Convicted Cop Killer Brian Fitch: "I'm Going to Die and Go to Heaven Anyway"

Ramsey County
"I'm going to heaven"
Yesterday Brian Fitch was sentenced to life in prison without parole after being convicted of shooting and killing Mendota Heights police officer Scott Patrick in July.

Fitch swore at the judge when the verdict came down Monday night and didn't back off at all yesterday, delivering a rambling speech proclaiming his innocence before heading to prison for the rest of his life.

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Augie's Murder Charges: Feud Ended with Jasmine Jones Shooting Lakisha Neal

Jasmine Jones
Late this morning, 29-year-old Jasmine Jones was charged with second-degree murder for allegedly gunning down 32-year-old Lakisha Neal inside Augie's strip club in downtown Minneapolis around 1 a.m. Saturday morning.

A witness who knows Jones told authorities that Jones and Neal had been feuding for some time. But the criminal complaint says things escalated murderously at Augie's after Jones approached Neal, a single mother of a teenage daughter, and called her a "bitch."

Saturday Morning Was a Very Violent Time Along Hennepin Ave. in Downtown Minneapolis

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New Ty Hoffman Charges Say He Embezzled from Lush, Laundered Cash at Mystic Lake

Phillips (left); Hoffman's mugshot (right)
Ahead of a Friday court appearance in which Lyle "Ty" Hoffman is expected to enter a plea in response to the second-degree murder charge he faces in connection with the death of Lush Food Bar founder Kelly Phillips, Ramsey County officials released a revised criminal complaint that provides more details about the circumstances surrounding Phillips's death.

According to the complaint, the relationship between Hoffman and Phillips, domestic partners for 15 years, ended about five years ago. Hoffman continued to work at Lush while Phillips began a romance with another man, but the business relationship between Hoffman and Phillips deteriorated after Phillips discovered Hoffman was likely embezzling money.

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Quanan Machacek, a.k.a. "Q," Charged With First-Degree Murder for Little Earth Stabbing

Quanan Machacek's mugshot
Yesterday, 26-year-old Quanan Machacek was arrested in connection with a September 10 stabbing that left Cody Lee Rasche dead outside his Little Earth housing complex.

According to authorities, Machacek fled the scene following the incident. While on the loose, he was charged with premeditated murder via a warrant before being apprehended in St. Paul.

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Hit-and-run, stabbing, shooting mark unusually violent weekend in Whittier

Minneapolis Police Department
Investigators work at the intersection of 26th Street and Lyndale Avenue South following a hit-and-run outside the Bulldog Friday morning.
This summer, crime has reemerged as a huge issue in north Minneapolis -- not that it ever went away in the first place.

This past weekend, however, was marked by a string of unusual violent crimes in south Minneapolis's Whittier neighborhood.

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Kelly Phillips murder: Tight-lipped police won't rule out anyone as search for Hoffman continues

Categories: Homicide Files
Hoffman (right), the main suspect in the slaying of Phillips (left), remains at large.
On Monday, the same day Lush Food Bar co-owner and co-founder Kelly Phillips was brutally murdered at a Holiday Gas Station in Arden Hills, WCCO reported that Phillips's boyfriend was seen being placed in handcuffs.

That report wasn't entirely accurate, however. The man wasn't Phillips's boyfriend -- he was his fiance.

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Charges: Mike VanWagner, man who mocked drunk driving following fatal wreck, had .29 BAL

VanWagner posted a picture of his damaged car with a smiley face on Facebook (left); his mugshot (right).
Following a wreck that claimed the life of 16-year-old Jason McCarthy, the man who allegedly caused it, Mike VanWagner, was too injured to take a breathalyzer exam.

Though he allegedly smelled like booze when officers arrived at the tragic scene along Highway 252 in Brooklyn Park on the afternoon of July 24, after VanWagner was taken to the hospital and treated, he was released from custody long enough to make light of the fatal wreck with smiley faces on Facebook. But he's now behind bars and facing criminal vehicular homicide charges after the blood work came in and revealed his blood alcohol level at the time of the crash was .29, or well over three times the legal limit.

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Lush co-founder Ty Hoffman is suspect in murder of former "life partner" Kelly Phillips

Ty Hoffman
:::: UPDATE :::: Kelly Phillips murder: Tight-lipped police won't rule out anyone as search for Hoffman continues

Ramsey County authorities announced this morning that 44-year-old Ty Hoffman is the suspect sought in connection with the brutal murder of Kelly Phillips at a Holiday Gas Station in Arden Hills yesterday, WCCO reports.

Five years ago, Hoffman and Phillips founded Lush Food Bar together. A Lavender article about the GLBT club's opening described the pair as "life partners."

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Kelly Phillips, GLBT activist and co-founder of Lush, brutally murdered at gas station

Kelly Phillips photo via Facebook
:::: UPDATE :::: Lush co-founder Ty Hoffman is suspect in murder of former "life partner" Kelly Phillips

The man shot to death outside a Holiday Gas Station in Arden Hills has been identified by WCCO as Kelly Phillips, co-founder of Lush Food Bar in northeast Minneapolis.

According to reports, Phillips was riding in a black BMW that pulled into the gas station around 8:30 a.m. yesterday. Phillips and the driver got out of the vehicle and were arguing when the driver pulled out a gun and shot Phillips at least three times in broad daylight, including once execution-style in the back of the head while Phillips pleaded for his life. The driver then got back in the car and drove over Phillips on his way out of the parking lot.

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Charges: Cop-killer Brian Fitch said, "I hate cops and I'm guilty"

A passenger in a car Fitch (pictured) was driving just before he got into a shootout with police said he knew the alleged murderer as "D-Bo."
This afternoon, Brian Fitch was charged with first-degree murder (among many other charges) for allegedly killing Mendota Heights police officer Scott Patrick on Wednesday.

The charging documents don't make clear why Fitch, who had a warrant out for his arrest, was pulled over in West St. Paul just across the border from Mendota Heights in the first place, but allege he shot Patrick in the leg, abdomen, and head as he approached his green Pontiac Grand Am.

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