Pioneer Press stands by report about two St. Paul officials' romance

Photos of Hahm (left) and Brendmoen (right) via city of St. Paul
"I make policy decisions based solely on what I believe is in the best interest of the citizens of the ward, and of the city," Brendmoen told the PiPress.
Last week, the Pioneer Press published a report entitled, "Romance between St. Paul officials bothers some people."

The piece is about the relationship between City Council member Amy Brendmoen and Parks and Recreation Director Mike Hahm. It raises questions about how their romance, which they haven't tried to keep secret, could potentially impact decisions made by city officials.

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Dave Thompson to host new political show evenings on AM 1130

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Dave Thompson
As a regular Friday guest on the AM 1130 morning show co-hosted by Jack Tomczak and Benjamin Kruse (listen to today's hour here), yours truly got a little scoop about a new show that will be debuting on KTLK next week.

State Sen. Dave Thompson (R-Lakeville) will be hosting a new evening political talk show on the right-leaning station beginning Monday. The show will be on the air from 5-7 p.m. every Monday-Friday evening through the election.

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NorthernMNer breaks down his viral "libraries not libertarians" Ferguson tweet

Dana Dean on Twitter
A teacher poses outside the Ferguson Public Library, where she's organizating educational activities for kids whose classes were canceled as a result of the unrest there.
The theme of librarians playing an indispensable role in American democracy has popped up in NorthernMNer's tweets a few times over the years, but never with as much resonance as earlier this week, when one of his tweets on that topic was retweeted well over 600 times.

The context for that viral offering is the ongoing unrest in Ferguson, Missouri, where the officer-involved shooting death of 18-year-old Michael Brown has led to people protesting in the street on a nightly basis and sparked a national conversation about race and the militarization of American law enforcement.

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Gaza peace activists put Al Franken on blast, plan "die-in" at Star Tribune HQ [VIDEO]

Sixteen protesters, including Jess Sundin, were arrested after they refused to leave Franken's office.
A local organization called the Anti-War Committee is taking Minnesota's U.S. Senators to task for siding with Israel during that country's ongoing conflict with the Palestinians.

Last week, the group stormed Sen. Al Franken's Minnesota office and ended up getting him on the phone for a tense conversation.

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Star Tribune ruffles feathers by not endorsing Mike McFadden in primary election

McFadden (left); Abeler (right)
Abeler's willingness to compromise with Dems and his record of getting things done gives him the nod over McFadden, the Strib argues.
This morning, the Star Tribune editorial board endorsed dark horse candidate Jim Abeler in the GOP U.S. Senate primary that will take place August 12.

The endorsement was somewhat surprising, as Mike McFadden has been the overwhelming favorite to emerge from the primary and move on to challenge Al Franken since he received the MNGOP endorsement a couple months ago. But the Strib editorial board "urge[s] voters to look beyond the money race and folksy TV commercials and consider Abeler's admirable record of fiscally conservative and independent-minded service to Minnesota."

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Fox 9's Spider-Man blooper goes viral [VIDEO]

Categories: Media
Not quite.
Last Thursday, Fox 9 producers intended to show viewers a snippet of Ray Rice's press conference during which the Baltimore Ravens running back apologized for hitting his wife.

Instead, they got... video of Spider-Man brawling with some random dude?

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Jason Lewis's mid-show quitting stunt wasn't quite as spontaneous as it seemed [AUDIO]

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Jason Lewis
Last Thursday, veteran Twin Cities-based conservative radio host Jason Lewis up and quit mid-show, right after wrapping up a rant summarizing his anti-taxes political philosophy.

It certainly seemed spontaneous. But reached for comment later, Andrew Lee, executive producer at Twin Cities New Talk AM1130 -- the station on which Lewis's syndicated show was heard locally -- says station brass knew Thursday was Lewis's last show all along.

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Obama's Minnesota visit was far less "loose" than it seemed, PiPress photog says [PHOTOS]

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Photos by Ben Garvin and used with his permission.
Just like regular people, Obama enjoys ice cream outings.
Not too long after he arrived in town last Thursday, President Barack Obama said he was feeling "super loose." The implication was that he's just a guy who happened to be in the Twin Cities on a pleasant summer night, playing it by ear, looking for a good time.

But that was far from the case, says Ben Garvin, a Pioneer Press photographer who was one of just two local photographers to be granted access as part of the president's "traveling pool."

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KSTP denies report Stanley Hubbard is sponsoring climate change denial conference [UPDATE]

Hubbard, according to Rolling Stone, calls climate change "the biggest fraud in the history of America."
:::: UPDATE :::: As Media Matters notes, despite Radford's denial, Hubbard Broadcasting Inc. is listed as a co-sponsor of the conference on the Heartland Institute's website. As a result, Media Matters characterizes "the Hubbard team's response" as "a completely illogical dodge."

Original post (June 27) -- In a report, Media Matters dings Stanley Hubbard for "co-sponsoring a Heartland Institute conference promoting climate denial" and alleges Hubbard's skepticism has "seeped into [his] stations' reporting."

Hubbard's flagship station, of course, is KSTP. But KSTP news director Lindsay Radford tells us Media Matters has it wrong about the upcoming conference and overstates Hubbard's influence on her newsroom.

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Video shows MSP cops roughing up Fox News anchor Gregg Jarrett after he swears at them

Jarrett on the air (left); his mugshot (right).
Video of Fox News anchor Gregg Jarrett's May 21 arrest at MSP Airport shows him swearing at a cop just before the officer gets fed up, puts him in an arm bar, and roughly slams him to the ground. (Read the backstory here.)

The altercation took place while Jarrett, who was fresh out of rehab at the time, was in custody "for a possible detox/crisis hold due to the reports received that he was mixing medications with alcohol" at an MSP bar, as an officer put it in his report. But after the incident, one of the officers handcuffed him and said, "Now you're going to jail."

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