Fox's Mike Goldberg Calls Critics Assholes, Douches After Panned Vikes Performance

Goldberg was pumped before the game, but things didn't go as smoothly as he probably hoped.
-- Update at bottom --

UFC announcer Mike Goldberg made his NFL TV debut Sunday, announcing the Vikings-Lions debacle game for Fox.

Suffice it to say his performance didn't exactly receive rave reviews.

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Owatonna People's Press Blasts Jeff Johnson Over Misquote Controversy

Johnson is taking heat for saying a paper acknowledged misquoting him when, in fact, it never did.
Years ago, yours truly interviewed Amy Klobuchar while she was touring a business in Faribault, Minnesota. As soon as I approached the senator to ask a couple questions, one of her aides swooped in with a tape recorder, presumably to ensure I didn't end up misquoting anything she said. I can't think of another time that's happened before or since.

Of course, it's understandable that big-time politicians are concerned about media members getting their comments right. But in an editorial, Jeffrey Jackson, managing editor of the Owatonna People's Press, blasts MNGOP gubernatorial candidate Jeff Johnson for saying that the paper misquoted his running mate, Bill Kuisle. According to Jackson, he has the tape to prove they actually got it right.

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DFL Candidate Eric Bergeson Draws Scrutiny for Off-Color Columns

YouTube screengrab
Bergeson delivers a keynote speech at a conference on cognitive impairment. Ironically, he's taking heat for writing about pretending to be "mentally impaired."
Here's how politics works: On Wednesday, the race involving Eric Bergeson, the DFL candidate for a House seat in northwestern Minnesota, was added to the Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee's "2014 Races to Watch" list."

"Democrat Eric Bergeson, a local columnist and business owner, is mounting a serious challenge" to two-term MNGOP incumbent Debra Kiel, the DLCC writes.

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Adrian Peterson Blasts Star Tribune for "Orgy" Report

Thumbnail image for AdrianPetersonMugshotNew.jpg
Last night, embattled Vikings running back Adrian Peterson took to Twitter to put the Star Tribune on blast for its big Sunday feature, "Behind Peterson's perfect image lay an imperfect human being."

AP tweeted out a list of 11 talking points, texted to him by a contact identified in his phone as "Place," each of which attempts to poke holes in the Strib's reporting.

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Media Ethics Prof on Star Tribune's Anti-Trans Ad: "Readers Deserve An Explanation"

This ad was paid for by the Minnesota Child Protection League, "A group of veteran religious right and tea party activists."
The Star Tribune created quite a stir by running a full-page anti-transgender ad in Sunday's paper, but when we sought an explanation from Steve Yaeger, Strib VP of marketing and public relations, he wasn't interested in talking about it.

"If you were doing a story on how media of all kinds (broadcast, print, digital) handle campaign and advocacy advertising, I'd consider how we could contribute to the conversation," he wrote in an email. "But I don't think that's what you're doing."

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Bob Sansevere Savaged for Column Calling for "Coddled" Joe Mauer to Catch Again

Categories: Media beefs, Twins
#HotSportsTakes backfire sometimes...
Bob Sansevere got seriously dissed by members of the media for the Pioneer Press column he wrote yesterday entitled, "New manager should have Mauer catch again."

In it, Sansevere argues that since injury-prone Mauer couldn't stay healthy during his first season at first base, he might as well move back to catcher.

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Star Tribune Runs Anti-Transgender Ad [IMAGE]

-- Update at bottom --

Yesterday, the Star Tribune upset many of its LGBT-friendly readers by running an anti-transgender ad paid for by the Minnesota Child Protection League.

The ad urges parents to contact Minnesota State High School League officials ahead of a meeting later this week and ask them not to approve a new policy that would allow transgender students to participate in athletics based on their gender identity.

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Pioneer Press staff publicly asks for current ownership to go

Categories: Media, Media beefs
Today, the Pioneer Press's guild-represented staff took the dramatic step of taking out an ad in the Star Tribune asking its current owners, New York City-based hedge fund Alden Global Capital, to sell the paper.

Alden "is more interested in dismantling the newspaper to increase profits than in investing in the future," the ad says. "The Twin Cities deserve better. The Pioneer Press needs a new owner who cares about the community it serves and will be a responsible steward of Minnesota's oldest news organization."

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Pioneer Press photog told to stop shooting in "private" St. Paul skyway

Is this space public or private? It seems to depend who you ask.
:::: UPDATE :::: St. Paul Police Release Chris Lollie Arrest Surveillance Footage

Footage of Chris Lollie's controversial arrest in the St. Paul skyway raised questions about the public/private status of that area.

Though both the First National Bank Building's Facebook page and St. Paul city ordinance suggest the seating area where Lollie was arrested is open to the public, the experience of Pioneer Press photographer Ben Garvin supports a different conclusion.

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Pioneer Press stands by report about two St. Paul officials' romance

Photos of Hahm (left) and Brendmoen (right) via city of St. Paul
"I make policy decisions based solely on what I believe is in the best interest of the citizens of the ward, and of the city," Brendmoen told the PiPress.
Last week, the Pioneer Press published a report entitled, "Romance between St. Paul officials bothers some people."

The piece is about the relationship between City Council member Amy Brendmoen and Parks and Recreation Director Mike Hahm. It raises questions about how their romance, which they haven't tried to keep secret, could potentially impact decisions made by city officials.

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