Activist Al Flowers alleges Minneapolis cops beat him up during arrest

Al Flowers's mugshot
Just after midnight Saturday morning, Minneapolis cops showed up at longtime community activist Al Flowers's South Side residence. Officers said they had a warrant to arrest his teenage daughter.

Exactly what happened next remains the subject of controversy, but in any event, as the photo at the top of this post indicates, the ensuing altercation left Flowers, 55, bloody and behind bars.

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Mike McFadden won't talk specifics on Social Security, but seniors want him to

Categories: Politics

Mike McFadden

Senate candidate Mike McFadden gave an extensive interview to MinnPost's Eric Black last week, but what was most jarring about the chat was the candidate's refusal to give specifics about his policy positions on one issue -- Social Security.

McFadden started off by saying he wanted to reform the program, along with Medicare, soon, telling Black: "My proposal is that we address it now, in a bipartisan fashion and that every issue is on the table."

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Gov. Mark Dayton donated $10,000 of his personal wealth to charity last year

mark dayton rect.jpg
Gov. Mark Dayton's 2013 tax return was released last week and shows that he gave $10,000 to charities -- 10 times as much as last year.

His office did not respond to our request for comment, but judging by previous news coverage, the boost came in response to the governor's own criticism last November. When asked then about the mere $1,000 he had donated, he told reporters, "I'm disappointed in myself."

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Story about shooter smuggling gun into Champions via fake leg is BS, attorney says

Just months before Champions Bar closed for good earlier this year under pressure from the city, an innocent bystander named Mark Stephenson was shot to death at the Lake Street dive.

But Ed Matthews, an attorney representing Champions, told us there was little the bar could do to prevent the violence.

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Local co-ops take heat for selling products from anti-birth control company Eden Foods

Categories: Food, Health Care
Boycott Eden Foods on Facebook
A man identified as Todd Kolod protests outside St. Paul's Whole Foods and Mississippi Market.
On Friday, Steven Miles, a bioethicist at the University of Minnesota who we've previously written about because of his work on U.S. abuses in Iraqi prisons (among other issues), sent us correspondence he recently had with the the Seward Co-op regarding its decision to continue selling products from Eden Foods, a company with Catholic ownership that won't provide birth control to its employees in the wake of the U.S. Supreme Court's Hobby Lobby ruling.

In an email to the co-op, Miles wrote, "Eden Organic Foods (with Hobby Lobby) is not providing insurance for contraceptives to women employees. I do not believe they should be stocked by any co-op and that they should be told of this decision."

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Uptown hot tub: Top comments

Photo via Mark Bradby
The word "bro" doesn't appear a single time in our post about the new hot tub that hangs over Lake Street in Uptown.

It did manifest itself many times in the comment section, however, sometimes in hilarious fashion.

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Check out this cool hot tub hanging over Uptown sidewalk [PHOTOS]

Photo via Mark Bradby
Not a bad spot to hang, right?
The luxury apartment building that now stands on the old Cowboy Slim's site features one of the most badass hot tubs you'll see.

The Walkway's hot tub sit right on top of Lake Street, allowing residents and their friends to people watch in the heart of Uptown while relaxing in warm, wet style.

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Minnesota will soon be running low on doctors, study finds

Categories: Health Care


As more and more people start heading to the doctor, Minnesota could soon run out of enough professionals to take care of them, a new study finds.

The study, by the Minnesota Hospital Association and the professional services company Towers Watson, found that as soon as a decade from now, the state won't have enough primary care doctors to handle the people who need their help. The study largely attributes the problem to the fact that there simply don't seem to be enough graduates to keep up with the retirement of older doctors. But when it comes to Minnesota's doctor shortage, that's only the tip of the iceberg.

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Uncovered body lies in street following latest north Mpls homicide [VIDEO]

Rick Berg on the North Vent Facebook page
Officers gather at the site of last night's murder.
:::: UPDATE :::: A juvenile has been arrested in connection with last night's homicide, the MPD says. The medical examiner still hasn't released the victim's identity.

:::: UPDATE II :::: MPD spokesman John Elder got back to us with an explanation for why the victim's body is uncovered in the video on page two of this post.

"Due to forensics, we do not make a habit of covering bodies unless there is a different mitigating reason to do so," he says.

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DNR explains why wolf hunt will expand this season

The Minnesota Department of Natural Resources is upping the number of wolf hunting and trapping licenses available this year to 3,800, an increase of 500 from last year.

Asked why, Dan Stark, a large carnivore specialist for the DNR, cites two factors -- the DNR's most recent estimate of the wolf population, which shows an increase from last year, and the success rate of hunters and trappers trying to nab a wolf.

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