North Dakota Rep. Randy Boehning Outed as Gay After Voting Against Gay Rights

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"How can you discriminate against the person you're trying to pick up?"

Republican North Dakota state Rep. Randy Boehning voted against a measure that would've outlawed discrimination based on sexual orientation three times in the past six years.

Dustin Smith is a gay 21-year-old who has received unsolicited dick pics from Boehning, 52, on the gay dating app Grindr. Smith couldn't take Boehning's hypocrisy after the last vote against gay rights earlier this month, so he went to the press.

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Are the Twin Cities Not That Gay?

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Wade Rubrecht

In 2012, national polling firm Gallup starting asking people if they identify as GLBT as part of its daily tracking polls. Yesterday it released the results of what one researcher called the "single largest data collection effort ever that includes a measure of sexual orientation and gender identity."

The Minneapolis-St. Paul region ranked 38th out of America's 50 largest metro areas, with 3.6 percent of residents identifying as GLBT. That puts our GLBT population in between Cleveland's and Oklahoma City's. Really?

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Dayton Slams "Despicable" Anti-Transgender Bigots in Awesome Rant

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"The idea that Clay Matthews is going to change gender status to go trample young girls on a basketball course is ludicrous"

Governor Dayton called out anti-transgender protesters for their "hate-mongering" at the end of a press conference about Minnesota's budget surplus yesterday.

After talking about the budget surplus for roughly 15 minutes, Dayton asked if there were any other questions. A reporter asked about the Minnesota State High School League's decision yesterday to allow students who were born male but identify as female to participate in female sports.

Dayton responded with a strongly worded two-minute speech. Some excerpts:

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Newspapers Across MN Run Another Anti-Transgender Ad

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Ben Johnson
A version of this ad ran in major newspapers across the state yesterday

Well-funded opponents of the Minnesota State High School League's new proposed transgender policy continue to run scaremongering ads in newspapers that are more than happy to take their money.

Newspaper readers across the state found a full-page color advertisement in the Sunday paper warning the new policy could result in stolen scholarships for parents' 14-year-old daughters. The new wave of ads comes a week before the MSHSL is scheduled to vote on the policy and two months since the Child Protection League Action ran its last controversial full-page ad in the Star Tribune.

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Wayne Odegard Sentenced to Six Months in Jail for Shooting Gay Bar Patrons With BB Gun

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Two men kissing made Wayne Odegard angry enough to shoot at them with a BB gun

Yesterday Wayne Odegard was sentenced to six months in jail and five years probation for firing a BB gun at two men outside of the Saloon in downtown Minneapolis this summer.

According to the charges, Odegard was furious after he saw two men kissing on the sidewalk outside of the Saloon a little after 11 p.m. on September 25. He called the two men "fucking faggots," whipped out a BB gun, and fired several shots at the couple, hitting one man in the leg.

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Program for Mpls National Coming Out Day Luncheon Features Unfortunate Typo [PHOTO]

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Did you know tomorrow is National Coming Out Day?

Well, it is. And in commemoration, Quorum held its 21st annual National Coming Out Day Luncheon earlier today, featuring Minneapolis Mayor Betsy Hodges and WCCO meteorologist Matt Brickman.

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SCOTUS Ushers In Marriage Equality in Wisconsin

Marriage equality became the law of the Land of 10,000 Lakes last year as a result of a bill passed by the DFL-controlled legislature and signed into law by Gov. Mark Dayton.

In the Land of Cheese and Beer, on the other hand, it came from the U.S. Supreme Court's chambers in Washington, D.C., where earlier this week justices decided not to consider any of a number of cases challenging lower court decisions that struck down bans on same-sex marriage in individual states, including Wisconsin.

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MNGOP Candidate Jeff Backer Clarifies Strange Anti-Gay Marriage Argument

Jeff Backer photo via Google Plus
A DFL source alerted us to the "Issues" page on the website of Jeff Backer, an MNGOP candidate for a House seat in a far western district currently represented by DFLer Jay McNamar.

Under the heading of "Traditional Marriage," Backer makes a strange case that rape and bigamy are illegal because they violate the "sanctity of marriage." But Backer says reading his argument in that way is a misinterpretation.

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Media Ethics Prof on Star Tribune's Anti-Trans Ad: "Readers Deserve An Explanation"

This ad was paid for by the Minnesota Child Protection League, "A group of veteran religious right and tea party activists."
The Star Tribune created quite a stir by running a full-page anti-transgender ad in Sunday's paper, but when we sought an explanation from Steve Yaeger, Strib VP of marketing and public relations, he wasn't interested in talking about it.

"If you were doing a story on how media of all kinds (broadcast, print, digital) handle campaign and advocacy advertising, I'd consider how we could contribute to the conversation," he wrote in an email. "But I don't think that's what you're doing."

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Minnesota State High School League Delays Vote on Transgender Athlete Policy

Jana Shortal on Twitter

Yesterday morning, the Minnesota State High School League was on the brink of history, ready to vote on the first rules for transgender athletes in the state's history. It's a policy that, as we explained yesterday, shouldn't be controversial. But it's still historic.

And yet the MSSHL decided to keep teasing out the decision. In its meeting yesterday, the group voted to table their vote on the proposal until December so they could learn a little more in the interim. Despite hearing the stories from transgender students and activists over the course of a few days, the board said it needed time to "get this right."

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