Somali businessman Fuad Ali shot dead on Pleasant Avenue in Whittier

According to the Somali news site Midnimo, this is a photo of Fuad Ali.
Just before 1 a.m. yesterday, police responding to a report of shots fired found a man lying on the 2600 block of Pleasant Avenue South with a gunshot wound. The man, identified by the Star Tribune as 31-year-old Fuad Ali, was later pronounced dead at HCMC from his injuries.

STILL UNSOLVED: Award offered for information about mysterious Whittier murder

No arrests have been made, and the MPD says they haven't received any information about suspects.

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Amreya Shefa of Richfield allegedly murdered husband because he wanted a threesome

Amreya Shefa
Amreya Shefa has been charged with second-degree murder for allegedly stabbing her husband to death in their Richfield home around 5 a.m. Sunday.

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Her motive? According to authorities, Shefa, 40, was upset because her husband, 48-year-old Habibi Tesema, "wanted to bring another woman into their bedroom."

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Shooting at La Que Buena restaurant on East Lake leaves one dead, three injured

The scene outside La Que Buena this morning.
One person is dead and three are injured following an early morning shooting at the La Que Buena restaurant on East Lake Street in Minneapolis.

Police say they believe a lone shooter opened fire into the restaurant from outside the building, then fled the scene. No arrests have been made as this is published.

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Homicide victim found in Kingfield alley; suspect at large

Around 11 this morning, a homicide victim was found in the normally quiet Kingfield neighborhood in south Minneapolis.

The news was broken on Twitter by local media guru David Brauer, who lives nearby where the body was discovered:

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Strib reports Ted Hoffstrom was upset over birth defects, then retracts it

A since-pulled report said Hoffstrom's grudge against Larson (left) dated back to when he was born.
A Star Tribune report published last night connected some of the dots in the tragic story of Ted Hoffstrom and Dr. Stephen Larson.

The report said Hoffstrom blamed the doctor he is suspected of murdering last Friday night in Orono for birth defects he was afflicted with. Previous reports indicated Larson assisted in Hoffstrom's childbirth 30 years ago and that Hoffstrom was upset with Larson because of certain medical treatments the acclaimed OB/GYN performed on his mother.

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Ted Hoffstrom was upset with way Dr. Stephen Larson treated his mother, authorities say

Kelly Smith on Twitter
Stanek (left) speaks during today's presser.
:::: UPDATE :::: Strib reports Ted Hoffstrom was upset over birth defects, then retracts it

This afternoon, Hennepin County authorities provided a bit more information about the chain of events culminating in the incident that left both Ted Hoffstrom and Dr. Stephen Larson dead at Larson's Orono home on Friday night.

THE BACKSTORY: Police audio of Dr. Stephen Larson, Ted Hoffstrom shooting deaths raises questions

While many questions remain, Hennepin County Sheriff Rich Stanek said there was some sort of personal animosity from the Hoffstrom family toward Larson because of medical treatments Larson performed on Hoffstrom's mother. KSTP previously reported that Larson, the acclaimed founder of the OBGYN Specialists clinics, assisted in Ted Hoffstrom's childbirth 30 years ago.

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Police audio of Dr. Stephen Larson, Ted Hoffstrom shooting deaths raises questions

Larson (left) and Hoffstrom.
Just before 9 p.m. Friday, Orono police arrived at a home on the 1000 block of Heritage Lane in Orono on a welfare check.

:::: UPDATE :::: Ted Hoffstrom was upset with way Dr. Stephen Larson treated his mother, authorities say

Upon arrival, officers found 30-year-old St. Thomas law school graduate Ted Hoffstrom outside the home. Less than a minute later, an officer requested a Taser -- "We need somebody with a Taser up here," one says on the dispatcher audio, adding seconds later, "We need to Tase him ASAP here." That same officer then reports that "the gun" is "five feet to his right on the front step." (Correction -- an earlier version of this post contained a police audio transcription in this paragraph that actually pertained to a separate emergency call about a suicidal individual fielded by dispatchers at roughly the same time.)

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Epic shooting: Chief Harteau fears "street justice," says witnesses have been uncooperative

Pat O'Brien on Twitter
The scene at the intersection of First Avenue and Fifth Street just after 1 a.m. Sunday.
The suspect responsible for the Sunday morning shooting at Epic nightclub that left one dead is still on the loose, and last night, Minneapolis Police Chief JaneƩ Harteau said she's worried about what might happen next.

THE BACKSTORY: Police release preliminary report on Epic shooting death

"I have tremendous concerns about retaliation," Harteau said. "There are people in the city that want street justice."

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Champions Bar shooter used prosthetic leg to smuggle gun into establishment

Champions is located near Lake and Nicollet in Minneapolis's Lyndale neighborhood.
The city of Minneapolis is currently trying to revoke Champions Sports Bar's liquor license. During a hearing last month, city representatives cited an August shooting in the bar that left an innocent bystander dead and another person injured as evidence the bar is dangerous and should be shut down.

But Ed Matthews, an attorney representing Champions, has a very different interpretation of August's tragedy and its aftermath. During a conversation with City Pages, Matthews pointed out that Ron Powell, the alleged shooter, was wanded with a metal detector at the door but smuggled a gun into the bar in his prosthetic leg. He also argued that Champions' high-quality security camera footage played an instrumental role in Powell's arrest. (Powell was apprehended in a Walmart parking lot in Fargo last month.)

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Police release preliminary report on Epic shooting death

YouTube screenshot
According to the Minneapolis Police Department, an "adult male" died following a shooting that took place just before 1 a.m. this morning inside the Epic nightclub in downtown Minneapolis' warehouse district.

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No arrests have been made in connection with the shooting, which police say resulted from "a verbal altercation."

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