Free Outdoor Pro Wrestling Coming to Calhoun Square This Summer

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Kent Kanouse/Flickr
Calhoun Square's new owners are hosting free pro wrestling on the fourth Saturday of every month, May-September

Professional wrestling is coming to Uptown this summer, because if there's one thing Uptown needs on Saturday night, it's more testosterone.

Prime Time Wrestling will be setting up in the empty lot next to Calhoun Square on the fourth Saturday of every month starting in May. The best part: It's free, all you gotta do is bring a chair. And there might even be beer for sale, according to the Business Journal.

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John Oliver's Devastating Takedown of Miss America Has a Local Angle [VIDEO]

This was a big moment for the Society of Women Engineers, whose president lives in the Twin Cities.
Sunday night, John Oliver, host of HBO's Last Week Tonight, eviscerated the Miss America competition for its misogyny and misleading claims about the amount of scholarship money it doles out to women.

Though Miss America officials claim to make $45 million in scholarships available to contestants -- the pageant promotes itself as "the world's largest provider of scholarships for women," in fact -- the money it actually provides is just a fraction of that.

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Downtown Minneapolis Church Holding "Photobombed by Jesus" Event

All photos courtesy of Debbie Friez
It sure beats speaking in tongues, doesn't it?
Sunday morning, the Central Lutheran Church invites you to come to downtown Minneapolis and get photobombed by the son of God... or a likeness of him, at least.

From 10-11 a.m., the church is holding a "Get Photo Bombed by Jesus" event in celebration of the beginning of autumn.

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Minnesota State Fair: Top 10 places to poop

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All photos by Jake Nyberg
Because you never know when nature will call, especially when you've eaten a corn dog, carmel apple, corn, cheese curds, falafel, Snickers on a stick...
The world doesn't need another recap of the newest, weirdest, on-a-stickiest foods at the Minnesota State Fair. At least not from this omnivore. When it comes to fair grub, it's fun to experiment -- to try things for yourself -- to share as many items as you can with as many people as possible. That's the secret to gastronomic success. It's about volume. Trial and error. It isn't rocket science and it sure as hell isn't a fancy tasting dinner with white linens. The fair is a gathering of people, animals, smells and tastes. It gets messy and the mess is part of the adventure.

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No, there's not really a terrorist attack happening at Boom Island Park

Today's training exercise is meant to simulate the release of a "dirty bomb."
Have you seen law enforcement personnel responding to what looks like a terror attack of some sort along the banks of the Mississippi River in downtown Minneapolis today?

No, Wisconsin isn't attacking us with nerve gas. It's really just a law enforcement exercise involving agencies from Minneapolis, St. Paul, the FBI, Hennepin County, and the Minnesota National Guard.

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Patrick Reusse blasts Jacob Frey for making big deal out of loud fireworks show [VIDEO]

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For Reusse (left), Frey's response to Fireworks-gate would be reason enough to vote against him.
-- Update including Frey's response on bottom of page two --

Star Tribune columnist and 1500 ESPN host Patrick Reusse has been going after Minneapolis City Council member Jacob Frey over his indignant response to the Tuesday morning fireworks show that woke up half of Minneapolis, including many residents of his ward.

The 12:30 a.m. fireworks show, which came at the tail end of an All-Star Gala that took place along the Mississippi River near the Stone Arch Bridge, violated the permit obtained by Chad Hudson Events from the Minneapolis Park & Recreation Board. That permit expired at midnight, meaning the show was supposed to be wrapped up by then at the latest. (You can read the entire permit on page two of this post.)

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MLB apologizes for early morning fireworks; free Twins tickets coming to those affected

City officials were caught off guard by the early morning fireworks show.
:::: UPDATE :::: Patrick Reusse blasts Jacob Frey for making big deal out of loud fireworks show [VIDEO]

When we called him yesterday morning, Minneapolis City Council member Jacob Frey was clearly pissed off about a 12:30 a.m. fireworks show that was part of the MLB All-Star Game festivities.

Frey's indignation was understandable. After all, as the Downtown Journal reported last month, residents living in the vicinity of Mill Ruins Park were told to expect nothing more than a 10-minute "pyrotechnic/water show" beginning at 11:45 p.m. Monday night. Furthermore, Frey tells us loud booms weren't supposed to be part of the show. But not only did the MLB get things going more than a half-hour late, the fireworks were so loud that they had some folks in far-away neighborhoods waking up and wondering if they were hearing gunshots.

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Minneapolis wakes to 12:30 a.m. fireworks show: Top tweets

Jason DeRusha on Twitter
:::: UPDATE :::: MLB apologizes for early-morning fireworks; free Twins tickets coming to those affected

Around 12:30 a.m. this morning, folks who wouldn't normally be awake at that time took to Twitter (sorry, Kevin) to express bewilderment over a post-Home Run Derby fireworks show that was part of the All-Star Game festivities.

Though the show was part of a Mill City Museum and Mill Ruins Park "invite-only VIP gala" that was discussed during at least one neighborhood meeting last month, it caught most Minneapolis residents by surprise. (In fairness, the fireworks were scheduled for 11:45 p.m., so it appears things were running late.)

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Animal rights activists voice concern about Minnesota bull run

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Photo by VinothChandar via Flickr
The Great Bull Run is bringing its version of Spain's Running of the Bulls to Minnesota for the first time this summer, and animal rights activists aren't happy about it.

The goal of the event is for participants to out-sprint 18 angry bulls over a quarter-mile course. More than 2,000 people have already signed up for the $60-$75 event, which is scheduled to take place in Elk River's Extreme Motor Park on June 21.

A bull run was planned in Canterbury Park last year, but was cancelled due to safety concerns after a bull got loose at the Dakota County Fair, the Star Tribune reports.

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Wanna go to Super Bowl 52? You'll have to buy Vikings suite season tickets

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The Minneapolis delegation celebrates moments after NFL Commissioner Goodell announced that Super Bowl 52 will be played in the new Vikings stadium.
Minnesota is super pumped about the NFL awarding Super Bowl 52 to Minneapolis, but fact is very few of us will be able to afford to go to the game.

That's because to merely have the possibility of getting a crack at tickets, you'll have to buy season tickets for a suite in the new stadium, a Vikings employee told us today.

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