Governor Dayton, Democrats Wuss Out to Mining Interests Over Clean Water

Children are most vulnerable to water with high levels of sulfates.

Gov. Mark Dayton's administration and fellow Democrats like Rep. Carly Melin of Hibbing spun the agreement on water pollution as a compromise.

But last week's deal, which allows iron mines to continue operating without complying with current sulfate discharge limits, really amounts to capitulation to an industry that's hardly in the business of environmental stewardship.

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Garry Schumacher, Dad Who'd Rather Go to Jail Than Let Mom See Kid, Has Sentence Stayed

Arwen Abenstern via Flickr
The custodial piss fight between Garry Schumacher and Shawnette Andreason continues.

Garry Schumacher's ongoing legal battle to prevent Shawnette Andreason, the biological mother of his seven-year-old daughter Madison, from having supervised visits with the child, notched another hiccup Tuesday when Hennepin County Judge Patrick Robben postponed the defiant father's jail sentence, ordering him again to comply with a court order.

Heading into the hearing, the 36-year-old Schumacher had vowed to do jail time rather than facilitate the supervised meetings between Madison and Andreason. He'd been found in contempt of court in March for failing to cooperate, saying, "I can't do something I believe will harm my child and my family. I'd rather go to jail than potentially put her in harm's way."

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The Annual Surge: Married Folks Ring in the New Year by Filing for Divorce

Photo courtesy of Dan Bluestein
January is the month of choice for divorce.

About the same time each year that winter announces its arrival, the number of aspiring divorcees walking through the doors of Michales & Barbosa surges.

The annual migration of the matrimonially challenged starts around Thanksgiving, gains strength through the holidays, and is a full-blown phenomenon by the early weeks of the New Year.

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Rain Costs Phil Hughes $500,000

Hughes walks off the Target Field mound for the last time this year.
Nobody was more impacted by yesterday afternoon's rain showers than Twins pitcher Phil Hughes, who likely lost out on half a million bucks as a result.

Hughes, you see, has a clause in his contract calling for him to receive a $500,000 bonus if he hits 210 innings pitched, and during his last start of the season, yesterday's 2-1 Twins win against Arizona, he was just one out away from that mark -- 209 2/3 innings pitched -- when rain brought things to a halt during the eighth inning.

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Minneapolis's drive to destroy kid's cool treehouse is kinda heartbreaking

Photo of Daniel's treehouse (visible at left) via Smith Wilkinson on Twitter
After a two-year drama, the Minneapolis Zoning Board will hold a public hearing tomorrow on whether to allow middle schooler Daniel Pryke to keep his impressive treehouse.

It doesn't look good. City staff's recommendation, phrased somewhat euphemistically, is to "deny... that the treehouse located at 1812 Emerson Ave S should be allowed to remain."

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David Witt's cool Stillwater PBR mural painted over just before completion [PHOTOS]

David Witt
Witt's mural looked like this shortly before it was scrubbed from existence.
On May 29, David Witt was riding high. After two weeks of work, the full-time illustrator was just about to wrap up the sponsored Pabst Blue Ribbon mural he was painting on the rail car outside the Freight House bar and restaurant in Stillwater.

Witt took to Twitter that afternoon and updated his progress:

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More » lost gobs of cash thanks to website crash

Screengrab via Star Tribune
This page greeted some of the folks who tried to access today and donate.
What do the Obamacare website and have in common today? They both work about as well as e-pulltabs have in funding the Vikings stadium.

About two-thirds of the way though today's "Give to the Max Day," heavy traffic caused the Razoo-powered GiveMN site to give out. And while the coincidence of the crash happening around the same time Barack offered up his mea culpa about the Affordable Care Act's balky website may have caused some to chuckle, it's certainly no laughing matter for Minnesota's nonprofits.

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City Pages blogger plays e-pulltabs: A review

Photos by Aaron Rupar
Playing these machines isn't as painful as getting kicked in the shins, but it's more costly and comparably fun.
I've devoted a lot of digital ink to the epic disappointments that are e-pulltabs, so last night, I figured, What the hell? I'll head to O'Gara's and give 'em a shot.

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I'm a seasoned casino blackjack player, but until last night, I'd never ever played pulltabs in any form. So in order to compare and contrast, I decided to spend $5 on the electronic version and $5 on their old-school paper counterparts.

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E-pulltabs have raised as much money for the Vikings stadium as the tooth fairy

e-pulltabs vikes rect.jpg
So far, the state's e-pulltab plan has failed, and failed hard.
Lawmakers projected that e-pulltabs would raise $35 million toward the state's contribution for the new Vikings stadium during their first year of existence. Turns out that forecast was about $35 million too optimistic.

SEE ALSO: MNGOP Sen. Sean Nienow says Dayton "duped" public about e-pulltabs, demands investigation

According to numbers released yesterday by the Minnesota Gambling Control Board, e-pulltabs actually contributed $0 to the stadium cause after expenses were accounted for. Gamers spent $15 million playing e-pulltabs, but $13 million of that was gobbled up as prizes, with the remaining $2 million covering various charity expenses and taxes.

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New NoDak TV news anchor's first two on-air words are "fuckin' shit!" [VIDEO]

aj Clemente rect.jpg
To say A.J.'s debut was inauspicious would be an understatement.
A.J. Clemente's career as an anchor for Bismarck's NBC affiliate KFYR might've literally ended as soon as it began.

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This because the first two words Clemente uttered during his first telecast as anchor yesterday evening were "fuckin' shit!"

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