8-Year-Old Takes Car for 10-Mile Joy Ride Throughout East Metro

Raíssa Viza/Flickr
The child made it from St. Paul to Mounds View before safely parking the car in a stranger's driveway

Just before 6 a.m. yesterday double-taking drivers on I-35E pulled alongside a swerving car going about 40 mph.

They saw an eight-year-old boy who could barely see over the steering wheel piloting his foster parents' 1992 Buick Roadmaster with his two younger siblings in tow.

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3 Twin Cities Homes We Suggest You Buy If You Hit the Powerball Tonight

Categories: Housing, Lucky

Photo by: Landmark

Tonight's Powerball payout is estimated to be north of $300 million. In a moment of suspended disbelief -- and completely out of character with the luck established thus far in your life -- pretend you win.

Your first order of business as minion-turned-Mark-Dayton-tax-bracket is an upgrade in accommodations. Might we suggest three possibilities:

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Eugene Rakow somehow survived shooting himself in the heart with a nail gun [X-RAY]

Categories: Lucky
Eugene Rakow (bottom left) and his x-ray after he accidentally shot a nail right through his heart.
Eugene Rakow, a 58-year-old St. Bonifacius carpenter, shot himself in the heart with a nail gun last Friday. He somehow lived to tell the tale.

The amazing x-ray image at the top of this post was taken at Abbott Northwestern Hospital. Rakow was released from the hospital and returned home on Monday.

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Ham Lake man wins $149 million share of Powerball jackpot

Categories: Lucky
screenshot via the Pioneer Press
Paul White holding a check for his winnings on Thursday afternoon.
When he saw that the Powerball jackpot was up to $448.4 million, Paul White bought ten tickets at the local Holiday.

His long-time girlfriend called him on Thursday morning and reminded him to check his tickets. When he did, White, who lives in Anoka County's Ham Lake, realized that one of them hit all six numbers.

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Lost dog Tomah is found on teenager BWCA canoe trip

Categories: Animals, Lucky
Shelties are known for their long double coat of fur.
Five go in, six come out. A group of high school boys returned from their canoe trip earlier this week with an extra four-legged passenger.

Tomah, a shy Shetland Sheepdog belonging to a family in northern Minnesota, had been lost and alone in the woods for three days when five boys from Minnetonka High School unexpectedly came to his rescue.

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Man hopes to get big haul for homegrown potato that looks remarkably like a duck [PHOTO]

Categories: Animals, Food, Lucky
duck spud.jpeg
Submitted photo via Grand Forks Herald
It does look uncannily like a duck, doesn't it?
How much would you pay for a duck-shaped spud?

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If you said, "99 cents after it's served to me as a medium order of fries," then we're on the same page. But Danny Haataja of Menahga, Minnesota, hopes his remarkably duck-shaped potato (visible above) nets him a much more lucrative haul.

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Deb Thompson finds diamond ring in $4 pair of Goodwill capris, refuses to keep it

Categories: Lucky
deb thompson.jpg
Thompson's $4 capris contained an unexpected surprise.
Deb Thompson got a whole lot more than she bargained for when she bought a $3.99 pair of used capris at the Coon Rapids Goodwill store.

Thompson, a 53-year-old Ham Lake resident, took the capris home and tried them on. She reached in the back pocket, felt a strange object, and pulled out what looked to be a diamond ring.

But before she even had the ring appraised, she decided she couldn't keep it. "If it was me, I would be going crazy if I had lost a ring like this," she told the Star Tribune, adding that she'd "love for [the owner] to have a second chance."

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Stacy Knutson, Moorhead waitress, gets to keep her $12,000 tip after all

Categories: Lucky
stacy knutson.jpg
Finders, keepers, in the case of Stacy Knutson and her magic box.
Poverty-stricken waitress Stacy Knutson stumbled across $12,000 while working at the Fryn' Pan in Moorhead. She reported her fortuitous, unclaimed finding to police, only to have them keep the cash on the pretense that it was drug money. She later sued the county to recoup the funds, arguing police had no basis for the drug money claim.

Today, the 18-year restaurant veteran and mother of five received good news. The Clay County attorney's office decided to return the full $12,000 to Knutson and her family, meaning she and her kids should eat well for the foreseeable future. No reason for the decision was immediately given, but perhaps the Grinch-like move to seize the money created a PR shitstorm the county just didn't want to weather.

"She and her family were praying and asked God's intervention to touch these peoples' hearts," her attorney, Craig Richie, told the Star Tribune, "and that's what happened."

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Mystery woman leaves $12,000 at restaurant; waitress says it's a tip, police say drug money

Categories: Lucky
cash wad.jpg
For turning in an unclaimed $12,000, Moorhead police gave a waitress a $1,000 consolation prize.
A waitress at the Moorhead Fryn' Pan was working when she noticed a woman had left a to-go box from another restaurant on a table.

She grabbed the box, then followed the woman out the restaurant. But when she tried to reunite the woman with her "leftovers," the waitress was told, "No, I'm good, you keep it."

Befuddled, the waitress reentered the restaurant and noticed the box was heavier than your usual leftover container. She opened it up, looked inside, and there was the answer to her prayers -- $12,000 in cold hard cash.

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Lotto ticket bought in Minnesota is worth $229 million

Categories: Lucky
powerball numbers.jpg
Check your pockets, Minnesota. We have a winner.

A Powerball ticket sold in Dakota County came up good last night, and the winner's due a $229 million jackpot. The Minnesota State Lottery says the sum is the biggest ever won in Minnesota.

The magic numbers are 11-18-36-41-46 and a Powerball number of 38. The winner has one full year from yesterday's date to claim the prize, which can either be taken in pieces -- big, money-filled pieces that grow bigger each year -- that would add up to the full $229 million, or take the lump sum of straight cash, homey.

The cash option cuts the total down to about $84 million, after taxes, but that would allow the winner to immediately build a new mansion with walls that are made out of $100 bills. 

"This is a great day," acting Minnesota Lottery director Jenny Canfield said. "This is what we live for."

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