Jiggly Boy, America's Favorite Dancing Shirtless Fat Guy, Launches Merchandise Line

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David Sherman
Because America needs more Jiggly Boy

In February chubby, shirtless dancing sensation Jiggly Boy triumphantly returned to Target Center after more than a decade of retirement, captivating the nation and amusing Kevin Garnett in his first game back with the Timberwolves.

"I'm in the comedy business so I don't know many people who can name very many sequels that are actually funny," says Brave New Workshop owner John Sweeney, the man behind Jiggly Boy. "I thought if I could do it with my boys it might be fun. Or it might be the worst night of our lives."

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Miss Canada's Hockey Costume Is Eh-mazing

Robynlou Kavanagh
It's like if Cinna grew up in Canada...
Note to future Miss Minnesota winners: The bar for the costume competition has been set.

The Miss Universe pageant doesn't air until Sunday, but yesterday the internet blew up when pictures of Miss Canada's outrageous hockey costume hit social media.

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Minneapolis one of the most beard-friendly cities, study says

Nick Kozel for City Pages
Yours truly (center) with a couple of friends, basking in the beard-loving environs of Minneapolis.
Minneapolis is one of the most inviting cities in the county for beardos, according to a study put together by the Wahl Clipper Corporation.

The study, put together in partnership with the Opinion Research Corporation, relied on an "in-depth analysis of the online universe over the past two years for beard and mustache positivity. Conversations and searches surrounding facial hair were measured, and cities were ranked based on overall interest and positive sentiment."

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Metrodome roof converted into bags [IMAGES]

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Photos from Duluth Pack
Buy one of Duluth Pack's newest bags and you'll take a piece of the Dome home with you -- literally.
Sure, the Metrodome is ugly, but it has been the site of some of the most memorable moments in Minnesota sports history.

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With the stadium slated for demolition following the upcoming Vikings series, Duluth Pack is hoping you'll consider purchasing a piece of the Dome to take with you -- or maybe even out on the town, depending on your sense of fashion.

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Green Bay lawmaker wants to ban sagging

In explaining why his proposal isn't racially motivated, Boyce told Fox: "When you go on Google, and you see pictures of Justin Bieber, everybody likes to sport these things with their belt below their groin."
Green Bay alderman Dave Boyce wants to make it illegal for folks to sag their pants in the home city of the Packers.

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He says his proposal isn't racially motivated, but is instead aimed to curtail a fashion statement he and some of his constituents find "demeaning" and "offensive."

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Vikings' new jersey design leaked [IMAGE]

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Thumbnail image for vikings new colors.jpg
As expected, the Vikes' new look is quite similar to the team's pre-2006 look.
The Vikings planned to unveil their new jersey design during tomorrow night's NFL draft party at the Metrodome. Then the internet happened.

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All the teasing the Vikings did about their new on-field look is for naught after the full jersey design was accidentally leaked yesterday by a Jacksonville TV station that posted a slideshow of photos taken at Nike headquarters, a couple of which featured the Purple's new threads.

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Vikings unveil new jersey color scheme [IMAGE]

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vikes unis rect.jpeg
The Vikes are changing their jerseys, and the word on the street is the new design will be more McMahon (left) than Peterson -- minus the shorts, of course.
In December, we asked whether you thought the Vikings should change their uniforms. The vast majority of you agreed that they should, and apparently, the team listened.

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The Vikes are set to unveil their new look at a draft party on April 25, but in the meantime, they've been leaking tantalizing bits and pieces on the team's website.

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Vikings tweak logo to make Norseman look slightly more pissed off [IMAGE]

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vikings logo tweak.jpeg
The old logo is at left, tweaked version on the right. Without reading the post first, can you identify the five things that are different?
Forty-seven years after he debuted on the NFL scene, the Vikings' Norseman has gotten a haircut and is looking more pissed off than ever. We suppose it stands to reason he's looking a bit haggard in light of all the heartbreak he's endured.

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Rumor has it the logo tweak isn't the last aesthetic change in store for the team in the coming months -- as we told you about a couple months ago, word on the street is that the Vikes plan to unveil retro uniforms for the 2013 season.

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Vikings rumored to be changing uniforms; more than 60 percent in favor [POLL RESULTS]

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vikes unis rect.jpeg
Rumor has it the Vikes might be switching from their current threads (right) to something more classic, maybe like Jim McMahon's early-'90s look?
ESPN thinks the Vikings' current uniform design is one of the ugliest in all of professional sports, and we'd have to agree. How is the current random-stripes-everywhere too-busy look in any way an improvement over the classic threads the Purple donned through 2005?

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So while it's just a rumor, it was good to read this morning that the Vikings are planning to introduce a new "retro" and "awesome" look next season.

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Vikings have one of the ugliest uniforms in pro sports, according to ESPN

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vikes unis rect.jpg
Brock looked pretty good during his stint with the Vikes back in '04, but the Purple's threads haven't evolved for the better in recent years.
-- Twins' equipment staff mega-fails, misspells pitcher Jeff Manship's name on jersey
-- T-Wolves to wear Minnesota Muskie throwbacks [PHOTOS]

Did you know ESPN employs a uniform blogger? Well, now you do. His name is Paul Lukas, and this week he unveiled his ultimate project -- a ranked countdown of all 122 MLB, NFL, NBA, and NHL uniforms, worst to first.

Suffice it to say, we apparently don't have very strong sports fashion sense up here in the Land of 10,000 Lakes. Though the Wild ended up at a praise-worthy 32nd-most-fashionable, our other three teams uglied their way into the lower half of the list. The Wolves are the second-lowest ranked NBA team; the Vikes the fourth-lowest of any team in any sport.

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