David Collier and Courtney Archer Wrecked Two Cop Cars in Wild Police Chase

Olmsted County
We have an early front-runner for craziest police chase of the year

A man who works in the auto body department at the Viking Lupient car dealership in Rochester recognized a red Ford pickup truck while driving home March 18.

He knew that truck, because he repainted it before it was stolen off the lot earlier in the week. The man followed the truck as it left the Cenex gas station in Oronoco and called the cops.

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Bill McGuire Joins Zygi Wilf As Next Shady Businessman to Own MN Pro Sports Team

Categories: Crime, Sports

Screenshot of Voice Media Group video
He had to pay back nearly $500 million in shady stock options and is still banned from running a public company

Today Major League Soccer is expected to announce it's awarding a new franchise to an ownership group led by a man whose prior corporate misconduct was bad enough to get him banned from running a public company for 10 years.

Former UnitedHealth Group CEO Bill McGuire saved professional soccer in the state when he bought the Minnesota Stars in 2012 and has used his personal fortune for a number of worthy charitable causes, like creating a scholarship fund at the U of M, and donating land for Gold Medal Park downtown. But let's not forget he became the poster child for shady CEO payouts and outrageous golden parachutes after he resigned from UnitedHealth in disgrace in 2006.

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Darnell Carlton, Academy Award-Winning Rapper, Now a Fugitive in Domestic Incident

Categories: Crime, Outstate MN

Stearns County Jail
Darnell "Crunchy Black" Carlton is on the lam after failing to appear for a November court date.

The past 12 months have been a rough go for hip-hop star Darnell Lorenzo Carlton, better known by his stage name "Crunchy Black."

Last March, the 40-year-old rapper and former member of the Oscar-winning rap group Three 6 Mafia was arrested for cocaine possession and domestic assault after allegedly beating his fiancee inside a St. Cloud hotel room.

Now he's wanted man.

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Convicted Cop Killer Brian Fitch Would Like His $3,000 Back

Categories: Crime

Ramsey County
Fitch was caught with a day's worth of drug money, and he wants it back

Brian Fitch maintains he was simply a busy drug dealer collecting money on the day he was arrested for murdering Mendota Heights police officer Scott Patrick.

Fitch had $2,993.43 in cash on him when he was captured after a shootout with police in a parking lot in West St. Paul, which law enforcement seized as evidence.

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Teen Cancer Patient La Kota Plafcan Responds to Hospital Theft with Amazing Grace

Categories: Crime

La Kota Plafcan is letting the theft of her iPad, phone, and purse roll right off her.

La Kota Plafcan is 17, a high school senior, and a cancer patient at Children's Hospital in Minneapolis. She's battled lymphoblastic leukemia, kidney, colon, and ovarian cancers. You name it, she's survived it.

Thursday as La Kota was undergoing chemotherapy at the hospital, somebody smashed in the passenger window of her parents' car and stole the purse she had propped up under the seat and the iPad she'd hidden in the back, where she had stored all her photos of friends, family, Vikings players, and other special visitors over the years she's been in and out of the hospital.

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Vladimir Brik, Alleged Synthetic Weed Dealer, Has History of Going Medieval

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Vladimir Brik, Alleged Synthetic Weed Dealer, Has History of Going Medieval

Duluth Police
Vladimir Brik of Duluth is one of men charged in a drug conspiracy.

Vladimir Vladimirovic Brik, 25, is a much better criminal than football player.

Last season, the wide receiver for the Great Lakes Wolfpack, a semi-pro team playing in the Northern States Football League, pulled down five passes in three games. Although he averaged an impressive 19 yards per catch, it's the Duluth resident's criminal stat line that really shows a young man who plays with passion.

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Jordan Coughlin Escapes Jail on Snowmobile, Captured in Canada

Categories: Canada, Crime

Jordan Coughlin Facebook
Canadian police finally caught up to him at a bus stop in Vancouver

On January 29, 2014 Jordan Coughlin was arrested for driving drunk in Lake of the Woods County. The arrest violated the probation conditions of a previous drunk driving arrest, so he was sentenced to a year in county jail on September 10, 2014.

Coughlin, 27, was granted work release so he could keep his job at Cyrus Resort, located on the southern end of Lake of the Woods near the Canadian border.

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Robert Dahl, Suspect in Murder-Suicide, Dreamt Larger Than He Could Afford

Categories: Crime, Mystery

Robert Dahl's Facebook page
Robert Dahl during better days on the golf course in a photo from earlier this month.

Robert M. Dahl, a 1986 Osseo High School graduate-turned-California vintner and the suspect in a Napa Valley murder-suicide, had long been guilty of writing checks with his mouth that his ass couldn't cash.

According to friends and business acquaintances, the 47-year-old married father of three was a smooth-talking chaser of dollar-sign daydreams who was good at making the sale, but perpetually failed at executing the enterprise.

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Kamyar Farahan Charged With Fraud for Impersonating a Lawyer to Swindle Companies

Categories: Crime

Washington County Sheriff's Office
Kamyar Farahan has a knack for legalese.
One man with a notary stamp can do a lot of damage.

In an audacious scheme to trick mobile carrier Sprint out of $1,700, Kamyar Farahan of Golden Valley allegedly stole the identity of a Minnesota lawyer to negotiate a fake lawsuit.

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Cloquet Police Officer Mark Laine Was Drunk When He Caused Fatal Car Crash

Categories: Crime, Drunk, Police

Screenshot of KSTP
Laine's BAC was .178 at the time of the crash

On March 5 Fay Dahlman was driving in to work the night shift at Community Memorial Hospital, where she worked as a nurse for the last 12 years.

Just after 11 p.m. she passed North Road, heading south by the regionally famous Gordy's Hi-Hat drive-in restaurant and just a few blocks away from the hospital. Suddenly, a brand-new Ford F-150 pickup truck crossed into oncoming traffic and slammed into her 2006 Hyundai Santa Fe head-on.

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