Richard Davis-El Sues Hunan Garden for Getting Thrown Out for Wearing Shades

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Is being booted from a Chinese buffet worth $50,000?

The wood-paneled walls and red draperies decorating Hunan Garden on Cedar Street in downtown St. Paul elicit a chilled vibe, just the kind of place to enjoy a vat of wonton soup during a springtime lunch hour.

But in a lawsuit filed in Ramsey County District Court, Richard Davis-El says he wasn't feeling the feng shui when he tried to indulge at the Chinese restaurant renowned for its sumptuous buffet.

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Bird Flu Sweeps Through Minnesota, More Than 340,000 Turkeys Killed

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Seven farms infected so far

A nasty case of the bird flu keeps spreading through Minnesota's turkey farms.

When a farm is infected, every single turkey has to be put down, and the whole farm is cleaned out and disinfected. Yesterday the state announced the sixth and seventh cases where that will have to happen.

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Obama Exposed as Walleye Hater in New Book

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Steven Cohen
Obama at the Lake Harriet Bandshell last summer
First there was the grape salad debacle, now this: President Obama's former personal assistant Reggie Love just wrote a memoir, in which he details Obama's hatred of our state fish.

From a review in the Chicago Tribune:

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Plastic in Japanese Chicken McNuggets Puts Cargill Factory in Crisis Mode

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Calgary Reviews via Flickr
Cargill pulled nearly 1 million McNuggets
Cargill is scrambling to figure out how plastic got into at least two different Chicken McNuggets made at one of its factories in Thailand.

The behemoth Minneapolis-based food producer pulled nearly a million nuggets from its supply line after the first incident was reported in a Japanese McDonald's on Saturday, but then another plastic piece was found in a Japanese McNugget on Monday, according to CNN.

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Bakery Forced to Close When Owner Christina Hanson Develops Gluten Allergy

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Timeless Traditions Facebook
Christina Hanson says her gluten allergy made it too difficult to continue baking

In a sad twist of fate, a bakery owner in Willmar developed a gluten allergy this summer that caused asthma attacks bad enough to force her to shut down her business.

Christina Hanson, who owns Timeless Traditions Cakes and Confections with her husband Travis, says her new gluten intolerance made it too difficult to work with regular flour, and she doesn't have the necessary expertise working with gluten-free products to switch over.

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Food Desert Co-op 7 Years in the Making, Organizers Say No Rush

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Wikimedia Commons

North Minneapolis may be a bona fide food desert, but the folks behind Wirth Cooperative Grocery won't bend to pressure to launch anytime soon.

It's not as if Wirth's organizers don't know the day-to-day struggle of putting fresh meat and produce on the table -- busing to grocery stores in other neighborhoods and piecing together a diet from various food assistance programs in the area.

They just want it to be perfect, which is why the much-anticipated North Side co-op has been seven years in the making now. Some say organizers need to get a serious move on, but maybe a touch of paranoia is not unreasonable for a project as high-risk as creating a community-owned businesses in a traditionally low-income part of town, where even the term co-op leaves a bad taste in people's mouths.

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City Stalls Development on Grocery Store Meant for North Side Food Desert

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Image courtesy of Glenn Ford
An artist's rendering of Praxis Marketplace.

It took about two years, but local developer Glenn Ford has finally found investors willing to fund a much-needed grocery store on the empty lot at Penn and Plymouth. Now he needs just a little more time to draft the contracts needed to secure the cash, but the members of the Minneapolis City Council decided they've waited long enough to see shovels hit dirt.

Instead, pissed council members are pulling the plug on Praxis Marketplace. They say they won't extend Ford's rights to build, scolding him for lagging behind schedule throughout the entire development process even though he's just now gathered the funds to complete it.

"This project would have been great for the North Side," said council member Blong Yang. "The developer, Glenn Ford, came in and made all these promises, but it took forever for him to get to a point where he was going to build something. We're nowhere close to getting it done."

Surprise surprise, seeking investors for North Side projects takes time.

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Blue Plate backtracks, will no longer dip into servers' tips

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Citing feedback from guests and the community, Blue Plate Restaurant Company has announced it will no longer dip into servers' tips, a practice it began when Minnesota's first minimum wage increase in nearly a decade went into effect August 1.

A press release announcing the move also announces that as of September 1, Blue Plate will pay all non-tipped employees a "living wage" of $9.69, which is about 20 percent above what the state's minimum wage law requires.

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Blue Plate responds to minimum wage increase by dipping into servers' tips

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:::: UPDATE :::: Blue Plate backtracks, will no longer dip into servers' tips

On August 1, Blue Plate Restaurant Company notified employees at each of its eight locations (including the Freehouse, the Lowry, and Longfellow Grill) that as per Minnesota's incremental minimum wage increase, wages would indeed be raised by $0.75 per hour.

The good news didn't last. After telling employees that they "want [the raise] to be visible in the warm welcome and bright smile you bring to our guests," Blue Plate explained that due to increased expenses resulting from the raise, the company will take 2 percent of all tips paid with a credit card in addition to taxes servers already pay, reports the Star Tribune.

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Seward Co-op dumps some products made by anti-birth control Eden Foods, cites poor sales

Co-ops and groceries might not be boycotting Eden, but at Seward, a critical mass of customers are.
As local co-ops and groceries take heat for not dumping products made by Eden Foods, a Catholic-owned company under fire for refusing to provide birth control to its employees on the heels of the U.S. Supreme Court's Hobby Lobby ruling, the response from places like Mississippi Market and the Seward Co-op has been largely the same -- they won't boycott, but urge customers to vote with their dollars.

Some are apparently doing just that at the Seward Co-op, and in response, management announced earlier this week that they've already stopped selling some Eden products.

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