[UPDATE] Minneapolis Southwest High School Shut Down Due to "Credible Threat"

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Ed Kohler via Flickr
Parents and students were not informed until an 11 p.m. robocall
A "credible threat" convinced Minneapolis Public Schools to decide to cancel all events at Southwest High School today around 11 p.m. last night.

Late last night Southwest households received a robocall delivering the news voiced by Principal Bill Smith, and shortly afterward messages went up on the school's website and social media channels.

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Minnesota Education Plummets to 10th Place in New National Rankings

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Education in Minnesota now trails Maryland, Massacusetts, and Vermont.

Nothing plays more into Minnesota's collective self worth than education.

Perhaps it's time we relied on something else to massage our statewide ego.

Minnesota education ranked 10th among the 50 states and District of Columbia, according to Education Week's "Quality Counts 2015: State Report Cards" rankings compiled by the nonprofit organization Editorial Projects in Education.

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North Dakota Considers Giving Guns to Teachers

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Photo by Seattle Municipal Archives

North Dakota's Rep. Dwight Kiefert (R-Valley City) has a simple solution to the chilling, often unpredictable threat of school shootings: give guns to teachers and let them prowl the halls like vigilantes in sweater vests.

The teachers themselves aren't so convinced that HB 1195, which proposes letting schools train anyone with a concealed carry permit to use deadly force in the classroom, wouldn't rub students the completely wrong way.

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Minnesota Colleges Get Richer as Student Debt Skyrockets

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Student debt continues to cripple the financial health of millions of young Americans.

Federal student loan debt hit the $800 billion threshold at the end of last year, bringing the total balance on all outstanding public and private student loans to $1.13 trillion, according to the Federal Reserve Bank of New York.

At the same time, many of the endowments belonging to the nation's colleges and universities continue to swell. Take the University of Minnesota.

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John Kline Working Tirelessly to Grow the Ranks of America's Diabetic and Obese Kids

Courtesy of John Kline's Facebook page
John Kline looks constipated. But most likely he's just full.

Congressman John Kline, whose political coffers enjoy $75,000 in sweetener from cereal heavyweight General Mills, thinks the diets of America's school children need more fat, salt, and sugar.

The seven-term GOP congressman from the southern suburbs is leading the charge to gut nutritional rules aimed at providing healthier meals during the school day.

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St. Paul Teachers Can Earn $2 Million, But It'll Take 30 Years To Get There

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Photo Courtesy of USDA
Salaries for Minnesota teachers still rank below the national average.

While the starting salary for teachers in St. Paul rings in at a modest $37,409, a recent study by the National Council on Teacher Quality shows that the city's educators can take home more money during a 30-year career than almost anywhere else in America.

According to the study, which examined 113 school districts nationwide, it takes St. Paul teachers only 11 years to reach a salary of $75,000, thus making the estimated 30-year payout $2.051 million (adjusted for inflation).

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The Mysterious Partisan Squabble Over Early Education

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Photo by William Creswell

With state Republicans taking control of the House again, the early childhood education committee is no more.

Instead, Republicans have restructured committees with an emphasis on higher education finance, leaving early education proponents on the other side of the aisle grasping at efforts to maintain focus on closing the state's achievement gap.

Apparently, the realignment of education priorities along party lines comes up with every power shift in the House. The early childhood committee emerged in 2007 while Democrats reigned, then Republicans did away with it the first time when they captured the majority in 2010. Democrats resurrected the committee in 2012, and so it goes.

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St. Cloud Cathedral Kills Snow Days

David Wiley via Creative Commons
Is new technology going to eliminate snow days?

Scores of kids around the state had school cancelled due to Monday's snowstorm, leaving them free to sleep in, sit back, and enjoy a free extended weekend courtesy of Mother Nature.

Lazy students got an extra day to procrastinate writing that paper they put off all weekend, while others had a chance to go sledding, build a snow fort, or, more likely, sit inside while live-tweeting a Netflix binge.

Unfortunately for students at St. Cloud's Cathedral High School, that wasn't the case.

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Reporter Sarah Lahm on Critical Don Samuels Piece: "This Is Bigger Than Don Samuels"

Lahm (right): "The outside money flowing to the Samuels campaign follows a relatively recent national pattern... where local school board races have been heavily influenced by the political and financial heft of outside groups."
As we detailed earlier this week, school board candidate (and former City Council member) Don Samuels isn't happy with a report recently published in the Investigative Fund that takes a tough, unflattering look at the copious national money pouring into his campaign.

But the journalist who reported the piece, Minneapolis-based freelancer Sarah Lahm, stands by what she wrote and tells us Samuels shouldn't take it personally.

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Don Samuels on Hot Dog Gate, Media Beefs, and His Priorities

Samuels has the support of R.T.
:::: UPDATE :::: Reporter Sarah Lahm on Critical Don Samuels Piece: "This is Bigger Than Don Samuels"

Over the weekend we had the chance to talk at length with Don Samuels, the former Minneapolis City Council member and mayoral candidate who's now running for school board.

The immediate reason we called Samuels was to talk about the controversy generated by Samuels's decision to call 911 last Thursday on a north Minneapolis hot dog giveaway organized by Neighborhoods Organizing for Change that he thought was an illegally operating business. But we also took the opportunity to get his thoughts on a recent investigative report that portrayed his campaign in a not-positive light, and more generally, we asked what his priorities would be if he's elected next month.

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