Jesse "The Body" Ventura played key role in decline of Minnesota wrestling [VIDEOS]

Before he became governor, Jesse "The Body" was a notorious heel. (Arguably he hasn't changed much.)
This week's cover feature about legendary wrestling journalist Wade Keller includes a good bit of discussion about the storied history of pro wrestling in the Twin Cities.

In the early 1980s, the Minneapolis-based American Wrestling Association was arguably the world's number-one wrestling promotion, and two of its biggest stars were Jesse "The Body" Ventura and Hulk Hogan.

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Wade Keller: The man holding up the Pro Wrestling Torch [FEATURE]

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Jesse Ventura's Reddit AMA: Top quotes

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During yesterday's Reddit Ask Me Anything session, Jesse Ventura weighed in on topics ranging from the Patriot Act to Minnesota winters to the best way to become a "goddamn sexual tyrannosaurus."

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It was fun, wacky, and conspiratorial -- but would you expect anything less from our former governor? Below, we've compiled the 15 most entertaining things Ventura had to say during his AMA.

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Jesse Ventura goes off the grid "so that the drones can't find me" [VIDEO]

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Jesse Ventura says Hilary vs. Jeb would "pave the way" for him to become president [VIDEO]

He has a new show (and new glasses to boot).
Jesse Ventura hasn't given up on his dream of becoming the next president.

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In fact, during an appearance on Larry King's Ora TV show yesterday, the former governor said that if Democrat Hilary Clinton and Republican Jeb Bush end up emerging as the two leading 2016 contenders, it "would pave the way for Jesse Ventura to be the next president."

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Ventura/Stern presidential ticket releases first campaign commercial [VIDEO]

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Jesse Ventura and Howard Stern claim they are running for president in 2016, and they have released a new radio commercial for their campaign.

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It's unclear if either is serious about the White House ambitions -- Stern almost certainly wouldn't take the pay cut or accept the financial disclosure required of a race. Ventura actually might be serious, and says he will run even if Stern drops out as his vice presidential candidate.

"We would give the people of America the first opportunity to vote for a president that does not belong to a political party," Ventura says in the clip.

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Sign Jesse Ventura's petition to freeze pay for Congress during shutdown

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Jesse Ventura's idea to freeze congressional pay until the shutdown is resolved is gaining steam online.

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Ventura recently made the suggestion to TMZ in a video interview, and now a petition to that effect has gained over 300,000 signatures.

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Jesse Ventura appears on Howard Stern's radio show to plan presidential campaign [VIDEO]

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Jesse Ventura appeared on Howard Stern's radio show yesterday and discussed campaign strategy with the man he wants to be his vice president.

The interview started with Stern asking Ventura if he was really serious about them running for office together.

"Howard, I won't do it if you won't do it with me," Ventura maintained. "I need you to not have to raise money."

The reason has everything to do with a lesson Ventura learned while running for Minnesota governor.
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Jesse Ventura laments declining popularity, difficulty finding work

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Jesse said Kyle's book is the worst thing that's ever happened to him. (But what about that whole "hunting man" thing?)
Iraq war vet and best-selling author Christopher Kyle was gunned down by a fellow veteran in a tragic incident on a shooting range last February. But that didn't stop Jesse Ventura from proceeding with a defamation lawsuit he'd filed against Kyle and his estate.

In his book, Kyle described an incident that took placed at a California bar in 2006. He writes that he punched out a "celebrity" he calls "scruff face" because he was loudly and rudely denigrating the Navy SEALs, President George W. Bush, and U.S. foreign policy. ("Scruff face" bears an uncanny resemblance to Ventura in a number of respects.) Kyle writes that when he took issue, "Scruff face" allegedly told him, "You deserve to lose a few." Things got physical from there and Scruff ultimately "went down," Kyle writes.

-- Jesse Ventura says he questions gov't more than most because he doesn't drink fluoridated water
-- Jesse Ventura poses with Dayton, Carlson, and Pawlenty, wears tie dye [PHOTO]

Ventura says "Scruff face" was clearly a reference to him and maintains the entire incident was a product of Kyle's imagination. And in a newly released deposition, Ventura says one of the main things that motivated him to sue is that Kyle's book made him less popular with the media and with his fellow veterans.

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Jesse Ventura says he questions gov't more than most because he doesn't drink fluoridated water

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Jesse: Drinking tap water is like downing "liquid Prozac."
Earlier this week, Jesse Ventura went on the Unprofessional podcast to talk about a possible 2016 presidential run, the lessons he learned as Governor of Minnesota... and the role fluoridated water might play in keeping the American people "sheepish."

EARLIER THIS MONTH: Jesse Ventura poses with Dayton, Carlson, and Pawlenty, wears tie dye [PHOTO]

Perhaps that last comment shouldn't surprise us, seeing as how Jesse hosted a show about conspiracy theories and has made similar claims during recent TV interviews. But still, we couldn't help but appreciate how Jesse invoked fluoridated water not only to explain why American politics is so f'd up, but also to explain why he's such a uniquely rogue character.

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Jesse Ventura poses with Dayton, Carlson, and Pawlenty, wears tie dye [PHOTO]

jesse ventura rect.jpg
The Body still isn't a fan of formal wear.
Last Friday, Minnesota's current Governor and his three predecessors got together at the Capitol for a sendoff to Tony Policano, who worked as a security guard for all of them.

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At one point, Policano posed for a shot with Mark Dayton, Arne Carlson, Tim Pawlenty, and Jesse the Body. Suffice it to say one of those men didn't look like the others.

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