Columbia Arena, Mighty Ducks Movie Site, Has an Undignified Last Chapter

Courtesy Robert Henry
Henry snuck into the old rink of movie fame to snap this photo of its sad state.

Robbinsdale photographer Robert Henry gravitates toward shots of the decrepit. Old homes with their abandoned artifacts and personal histories produce the biggest daggers to the heart.

Sometimes a hockey rink can produce pangs as well. Such was the case last Saturday.

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Josh Chitwood, filmmaker: "North MPLS is not a 'sketchy hood'"

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Screenshot from "Welcome to North," a short film by Josh Chitwood and Morgan Jensen
A short documentary film that will be featured in a local festival next month combats the stereotyping of North Minneapolis.

Josh Chitwood, one of the filmmakers involved, posted the film on Vimeo last week with the hope that "this piece communicates that north mpls is not a 'sketchy hood', but a neighborhood where families and myself live life together and have true community."

The film features a diverse ensemble of residents speaking over rich images of the area's brick-wall murals and parks and homes.

"You find what you're looking for," one old timer says, "and if you're looking for trouble you probably will find it. But if you're looking for goodness, and your mind is open to that, you're gonna find that."

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Phyllis Kahn and Dean Urdahl want Minnesota to invest in the movie business

Paul Battaglia
Rep. Phyllis Kahn advocates for Minnesota ownership in motion pictures, in front of AMMP co-founders Ralph Winter, Robert Schwartz, Denise Gardner, with Rep. Dean Urdahl at right.
In 1995, Hollywood shot nine feature films in Minnesota, spending $128 million on in-state production costs. By 2007, that number had dropped to a single film, and $7 million.

On Wednesday afternoon, Rep. Phyllis Kahn (DFL-Minneapolis) and Rep. Dean Urdahl (R-Action Township), announced their plans to try to bring some of the movie money back.

But they're not just interested in the windfall of production spending. They want Minnesota to invest in movies directly, and when the films do well, to get a cut of the profits.

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Mel Gibson bops around the Twin Cities, asks women to take their shirts off [PHOTOS]

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mel rect.jpg
Minnesota Zoo on Facebook
Sadly, we couldn't find shots of Mel at Legoland.
So, over the weekend Mel Gibson was in town. No, it wasn't a business trip -- according to the Star Tribune's always-fun C.J., he was just here for a little vaca with his daughter. Destinations included the Mall of America, Minnesota Zoo, Lake Minnetonka, Warehouse District, and Uptown, among others. C.J. says it was Mel's first time in flyover country the Land of 10,000 Lakes.

Star Tribune's C.J. writes column about Julie Nelson's boobs

Dave Chappelle smokes hookah, hangs out 'til 6 a.m. in Minnesota

But there's never a dull moment with Gibson. Consider the story of Vilay Dethluxay, who says she was at the Monte Carlo this weekend when she bumped into an apparently sadomasochistic Mel.

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Judi Dutcher's son star of best high school class president video ever [VIDEO]

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Ryan Hedblom could be the next Larry McCarthy.
After seeing his campaign video, how could any Minnetonka High School student not vote for Ryan Hedblom for president of the student body?

After all, if the Minnetonka student president race is anything like the campaigns that took place in my high school, then it's not like there are serious, polarizing issues of war and peace distinguishing one candidate from the next.

But win or lose, Hedblom is the star of an Austin Powers-themed campaign spot that's just... groovy.

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Black Iris Media wins Telly Award for Acme Comedy Co. mini-documentary [VIDEO]

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Telly Award.gif
Black Iris Media won a Telly Award for a video that accompanied a November City Pages feature.
What do you call a mini-documentary about Acme Comedy's 20th anniversary put together by Minneapolis-based Black Iris Media with a production assist from Patrick Strait?

A Telly Award winning film, that's what.

Yesterday, Black Iris was notified that the film "Acme Comedy Company: Celebrating 20 Years in Comedy" has won a Silver Telly Award in the documentary/news feature category. According to Black Iris director Ryan Brennan, only about 15 percent of videos submitted for the national competition end up taking home a Bronze Statuette.

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Diablo Cody's next project set in Minneapolis

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diablo-cody devil--500.jpg
​City Pages alum Diablo Cody has a new project in the works, and it's set in Minneapolis.

Minnesota Film and TV Board Director Lucinda Winter says she has seen a treatment for the film, called Young Adult, which is about a woman who stalks her high-school sweetheart. Cody is still writing the screenplay, but Mr. Mudd and Mandate Pictures, producers behind Cody's previous hit Juno, have already signed on.

Winter said she would hopes to lure the production to Minneapolis to shoot, and will make her case to the producers when she travels to Los Angeles in mid-April.

"We need to see what their budget will be, and what their time-frame is, so we can get a sense of what kind of incentives we'll be able to give them to bring them here," Winter said. "It's definitely early in the game. These are just initial discussions."

Coen brothers' "Lebowski" translated into Shakespeare's tongue

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shakespeare lebowski.jpg
Image via
We already know that St. Louis Park's Coen brothers are geniuses of the cinema. And we know that their follow-up to "Fargo," "The Big Lebowski," has attained cult status. So what's left? Shakespeare.

A guy named Adam Bertocci has taken the Lebowski screenplay and translated it into "Two Gentlemen of Lebowski," with words befitting The Bard. The characters include Geoffrey "The Knave" Lebowski, "two thugs" named Blanche and Woo, Sir Walter of Poland, Sir Donald of Greece, Sir Geoffrey of Lebowski and his wife, Bonnie.

From Act 1, Scene 1:

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Tim Allen visits St. Louis Park tonight

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Tim Allen.jpg
(Tim Allen in the cinematic masterpiece, Jungle 2 Jungle)

One of these things is not like the other: Phoenix, AZ, Atlanta, GA, Seattle, WA, Denver CO, Houston, TX, and St. Louis Park, MN. It might sound a little strange, but fans of the Home Improvement and The Santa Clause 3 should be happy regardless.

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Tim Allen

Diablo Cody talks backlash in Guardian interview

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Diablo Cody, the former stripper and City Pages editor who won an Academy Award for her Juno screenplay, is no stranger to the backlash that can accompany success. And she was happy to talk about the topic in an interview with London's Guardian newspaper ahead of the U.K. premiere of Jennifer's Body, the latest Megan Fox vehicle for  which she wrote the screenplay.

How strange can the backlash against her success be? This strange:

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