Welcome to the Future: Get the Lowdown on Our New Facebook Commenting System

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Impassion Afghanistan
Today is the dawn of a new era for City Pages. We're switching to Facebook commenting.

You're on Facebook all the time already. Why log into a new system so you can comment on City Pages' articles that inspire, provoke, and let you know what's happening around the Twin Cities?

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FSN Pulls the Plug on the Fox Sports North Girls, Ending Meaningless Eye Candy Concept

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Say goodbye to Angie, Kendall, and Jennifer

By now Minnesota sports fans are well acquainted with the cute, young, perpetually smiling mugs of the Fox Sports North Girls.

They were the babes welcoming viewers back from commercial break: "You are now watching Fox Sports North," they said, striking a pose for caveman viewers who lust for a little sex appeal in between the beer commercials and slow-motion replays.

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Ex-Sports Talk Radio Personality Jeff Dubay Arrested Again, This Time For Meth

Washington County
It appears the former sports talk radio star suffered another relapse

UPDATED 4/30 3:20 PM

UPDATE #2 4/30 4:50 PM
About a month ago Dubay posted this on Facebook, which may help explain his recent arrest:


Jeff Dubay and Paul Allen had a nice 10-year run together as KFAN's resident rubes. Dubay's high-energy, everyman persona paired well with Allen's smoother delivery, polished through years of calling horse races.

That came to an abrupt end when Dubay was fired in 2008 after his crack cocaine use spiraled out of control. He resurfaced clean and sober on KFAN's competitor, AM 1500, in January 2013, but was fired again a year later in what was termed a cost-cutting measure.

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Someone Screwed Up on KARE 11's 10 O'Clock News Last Night

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Cool-Hand-Mike/Deviant Art
"The game sharts at 7 o'clock. Back to you guys"

An innocuous sports segment towards the end of KARE 11's 10 o'clock news last night turned hilarious when a worst-case-scenario typo somehow made it to broadcast.

Whoever is in charge of on-screen graphics forgot a "f" in "shifts," resulting in this gem:

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Jesse Ventura's Son Just Got His Own Show on Kremlin-Backed TV

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Watching the Hawks Facebook
Tyrel Ventura (middle) is hosting along with Oliver Stone's son Sean (right) and Wisconsin-born ex-actress Tabetha Wallace

Jesse Ventura's son Tyrel has become one of the media jackals the ex-governor once famously hated, on a TV station backed by the Russian government, of all places.

Earlier this week the English-language Russian news channel RT announced that the new show, Watching the Hawks, will be hosted by Tyrel Ventura, Oliver Stone's son Sean, and a Wisconsin-born ex-actress named Tabetha Wallace.

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Conservative U of M Newspaper Warned Over Controversial Terrorist Photo

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Minnesota Republic
U of M later called the student-run committee's warning inappropriate, upholding the paper's right to free speech

Staff from the Minnesota Republic were hit with a bit of a surprise when they made their annual presentation to apply for money collected by the University of Minnesota's Student Services Fee.

Members of the student-run committee in charge of making initial funding recommendations objected to the back cover of an issue the conservative student newspaper published in 2011. It contained two photos showing a person dressed as a terrorist burning the paper, and in between the photos it read: "The Minnesota Republic: Terrorists Hate It," with Arabic writing underneath.

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Before the New York Times, David Carr Learned the Journalism Craft on Minneapolis Streets

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Brian Lambert

In the early 1980s, decades before David Carr became David Carr — the New York Times' authority on all things media, brash star of the documentary Page One, author of the drug-fueled memoir The Night of the Gun — he was an ambitious journalism student who had to talk his way into reporting classes at the University of Minnesota because he couldn't pass the 40-words-per-minute typing test. Over the next 15 years, Carr, who died tragically of lung cancer in the Times' office February 12, became a Minneapolis institution as a reporter and editor of the Twin Cities Reader, an alternative weekly that competed fiercely with City Pages until it shut down in 1997.

As a reporter, Carr brazenly investigated the darkest corners of the city: police brutality on the North Side, murders in gangland, and downtown politics. He had the gift of sight — the ability to see clearly the stories others could not — and the power of synthesis that allowed him to churn out long, complicated stories in one sitting at a typewriter. Carr influenced and later hired many young talented journalists, some of whom would go on to be among the best known in the Twin Cities.

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Native Minnesotan, Iconic New York Times Journalist David Carr Dead at 58

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Web Summit via Flickr
David Carr, one of the nation's most revered and respected journalists, collapsed and died yesterday in the New York Times newsroom. He was 58.

The Hopkins native broke into journalism at the now-defunct alt weekly Twin Cities Reader in 1982 with an exposé on police brutality we dusted off and posted a few years back.

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MPR Apologizes After "Goddamn" Lyric Profanes Prairie Home Companion

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Ryan Somma via Flickr
It was motherfucking blasphemy
During Saturday night's live Prairie Home Companion show country singer Robbie Fulks sang the word "goddamn," prompting MPR to apologize before the show's Sunday replay, where it was bleeped.

Then the Star Tribune twisted itself into a pretzel shielding its readers from such "blasphemy."

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Al Franken Finds Unlikely Ally in Fight Against Comcast/Time-Warner Merger

John Taylor via Flickr
Does anyone think this is a good idea?
Al Franken has spent years railing against the proposed merger of Comcast and Time-Warner. As the regulatory approval process drags on, Franken and his lefty compatriots opposing the merger have picked up a few deep-pocketed allies from the right.

Republican Super PAC Conservative War Chest announced last week it will begin airing two-minute ads opposing the merger in five states because it would increase the power of "the nation's most powerful and even militant left-of-center political force."

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