony sexual assault by the Ramsey County Attorney.

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