John Denney, IP Congressional Candidate, Wants You to Sue Him If He Sells Out

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John Denney
We've all seen the commercials: Not satisfied with your product or service? Get a refund.

Money-back guarantees are a handy tool for marketers -- but could they work in the public arena? John Denney, the Independence Party Sixth District congressional candidate, thinks so.

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David Paul Patterson Says He Was Arrested for Saving Lives With Marijuana

Categories: Crime, Marijuana

Marijuana Growers Headquarters
David Patterson says he used cannabis oils to save lives

When David Paul Patterson arrives in Hubbard County District Court in Park Rapids, Minnesota, he dresses up. Not in a suit and tie, but in baggy shorts falling below his knees and a forest-green shirt with a giant marijuana leaf splayed across the front. His "court uniform," Patterson calls it.

It's a bold strategy, especially for a man facing trial for drug sale and possession. But the way Patterson sees it, there's nothing to hide. He openly admits to having pounds of marijuana in his remote house in the woods of Walker, Minnesota. But he says he's using it to save people's lives. That goes beyond the law.

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Don Samuels Calls 911 on North Minneapolis Hot Dog Giveaway [VIDEO]

don samuels new rect.jpg
Samuels says he thought the hot dog giveaway was actually an illegal business.
:::: UPDATE :::: Don Samuels on Hot Dog-Gate, Faulty Reporting, and His Priorities

Former City Council member and current school board candidate Don Samuels is taking heat for calling the cops on a hot dog giveaway organized by Neighborhoods Organizing for Change on a sidewalk right outside its north Minneapolis headquarters at 911 W. Broadway Ave.

Samuels says he thought the hot dogs were being sold illegally by a group without a license to sell food. In fact, however, the dogs were given away as part of NOC's "impromptu pledge-to-vote barbecue," as a post on the organization's Facebook page puts it.

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Social House Owner Faces 68 Felonies but Might Not Go to Jail at All

Categories: Crime, Law
Social House photo courtesy of the now-closed restaurant
Michael Whitelaw, owner of the Social House, an Uptown sushi bar that closed over the summer, faces 68 felonies, each of which carries a maximum sentence of five years in the slammer, for allegedly cheating the state out of about $100,000 in sales taxes from 2009 to 2011.

Those charges sound stiff. Real stiff. But Hennepin County Attorney's Office officials openly acknowledge Whitelaw almost certainly won't go to prison for more than 23 months, and could get off without serving time behind bars at all.

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Father Richard Rice Refuses Questions About Allegedly Abusive Clergy, Citing Priest Privilege

Categories: Religion
Father Thomas Stitts, courtesy of Jeffrey Anderson & Associates
Before his death in 1985, Father Thomas Stitts is believed to have confessed his sins of sexual abuse -- and the sins of some of his colleagues -- in a letter. However, that letter may have been burned to protect the parties involved.

There is still one way to get to the bottom of what Stitts knew -- by asking the priests who were close to him near the end, some of whom are still alive. But they're not talking.

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DFL: "Fake Republican Outrage" Fuels Stink Over Photoshopped Candidate Pics [IMAGES]

A number of local Republicans got in touch with us in recent days to express dismay about photoshopped images of MNGOP candidates that the DFL has included in attack mailers put together by the party.

We were sent a DFL mailer that goes after Kirk Stensrud, a former legislator and MNGOP House candidate in an Eden Prairie-area district that should be closely contested next month.

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MNGOP accuses DFL of "using racist tactics" by darkening photo of Rep. King Banaian [IMAGE]

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Religious Freedom Group Says Transgender Athlete Policy "Treats Children As Guinea Pigs"

Categories: Religion, Sports

The October hearing, from Jana Shortal on Twitter

As the Minnesota State High School League keeps deliberating on a policy to allow transgendered athletes to choose what sport they play based on their gender identity, it's heard from nearly everybody. Students, parents, administrators, activists.

To us, the policy seemed logical (and simply the right thing to do). But for the Alliance Defending Freedom, it's been anything but.

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Rare Western Minnesota Moose Sighting Occurs in Unfortunate Place

Categories: Accidents, Animals
Minnesota's moose range (left); a moose (right).
A rare moose sighting in western Minnesota, near the town of Barnesville, ended tragically for the animal, which died after it was smoked by several vehicles around 4:45 a.m. Wednesday morning.

Less than 100 moose live in the northwestern part of the state, but they don't usually make it as far away as Barnesville, which is actually a bit south of the Fargo-Moorhead area.

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City of St. Paul to Introduce Paid Maternity Leave for Employees

Thumbnail image for SmilingBaby.jpg
St. Paul is poised to become the second city in Minnesota (after Brooklyn Park) to offer paid maternity leave to city employees.

A resolution that has the unanimous support of the city's seven council members "would provide four weeks paid salary to the birthing employee mother and two weeks paid salary to the non-birthing employee parent or adoptee employee parent," according to a news release put together by the city.

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Medtronic-Covidien Deal Still on the Table Despite Irish Closing Corporate Tax Loophole

Categories: Business
Illustration by Mike Ray
Ireland announced earlier this week that the country will get rid of a corporate loophole scheme that allows American companies to skirt billions in tax revenue.

In our October 1 cover story, Chris Parker broke down the way in which Medtronic's purchase of Covidien, an Irish medical device maker, is designed to shield taxable income from Uncle Sam, stiffing the rest of us with the bill. At 12.5 percent, Ireland's rate is less than half of America's.

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