Minneapolis among best cities for recent college grads, study says

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Minneapolis Convention & Visitors Bureau
Studies published both last year and in 2012 ranked the Twin Cities among the top 10 metros for college grads. A new study published by Livability.com indicates that remains the case this year, at least as far as Minneapolis is concerned.

The study ranks Minneapolis as the fifth-best city in the country for recent college grads.

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St. Paul and Mpls both make top 10 of "Greenest Cities" list

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Michael Adams
St. Paul ranks just ahead of Minneapolis in NerdWallet's list of the "Greenest Cities in America," but both cities crack the top 10.

The list ranks the county's 95 largest cities using an algorithm that accounts for the median Air Quality Index, number of parks per 10,000 residents, the percentage of commuters not using cars, and wasted fuel as a result of traffic congestion. St. Paul clocks in 8th, Minneapolis 10th.

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Target Field back on best ballparks list

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The ground may still be covered with snow, but baseball season is here, folks.
Eyebrows in Twins Territory were raised last year when our beloved and beautiful Target Field didn't crack TripAdvisor's list of the best ballparks in America.

But this year, the $545 million house that the Pohlads and Hennepin County built has been restored to its rightful place in the top 10.

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Minnesotans have relatively little sexual stamina, study says

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Map via Nerve
Minnesota's typical sexcapade is the shortest in the Midwest, the study concludes.
A pair of recent studies relating to sex haven't reflected well on the residents of the Land of 10,000 Lakes.

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The first, published a couple of months ago, concluded that Minnesota men have relatively small penises. [Insert joke about how I wasn't included in the sample here.] And now comes word that all ya'll have relatively little sexual stamina.

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Mpls again named third most literate city, St. Paul takes seventh

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Payton Chung
Minneapolis's downtown library.
Next time you're strolling through Magers & Quinn or Micawber's, remind yourself that you're in one of the most literate cities in the country -- whether you're in Minneapolis or St. Paul.

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The 17 Minnesota cities and streets everyone mispronounces

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Minnesota Historical Society
From where, Minnesota? U.S. Air Force officer's flight bag, circa 1947.
The city of Cairo, Illinois, is pronounced "KAY-ro." Missouri has a Nevada called "Ne-VAY-dah." Here in Minnesota, there's New Prague, as in, "Pray-ge." And those are just the homographs.

Every state has them: Places with names that locals and non-locals alike trip up. They can give away a newcomer, be a point of pride for a townie, and shift from generation to generation. In Minnesota, they offer a historical map: the French-Canadian traders who established a trading post in Faribault, the Czechs who settled around New Prague, the Mdewakanton Dakota who lived near Shakopee.

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St. Paul named best romantic city, and Chris Coleman says LRT will only make it lovelier

Thumbnail image for stpaulskylinewinter.jpg
USA Today readers think you're looking at North America's best romantic getaway.
Even though voting occurred amid a polar vortex that has many of us wearing decidedly unsexy long undies and thermals, St. Paul has been named the "Best Romantic North American Getaway" by 10Best/USA Today.

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St. Paul somehow edged places like Santa Fe, New Orleans, and Honolulu for the "Readers' Choice" award. And reached for comment today, Mayor Chris Coleman said he doesn't expect St. Paul to be dislodged from the top of the list anytime soon.

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DFL takes credit for Minnesota being named second-best state

mark dayton new rect.jpg
Meanwhile, Tim Pawlenty wonders, where's the love?
Friday, we told you about the Land of 10,000 Lakes' impressive showing in Politico's ranking of the best and worst states to live in.

The DFL wants you to know that you have Democrats to thank for our second-place standing.

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Minnesota is second-best state to live in, according to Politico

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minnesota sign.jpg
Monroe Family Blog
Minnesota is second only to New Hampshire in terms of the best states to live in, according to a list put together by Politico's Margaret Slattery.

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Slattery's list "rounded up 14 different state rankings from reputable sources like the Census Bureau, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and the FBI, and on important factors such as high school graduation rates, per capita income, life expectancy and crime rate."

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Minnesota's 10 best cities: Movoto researcher explains why outstate towns get no love

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minnesota sign.jpg
Monroe Family Blog
According to Movoto's list, the southwest metro is home to Minnesota's four best cities.
If you believe Movoto, none of the 10 best places in Minnesota are outside the Twin Cities metro area.

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That, of course, strikes many Minnesotans as counterintuitive. Who wouldn't want to live in a beautiful lakeside home in Two Harbors, or settle down nestled up to the river bluffs near Winona, for instance?

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