Richard Johann, Citizen Hero, Mistakenly Snubs Fire Chief's Thanks

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Photo by Susan Du
St. Paul Fire Chief Tim Butler thanks Johann, MIA.

Richard Johann has a knack for timing.

He's a Good Samaritan who rushed to save a woman and her infant from a burning house in July, yet his absence at a pre-planned recognition ceremony at the St. Paul Fire Station on Tuesday left Fire Chief Tim Butler wringing his hands before a baffled crowd.

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Strib Wrestles with MN Department of Public Safety Over Cell Phone Tracking Documents

InfoSec Institute
The agency that interprets the state's public records law has weighed in on attempts to get more information about cell phone tracking devices such as StingRay and KingFish.

In a ruling Monday, acting administration commissioner Matt Massman opined that the Minnesota Department of Public Safety should no longer withhold its contracts and non-disclosure agreements with device maker Harris Corp. James Eli Shiffer, a watchdog and data editor for the Star Tribune, has the story on his blog, because he's at the center of it.

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Charges Dismissed Against John Lind, the Guy Who Allegedly Ejaculated in his Co-Worker's Coffee

Categories: Crime

Ramsey County Sheriff
Police say Lind admitted ejaculating in his coworker's coffee on two occasions, but the Ramsey County Attorney was unable to make criminal charges stick

Criminal sexual conduct charges brought against John Robert Lind were dismissed earlier this month even though police say he admitted ejaculating in his co-worker's coffee on at least two occasions.

Judge Patrick Diamond wrote that the charges of fifth-degree criminal sexual conduct and attempted fifth-degree criminal sexual conduct had to be dismissed because neither specifically mentions "the intentional touching with seminal fluid" in its definition of sexual contact.

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Minneapolis Cracks Down on Pedicabs

Twin Town Pedicab
Minneapolis is trying to curb crazy pedicab drivers

Any time there's an event in downtown Minneapolis, traffic turns into an impatient mess of cars, buses, taxis, light rail, semis, bikes, and pedestrians all jostling for position so they can blow through the next yellow light on the way to (or away from) the action.

Now the city is trying to rein in perhaps the most unwieldy combatant in the traffic jam ecosystem: the pedicab.

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Ebony Steward Punches Black Woman, Says She Hates White People

Courtesy of the Ramsey County's Sheriff's Office
Ebony Monique Steward

A woman purportedly attacked two complete strangers in two separate incidents because she hates white people, she told police, yet her choice of victims suggests she may not be as vehemently racist as she presented herself.

As Ebony Steward walked down University Avenue in St. Paul on Friday, she ran into a woman just leaving a nail salon. Her first instinct was to punch the other woman in the face, according to police investigators.

Steward, 32, told police she didn't know the victim, whose left eye was a purple pulp by the time police arrived. Confessing on the spot, she explained the "bitch" had been in her way and added that she just doesn't like light-skinned people.

According to the Ramsey County Attorney's complaint, this victim is a light-skinned black woman, not a white woman as initially reported.

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Dear Wisconsin: Minnesota Wants a Divorce

Everyone thought we made such a cute couple, Wisconsin -- until you decided to go all Mississippi on our love
Dear Wisconsin:

I remember when we met at that barn dance 150 years ago. The other states were so stuck up. New York was all "Look at me!" And California was all "I like your shoes. Not." Texas got drunk on wine coolers and did what Texas always does: try to pick a fight with the smallest guy in the room.

But not you, Wisconsin.

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[UPDATE]The Leitheiser Family is Selling Nearly Everything It Owns for $5,000

Screenshot of Craigslist
It all could be yours for $5,000
[UPDATE]: Nick Leitheiser checked in this morning with news that three interested buyers made offers yesterday and they signed a purchase agreement with one of them last night. The buyers are a young family that just bought a house two blocks away.

Thinking about redecorating? The Leitheiser family is selling everything in its south Minneapolis home as a package deal for $5,000.

Nick and Erin Leitheiser are moving with their two small children to Copenhagen, Denmark this winter. They thought they had a deal in place to sell their home fully furnished, but when the buyer backed out of purchasing the home's contents it left the Leitheisers with a week to get rid of everything.

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Adrian Peterson Suspended for Rest of Season

Categories: Adrian Peterson

Will AP play in a Vikings uniform again?

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell announced today in a letter to Adrian Peterson that the league has decided to suspend him without pay for the rest of the 2014 season.

In a statement issued immediately following the release of Goodell's letter the NFL Players Association said it will appeal the suspension.

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Minneapolis Moves to Ban E-Cigarettes in Public Buildings

file photo
E-cigarettes will soon be regulated just like regular tobacco in Minneapolis

By the end of the year it looks like there will be no more vaping allowed in any public buildings in Minneapolis.

Yesterday a City Council committee unanimously passed a measure that would extend the state's 2007 Freedom to Breathe Act to e-cigarettes. The new ordinance would treat e-cigarette smoke exactly like cigarette smoke.

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Colin Chisholm Admits to Welfare Fraud

Categories: Chisholms
Cover of our May 14 issue
Colin Chisholm admitted in court Monday that, by accepting welfare while living on a yacht and in a Lake Minnetonka mansion, he'd committed a "major economic offense." In exchange for a guilty plea to one count of theft by swindle and one count of wrongfully obtaining public assistance, prosecutors settled their international-headline-grabbing case with a 21-month sentence.

For seven years, Chisholm failed to disclose his financial resources, his true whereabouts, and his housemates -- all of which would have made him undeserving of state-supported healthcare, food stamps, and stipends.

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