The "I Hate the Pedal Pub" Page Is Back After Threats of a Lawsuit

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I Hate the Pedal Pub
Kim Jong Un inspects the premises

Of all things that people love to vent about on Facebook, Northeast resident Matt Peterson's "I Hate the Pedal Pub" really struck a nerve.

Peterson's page has united more than 3,000 internet strangers over their mutual disdain for pedal pubs, those ubiquitous bicycle bars that weave through traffic like intoxicated human centipedes, clogging downtown streets.

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Kristene Brooks, Entangled in $1 Million Meth Bust, Has Been Living Hard for a While

Olmsted County Sheriff
Kristene Brooks has yet to be charged in connection with the meth bust.

Kristene Brooks of West St. Paul has been living at a pace no one can possibly maintain.

According to public documents, the 25-year-old single mom, who was in Adan Margritos Flores-Lagonas's vehicle last week along with almost 18 pounds of meth, has a history of courthouse woes that outstrip her biological years.

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Golden Valley Man Accused of Trafficking $4 Million Worth of iPhones to Hong Kong

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Johan Larsson
$200 in America, $2,000 in Hong Kong

Asia is obsessed with iPhones. But they're extremely expensive across the globe, going for up to $2,000 apiece.

According to Assistant U.S. Attorney Manda Sertich, a Golden Valley Man made a lucrative business of ripping off American cell phone companies and trafficking stolen smart phones to Hong Kong, raking in millions of dollars between 2011 and 2014.

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Minnesota's CEOs Get Paid 305 Times More Than You Do

U.S. Bancorp
U.S. Bank CEO Richard Davis has 19 million reasons to smile.

The average working Minnesotan earns $46,000 annually. CEOs at publicly traded S&P 500 companies in the state get paid a mean $13.8 million -- or 305 times more than you do, according to the AFL-CIO's annual report on executive pay.

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John Kline's "Jobs & Career" Fairs Resembled Recruiting Expos for the Likes of ITT Tech

Dwight Burdette via Wikipedia
Congressman Kline has a thick history with the besieged for-profit college.

A year ago this week, John Kline, Minnesota's Most Reprehensible Congressman (TM), hosted a job fair at the Eagan Community Center "to assist Minnesotans with an uncertain job market."

Among the Kline invitees looking to "assist" people trying to better their lot was a disproportionate number of for-profit colleges, including DeVry University, Crown College, and ITT Tech, the Carmel, Indiana-based company whose two executives were indicted on federal fraud charges earlier this week.

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Minneapolis Animal Control Finds Woman's Lost Dog, Gives It Away to New Owners

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Portia Miller
Minneapolis Animal Care and Control opted to give away Portia Miller's dog to a family that adopted him after he'd been stolen from her home two years ago.

Portia Miller adopted her beloved Shih Tzu Mercutio in 2007, following the murder of a close friend. When the dog was stolen from her St. Paul home in April 2013, she reported him missing to police and microchip company PetKey. Two years went by without a word. She thought he was gone for good.

Last Friday, Minneapolis Animal Control called. Officer Heather Vocke told Miller that Mercutio had suddenly turned up as a stray, and since he was registered to her via his microchip, all she needed to do was bring an ID to pick him up. Miller was ecstatic.

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ITT Tech Execs Kevin Modany and Dan Fitzpatrick Charged with Fraud

Dwight Burdette via Wikipedia
Two execs at for-profit ITT allegedly doctored the company's books to hide poor performance.

Two executives at ITT Educational Services, Inc. -- one of for-profit colleges' biggest operations with 57,000 students at more than 130 campuses in 38 states -- were charged with fraud yesterday by the Securities and Exchange Commission.

Former CEO Kevin Modany and current CFO Daniel Fitzpatrick hid the company's poor performance from investors and covered up the financial fallout of two ITT-guaranteed student loan programs, according to the SEC complaint.

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Garry Schumacher, Dad Who'd Rather Go to Jail Than Let Mom See Kid, Has Sentence Stayed

Arwen Abenstern via Flickr
The custodial piss fight between Garry Schumacher and Shawnette Andreason continues.

Garry Schumacher's ongoing legal battle to prevent Shawnette Andreason, the biological mother of his seven-year-old daughter Madison, from having supervised visits with the child, notched another hiccup Tuesday when Hennepin County Judge Patrick Robben postponed the defiant father's jail sentence, ordering him again to comply with a court order.

Heading into the hearing, the 36-year-old Schumacher had vowed to do jail time rather than facilitate the supervised meetings between Madison and Andreason. He'd been found in contempt of court in March for failing to cooperate, saying, "I can't do something I believe will harm my child and my family. I'd rather go to jail than potentially put her in harm's way."

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Al Franken Eyes Case of Woman Fired for Resisting Tracking App

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Al Franken press kit
Franken visits Tartan High School's science and engineering department in February, encourages kids to develop tech for good, not stalking.

Myrna Arias of California, a saleswoman formerly working for wire-transfer company Intermex, is suing her old bosses for monitoring her cell phone 24/7 and then firing her when she opted out of the app that allowed them to do it.

Her lawsuit alleges that shortly after she was hired by Intermex in February 2014, her manager John Stubits asked employees to download Xora, a GPS app, to their smart phones. He said they were to never turn those phones off in case they needed to field calls from clients, according to the complaint.

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Garry Schumacher Choosing Jail Over Allowing the Biological Mom to See Their Daughter

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maveric2003 via Wikipedia
Garry Schumacher finds out today if he will be sent to the workhouse.

Shawnette Andreason hasn't seen her daughter Madison since 2011.

Garry Schumacher, the seven-year-old girl's father, is willing to go to jail to keep it that way.

Inside Hennepin County Family Court in downtown Minneapolis this afternoon, Schumacher, who raises the girl as well as a younger daughter along with his wife Jenny, will find out if Judge Patrick Robben will make good on his March threat to incarcerate the defiant dad if he didn't allow for supervised visits between Madison and her biological mom, Shawnette Andreason.

He hasn't.

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