Police Say Justin Cardinal Used Pickaxe, Crossbow, and Hammer in Early Morning Rampage

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Anoka County Sheriff
Justin Joseph Cardinal allegedly used several weapons to attack people on the morning of November 20

According to law enforcement in Anoka and Washington County, Justin Joseph Cardinal went on quite the rampage the morning of November 20.

First, the Washington County Attorney says Cardinal, 33, shot one of his roommates in the back of the head with a crossbow and hit him in the face with a pickaxe. Several hours later, the Anoka County Sheriff says, Cardinal drove into a ditch and hit a female passenger in the head with a hammer.

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Are Somalis Increasing Crime in Minneapolis?

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Photo by Susan Du
Mohamed Guled Abdi says he's preparing another lawsuit against Minneapolis police in the 2009 slaying of his son.

On days the internet's ultra-right-wing hate blogs are running light on content, drawing parallels between burgeoning immigrant populations and rising crime rates is an easy, evergreen topic. After all, no citation is required to create a warm, fuzzy aura of confirmation bias.

But when the blog Stuff Black People Don't Like accused Somalis in Minneapolis of importing crime into what was formerly one of the safest cities in the nation, fed-up Irregular Times writer Jim Cook actually crunched the numbers.

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Is It Wise to Further Criminalize Attacks on Nurses?

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Photo by xersti

On November 2, a patient at St. John's Hospital in Maplewood attacked four nurses, severely injuring two before police tackled him. One nurse came away with a broken wrist, another a collapsed lung.

This and other violent hospital encounters inspired State Rep. Joe Atkins to propose a nurse protection bill that would increase penalties for people convicted of assaulting nurses. Under the new bill, a particularly nasty patient could serve up to three years in prison and pay $6,000 for hitting a health worker.

"The law already allows for patients convicted of this crime to be put in jail. This would just allow them to be jailed longer and be fined more," Atkins said.

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Wayne Odegard Sentenced to Six Months in Jail for Shooting Gay Bar Patrons With BB Gun

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file photo
Two men kissing made Wayne Odegard angry enough to shoot at them with a BB gun

Yesterday Wayne Odegard was sentenced to six months in jail and five years probation for firing a BB gun at two men outside of the Saloon in downtown Minneapolis this summer.

According to the charges, Odegard was furious after he saw two men kissing on the sidewalk outside of the Saloon a little after 11 p.m. on September 25. He called the two men "fucking faggots," whipped out a BB gun, and fired several shots at the couple, hitting one man in the leg.

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Ramsey County Eliminates Day Treatment Centers for Mentally Ill Sex Offenders

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Photo by Susan Du
ABC Mental Health Therapy's Dane Jorento and Janet Martin fear their patients won't have the option of group therapy under Ramsey County's new plan for sexual offender rehabilitation.

Denied key government contracts, all nonprofit day treatment centers for mentally ill sexual offenders in Ramsey County are doomed to disappear by the end of the year. ABC Mental Health Therapy, which has treated this specific population for nine years, plans to close its doors on Friday.

ABC's 15 remaining patients -- those who have not already walked out -- will have to seek treatment elsewhere in a community of dwindling options. The center's team of eight mental health social workers and interns will lose their jobs.

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Anthony Simons and James Butchee Charged with 3rd-Degree Murder for Selling $40 Worth of Heroin

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Hennepin County Sheriff
James Marione Butchee was charged with third-degree murder yesterday for selling a $40 bag of heroin. A mugshot of Anthony Simons was not available.

Drug dealers beware: Selling even a small amount of heroin in Hennepin County can get you charged with murder.

Yesterday Hennepin County Attorney Mike Freeman held a press conference to trumpet third-degree murder charges brought against Anthony Allyn Simons and James Marione Butchee for selling a $40 bag of heroin that caused the death of a man in Maple Grove last summer. Simons and Butchee could spend up to 25 years in prison.

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Julian Smith Charged in Strip Club Assault that Left Victim in Coma

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Pierce County Sheriff
Devin Dujuan Williams, left, and Julian StephonWendell Smith, right, were arrested for a brutal assault at a strip club near Red Wing Friday night

Julian StephonWendell Smith has been charged with aggravated battery for his role in a strip club brawl near Red Wing Friday night. The assault left a Prairie Island power plant worker from Ohio in a coma just two days before he was set to return home.

Smith, 23, was released yesterday on $7,500 bail. Devin Dujuan Williams, 20, was also arrested in connection with the assault but he was released pending further investigation.

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Charges Dismissed Against John Lind, the Guy Who Allegedly Ejaculated in his Co-Worker's Coffee

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Ramsey County Sheriff
Police say Lind admitted ejaculating in his coworker's coffee on two occasions, but the Ramsey County Attorney was unable to make criminal charges stick

Criminal sexual conduct charges brought against John Robert Lind were dismissed earlier this month even though police say he admitted ejaculating in his co-worker's coffee on at least two occasions.

Judge Patrick Diamond wrote that the charges of fifth-degree criminal sexual conduct and attempted fifth-degree criminal sexual conduct had to be dismissed because neither specifically mentions "the intentional touching with seminal fluid" in its definition of sexual contact.

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Ebony Steward Punches Black Woman, Says She Hates White People

Courtesy of the Ramsey County's Sheriff's Office
Ebony Monique Steward

A woman purportedly attacked two complete strangers in two separate incidents because she hates white people, she told police, yet her choice of victims suggests she may not be as vehemently racist as she presented herself.

As Ebony Steward walked down University Avenue in St. Paul on Friday, she ran into a woman just leaving a nail salon. Her first instinct was to punch the other woman in the face, according to police investigators.

Steward, 32, told police she didn't know the victim, whose left eye was a purple pulp by the time police arrived. Confessing on the spot, she explained the "bitch" had been in her way and added that she just doesn't like light-skinned people.

According to the Ramsey County Attorney's complaint, this victim is a light-skinned black woman, not a white woman as initially reported.

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No Charges Yet in Death Following Vicious Maplewood Bar Assault

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Ramsey County Sheriff
Brandon Jermell Smith is being held on an outstanding warrant while cops wait on the medical examiner's autopsy report

One suspect in a brutal assault at Freddy's Tiki Hut early Wednesday morning is being held on an unrelated weapons charge while police wait for autopsy results and seek two other suspects.

According to Maplewood Police Chief Paul Schnell, Eduardo Alberto Figueroa was thrown to the ground and kicked "at least five times" in the head and neck area after he tried to break up an altercation between his 18-year-old daughter and a female suspect. He refused medical treatment when cops arrived shortly after midnight, and an hour later he collapsed and died in his home.

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