Materials Processing, Minnesota's Largest Electronics Recycler, Hit With Massive Fine

Minnesota Pollution Control Agency
The MPCA found 128 trailers full of boxes, each containing about 2,000 pounds of hazardous waste

Tod Eckberg heard rumors about Materials Processing storing huge quantities of crushed leaded glass in trailers, so the investigator with the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency asked the company about it last fall.

"They just said 'Yeah, we have 100 and some odd trailers at four sites," he recalls. "They were very upfront about it."

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Rep. Jim Newberger: "Convenient" to Connect Rail Between North Mpls, Prison

Official state photo
"Boy, wouldn't that be convenient, to have that rail line going from the prison to North Minneapolis"

During last night's marathon debate over the state transportation bill, Democrats tried to fund a study looking at extending the North Star Commuter rail line to St. Cloud, like it was originally intended.

Rep. Jim Newberger is not a fan of the rail line, so he grabbed the mic to rain truth bombs all over the Democrat's idiotic proposal to connect two major cities via mass transit.

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High Schoolers Playing Nerf Wars Worries Cops in Northern Minnesota

Categories: Police

Helgi Halldórsson/Flickr
Cops are worried about kids taking the latest fad a bit too seriously

Nerf Wars has been around for years. This millennial blogger remembers it being called "Assassination" at his metro-area high school a decade ago.

The game can get ridiculously complicated with custom rules involving duels, alliances, bounties, buybacks, safe zones, etc, but the central concept is simple: Everyone pays a buy-in, and when you get shot you're eliminated. Last person (or team) standing wins.

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Ronnie Guy Wants to Know Why Minneapolis Police Gunned Down His Dog Mya

Categories: Pets, Police

Justice 4 Mya Facebook Page
Mya and the Guy family children in an undated photograph.

It was a situation just asking for a bad outcome.

Last Thursday evening, Minneapolis Police were summoned to Ronnie Guy's north Minneapolis home. The 37-year-old single father of three told City Pages he had called the department to ask for someone to "escort" his father, Robert, back to his home on Washington Avenue. A news report from last night, however, said officers had been dispatched because of a family disturbance.

It was pushing 10 o'clock on April 16 when a squad car quietly pulled in front of Guy's neighbor's house.

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Former State Children's Services Manager Busted for Soliciting Hooker

Categories: Crime

Ramsey County Sheriff's Office
Mark Toogood
St. Paul Police's latest prostitution sting swept up an unlikely suspect. Mark Toogood, a 58-year-old division director for the Minnesota Human Services department, was charged Monday with trying to solicit sex from an undercover officer.

In early April, Toogood was surfing's Erotic Services section when he stumbled upon an undercover lady cop posing as a prostitute, according to the St. Paul city attorney on Monday. After a series of phone calls and texts, Toogood made an appointment to meet the officer at a hotel.

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After 400 Cop Calls Last Year, Uptown McDonald's Will Have to Close Earlier

Categories: Crime, Minneapolis

Mike Mozart/Flickr
Getting post-bar munchies is about to get a little harder in Uptown

The drunken, shady shenanigans inside the Uptown McDonald's around bar closing time on weekends is no big secret.

It sits at the epicenter of the hormone-charged Hennepin Avenue bar scene, and it's right next to a major bus station. The Uptown McDonald's is either a godsend, one last refuge for the post-bar crowd to mash some greasy food and pull itself together before crashing, or a stain on the neighborhood and magnet for crime, depending on who you talk to and what their BAC is.

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South Dakota's New Ad Campaign: We're Better Than Dying on Mars

Categories: South Dakota

So the state's got that going for it...

South Dakota's desire to attract young people is getting pretty weird.

A few weeks ago we covered Sioux Falls' "Sioux Falls Has Jobs" campaign, in which the city is begging people from more thriving metropolises to fill its thousands of vacant jobs. Now the state is getting in on the action with a bizarre commercial that brags about the state's adequate supply of oxygen.

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The Forgotten Crime Boss: Kid Cann, the Original Teflon Don, Reigned Over Minneapolis

Categories: Longform

Minnesota Historical Society
Kid Cann killed a bystander during a brawl. The prosecutor let him walk.

It was nearing 6 p.m. on a December evening in 1935. Walter Liggett, publisher of the Midwest American, parked his car in an alley near his Second Avenue South apartment. His wife Edith and daughter Marda sat in the backseat along with a few bags of groceries. Liggett got out and began to unload.

A dark sedan rolled up, the barrel of a machine gun poked out the window. Five shots tore through the newspaperman's back.

Edith ran to her fallen husband. She looked up as the assailant drove away, seeing the "snarling smile" of Isadore Blumenfeld — a.k.a. Kid Cann — the most notorious gangster in the Twin Cities.

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DNR's Experimental, Three-Step Plan For Getting Rid of Zebra Mussels Just Might Work

Wisconsin DNR/Flickr
Divers couldn't find any evidence of the invasive species in Christmas Lake after a trio of treatments during the fall and winter

Zebra mussels are right up there with Eurasian milfoil among the most hated of Minnesota's invasive species.

Its shell is sharp enough to easily slice open a swimmer's foot and it multiplies in disgusting clusters, choking out native wildlife and clogging any pipe or filter in can shimmy into.

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Minnesota Stays Trim as Every Other State in the Midwest Struggles With Obesity

Categories: Health

Minnesota's obesity rate dipped slightly since 2008, while all of our neighboring states' obesity rates continue to skyrocket

It's been a couple weeks since we've patted ourselves on the back for living in such a beautiful state full of gorgeous, well-educated, healthy people, so here's another reminder:

According to data compiled by the Center for Disease Control, Minnesota is the only state in the Upper Midwest holding the line in the battle against obesity. The contrast between Minnesota and all of the states surrounding it is stark. Just check out this graph the Minnesota Department of Health published yesterday:

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