Pro-Gun Legislators Blast Lobbying Group Minnesota Gun Rights as "Iowa Schemers"

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Screenshot/Minnesota Gun Rights
Pro-gun legislators are calling out the group, led by former Iowa political operative Chris Dorr (pictured above), for being out-of-state fraudsters

Some of Minnesota's most pro-gun legislators are furious with Minnesota Gun Rights, a lobbying group known for sending fear-mongering letters and emails to its supporters to raise money.

A group of 11 Republican and five Democrat members of the state House recently penned a scathing open letter calling MGR "pretenders," "fraudsters" and claiming the group is based in Iowa and doesn't have any real interest in Minnesota politics.

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Did a St. Paul Man Have the Right to Chase Down and Shoot Purported Robbers?

Screenshot of Boondock Saints via Flickr
Mysterious case of vigilante justice in St. Paul raises a lot of questions

On March 30 around 5:30 p.m., a man says two men pulled out guns near the corner of Como and Pennsylvania Avenues in St. Paul's North End and tried to rob him.

The man, who St. Paul police say had a permit to carry a gun, thwarted the robbery and exchanged gunfire with the would-be robbers. When the bad guys bolted, the victim got in his car, chased them for more than a mile, then shot one of them in the foot during a second gun fight.

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St. Paul Man Pulls Gun and Chases Would-Be Robbers, Shooting One in the Foot

Public domain/Pixabay
Not so fast...

Last night around 5:30 p.m. two armed robbers approached a man near the Hmongtown Marketplace at Como and Pennsylvania Avenues in St. Paul's North End.

According to the Pioneer Press, the man turned out not to be an easy target.

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Rival St. Paul Gangs Hit Squad and HAM Crazy Hold Taunting War Via Rap Videos

Ramsey County
Police say Michael Trevino (L) and Johns Epps (R, dreadlocks) are members of the Hit Squad gang, and Michael Garcia (back) is a member of the Latin Kings. The person holding the gun and two with their faces blocked out are minors.

According to charges filed in Ramsey County on March 27, a person living on the 200 block of Congress Street East in St. Paul saw a group of guys flashing gang signs and waving pistols a little before 7:00 p.m. on March 25. The commotion worried the resident, so she called the cops.

Police rolled up to find the location where West Side gang Hit Squad had been filming rap videos taunting their East Side rivals, known as HAM Crazy. St. Paul police say the two gangs have been feuding through videos posted on YouTube and Facebook.

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GOP Rep. Tony Cornish Wore His Finest Camouflage Blazer to Today's Gun Hearings

Screenshot of The Uptake's Livestream
Lookin' good big hoss!

Right now the state House is conducting a hearing on a bill (HF 1434) that would lift Minnesota's ban on gun silencers.

Tony Cornish (R-Vernon Center) chairs the Public Safety and Crime Prevention committee hosting the hearing, and he came dressed for the occasion with a camouflage blazer and handcuff/assault rifle lapel pin combo.

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Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker Thinks Handgun Background Checks are Overrated

Wisconsin is going to be looking sweet come springtime.

Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker certainly has his own ideas about liberty looks like.

His latest version of freedom has to do with his state's pesky 40-year-old law that requires a two-day waiting period for handgun purchases. Walker wants to kill it.

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Rep. Tony Cornish Says Mall of America Would Be Safer If Shoppers Were Packing Heat

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Lucio Eastman via Wikipedia Commons
The state rep said the mall's no-guns policy "creates a kill zone of unarmed sheep for terrorists."

In response to the Mall of America being named in a video by terrorist group al-Shabaab over the weekend, the mall's PR team invited in a horde of local and national media to showcase its extensive security system yesterday.

Rep. Tony Cornish (R-Vernon Center) has different ideas on how to keep the mall safe. He pulled his cowboy hat on and sat down with WCCO to rail against the mall's no-guns policy.

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Bullet Lodged in Shopping Cart Wheel Goes Off in Winona Walmart

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Jingly Jon via Flickr
So this is possible, apparently?
A shopper in the grocery section of the Winona Walmart was struggling with the back wheel of their shopping cart on a Saturday morning a few weeks back.

Like any lazy shopper, this person continued to press and push on the cart to try to force free whatever was locking up the wheel. Suddenly, there was a loud pop! and several employees and shoppers rushed over to see what the heck just happened.

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Gun Owners Planning Big Rally at the Capitol Today

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Fibonacci Blue via Flickr
Sane, reasonable Second Amendment supporters rally in St. Cloud in 2013
Today at noon gun lovers from across the state are gathering on the steps of the Capitol to rally for increased Second Amendment rights.

It's part of Minnesota Gun Owners Lobby Day (#MNGOLD). So if you're around the Capitol this afternoon and see a bunch of people wearing maroon t-shirts, that's what's going on.

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North Dakota Considers Giving Guns to Teachers

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Photo by Seattle Municipal Archives

North Dakota's Rep. Dwight Kiefert (R-Valley City) has a simple solution to the chilling, often unpredictable threat of school shootings: give guns to teachers and let them prowl the halls like vigilantes in sweater vests.

The teachers themselves aren't so convinced that HB 1195, which proposes letting schools train anyone with a concealed carry permit to use deadly force in the classroom, wouldn't rub students the completely wrong way.

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