Sid Hartman's still alive, but nonetheless, he's holding an estate sale this weekend [PHOTOS]

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Alex Conover
Always wanted to dress like Sid? Here's your big chance!
Sid Hartman is 93 years young and still going strong as a Star Tribune columnist, but he's taking the unusual step of holding a pre-death estate sale.

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The sale, organized by a company called Estate Sales Minnesota, is taking place in a commercial building at 6900 Oxford Street in St. Louis Park between 9 a.m. and 3 p.m. Saturday and Sunday, Twin Cities Business reports.

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Gophers bowl game tickets cost about as much as gas station donuts

The 8-4 Minnesota Gophers versus the 6-6 Syracuse Orange... in Houston! Feel the excitement!
Judging by ticket prices, tonight's Gophers vs. Syracuse Texas Bowl matchup will be a bit like the moon landing -- the only people watching it will be thousands of miles away.

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That's because tickets to the game are selling for less than 50 cents, or roughly the price of one of those crappy glazed donuts you snap up at your local gas station only to regret it immediately thereafter.

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Holidazzle parade is going way of the dinosaur after this year

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Metro Transit
The Holidazzle's downsized 22nd season will be its last, Minneapolis Downtown Council officials say.

The parades will be held only on Friday and Saturday nights this year -- down from four nights a week in recent seasons -- and next year, "there won't be a Holidazzle as it is today," Leah Wong, the Downtown Council's VP of events and marketing, told the Star Tribune.

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Super Bowl in Minneapolis? Zygi-land one of three finalists for 2018 game

Playoff football could be coming to Minneapolis!
If history is any indication, the Vikings probably won't be playing in it (sorry, cheap shot), but the 2018 Super Bowl might be coming to Minneapolis.

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Yesterday, the City of Lakes was named as one of three finalists to host the game, along with Indianapolis and New Orleans.

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Public access TV legends Viva and Jerry holding huge Lyn-Lake-area garage sale

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Viva and Jerry
We'll go out on a limb and say this is the one garage sale in Minneapolis you won't want to miss this decade.

From 9 a.m. to roughly 4 p.m. today and tomorrow, Minneapolis public access TV legends Viva and Jerry are holding a huge garage sale at 38th Street and Lyndale Avenue South.

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Bull breaks loose from rodeo event at Dakota County Fair, injures eight [PHOTOS] [VIDEO]

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The bull (top left) runs free through a parking lot just moments before it was finally lassoed.
Last night, there was a running of the bulls at the Dakota County Fair. But unfortunately, the event wasn't on the fair's calendar.

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Around 8:15 p.m., a bull broke loose from a rodeo event and made a mad dash through a parking lot and the main fairgrounds. Eight people ended up injured, including a woman who suffered a head wound (among other injuries) and was transferred by helicopter to HCMC.

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Twins unveil 2014 All-Star Game logo [IMAGE]

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This afternoon, the Twins unveiled the 2014 All-Star Game logo you're sure to see plastered all over town as the big day approaches.

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And the logo, in our judgment, is aight. Doesn't exactly grab and keep your attention, but on the other hand, as far as design goes, it's nowhere near as bad as the recently put-to-pasture Vikings jerseys.

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The 2013 State Fair poster is less trippy than last year's [IMAGE]

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Last year, we wrote that the official State Fair poster looked "like something out of a drug-induced nightmare." This time around, those responsible for choosing the fair's official artwork apparently laid off the shrooms.

COMPARE AND CONTRAST: The 2012 State Fair poster looks like something out of a drug-induced nightmare [IMAGE]

Created by Swede-turned Minnesotan Marie Olofsdotter, the 2013 poster is an example of "lyrical, magical realism."

The acrylic piece "captures agriculture as the heart of the State Fair as well as Minnesotans' rich relationship with the land," and is "inspired by State Fair posters from the late 1800s that often depicted women involved in agriculture," according to the State Fair's website.

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Miss Minnesota to go to prom with Wisconsin high schooler who has Down syndrome

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Danielle Hooper (left) and Charlie Gainey (right).
Inspired by her 2-year-old cousin, the reigning Miss Minnesota, Danielle Hooper, will go to Menomonie High School's prom this weekend with Charlie Gainey, an 18-year-old junior who has Down syndrome.

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Hooper, 20, is a junior at UW-Stout. She learned from a coworker in the school's financial aid office that Gainey had been nominated for Menomonie High's prom court. The coworker, whose son is on a Special Olympics swim team with Gainey, asked Hooper if she'd be up for going to prom with him, and she "thought it would be such a great opportunity," Hooper told the Eau Claire Leader-Telegram.

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Amy Koch to appear at MinnRoast; will she be "gently skewered" about Brodkorb?

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minnroast amy koch.jpg
Is it possible to "gently skewer" someone about the role they played in destroying a political party?
Amy Koch is the latest celebrity booked to appear at MinnRoast, MinnPost's April 26 event at the Pantages Theatre where "journalists and politicians" are "gently skewered."

In a promotional post about the event, MinnPost notes that during Koch's 2011 appearance at MinnRoast, the "then-Senate Majority Leader Amy Koch danced with Sen. John Marty and brought down the house with a sharply worded, humorous monologue. Want to know what she's doing this year? Buy a ticket..."

SEE ALSO: Gay community apologizes to Amy Koch for ruining her marriage

Two years after her dance with Marty, Koch is far removed from her days as majority leader. A sex scandal involving former Senate employee and fellow MNGOPer Michael Brodkorb cost Koch her job and marriage, and cost taxpayers about $200,000 in legal fees so far. So yes, we really are curious to find out if Koch, who is now out of politics and owns a bowling alley north of Buffalo, will be "gently skewered" about that hot mess. After all, what other material do roasters have to work with?

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