Brent Lunde Nails $50,000 Shot During Intermission at UMD Hockey Game

screenshot via AMSOIL Arena YouTube video
He made it look easy
At last Friday night's University of Minnesota Duluth men's hockey game, Brent Lunde signed up for a chance to compete in the intermission hockey shot challenge on a whim en route to the concession stand. An hour later he was $50,000 richer.

"At first I thought it was like a Subway shootout, like when people compete for a shot at a free sandwich," said his wife Erin. "Then when they said 50 grand, it was like, whoa."

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Police Say Jesse Dahlstrom Randomly Stabbed Elderly Woman to Death in Grocery Store

Categories: Crime, Duluth

Duluth Police
Jesse Dahlstrom has been charged in one of the most unsettling crimes in Duluth's history

Today the St. Louis County Attorney' Office will file 1st-degree murder charges against Jesse Dahlstrom for committing one of the most awful, senseless acts of violence in Duluth's history.

Police say Dahlstrom, who is believed to be suffering from severe mental illness, walked into a SuperOne grocery store in west Duluth last Thursday night and randomly stabbed a 75-year-old woman to death with a butcher knife. Several SuperOne employees heroically subdued Dahlstrom and detained him until police arrived.

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UMD Busts Out a Few Mini-Horses to Help Relieve Finals Week Stress

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Brett Groehler
Feel that stress melt away

If the classic NBC comedy Parks & Rec has taught us anything, it's that mini-horses are wonderful creatures that spread joy to everyone around them. (RIP Lil' Sebastian)

On Tuesday the University of Minnesota Duluth brought in two mini-horses and a gigantic dog for stressed out students to hang out with while they procrastinated studying.

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Proof Legendary Duluth Billboard Actually Existed Finally Turns Up [PHOTO]

John Fedo photo used here with permission of the Duluth News Tribune
The billboard pictured at the top of this post has been the stuff of legend for years in Duluth.

Amy Klobuchar once mentioned it on the floor of the U.S. Senate. A documentary filmmaker described it as an "important piece of Duluth history" on which "the future of the entire city depends." (He was joking.) An an arts columnist once characterized it as emblematic of Duluth's economic and cultural decline during the 1980s -- located along southbound I-35, it was the last thing emigrating Duluthians would see as they left the region for the Twin Cities.

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Duluth and Minneapolis voted two of the three greatest places to live

Outside Magazine praises Duluth for its 6,834 acres of city parkland, 178 miles of wooded trails, and 16 designated trout streams.
In Outside's new list of "The 16 Greatest Places to Live in America," the magazine's readers conclude there is no place greater than Duluth, Minnesota.

We're not sure we'd take Duluth over say, San Francisco, but then again, we're probably not quite as outdoorsy as Outside readers, who also voted Minneapolis as the third best place to live. (Number two honors go to Provo, Utah -- now we get what Tom Torkildson was talking about.)

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Alyssa Jo Lommel, UMD student who nearly froze, shares photos of her recovery

Categories: Duluth
More than two months after she was found nearly frozen to death on a neighbor's Duluth porch following a night of drinking, Alyssa Jo Lommel is out of the hospital and back home in St. Cloud.

Lommel, 19, needed to have all her fingers and most of her feet amputated, but judging by her Instagram, she hasn't let that crush her spirit.

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Global Village Duluth apologizes for "Annual MLK Day Black Sale"

Global Village Duluth -- a downtown store selling "Clothing, jewelry, scarves, incense, cards, tapestries, lamps, instruments...more unique gifts than you can imagine!" -- published the above post on its Facebook page Friday.

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This wasn't the first year Global Village held the "MLK Day Black Sale." But it was the first that the promotion was widely decried, and as a result store owner Rachel Mock issued a public apology earlier today.

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Alyssa Jo Lommel, UMD student who nearly froze, cried when told about amputations [UPDATE]

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Alyssa Jo Lommel
-- Update at bottom --

Original post (December 30) -- Around 9:30 a.m. on December 7, University of Minnesota-Duluth student Alyssa Jo Lommel, 19, was found nearly frozen to death on a neighbor's porch. She'd apparently spent the entire night outside while temperatures dropped as low as 17 below zero.

THE BACKSTORY: UMD student Alyssa Jo Lommel tweeted about tequila shots before she was found freezing

More than three weeks later, Lommel remains hospitalized. Her condition has been upgraded to fair, but according to her family, doctors still haven't told her how bad her injuries are.

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Taylor Griffin of Duluth allegedly carjacked elderly good Samaritan

Categories: Crime, Duluth
Taylor Griffin
From the "Assuming the charges are accurate, how do these people sleep at night?" file:

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Duluth resident Taylor Griffin, 19, was arrested on suspicion of first-degree aggravated assault, auto theft, and child endangerment for carjacking a 77-year-old woman who offered to give her and her 2-year-old child a ride because the elderly woman was concerned about Griffin and her kid being stranded in the cold weather.

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UMD student Alyssa Jo Lommel tweeted about tequila shots before she was found freezing [UPDATE]

Categories: Duluth
Lommel is a St. Cloud native.
:::: UPDATE :::: Alyssa Jo Lommel, UMD student who almost froze, still hasn't been told about her injuries

Around 9:30 a.m. Saturday, 19-year-old University of Minnesota-Duluth student Alyssa Jo Lommel was found passed out on a neighbor's porch. She had apparently been outside all night while temperatures dropped as low as 17 degrees below zero. As you'd imagine, she was suffering from severe hypothermia.

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Lommel was rushed to the hospital. As of last night, she was in "stable critical" condition, but her parents told the Duluth News Tribune she may end up losing one or more of her hands and feet.

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