"Minnesota nice" Kevin Love jersey burning is pretty funny [VIDEO]

K-Love is a beast, but it's time for a change of scenery.
Cleveland fans were pissed as hell when LeBron took his talents to South Beach in 2010 and burned his jerseys on the streets to show it.

Sure, Kevin Love ain't no Bron. But as news broke last week that he's on his way out of town, you'd expect there to be some First Avenue angst about the second-best player in Timberwolves history leaving Minneapolis, wouldn't you?

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Sure sounds like Kevin Love, Timberwolves are headed for summertime breakup

"It's not you, it's... nah, actually it is you."
Unceasing speculation about Kevin Love's long-term future in Minnesota has been ongoing at least since January 2012, when Love signed a less-than-maximum four-year contract extension with an option to walk away after the third year.

In the months that followed, reports emerged that Love wasn't happy with then-President of Basketball Operations David Kahn's much-criticized decision to not give him a maximum five-year deal. Though Kahn was jettisoned for Flip Saunders in April of last year, a disappointing 2013-14 season left K-Love very, very sad, and now, with only one year left between Love and free agency, a number of reports are surfacing indicating team officials have already been informed the second-best player in franchise history has no interest in again re-signing here.

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Kevin Love is seriously sad [VIDEO]

The 2013-14 Timberwolves season began with such optimism. Ten years removed from the team's last playoff berth, it looked like the NBA's most downtrodden franchise was finally about to get over the hump.

But after a hot start, the Wolves started losing close games. Unfortunately, they never stopped, and after a heartbreaking defeat at home Sunday against Phoenix -- the Wolves led by 22 in the second but characteristically crumbled in crunch time -- the meaningful portion of this season's schedule is over. As has been the case every year since the MV3 Western Conference Finals run of 2004, there will be no playoffs this spring for the Pups.

-- Listen to T-Wolves radio guy Alan Horton's epic meltdown at end of last night's loss

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Kevin Love's response to Tyson Chandler's trash talk is surprisingly profane

The Love-Chandler "feud" suddenly became R-rated today.
At halftime of the New York Knicks' eventual Wednesday night victory over the  Timberwolves, Knicks center Tyson Chandler was asked how he planned to approach his matchup with Kevin Love in the second half.

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"Oh, go at him. He can't play D," Chandler replied, with a smirk on his face.

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Kevin Love's spoof of LeBron's dunk video is incredible

K-Love has been so hot during the T-Wolves' western road trip.
During a recent road trip to Phoenix, the Miami Heat took a break from practice so Dwyane Wade could film LeBron James throwing down this sick dunk:

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Kevin Love was the NBA's best player in February [VIDEOS]

Step aside, LeBron, and eat your heart out, Durant. Because this month, Minneapolis has been home to the best basketball player in the world.

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In February, Kevin Love averaged an otherworldly 34 points (that's a franchise record for an individual month), 14 rebounds, and four assists per game, while shooting 41 percent from three-point land. And last night, K-Love came within an assist of notching his second career triple-double (the first happened last Saturday night in Utah), putting up a ridiculous 33-13-9 during a must-win contest in Phoenix (the Wolves prevailed 110-101).

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Bill Simmons says Kevin Love has already decided to dump Minnesota

k love new rect.jpg
Will K-Love give us one more chance to make him happy?
It's no fun to be dumped, but it especially sucks when it comes from someone you're really into. Unfortunately, the NBA intelligentsia is advising Timberwolves fans to prepare for the sort of heartbreak we haven't felt since our first love, Kevin Garnett, left town in 2007.

THE BACKSTORY: Kevin Love blasts T-Wolves management in interview

That's because our beloved K-Love already has his mind made up to move on as soon as possible, at least according to what Grantland editor Bill Simmons is hearing.

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Kevin Love: J.J. Barea's bench behavior "kind of pisses me off"

Where's the love? K-Love and Barea have a history of clashing.
Kevin Love put his teammates on blast following last night's heartbreaking 104-103 loss to the Phoenix Suns at the Target Center.

SEE ALSO: Listen to T-Wolves radio guy Alan Horton's epic meltdown at end of last night's loss

"We can't have two guys sitting at the end of the bench, who play good minutes, just sitting there and not getting up at timeouts," Love told reporters after the game. "We all need to be in this together. That kind of pisses me off. We're supposed to be a team."

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Ricky Rubio runs K-Love "Love Dial" in awesome new ESPN promo [VIDEO]

:::: UPDATE :::: As pointed out below by commenter lubbadubb, dialing the "Love Dial" billboard number yields a sultry voicemail treat from Ricky himself. Although it's a bit hard to follow the specifics, it definitely sounds like the Spanish heartthrob says something about "naked women" and "hot minutes."

Here's our recording -- if you'd like the dial the Love Line up for yourself, the number is 1-855-NEED-LOVE:

The latest NBA on ESPN promo features a sneaky Ricky Rubio secretly running some sort of Kevin Love "Love Dial" business.

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We won't waste too much time critiquing the damn thing. Just watch it -- it's good, albeit bizarre:

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Kevin Love's response to reporter's non-question is classic [VIDEO]

K-Love followed up another beastly performance with a meme-worthy "not impressed" face.
Though their performance was inspiring, the Timberwolves lost last night in heartbreaking fashion on the road to the Los Angeles Clippers, a team widely expected to be one of the best in the Western Conference this season.

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Down 109-107 with about seven seconds left, Kevin Love's last-gasp attempt to tie the game literally came up centimeters short. As the final horn sounded on an extremely entertaining game, all Kevin could do was put his hands on his head, smile, look at his coaches and say, "My bad."

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