Should Minnesotans Have the Option to Vote for "None of the Above?"

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Ben Johnson
Tell 'em all to go to hell with a vote for "None of the Above"

Do you care about politics but hate most politicians? Soon you may be able to register your disgust with a vote for "None of the Above."

State Sen. Branden Petersen (R-Andover) introduced a bill (SF 955) this week that would place "None of the Above" on the ballot for every statewide and local election. If None of the Above ever won, a new election would be held where all of the candidates who lost would be barred from entering.

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Convicted Felons Have the Best Chance in Years to Gain Right to Vote in Minnesota

Emily Baxter
An estimated 200 people attended a Restore the Vote rally yesterday near the Capitol
This year libertarian and Tea Party conservatives joined ultra-liberal organizations like the ACLU and Take Action MN to create a loud, formidable coalition with the best shot in years of restoring voting rights to convicted felons on probation or parole.

Right now Minnesota is one of 30 states that does not allow convicted felons to vote until they are completely off of parole and/or probation. Out of 57,000 convicted felons living in Minnesota, 47,000 of them cannot vote.

Liberals say barring people from voting when they're trying to get their life back together after prison is counterproductive; pushing them back to the margins where crime and recidivism lurks. For conservatives, it's about liberty and taxes.

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Former GOP Supreme Court Candidate Sentenced to 30 Days House Arrest

file image
Michelle MacDonald was sentenced to a month of house arrest yesterday

Yesterday former GOP-endorsed state Supreme Court candidate Michelle MacDonald was sentenced to 30 days house arrest and two years probation after she was convicted of several charges stemming from an April 2013 traffic stop.

The sentencing may finally put an end to the surreal saga that pitted MacDonald against embarrassed factions of prominent state Republicans.

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America, Inc., Super PAC Throws Last-Minute Funds at Minnesota's Sixth District Race

KSTP episode of "At Issue"
From left, Joe Perske (DFL), John Denney (I) and Tom Emmer (R)
America, Inc., a Virginia-based Super PAC, has spent twice as much money to defeat Independence Party candidate John Denney than Denney has on hand.

A review of FEC reports of independent expenditures in Minnesota's sixth congressional district race shows that the group dropped $8,000 in early October on "Online/Digital Ads & Production" against Denney. Then last Friday, it dropped another $1,250 for the same purpose.

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MNGOP Slams Al Franken on Ebola, But a Bigger Question Remains...

via Chris Steller
Just when we thought political mailers had hit rock bottom, we find the above image floating around the internet.

It comes from the Republican Party of Minnesota, which is trying hard to make the Ebola virus a top issue for this year's Senate race against incumbent Dem Al Franken. GOP candidate Mike McFadden has argued that a ban on travel between West African countries, where the virus has already killed thousands, and the United States is the best way to contain it.

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You Have Right to Leave Work to Vote on November 4

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Expect bossman to be on your case about dipping out of work to cast your ballot on Tuesday, November 4? Refer him or her to Minnesota Statute 204C.04.

That law gives you the right to leave your place of employment for as long as it takes to take part in the democratic process.

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John Denney, Independence Party Candidate for Congress, Woos Voters on Tinder

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John Denney and mustache
You know how pundits love to talk about how certain candidates are "courting" young voters? Here's a twist on a cheap metaphor: John Denney, the Independence Party candidate for Minnesota's 6th Congressional District, and his wife, Samantha, have begun reaching out to voters on Tinder.

The dating app is usually used for, well, dating. It begins by browsing the Facebook pictures of another person who's within a set mile radius. Swipe left to say no thanks, swipe right to say yes. If two people swipe right, they're able to chat.

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Robert Stewart, a doctoral student, is one of thousands who can't vote in 2014 election

Believe it or not, state representatives Raymond Dehn (left) and Tony Cornish agree on something: giving felons the right to vote
Rob Stewart is a Ph.D. candidate at the U of M. He works. He pays taxes. But come November, while his neighbors and colleagues are casting ballots, Stewart will stay away from the polling station.

Why? Because he's a convicted felon with a serious drug offense on his record.

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Hennepin County deputies endorse Rich Stanek's opponent by nearly 8-to-1 margin

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Rich Stanek
Hennepin County deputies want a new boss.
If Rich Stanek wins a third term as Hennepin County Sheriff, he'll do so without the support of his deputies.

Yesterday, the Hennepin County Sheriff's Deputies Association announced it's overwhelmingly supporting the candidacy of Minneapolis Police Assistant Chief Eddie Frizell, who is running to take Stank's job.

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Phyllis Kahn alleges election judge called her "old Jewish lady," opponent "Muslim brother"

Noor (right) is trying to take Kahn's seat and become the first Somali elected to the legislature.
The campaign of Rep. Phyllis Kahn (D-Minneapolis) has filed two complaints regarding improprieties that have allegedly taken place during her heated primary battle with Mohamud Noor.

One alleges that a Minneapolis elections judge named Fadmo called Kahn "an old Jewish Lady" while interpreting the primary ballot for a Somali man who was recently at City Hall to cast his absentee ballot. On the other hand, Fadmo characterized Noor as "our Muslim brother," the complaint says.

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