Afton Wastewater Plant Spells Doom for Environmental Treasure, Say Locals

LoveToTakePhotos via Pixabay
Valley Creek in Washington County is one of the state's last remaining trout streams near the metro area.

Valley Creek, considered by many to be Minnesota's most cherished trout stream, starts as a whisper in the outback of Washington County. The pristine, gurgling waters of the St. Croix River tributary, which is home to more than 20 threatened and endangered species, snakes for miles before spilling into the river north of Afton.

And it is here, within a fly rod cast of Valley Creek, that the city of Afton -- with the state of Minnesota's regulatory blessing -- thinks a wastewater treatment facility should be built.

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Ely Company Now Delivering Beer to Ice Houses

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Jamie Karagianis, via Creative Commons
As long as there's a fresh supply of cold beer and hot food, you might not have to leave the ice house until spring
Nothing will throw a wrench into an excellent afternoon out ice fishing like running out of beer, or having to make an unplanned food run. After a couple three, four, ten beers, the last thing you want to do is head back into town, especially if the crappies are biting.

If you live near Ely, Nicolas Jordan's new company, Ely Safe Ride, has you covered.

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Minnesota man catches monstrous record trout [PHOTO]

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National Fresh Water Fishing Hall of Fame 
Crane Lake resident Rob Scott recently caught the above lake trout on Lac La Croix, a lake straddling the border between Minnesota and Ontario.

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Scott told the Duluth News Tribune that the fish, caught on the Canadian side, unofficially weighed in at 52 pounds, three ounces. That'd easily be a world record, according to Emmett Brown, executive director of the National Fresh Water Fishing Hall of Fame in Hayward, Wisconsin.

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Gigantic, extremely rare albino muskie caught on Twin Cities lake [PHOTO]

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Courtesy of Joe Mikalojczyk via the Star Tribune
The big monster might look dead, but it isn't -- it's an albino.
Early Monday morning, 23-year-old Coon Rapids resident Joe Mikalojczyk caught a fish that's so rare, some folks who study fish for a living haven't even heard of it.

FROM EARLIER THIS MONTH: 42-inch muskie caught on Lake Nokomis [PHOTO]

And as if catching an albino muskie isn't cool enough, as an added bonus, the thing was huge, clocking in at a monstrous 46 inches long.

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42-inch muskie caught on Lake Nokomis [PHOTO]

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Courtesy of Craig Quam via KSTP
Craig Quam and the big monster he pulled out of Minneapolis's Lake Nokomis.
Last Tuesday evening, Minneapolis resident Craig Quam caught what has to be one of, if not the largest, fish swimming in Lake Nokomis.

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Using a shiner minnow and a small pole, Quam, 47, reeled in a 42-inch, roughly 30-pound muskie.

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72-year-old Alfred Mead sentenced to jail time for cheating during fishing competition

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Mead tried to win a Park Rapids fishing competition with the help of fish he caught on another lake.
Alfred "Tom" Mead will be spending a week of his twilight years behind bars after he was sentenced to a week in jail for cheating during the Park Rapids American Legion Community Fishing Derby last February.

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Mead, 72, was busted trying to sneak two live northern pike he'd caught on another lake onto Fish Hook Lake during the competition. He falsely claimed he caught the two during the derby in hopes of winning the grand prize, which was a $10,000 Ice Castle fish house.

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Angler invited officers to his house before getting busted with nearly 250 illegal fish

courtesy Department of Natural Resources
The nearly 250 fish hauled out of Ronald Wayne Johnson's home
Ronald Wayne Johnson was recently pulling his fishing hut off a lake in Otter Tail County, about an hour from Fergus Falls, when a conservation officer stopped to say hey and see how the catching was.

Johnson had gotten a few fish, he said, though not many. The officer, Shane Osborne, asked if Johnson had more fish at home. The angler replied that he wasn't sure, but that if Osborne thought he might have too many, he was welcome to follow him back and check for himself.

Seems like a less-than-bright invitation from a man who, Osborne found, harbored a catch cache nearly 250 fish over the legal limit.

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Otsego resident Chien Van Tran busted with more than 400 sunfish above legal limit

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Otsego fish.jpeg
A look at a portion of Tran's ridiculous panfish stash.
If society crumbles and our food-supply system breaks down, head to Otsego and look up Chien Van Tran.

Armed with a fishing rod, Tran should be able to feed you -- if he isn't in the slammer, that is. Because after being caught with nearly 400 sunfish above the state's legal limit, he now faces up to a year in jail.

Tran, 39, was busted by a DNR conservation officer while leaving Pelican Lake on April 4. The officer witnessed Tran loading a bag of fish into a locked compartment of his boat, then approached him to ask if he had any fish onboard. Tran showed the officer a cooler with about a dozen fish in it, but the officer knew Tran was hiding some of his catch.
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Jeff Kolodzinski tries to break his own record for most fish caught in 24 hours

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kolodzinski fishing.jpg
Jeff Kolodzinski holds the record-breaking fish from last year.
Jeff Kolodzinski, the former Twin Cities resident who set the Guinness World Record for most fish caught in a 24-hour period last year, is trying to break his own mark today. 

Last year on July 30, Kolodzinski sat on the dock at Maynard's Restaurant on Lake Minnetonka and stayed there until he'd caught 2,143 fish -- or maybe the same stupid fish 2,143 times -- to set a new world record for speed and stamina. At that rate, Kolodzinski was catching one and a half fish per minute, all day and all night.

Banking on the fact that the fish in Lake Minnetonka haven't learned a thing since that day,  Kolodzinski has come back. Starting at 11 a.m., Kolodzinski, who now lives in Milwaukee, will be casting from the same spot to try and break his own record during Fishing for Life's Fish-A-Thon, a charity event that should probably renamed Jeff Kolodzinski Catches A Ton of Fish.

Kolodzinski told the Pioneer Press the trick is his simple rod and reel, which allow him to bait, catch, and release the fish rapidly.

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