Keith Ellison criticizes Obama for compromising on Obamacare, decries partisanship

Ellison: Obama should've "just put his body and soul" into fixing the ObamaCare website instead of tweaking the law itself.
Keith Ellison isn't happy about President Obama's announcement of an administrative change to the Affordable Care Act "aimed at allowing those whose insurance is being canceled over the law to keep those plans for another year," to use CNN's words.

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In an interview with the Hill, Ellison says, "Honestly, I think [the announced change] undermines the program... I think [Obama] should do everything humanly imaginable to get [the balky Obamacare website] fixed as fast as possible and press on."

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Michele says that despite Marcus's "significant health issues," Bachmanns don't have insurance

Michele Bachmann rect new.jpg
Of course, it's Obama's fault.
In September, President Obama mocked Michele Bachmann's worry that the Affordable Care Act "literally kills women, kills children, [and] kills senior citizens." But if Bachmann can be believed, the law, combined with her stubbornness about using the balky website, might endanger the health of her colorful husband, Marcus.

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During an appearance on Wolf Blitzer's CNN show yesterday, Michele said Obamacare resulted in the couple losing their health insurance. She added that they're still living without coverage even though Marcus has "significant health issues."

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Minnetonka company doesn't offer health care because Catholic owner opposes contraception

Categories: Health Care
Birth control pills rect.jpg
What would Jesus do? One small business owner believes he wouldn't offer his employees birth control. 
Minnetonka-based Annex Medical doesn't offer its 16 employees health care, despite the fact that owner Stuart Lind wants to. The reason? Lind's brand of Catholicism means he's morally opposed to contraception, so he'd rather not offer his employees any insurance at all than cover it.

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But if a court ruling goes his way, the path will be cleared for Lind to offer his employees health insurance soon. Yesterday, an attorney representing Lind argued in federal appeals court in St. Paul that Annex Medical should be except from the Affordable Care Act's contraception mandate.

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Rick Nolan calls on Obama to "man up" and fire somebody over Obamacare website debacle

We can say this about Nolan -- he isn't shy about calling out Obama administration officials, including the president himself.
Last month, Rick Nolan went toe to toe with John Kerry over Syria policy. Now, Minnesota's Democratic 8th congressional district representative is putting the president on blast.

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This week, Nolan, speaking about the Obamacare website debacle, called on President Obama to "man up, find out who was responsible, and fire them," according to an AP report. He used the same "man up" phrase during an interview with WCCO, adding that "I feel that the people responsible for this did a terrible disservice to the Affordable Care Act and to the president by allowing this thing to go forward when they knew it wasn't ready."

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MNsure irons out many launch kinks, logs 5,000 accounts in first week

Categories: Health Care
MNsure's launch was as clumsy as the klutzy Paul Bunyan in its ads.
When MNsure -- the state health insurance marketplace that's Minnesota's take on Obamacare -- went live last Tuesday, it was messy. About half of all users trying to create an account couldn't get past the glitchy identity check step, and many others had to deal with long delays.

But a week later, MNsure has ironed out many of those kinks.

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MNGOP Secretary Chris Fields compares Obamacare to Jim Crow laws [UPDATE]

Categories: Health Care, MNGOP
Thumbnail image for Fields_mpls.jpg
More than three years after it became law, Fields, like many of his fellow Republicans, is still hung up on Obamacare.
-- Update at bottom --

Yesterday, Michele Bachmann compared Obamacare to crack cocaine. Today, our old friend Chris Fields might've done her one better.

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Fields, who lost a congressional race against Keith Ellison last year and now serves as MNGOP secretary, has been going off on Twitter about how "#JimCrow is back" with the rollout of Obamacare's health insurance marketplaces for the uninsured.

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Michele Bachmann compares subsidized health care to crack cocaine

She also recently said dying from Obamacare is "the greatest fear that Americans have," so, as always, we'd take her words with a grain of blow.
Michele Bachmann isn't upset the federal government has shut down over Congress' never-ending Obamacare squabble, because, in her view, the situation is akin to a drug dealer running dry, preventing a junkie from getting their next fix.

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Asked during an interview yesterday why she thinks Senate Democrats have thus far refused to negotiate with Obamacare-hating House Republicans, Bachmann said, "I think the reason is because President Obama can't wait to get Americans addicted to the crack cocaine of dependency on more government health care."

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Nearly 70 percent of Americans are on prescription drugs, Mayo study finds

Categories: Drugs, Health Care
A new study by Mayo Clinic researchers finds that nearly seven in 10 residents of southeastern Minnesota are on prescription drugs, and researchers believe that proportion is comparable to the nation as a whole.

FROM MAY: Cocaine, antidepressants found in roughly one-third of Minnesota lakes, study finds

Seventeen percent of people in the study take antibiotics, 13 percent antidepressants, 13 percent opioids, 11 percent blood pressure drugs, and 11 percent vaccines. More than half  take two or more prescriptions.

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Matt Birk refused White House trip because President Obama is pro-choice

matt birk.jpg
Birk is Catholic and believes abortion is tantamount to "ending lives."
Yesterday, the Super Bowl champion Baltimore Ravens took the standard trip to the White House to meet, greet, and pose for a photo with President Obama.

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But the starting center on that team -- St. Paul native and longtime Viking Matt Birk, who announced his retirement after the season -- refused to attend. The reason? A comment Obama made in support of Planned Parenthood during an April speech.

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Mishandled Regions stillborn had 14-year-old mother and 32-year-old father

Categories: Crime, Health Care
regions hospital rect 2.jpg
Charges have been filed in connection with last week's incident, though they have nothing to do with the mishandled stillborn.
Jose Armando Recinos-Ramirez faces a statutory rape charge after prosecutors determined he impregnated a 14-year-old girl who later gave birth to the stillborn that was mishandled by Regions Hospital and sent to a Red Wing laundromat.

THE BACKSTORY: Baby boy's dead body found in Regions Hospital's dirty linens

According to a criminal complaint, Recinos-Ramirez and the girl met at the Mall of America last summer. He told her he was 17, and she told him she was 18, though he acknowledged soon becoming suspicious about the girl's true age.

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