How Much Money Do You Need to be Middle Class in Minneapolis?

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Nearly half of America still identifies as middle class, according to the Pew Research Center.

Despite the financial beat down that wiped out the spending power of millions of Americans, nearly half of the country still identifies itself as middle class, according to the Pew Research Center.

But what kind of money are we talking?

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US Bank Employees Were Forced to Take Unpaid Vacations as Execs Made Millions

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US Bank's Davis leadership style involves getting rich while workers take unpaid vacations.

The email from US Bank Vice Chairman of Technology and Operations Services (TOS) Jeffry von Gillern ended on a downer note.

"While this was a difficult decision to make," read the April 2014 to all bank TOS employees, "we believe short-term solutions such as this help us avoid taking more drastic measures such as implementing layoffs."

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Target CEO Brian Cornell Must Cut Back Annual Corporate Jet Travel to 175k

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Target employees get marching orders and their new CEO must limit his use of corporate jets.

Incoming Target Corporation CEO Brian Cornell is a man of the people.

In a move that's certain to be taken as emphatic by the 1,700 employees who recently got pink slips, Target's new leader signed off on a deal limiting his use of the company's
four-aircraft fleet to $175,000 annually.

With an average operating cost for private jets approximated at $4,000 per hour, Cornell will be limited to just under 44 hours of contractually-capped travel.

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Imation CEO Mark Lucas's Pay Nearly Doubles After Company Loses $100 Million

Imation Corp.
It's easy to smile when you get $2.3 million in bonuses for tanking your company.

Last year was unkind to Imation Corp., the Oakdale global data storage and information security company. The firm reported an operating loss of more than $100 million. Its revenue tanked by 15 percent.

But in the rarefied air of the executive wing at Minnesota's 35th largest public company, that only meant CEO Mark Lucas was worthy of a whopping raise.

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Blacks Nearly Four Times More Likely Than Whites to Be Unemployed in Minnesota

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Joe Speer, Neighborhoods Organizing for Change
The only state with a higher unemployment gap was Wisconsin

A new study reaffirms a refrain equality advocates have become quite fond of in this state: Minnesota is a great place to live -- for white people.

The Center for Popular Democracy and the Economic Policy Institute released a study yesterday showing the statewide unemployment rate for black people is 11.7 percent, compared to 3.2 percent for white people.
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Bill Cooper: TCF Bank CEO Is Minnesota's Poster Boy for Income Inequality

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Stylish turtlenecks and seven-figure stock options equal winning for TCF Bank CEO Bill Cooper.

Dinging college kids and single parents with $37 overdraft charges sure does add up.

At least that's what can be gleaned from TCF Bank CEO Bill Cooper's phat 2014 compensation package.

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Amazon, One of America's Worst Employers, Wants to Open Center in Shakopee

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Scott Lewis
Amazon warehouse workers typically earn way less than even their counterparts at Walmart

Hourly wages approaching the poverty level. A supposedly flexible workplace where students are told, "We don't work around school schedules." A bonus program for employees that never pays out because of bionic expectations.

Minnesotans may soon be able to apply for jobs offering these perks. Internet giant Amazon is in negotiations to erect a distribution center on 66 acres in Shakopee.

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Trucking Most Popular Job in Minnesota

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Photo by Ray Forster

We all like to think the decline of "Made in the USA" coincides with a new era of information technology jobs sweeping the nation, but things aren't changing much up here in Minnesota. We were mostly truck drivers in 1978, and we're still trucking as of 2014.

Most of the country, in fact, consists of truckers, according to an NPR census crunch of the most popular jobs in each state.

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20,000 Layoffs Predicted in North Dakota Due to Low Oil Prices

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20,000 layoffs predicted by June
One of the happiest surprises American consumers have experienced lately is ridiculously cheap gas, which is now priced at a five-year low.

While consumers whistle while they pump, signs of a bust in the North Dakota oil fields are beginning to show.

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Book: Vaporized Pig Brains Are Torturing Austin's Migrant Meatpackers

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Years have passed since Pablo Ruiz worked as a floor supervisor inside a swine slaughterhouse in Austin, Minnesota. Yet his body remains in constant pain, the result, medical experts say, of inhaling a daily dose of pig brain tissue mist.

According to Ted Genoways, author the new book The Chain: Farm, Factory, and the Fate of Our Food, Ruiz, was one of the roughly two dozen former workers -- 90 percent of them Hispanic -- at the Spam factory in southern Minnesota, who in 2006 showed symptoms of a bizarre neurological disease that caused body fatigue and extreme pain in the extremities, as well as swelling of the spine and brain.

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