Minnetonka Beach's David Meder was drunk when he accidentally ran over wife, charges say

David Meder
Minnetonka Beach resident David Meder has been hit with a criminal vehicular homicide charge for accidentally running over his wife, Diane Meder, as he pulled into their driveway sometime around 8:30 p.m. last Thursday, killing her.

David Meder, 57, had slurred speech and a strong odor of alcohol emanating from him when officers arrived at his residence, the charging document says. A breathalyzer pegged his blood alcohol level at .155, or nearly twice the legal limit. The results of a blood exam are still pending.

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Story about shooter smuggling gun into Champions via fake leg is BS, attorney says

Just months before Champions Bar closed for good earlier this year under pressure from the city, an innocent bystander named Mark Stephenson was shot to death at the Lake Street dive.

But Ed Matthews, an attorney representing Champions, told us there was little the bar could do to prevent the violence.

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Uncovered body lies in street following latest north Mpls homicide [VIDEO]

Rick Berg on the North Vent Facebook page
Officers gather at the site of last night's murder.
:::: UPDATE :::: A juvenile has been arrested in connection with last night's homicide, the MPD says. The medical examiner still hasn't released the victim's identity. (Read an update including the victim's name and details about the charges against the murder suspect here.)

:::: UPDATE II :::: MPD spokesman John Elder got back to us with an explanation for why the victim's body is uncovered in the video on page two of this post.

"Due to forensics, we do not make a habit of covering bodies unless there is a different mitigating reason to do so," he says.

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Ron Powell gets 15 years for killing man with gun smuggled into Champions Bar via prosthetic leg

Ron Powell
A bizarre, tragic shooting last August 8 at Champions Bar resulted in a 15-year sentence for Ron Powell, who smuggled a gun into the now-closed bar via his prosthetic leg.

Powell, a 43-year-old Minneapolis resident, was hanging out at the former Lake Street dive when another man started punching him. He fired at his assailant, injuring him, but one of his shots hit innocent bystander Mark Stephenson, 51, who later died from his injuries.

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Murder at North Side 4th of July party related to unsolved St. Paul slaying, charges say

Prince Pope's murder remains unsolved. Authorities say a confrontation over it led to a slaying in north Minneapolis during the early morning hours of July 5.
The violent ripple effects of Prince Pope's murder at his January birthday party in St. Paul are still being felt across the border in Minneapolis, according to charges filed yesterday in connection with a murder at a 4th of July party on Minneapolis's North Side.

At the party, which was hosted by 24-year-old Francesca DeSandre at 2617 3rd St. N., Marco Gresham, also 24, confronted a woman identified in the complaint as "V.G." about "her knowledge of [Gresham's] alleged involvement" in Pope's murder, according to a statement V.G. subsequently gave to police.

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MPD Chief Harteau on weekend shootings: We "urge people to put their guns down"

Thumbnail image for MplsSkylineFromNorth.jpg
Doug Wallick on Flickr
The Minneapolis skyline as seen from the North Side.
During the early morning hours of July 5, Minneapolis's 15th and 16th homicides of the year occurred. As was the case with the city's 13th and 14th homicides late last month, both murders were north Minneapolis shootings.

In total, five people were shot during the wee hours of Saturday morning, including the two who died. The outburst of violence prompted Minneapolis Police Chief JaneƩ Harteau to "urge people to put their guns down."

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Lamar Hale posted about getting gunned down hours before he was murdered on St. Paul street

Lamar Hale (pic via Facebook)
On Wednesday, Lamar Hale posted a Facebook status about getting shot. Within hours he was dead after being gunned down on a street in the Payne-Phalen area of St. Paul.

The man charged with second-degree murder for shooting Hale, 25, is his cousin, 24-year-old Chevaze Ward, who'd been beefing with Hale over money in recent days, the criminal complaint says.

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North Minneapolis homicides: Two unsolved murders within week, one claims father of nine

Doug Wallick on Flickr
The Minneapolis skyline as seen from the North Side.
Last month, City Council President Barb Johnson, who represents a good chunk of north Minneapolis, unloaded on her colleagues and city staff for spending their time on things like studies about racial inequalities instead of public safety issues, especially in her part of the city.

The pertinence of Johnson's remarks tragically made itself evident once again in recent days, as the city's 13th and 14th homicides of the year took place in north Minneapolis on Saturday and Monday. Both cases remain unsolved, though Minneapolis Police Department spokesman John Elder tells us investigators have leads and are "actively pursuing the investigation."

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Anoka County man set ablaze by landlord asked, "Why did Adam do this to me?" before dying

Adam Lilienthal
Andover resident Adam Lilienthal faces second-degree murder charges after his tenant died because of burn injuries sustained when he was allegedly set on fire intentionally by Lilienthal. (Read the backstory here.)

According to the charges, "there had recently been tension" about the living situation between Lilienthal and 55-year-old Scott Yorek, who rented a room in Lilienthal's residence at 1329 137th Lane Northwest. Though the charges don't provide specifics, the dispute was apparently serious enough that Lilienthal thought it was a good idea to douse Yorek with accelerant while he was "lying or standing near a bed in an upstairs bedroom" before setting him ablaze.

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Woodbury teen Tara Fitzgerald's overdose death leads to five murder charges

Cole Matenaer (right) is one of five teens facing a murder charge in connection with the death of Fitzgerald (left).
Five teenagers -- including three minors -- face third-degree murder charges in connection with the synthetic drug overdose death of 17-year-old Woodbury resident Tara Fitzgerald.

All five were allegedly involved in the drug dealing chain that resulted in Fitzgerald and a friend of hers ingesting a substance they believed to be LSD while they were hanging out at Fitzgerald's house around midnight on January 11.

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