Convicted Cattle Thief Dale Douglas Charged with Beagle Murder

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Winona County Sheriff
Douglas was charged with shooting his neighbor's beagle with a pellet gun

On February 20 a beagle was let outside for 20 minutes to run around in rural Winona County. When it returned home it was short of breath, acting sick, and had a mysterious wound in its right side.

The owner called the Winona County Sheriff, but by the time a deputy arrived the beagle was already dead. Three days later, the dog owner's 46-year-old neighbor, a convicted cattle rustler named Dale Douglas, admitted to shooting the dog, according to charges filed Wednesday by the Winona County Attorney.

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Sheriff Rich Stanek Offers Congress a Kinder, Gentler Approach to Terrorism

Categories: Crime, Somalis

Elsa Hoover
Stanek chilling at the Woman's Club.

Washington tends to have a fairly top-down, Cold War view of how to combat homegrown Islamic terrorists: amp up the spying and boost the FBI presence in cities like Minneapolis.

But Hennepin County Sheriff Rich Stanek brought a more empathetic, insightful take when he testified before Congress yesterday. As the only guy in the room who regularly pounds the pavement for ISIS recruiters, he urged Washington to think of Somalis as less like Japanese-Americans during World War II, and more like precious allies.

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Rastafarian Doctor or Drug Dealer? David Patterson Guilty of Marijuana Possession

Categories: Crime, Marijuana

Hubbard County Sheriff
Patterson's Rastafarian religion and medicinal claims didn't fly in court

David Paul Patterson didn't dispute that he was selling marijuana and cannabis oil when police raided his off-the-grid cabin in Walker a year ago.

Rather, he claims that he should be left alone because he was using the more than seven pounds of weed cops seized to heal people, and it's his right as a Rastafarian to do so.

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Keng Yang, Hapless Burglar, Gets Broken Leg and Felony Charges From Weed Heist

Categories: Crime, St. Paul

Ramsey County
Instant karma

According to the Ramsey County attorney, last April 44-year-old Keng Yang broke into an apartment above the Home Video store at 1984 Stillwater Ave. E. in St. Paul by climbing up a ladder and ducking through an unlocked window.

Once inside, he found several garbage bags full of weed. As he lugged one of the heavy bags back out of the window someone yelled at him, causing him to lose his balance and tumble to the ground below.

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Maple Grove City Council Member LeeAnn Sargent May Be Charged With Felony After All

Categories: Crime

Unseat Leann Sargent Facebook
One judge giveth, another judge taketh away

LeeAnn Sargent's run on the Maple Grove City Council may come to a premature end after all. Yesterday an appeals judge struck down the sweetheart deal she got after she admitted to stealing more than $100,000 from her dying father.

Last February she pleaded guilty to a felony charge of financial exploitation of a vulnerable adult, but when it came to sentencing in April Judge Luis Bartolomei decided to let her off easy. He knocked the charge down to a gross misdemeanor -- even though she stole 100 times more money than the gross misdemeanor definition allows -- letting her to hold on to the Maple Grove City Council seat she's had since 1991.

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Closing the Loophole that Allowed Coffee Masturbater John Lind to Walk

Ramsey County
Police say Lind admitted ejaculating in his co-worker's coffee on at least two occasions, but charges were dropped because of a loophole in state law
John Lind is the pervert who allegedly admitted to police he ejaculated into his co-worker's coffee on at least two occasions last year.

The co-worker, who he had a crush on, caught him in the act on August 26. A week later he was charged with fifth-degree sexual assault for the disgusting crime.

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Jerry's Place Closing on Teens Trying to Quit Prostitution

Categories: Crime

Thumbnail image for 11114107225_ae89e4c703_z.jpg
Photo by Blemished Paradise
Jerry's Place, Breaking Free's newest shelter for sex trafficking victims, is closing after only five months.

It was 1985. Block E in downtown Minneapolis was a sparkling bazaar of dive bars, porn theaters, and flophouses. Jenny Gaines was 17, a fresh runaway who'd decided to hole up in an arcade for the afternoon. That's where she met her first pimp.

He was an older guy who pretended to be her boyfriend. One minute he'd watch out for her, the next he'd try to make her jealous -- always nudging her toward prostitution. She gave in and eventually got hooked on dope.

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Defense Argues Child Porn Is Free Speech in Moorhead Hockey Sex Tape Case

Categories: Crime, Hockey

Hockey puck via Open Clip Art by J_Alves, image by Ben Johnson
O rly?
In Moorhead, former minor league hockey players Thomas Carey and Brandon Smith were charged with three felonies for making a sex tape with a 15-year-old girl last February.

The players' attorney, Jade Rosenfeldt, has been aggressive in their defense, first saying the 15-year-old girl called herself a "proud puck slut," according to KFGO. Now, in the latest court filing, she claims the sex tape should be considered protected free speech under the 1st Amendment.

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Angela Jackson Gets 15 Years for Ramming Her Car into Friend Tarrince Winbush

Categories: Crime

Photo by: Gavin Hyland
Tarrince Winbush remains in a coma after an incident that reportedly began with a dispute over a bar tab.

Angela Dawn Jackson says she's sorry for plowing her car into Tarrince Winbush outside Uptown's Bulldog bar in August.

Winbush remains in a coma. Jackson will now have 15 years to think about the scope of her repent.

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Man Steals Kitten From Petsmart, Returns It After Social Media Uproar

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Angela Boone via Ruff Start Rescue Facebook
Never underestimate the power of a social media shaming
A kitten thief had a change of heart over the weekend, just as social media outrage was whipping into a frenzy.

Last Friday a man walked into a Minneapolis Petsmart, apparently with bolt cutters, and stole a three-month-old kitten named Wednesday (pictured above).

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