Minneapolis Cops, Once Pawlenty Fans, Endorse Governor Dayton

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Dayton, pictured here with John Delmonico directly to his right, has the endorsement of the Minneapolis cop union.
The Minneapolis cop union -- officially known as the Police Officers Federation of Minneapolis -- has unanimously endorsed the reelection bid of Gov. Mark Dayton.

In a news release, union president John Delmonico says his organization, which is the largest police union in the state, "endorses people, not parties." That comment is borne out by the fact that the federation endorsed Republican Tim Pawlenty in 2002 and 2006.

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MN Police Order Endorses Republican Candidates for Office ... and Mark Dayton

The Minnesota Fraternal Order of Police is to cops what the Elks Lodge is to boozehounds. It's a members-only clubhouse, where the brothers and sisters can remove their badges, talk fundraising and good deeds, and -- inevitably -- debate politics.

This summer, the order's members surveyed the upcoming election and endorsed all Republican candidates for national offices -- plus Mark Dayton.

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Franken/McFadden and Dayton/Johnson Debate Today: Watch Them Here

On the top row (from left to right), IP candidate Hannah Nicollet, Dayton, and Johnson will participate in the gubernatorial debate. On the bottom... well, you know who those guys are.
It's October, which means we're hitting the homestretch of the election season.

Today, in fact, may be one of the biggest days between now and November 4, as debates will be held in the races for the two highest-profile offices up for grabs in Minnesota -- the gubernatorial seat currently held by Mark Dayton, and the U.S. Senate seat currently occupied by Al Franken.

Thanks to the Uptake, you can watch both of them, streaming and on demand, below the jump.

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Mark Dayton Takes Credit for Historically Low Unemployment Rate... But Should He?

mark dayton rect.jpg
The Minnesota August jobs report released yesterday is a tale of two stats.

On one hand, the state's unemployment rate, now at 4.3 percent, is at an eight-year low, and in an election year, that should bode well for Gov. Mark Dayton, right? But on the other, the state's workforce participation rate, at 69.8 percent, is at a 30-year low, which suggests the economic situation is sufficiently bleak that some job seekers have simply given up. That's certainly not as promising for Dayton's reelection prospects.

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Mark Dayton: Adrian Peterson's Actions Are "Embarrassment," Vikings Should Suspend Him

Dayton and Vikings officials disagree about whether AP should play while his child abuse charges are pending.
:::: UPDATE :::: Wilfs Admit They Got It Wrong, Bar Adrian Peterson From Team

Gov. Mark Dayton hasn't been shy about weighing in on controversies involving the Vikings in the past, and today, he shared his thoughts on the organization's handling of the Adrian Peterson mess.

Suffice it to say he's not a fan. In a statement emailed to us by Dayton's press secretary, the governor calls Peterson's actions "a public embarrassment" and says the organization made the wrong call in allowing AP to prepare for this weekend's game in New Orleans.

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Do Dayton, DFL deserve credit for MN's high rank in CNBC's Top States For Business?

Somewhere, Tim Pawlenty shakes his head...
The Dayton administration is crowing after Minnesota clocked in with a sixth-place finish in CNBC's Top States For Business 2014 list.

Matt Swenson, Dayton's press secretary, drew reporters' attention to the study yesterday, writing in an email, "Members of the Press - I wanted to make sure you saw this news release issued by the Minnesota Department of Employment and Economic Development (DEED) this afternoon. CNBC just named Minnesota the 6th-best place to do business in the United States."

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Mark Dayton backtracks on comments about tipped employees making lower minimum wage [AUDIO]

Categories: Mark Dayton
Somewhere, Tom Emmer smiles.
In a controversy reminiscent of the one the governor embroiled himself in this spring when he ill-advisedly suggested Minnesotans who want medical marijuana simply buy pot off the street, Mark Dayton is now backing off remarks he made about Minnesota's minimum wage during a meeting with the Rochester Post-Bulletin's editorial board last week.

Asked about Minnesota's new, higher minimum wage, Dayton said, "It may be that we have to fine-tune it. I understand my sons' frustration with the tip credit issue. They make a very articulate case."

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Jeff Johnson is the only Republican candidate for governor who supports medical marijuana

Dank Depot
Medical marijuana activists see the state's new law as only the beginning of broader reform. They've vowed to continue fighting at the Capitol and extend coverage to thousands more Minnesotans.

Success or failure depends not only on the stamina of such activists, but on the outcome of this fall's elections, particularly in the race for governor. Of course, a lot can happen in a year. But it's worth considering where the remaining candidates stand on this single issue to get a better sense of the difficulty of the task ahead.

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Mark Dayton previews reelection case on BuzzFeed

mark dayton new rect.jpg
Upon first blush, you might think the listicle Gov. Mark Dayton wrote for BuzzFeed Community ("26 More Reasons To Love Minnesota") is nothing more than a fun little piece meant to promote our in-love-with-lists state.

But look closer and you'll see the outlines of the governor's reelection case amid much silliness about the Mall of America, white Christmases, Bob Dylan, and so forth.

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Legislators send conservative medical marijuana bill to governor's desk over lone protest

Dr. Ed Ehlinger, MN public health commissioner
A committee of Minnesota legislators chaired by Sen. Scott Dibble (DFL-Minneapolis) voted 5-1 Thursday on a single medical marijuana bill that more closely resembles the ultra-conservative House version.

In less than a week, Dibble went from lobbying for his cheaper and more inclusive bill to giving in almost entirely to Rep. Carly Melin's (DFL-Hibbing) bill, which pleases both law enforcement and Gov. Mark Dayton.

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