Michele Bachmann links gay agenda, pedophilia [AUDIO]

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Bachmann, on the "gay community": "Their ultimate goal is to not allow for diversity of opinion on this issue."
We already know Michele Bachmann isn't a big fan of gay people. It's also not a surprise to hear her say outrageous right-wing things on the radio. But during an appearance on the conservative Faith & Liberty show last week, Bachmann proved she still has the capacity to open her mouth and stun us.

Bachmann argued that marriage equality represents society's first step down a slippery slope that will end up with adults being "able to freely prey on little children sexually."

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Vikings, Chris Kluwe beef goes nuclear after investigators side with team

KSTP screengrab
Kluwe claims the report released by the Vikings is a coverup.
On Friday, the Vikings released a summary of the six-month internal investigation Robins, Kaplan, Miller & Ciresi L.L.P. conducted into former team punter Chris Kluwe's claim that his outspoken advocacy for marriage equality prompted his release from the team following the 2012 season.

The investigators found that while special teams coach Mike Priefer in all likelihood did make the most explosive of the anti-gay statements Kluwe accused him of -- namely, "We should round up all the gays, send them to an island, and then nuke it until it glows" -- the reprehensible comment was not reflective of a hostile, homophobic work environment.

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Republican House candidate Bob Frey shares bizarre, discredited view about gay sex

Bob Frey (left) with the MNGOP-endorsed candidate for governor, Jeff Johnson.
:::: UPDATE :::: We got in touch with Matt Gieseke, the endorsed DFLer running against Frey and Nash, to get his response to Frey's comments. Click to page two to read it.

Last year, video of pastor Mike Frey's cringe-worthy soliloquy at the Capitol about the dangers of "ejaculation inside of a colon" left us unsure whether to laugh, cry, or move into the woods and stop paying attention to politics altogether.

Like son, like father, apparently. Even after Mike embarrassed himself by espousing an anti-gay theory that has no scientific basis, his father, Bob, articulated basically the same view during a recent interview with MinnPost.

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Obama following Minnesota and other states in barring GLBT discrimination in workplace

Categories: GLBT
minnesota sign.jpg
Monroe Family Blog
President Obama announced Monday that he plans to draft new rules barring federal contractors from discriminating on the basis of sexual orientation or gender identity -- a standard of employment that has been on the Minnesota books for 21 years.

Back in 1993, our state legislature added sexual orientation to its list of protections in the Human Rights Act, a move that has been interpreted broadly to include gender identity.

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Minneapolis, St. Paul both among most LGBT-friendly cities, study says

Categories: GLBT, Lists
Image by Tatiana Craine
After being outside the top 10 last year, Minneapolis and St. Paul both crack NerdWallet's 2014 list of America's most LGBT-friendly cities.

Asked to explain why Minnesota's two largest cities rose up the ranks, study author Sreekar Jasthi tells us it had to do, in part, with a marriage equality law being signed into law by Gov. Mark Dayton last year.

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Mpls attorney Josh Newville leading fight for marriage equality in South Dakota

Categories: GLBT, Law
Newville: "We feel the time is right, and this is important, so we filed."
Just two years removed from graduating from the University of Minnesota law school, Josh Newville is making international headlines.

Yesterday, Newville filed suit in Sioux Falls district court on behalf of six same-sex couples challenging a South Dakota constitutional amendment banning gay marriage approved by voters in 2006. It argues the ban violates the couples' constitutional rights to equal protection, due process, and right to travel.

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Michael Sam vows to make Vikings pay for passing on him

Categories: GLBT, Vikings
Sam (left) kisses his boyfriend after being drafted Saturday.
In the wake of the Mike Priefer-Chris Kluwe controversy that erupted early this year, it would've been fitting for the Minnesota Vikings to select Michael Sam in the draft and thereby become the first NFL team to employ an openly gay player.

But the Vikings passed on him 10 times. In fact, Sam -- subject of this week's cover feature, "America's last closet: Professional sports" -- almost fell out of the draft entirely before being selected as the 249th pick (out of 255) by the St. Louis Rams.

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Poll: Minnesotans remain split on same-sex marriage one year later

B FRESH Photography
It's been eight months since Margaret Miles and Cathy ten Broeke said, "I do," becoming the first same-sex married couple in Minnesota. The moment marked a victory for equality and human dignity -- but above all, love.

Not everyone saw it that way at the time, and they still don't today. On Monday, KSTP-TV released polling conducted by SurveyUSA that shows Minnesotans remain split on the law, about one year after Gov. Mark Dayton signed it. Of those surveyed, 47 percent approved, 45 percent disapproved, and 7 percent were apparently plagued by indecision.

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CeCe McDonald to speak at the Capitol alongside battered women's groups

Categories: Crime, GLBT
CeCe Mcdonald will speak in St. Paul Wednesday
CeCe McDonald, the cause célèbre of the transgender movement, is scheduled to speak Wednesday at a noon rally in the State Capitol rotunda.

Earlier this year, McDonald walked out of an all-male correctional facility in St. Cloud, where, despite the concerns of her attorneys, she served 19 months of a 41-month sentence. In 2012, McDonald pleaded guilty to second-degree manslaughter after fatally stabbing Dean Schmitz in a street fight.

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Brutal beating of gay man near eagleBOLTbar raises concern about possible hate crime

Categories: Crime, GLBT
Jeremy photo via gofundme.com
Early Sunday morning, a 30-year-old man named Jeremy wound up in the hospital with severe facial injuries that were apparently the result of an assault in downtown Minneapolis.

SEE ALSO: Star Tribune reporter Paul Walsh stands by controversial CeCe McDonald story

Jeremy -- we're not disclosing his last to honor a request made by his friends -- had left the eagleBOLTbar, a Washington Avenue establishment that bills itself as "the premier Masculine Men's GLBT bar" in the Twin Cities, and was walking from there to a bus stop on Portland Avenue when he was attacked. (A friend told us Jeremy was found in the vicinity of the Star Tribune building.)

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