Star Tribune Runs Anti-Transgender Ad [IMAGE]

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Yesterday, the Star Tribune upset many of its LGBT-friendly readers by running an anti-transgender ad paid for by the Minnesota Child Protection League.

The ad urges parents to contact Minnesota State High School League officials ahead of a meeting later this week and ask them not to approve a new policy that would allow transgender students to participate in athletics based on their gender identity.

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Pioneer Press staff publicly asks for current ownership to go

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Today, the Pioneer Press's guild-represented staff took the dramatic step of taking out an ad in the Star Tribune asking its current owners, New York City-based hedge fund Alden Global Capital, to sell the paper.

Alden "is more interested in dismantling the newspaper to increase profits than in investing in the future," the ad says. "The Twin Cities deserve better. The Pioneer Press needs a new owner who cares about the community it serves and will be a responsible steward of Minnesota's oldest news organization."

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Pioneer Press photog told to stop shooting in "private" St. Paul skyway

Is this space public or private? It seems to depend who you ask.
:::: UPDATE :::: St. Paul Police Release Chris Lollie Arrest Surveillance Footage

Footage of Chris Lollie's controversial arrest in the St. Paul skyway raised questions about the public/private status of that area.

Though both the First National Bank Building's Facebook page and St. Paul city ordinance suggest the seating area where Lollie was arrested is open to the public, the experience of Pioneer Press photographer Ben Garvin supports a different conclusion.

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Pioneer Press stands by report about two St. Paul officials' romance

Photos of Hahm (left) and Brendmoen (right) via city of St. Paul
"I make policy decisions based solely on what I believe is in the best interest of the citizens of the ward, and of the city," Brendmoen told the PiPress.
Last week, the Pioneer Press published a report entitled, "Romance between St. Paul officials bothers some people."

The piece is about the relationship between City Council member Amy Brendmoen and Parks and Recreation Director Mike Hahm. It raises questions about how their romance, which they haven't tried to keep secret, could potentially impact decisions made by city officials.

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Irony: Andy Parrish deletes racist tweet hours after chastising Chris Fields

John Croman on Twitter
I mean, should we really expect anything less from a guy who goes on national TV with no pants on?
After Chris Fields dug himself into a deep hole with a series of tasteless tweets about Robin Williams's suicide, local Republican political operative Andy Parrish saw fit to get on his high horse: But before Fields even got around to apologizing for his self-inflicted debacle, Parrish found himself apologizing for a racist tweet of his own.

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MNGOP deputy chair Chris Fields criticized for tasteless tweets about Robin Williams's death

Categories: MNGOP, Media beefs
This is the last known photo of Williams, taken at a Minnesota Dairy Queen early last month.
:::: UPDATES :::: Fields has deleted most of his offensive tweets, but we've got the screengrabs. Click to page three of this post to see them. We've also included reaction from the gubernatorial candidate Fields was attempting to support, Jeff Johnson, and an apology from Fields himself at the bottom of page two.

About six weeks after the last known photo of Robin Williams was snapped at the Dairy Queen in Lindstrom during his visit to the nearby Hazelden Addiction Treatment Center, the world-famous comedian reportedly took his own life yesterday in California at the age of 63.

Williams's spokesperson told CNN he'd been battling severe depression lately.

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Hubbard Broadcasting's decision to pull anti-Stewart Mills attack ad sparks controversy

In a speech, Mills said the notion the wealthy don't pay their fair share in taxes "is offensive for anybody who operates a business or employs people" -- i.e., him.
An attack ad supported by the House Majority PAC (HMP) portrays Republican Eighth District congressional candidate Stewart Mills as a rich dude who is "personally offended" by the notion that 1 percenters should pay substantially more in taxes than everyday folks.

But the Mills campaign says the ad takes Stewart's words out of context to make them sound worse than they really were, and late last month they issued a press release calling upon TV stations to stop airing the spot.

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Star Tribune ruffles feathers by not endorsing Mike McFadden in primary election

McFadden (left); Abeler (right)
Abeler's willingness to compromise with Dems and his record of getting things done gives him the nod over McFadden, the Strib argues.
This morning, the Star Tribune editorial board endorsed dark horse candidate Jim Abeler in the GOP U.S. Senate primary that will take place August 12.

The endorsement was somewhat surprising, as Mike McFadden has been the overwhelming favorite to emerge from the primary and move on to challenge Al Franken since he received the MNGOP endorsement a couple months ago. But the Strib editorial board "urge[s] voters to look beyond the money race and folksy TV commercials and consider Abeler's admirable record of fiscally conservative and independent-minded service to Minnesota."

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Betsy Hodges's spox blasts KSTP for report about tension between mayor and Chief Harteau

On the record, Hodges and Harteau say they have a good working relationship, but KSTP's anonymous sources see things differently.
Mayor Betsy Hodges's spokesperson, Kate Brickman, laid into KSTP last night for a report about purported tension between her boss and Minneapolis Police Chief JaneƩ Harteau.

In "Minneapolis Mayor, Police Chief Deny Tense Working Relationship," Jay Kolls cites "multiple" unnamed sources who tell him the two "don't get along very well." He says the beef the two had about police body cameras while Hodges was on the campaign trial marked the beginning of their rift. But Brickman thinks the real story is about how gender bias colors KSTP's coverage.

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Mpls man removed from flight after he disses gate agent by name on Twitter

Categories: Media beefs
Watson (left), a formerly loyal Southwest customer, says he's done with the airline as a result of how he was treated.
Just after 5 p.m. Sunday, Southwest Airlines "A-Lister" Duff Watson tried to use his status to priority board his flight back home to Minneapolis with his two young children. He says he's done this in the past and it hasn't been an issue.

But in the case, the gate agent, a woman named "Kimberly S," told him he'd have to wait. Watson tells us he was "literally taken aback, because I travel a lot with my kids and have done that before," but his next thought was, "Oh well."

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