The Godfather of the New Downtown Luxury Apartment Buildings: The Nic on 5th

Nic on 5th Facebook
The first of the new downtown luxury apartment towers
The Nic on 5th is the godfather of the new generation of fancy downtown luxury apartment towers. When its plans were originally announced back in 2012, it was the first high-rise rental building planned for downtown in nearly three decades. Now we can't go six weeks without a new high-end skyscraper rendering being published.

Sitting in what might be, geographically speaking, the exact center of downtown Minneapolis, it was built for people who either never leave downtown or want their own place to crash when visiting from the suburbs or out-of-state.

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Better Know a Luxury Apartment Building: The Walkway

file photo
The Walkway in Uptown

Welcome to the inaugural edition of "Better Know a Luxury Apartment Building," a semi-regular series taking a deeper look at the new upscale developments popping up around the Twin Cities.

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Minneapolis Moves to Ban E-Cigarettes in Public Buildings

file photo
E-cigarettes will soon be regulated just like regular tobacco in Minneapolis

By the end of the year it looks like there will be no more vaping allowed in any public buildings in Minneapolis.

Yesterday a City Council committee unanimously passed a measure that would extend the state's 2007 Freedom to Breathe Act to e-cigarettes. The new ordinance would treat e-cigarette smoke exactly like cigarette smoke.

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Take Your Pet Obsession to the Next Level with PetChatz


A startup in Burnsville created a new way to obsess over your beloved pets.

Anser Innovation spent the last three years developing PetChatz, a device that allows pet owners to basically set up a Skype session with their pets, with the added bonus of being able to dispense treats and smells (yes, really) via web app.

The first batch of PetChatz, which retails for $349, ships out on Monday.

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Minneapolis Has More "Sugar Daddies" Than New York or L.A.

Not only is the stigma surrounding online dating going away, but apparently so is the stigma involving "sugar daddies" -- that is, older men who date younger women they've met online with full knowledge the gals wouldn't be interested if they didn't have money and weren't willing to spend it on them.

According to the not-exactly-unbiased, the world's largest sugar daddy dating website, the number of men on the site has nearly tripled in the last year, and surprise! One of the hotspots for sugar daddies is Minneapolis, where 6.33 men per 1,000 are on the site and looking for their very own "sugar babies."

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"Instagramable Views" Used as Selling Point for Dinkytown's The Bridges Apartments

Chris Steller on Twitter
The marketing team leasing units in a new 11-story Dinkytown apartment building says it has views so good, you won't want to just enjoy them with your eyeballs -- you'll want to snap a pic and post it to social media.

Advertisements for The Bridges cite "Instagramable Views" as one thing the building has going for it.

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Former MN Conductor James Touchi-Peters Founds "Online Country Club" for Rich Folks

Looking for an online place to talk about your Rolls-Royce Phantom? James Touchi-Peters (pictured) has just the site for you!
James Touchi-Peters, the acclaimed conductor of the Minnesota Philharmonic Orchestra from 1992 to 2001, has broadened his horizons beyond music.

His latest project is "a first-of-its-kind exclusive online country club for affluent, but busy individuals, hungry for a place to communicate with like-minded people," according to a press release publicizing, which opens for business today.

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Check out awesome downtown Mpls views from the Nic's penthouses

Pic of The Nic (foreground) via Nick Magrino on Twitter
This weekend, the Nic on Fifth downtown Minneapolis luxury apartments officially opens to tenants.

The building, located at 465 Nicollet Mall, represents one of the more significant additions to Minneapolis's skyline in recent years. Below the jump are a number of photos and videos shared by reporters in recent days conveying just how awesome the Nic's views are.

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Mpls, St. Paul two of best four cities for quality of life, study says

You're looking at two of America's top four quality of life cities, at least according to NerdWallet.
NerdWallet ranks Minneapolis and St. Paul as the third and fourth best cities in America, respectively, in terms of quality of life.

The cities ahead of us? Madison and Lincoln. Talk about a Midwestern bias!

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Uptown hot tub attracts schadenfreude

Photo by Amanda White
Schadenfreude: Pleasure derived from the misfortune of others.
Shortly after we published our initial blog post about the cool-looking hot tub that hangs over Lake Street as part of the Walkway development in Uptown, commenters let us know it was taped off because of a leak. (The tape is visible in the above photo.)

Some suggested the leak was a result of shoddy engineering. But that's not necessarily the case, a state employee in the department that inspects pools tells us.

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