Conservative U of M Morris paper cries foul after professor asks people to throw it away

PZ Myers
Last November, in an article meant to be satire, the Morris Northstar ran a photo of Trayvon Martin's dead face with this caption -- "Trayvon Martin, victim of racism and fascism, and what does [school administration] have to say about it? Nothing. Not a single thing."

That passage prompted Morris biology professor PZ Myers to write on his blog that the Northstar "has worn out its welcome and must go. Treat their scattered papers as hate-filled trash and dispose of it appropriately."

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MNGOP Rep. Glenn Gruenhagen misses the days when teachers hit students

glenn gruenhagen rect.JPG
Rep. Gruenhagen, R-Glencoe
Yesterday's House debate about the Safe Schools Act certainly did bring out the fringe element of the Minnesota Republican Party. From Jim Newberger predicting the anti-bullying bill will usher in an Orwellian dystopia, to Mary Franson saying it's tantamount to fascism, to Glenn Gruenhagen openly pining for the days when teachers could lay the smack down on students, it reminded us of the days when Bradlee Dean was taken seriously and invited to give the official House prayer.

As mentioned, Gruenhagen, known for his gay-unfriendly views and belief that climate change is "just a complete United Nations fraud," said he thinks the solution to bullying is physical violence. What could possibly go wrong?

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Aaron Miller, GOP-endorsed Congress candidate, repeats bizarre anti-evolution story

If it were up to Miller (pictured), creationism would be taught in public schools.
Obamacare, Benghazi, NSA surveillance... these are the issues you expect to hear Republicans railing about in the run up to November's congressional elections.

But evolution? We thought that one was more or less settled right around the time the Lucy fossil was found, at least for those of us inclined toward rational thought.

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MNGOP Sen. Chamberlain objects to "emotional distress" in Dibble bill's definition of bullying

Chamberlain (right) thinks Dibble's notion of bullying casts the net too widely.
Last year, the MNGOP ran out the clock on Scott Dibble's anti-bullying bill on the final day of the legislative session.

Dibble vowed to renew his push this session, and so far, so good -- the bill, approved by the House last year, successfully made it past its first Senate committee hearing earlier this week.

But some Republicans remain opposed to Dibble's legislation, in part because they think it relies on an overly broad definition of bullying.

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Como Park High reviewing fire protocol after swimsuit-clad student gets frostbite

Categories: Education, Winter
WCCO screengrab -- Kayona Hagen-Tietz is at right.
Around 8:30 a.m. on February 26, the fire alarm went off at St. Paul's Como Park High School. It wasn't a drill.

Some students were wrapping up swimming class at the time. One of them, 14-year-old freshman Kayona Hagen-Tietz, had lingered in the pool longer than most of her classmates and ended up outside the school in her wet swimsuit, without shoes. Temperatures at the time were 5 below with a windchill 20 degrees colder.

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Reid Sagehorn won't be charged for tweet about kissing a teacher

Categories: Education, Law
Reid Sagehorn picture via Jacki V. Seniors
Reid Sagehorn remains suspended from Rogers High School, but the senior three-sport athlete and honors student won't face criminal charges for tweeting about kissing a young gym teacher.

THE BACKSTORY: Rogers school's suspension of Reid Sagehorn for Twitter joke sparks #FreeReid movement

"No charges will be filed related to this case as there is insufficient evidence of a criminal offense," a statement released by the Hennepin County Attorney's Office this afternoon says.

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Rogers school's suspension of Reid Sagehorn for Twitter joke sparks #FreeReid movement

Categories: Education
Reid Sagehorn picture via Jacki V. Seniors
:::: UPDATE :::: Reid Sagehorn won't be charged for tweet about kissing a teacher

Asked on Twitter about a rumor he'd been seen making out with a teacher, Rogers High School senior Reid Sagehorn jokingly replied with something to the effect of, "Actually, yes."

SEE ALSO: Shakopee athlete sues school for suspension over "im boutta drill my 'teammates'" tweet

Sagehorn's now-deleted tweet wasn't meant to be taken seriously, but Rogers and Elk River Area Schools officials didn't kid around with their response when they learned about it. Sagehorn -- an honors student, captain of the football and basketball teams, and a baseball player -- ended up being suspended for more than two months, until April 22.

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Humanist group threatens to sue Robbinsdale schools over student trips to church

Image via Calvary Lutheran Church's Facebook page
Robbinsdale schools is being accused of violating the Establishment Clause by sending students to this church.
-- Update at bottom --

The D.C.-based American Humanist Association is threatening to sue Robbinsdale Area Schools and the district's engineering and arts magnet school over field trips students have taken to the Calvary Lutheran Church in Golden Valley the last two academic years.

SEE ALSO: Hudson school apologizes for making students watch clip of celebs pledging loyalty to Obama

A letter sent yesterday to the district's executive director of academics and the School of Engineering and Arts' principal accuses administrators of dismissing a parent's objection to the trips, which involve students putting together "manna" packages to feed hungry people.

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Mellaney Moore suspended from covering schools over controversial hidden camera report

Categories: Education, Media
TV screengrab via Forum Communications
Last month, Mellaney Moore, a reporter for the Fargo-Moorhead TV station Valley News Live, entered three area elementary schools with a hidden camera. The idea was to test each school's security -- could anybody just waltz in and stroll down hallways crowded with children?

THE BACKSTORY: Reporter Mellaney Moore investigated for entering elementary schools with hidden camera

The answer, as it turned out, was yes, at least in Moore's case. But Moore and her station landed in hot water because at least one of the schools had a sign on its door that said, "During regularly scheduled classes, all visitors must register at the main office. Failure to do so is a Class B misdemeanor and a violation of Fargo municipal code 10-0320."

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Minneapolis Public Schools trolled by billboard right outside its headquarters [PHOTO]

Categories: Education
Twin Cities News Talk on Facebook
The above billboard towers above the Minneapolis Public Schools headquarters at 1250 West Broadway Avenue.

WHAT A DIFFERENCE A FEW MONTHS MAKE: MPS takes a couple heat days: Top 10 tweets

Indeed, in 2012, 50.1 percent of MPS students graduated from high school in four years, compared to 77.6 percent statewide. That number, however, is up from recent years -- for instance, in 2009, just 42.3 percent of MPS students graduated on time.

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