Miss Minnesota to go to prom with Wisconsin high schooler who has Down syndrome

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Danielle Hooper (left) and Charlie Gainey (right).
Inspired by her 2-year-old cousin, the reigning Miss Minnesota, Danielle Hooper, will go to Menomonie High School's prom this weekend with Charlie Gainey, an 18-year-old junior who has Down syndrome.

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Hooper, 20, is a junior at UW-Stout. She learned from a coworker in the school's financial aid office that Gainey had been nominated for Menomonie High's prom court. The coworker, whose son is on a Special Olympics swim team with Gainey, asked Hooper if she'd be up for going to prom with him, and she "thought it would be such a great opportunity," Hooper told the Eau Claire Leader-Telegram.

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Amy Koch to appear at MinnRoast; will she be "gently skewered" about Brodkorb?

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minnroast amy koch.jpg
Is it possible to "gently skewer" someone about the role they played in destroying a political party?
Amy Koch is the latest celebrity booked to appear at MinnRoast, MinnPost's April 26 event at the Pantages Theatre where "journalists and politicians" are "gently skewered."

In a promotional post about the event, MinnPost notes that during Koch's 2011 appearance at MinnRoast, the "then-Senate Majority Leader Amy Koch danced with Sen. John Marty and brought down the house with a sharply worded, humorous monologue. Want to know what she's doing this year? Buy a ticket..."

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Two years after her dance with Marty, Koch is far removed from her days as majority leader. A sex scandal involving former Senate employee and fellow MNGOPer Michael Brodkorb cost Koch her job and marriage, and cost taxpayers about $200,000 in legal fees so far. So yes, we really are curious to find out if Koch, who is now out of politics and owns a bowling alley north of Buffalo, will be "gently skewered" about that hot mess. After all, what other material do roasters have to work with?

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Pro-gun group's plan to crash Breakfast with Gary Schiff event megafails

gary schiff rect.jpg
Crash or no crash, the mayoral candidate has no qualms with Carry Forum members attending his breakfast event.
Yesterday, the Twin Cities Gun Owners & Carry Forum launched an ingenious plan to crash Friday's Breakfast with Gary Schiff event.

Scheduled to be in attendance along with Schiff is Rep. Jim Davnie, D-Minneapolis. This legislative session, Davnie is sponsoring legislation that would "equalize penalties for offenders unlawfully possessing firearms on school properties and for possessing guns on private properties that prohibit guns," the Minnesota Daily reports.

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As you'd imagine, the Carry Forum is less than thrilled with that proposal. So they encouraged supporters to attend the breakfast event and asked them to try to catch Schiff and Davnie by surprise -- "DON'T let them know you're going to be there. Catch them off guard."

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What should replace Stillwater's Lumberjack Days?

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Lumberjack Days.
Lumberjack Days is no more. What will replace it?
Stillwater's Lumberjack Days festival is no more.

At its February meeting, the City Council voted to disband the annual celebration after an outcry of public disapproval and an ongoing investigation by local law enforcement. Sorry, Smash Mouth, you'll have to look for gigs elsewhere from now on.

Now, business owners are already proposing alternatives to the event. Though the mayor and City Council don't sound optimistic about a new festival just yet, they will eventually have to come up with something to spice up that 4th of July weekend.

With the lumberjack motif out the window, we came up with a few suggestions that we believe still capture the spirit of the area.

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Stillwater doesn't want another Lumberjack Days fiasco

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Lumberjack Days.
The new proposal would be a throwback to simpler times.
​It sounds like Stillwater is still recovering from a Lumberjack Days hangover.

At a City Council meeting Tuesday, local businessmen proposed an alternative to the now-defunct summer Lumberjack Days festival, which would be called "Stillwater River Days." But amid still-pending investigations into Lumberjack Days, the council isn't quite ready to start over yet.

According to the Pioneer Press, the mayor and councilmembers were hesitant to green-light Stillwater River Days for summer 2012. Though they didn't shut the door entirely, the prospect sounds bleak as of now.

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Fire destroys booths at Renaissance Fair

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Six fire crews fough the blaze.
On the eve of its closing weekend, a fire has burned several booths at the Minnesota Renaissance Fair in Shakopee.

The fire started around 6:15 a.m. this morning, a few hours before the fair was set to open. The fire was thought to have started in a chicken shack, which had burned up by the time firefighters arrived.

Six different firefighting crews were called to the scene, MPR reports. Firefighters were hampered by the fact that there are no fire hydrants in the area, and all water to douse the blaze had to be trucked in.

Fair officials still say the festivities will go on today, though the fair's opening might be delayed.

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Lake Harriet Kite Festival on for Saturday [PHOTOS]

lake harriet kite 200.jpg
Go fly a kite.
Reason No. 4,629 we love winter in Minneapolis? The Lake Harriet Kite Festival. It gets going tomorrow at noon and runs until 4 p.m., free, at the band shell on West Lake Harriet Parkway.

Yes, it will be cold. But that's the point. And please take care not to inadvertently back into an ice fishing hole while you crane your neck skyward.

Here are some photos from last year:

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Chanhassen Dinner Theatre hosts mass wedding

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angry wedding.jpg
"Wait, we're getting married WHERE?"
Something terrifyingly saccharine this way comes.

On Saturday morning, 50 couples from "Brainerd to Mankato and everywhere in between" will descend on the Chanhassen Dinner Theatre for a mass wedding called "The Big Whopping Wedding."

We get a big, whopping headache just thinking about it.

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Twin Cities Marathon registration opens today

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If you've been toying with the idea of running this year's Medtronic Twin Cities Marathon, your window of opportunity is officially starting to close. This year race officials bumped up online registration two months earlier than usual--it starts today. Organizers said the reason is to allow runners around the world more time to make travel plans and include the Twin Cities on their schedule.

The marathon will take place October 3, with 11,000 runners expected. The event usually reaches that cap within a month after registration opens. You can find out more information about the race here.

2009 British Television Advertising Awards: Walker preview in pics

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Darn those Brits, they always get the best of everything: sounding cool no matter how dull the conversation, casually swearing on network TV, claiming both the Rolling Stones and Noel Fielding (pause, please, for a quick swoon). The same is true when it comes to television commercials. We get Budweiser frogs and they get Muppets, life-size puzzles, pasty nudity that's somehow hilarious and 15-minute PSAs that entertain all the way through to the very end. You can see the best spots of the year this month through January 2nd at the Walker, The British Television Advertising Awards always a hot installment that cheekily point to a different kind of marketing strategy 'cross the pond. Twin Cities Anglophiles unite.

Drench spring water_Brains.jpg
Drench spring water, Brains
Directed by Ringan Ledwidge for CHI & Partners
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