Rastafarian Doctor or Drug Dealer? David Patterson Guilty of Marijuana Possession

Categories: Crime, Marijuana

Hubbard County Sheriff
Patterson's Rastafarian religion and medicinal claims didn't fly in court

David Paul Patterson didn't dispute that he was selling marijuana and cannabis oil when police raided his off-the-grid cabin in Walker a year ago.

Rather, he claims that he should be left alone because he was using the more than seven pounds of weed cops seized to heal people, and it's his right as a Rastafarian to do so.

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Minnesota Ice Dam Company Comes to the Rescue in Boston

Categories: Winter

Roof to Deck
"I have never seen this much snow. Ever. You had to see it to believe it."

With Minnesota mired in a never-ending deep freeze and only a few paltry inches of snow on the ground, Roof to Deck owner Mike Hilborn decided to ship his ice dam removal business to Boston to show the East Coast how it's done.

This winter Boston has been pounded by storm after storm in what is currently the city's second-snowiest winter ever, accumulating more than 100 inches of snow, which left Hilborn with more business than he knew what to do with.

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St. Paul Reopening Parts of Lilydale Park After 2013 Landslide Killed Two Kids

Categories: Outdoors, St. Paul

City of St. Paul
Three of the four fossil sites will remain closed

Two years ago a fossil-hunting field trip turned tragic when a landslide at Lilydale Regional Park in St. Paul killed two fourth-graders from St. Louis Park. Later a City Pages investigation found the city had known about safety issues at the park for years, but Mayor Chris Coleman never found the money to address them.

Yesterday the head of St. Paul Parks and Recreation presented a plan to the City Council that will finally address those safety concerns and reopen some sections of the park this summer that have been closed since the landslide.

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Jiggly Boy Welcomes Kevin Garnett Back to Minnesota

Categories: Timberwolves

Screenshots of @cjzero on Vine
Dance on, you magnificent bastard

Kevin Garnett's debut back with the Timberwolves last night was one of the truly memorable games in franchise history. Target Center was rocking from Garnett's goosebumps-inducing introduction all the way to the final buzzer, with KG shouting, "It's over! It's over!" as the crowd chanted "KG! KG!" in a 20-point win over the Wizards.

But let's talk about the best part of the night: the return of the chubby, shirtless, dancing Timberwolves superfan known as Jiggly Boy.

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Bill Cooper: TCF Bank CEO Is Minnesota's Poster Boy for Income Inequality

Categories: Economy

Stylish turtlenecks and seven-figure stock options equal winning for TCF Bank CEO Bill Cooper.

Dinging college kids and single parents with $37 overdraft charges sure does add up.

At least that's what can be gleaned from TCF Bank CEO Bill Cooper's phat 2014 compensation package.

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Congressman Glenn Grothman Wants Us to Spy on Food Stamp Users

Mr. Grothman goes to Washington, won't stop talking.

Media starling Glenn Grothman, a freshman Republican Congressman from Wisconsin, has struck again.

During a town hall in Oshkosh, Wisconsin, on Friday, Grothman warned constituents to keep an eye on food stamp users in grocery stores because he suspects a ton of them aren't actually poor.

"I would argue some people are arranging their life to be on Food Share. You just look at them and kind of wonder," Grothman said.

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Lake Superior Ice Caves Likely Open Saturday, But Conditions "Treacherous"

Categories: Outdoors

Ben Johnson
As long as the weather holds, the caves should be ready for the second year in a row

If you didn't get a chance last year to join the frozen masses gaping at the ethereal glittering beauty found inside of one the Apostle Islands ice caves, you might want to clear your schedule this weekend.

One of the North's great natural wonders will be open to the public for the second straight year on Saturday -- as long as the wind doesn't break apart the ice before then. And be warned: Exploring the caves isn't going to be the cakewalk it was last year.

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The Freezeway: We Really Need to Build This Before Edmonton Does

Categories: Canada, Winter

Screenshot of Freezeway Vimeo
This would be awesome

During the winter wouldn't it be cool to ice skate to work or go for a skate the same way we use our bikes in the summer?

A plan to create a seven-mile ice trail cutting through various neighborhoods in Edmonton has been getting a lot of attention in Canada lately. Matt Gibbs, a 29-year-old landscape architect, won first place for his "Freezeway" idea in the 2013 Coldscapes international design competition, and now the concept is being debated by the Edmonton City Council.

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Looking Back on Kevin Garnett's Tough-Guy Schtick Throughout the Years

Categories: Timberwolves

Cliff via Flickr
Bully or badass?

Kevin Garnett is a first-ballot Hall-of-Famer and Minnesota sports legend, and if there's any doubt he's not still beloved by Minnesotans just wait for the standing ovation he gets tonight.

Sure, he might not have much tread left on the tires, but what about his veteran leadership? Surely his famously fiery demeanor and championship credibility will rub off on the Timberwolves' young, talented squad.

Love it or hate it, KG's tough-guy schtick has kept the masses entertained throughout the years. Here are five of his more memorable moments:

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Amazon, One of America's Worst Employers, Wants to Open Center in Shakopee

Categories: Economy, Jobs

Scott Lewis
Amazon warehouse workers typically earn way less than even their counterparts at Walmart

Hourly wages approaching the poverty level. A supposedly flexible workplace where students are told, "We don't work around school schedules." A bonus program for employees that never pays out because of bionic expectations.

Minnesotans may soon be able to apply for jobs offering these perks. Internet giant Amazon is in negotiations to erect a distribution center on 66 acres in Shakopee.

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