Mpls man removed from flight after he disses gate agent by name on Twitter

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Watson (left), a formerly loyal Southwest customer, says he's done with the airline as a result of how he was treated.
Just after 5 p.m. Sunday, Southwest Airlines "A-Lister" Duff Watson tried to use his status to priority board his flight back home to Minneapolis with his two young children. He says he's done this in the past and it hasn't been an issue.

But in the case, the gate agent, a woman named "Kimberly S," told him he'd have to wait. Watson tells us he was "literally taken aback, because I travel a lot with my kids and have done that before," but his next thought was, "Oh well."

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Mike McFadden scrubs negative Facebook comments, fills void with positivity from intern

McFadden's "Coach" ad has proven to be a real punch in the nuts to his campaign.
MNGOP-endorsed U.S. Senate candidate Mike McFadden's first major TV ad elicited criticism, and considering "groin gate," how could he possibly have expected otherwise? But instead of taking it on the chin or defending the head-scratching spot, his campaign decided to purge his Facebook page of negative comments about it.

Or at least so BuzzFeed reports, citing screengrabs provided to them by a "Minnesota Democrat." (C'mon, hook us up!)

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Medtronic says coverage of local job cuts buries the lede

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Medtronic's world headquarters (pictured) is currently in Fridley, but the company plans to pack up and move to a more tax-friendly country.
Yesterday, the Minneapolis/St. Paul Business Journal broke news that Medtronic, Minnesota's eighth-largest company, is cutting 40 local jobs. That development comes less than a month after Gov. Mark Dayton said Medtronic CEO Omark Ishrak personally assured him his company plans to create 1,000 new jobs here even though it will be relocating its headquarters to Ireland.

A few paragraphs into the piece, the Business Journal notes that Medtronic "notified the Minnesota Department of Employment and Economic Development (DEED) [of the cuts] in April. The state agency recently disclosed the cuts in an update to its Dislocated Worker Program report." But a Medtronic spokesman says that tidbit should really be front and center in reports about the local job losses.

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KSTP denies report Stanley Hubbard is sponsoring climate change denial conference [UPDATE]

Hubbard, according to Rolling Stone, calls climate change "the biggest fraud in the history of America."
:::: UPDATE :::: As Media Matters notes, despite Radford's denial, Hubbard Broadcasting Inc. is listed as a co-sponsor of the conference on the Heartland Institute's website. As a result, Media Matters characterizes "the Hubbard team's response" as "a completely illogical dodge."

Original post (June 27) -- In a report, Media Matters dings Stanley Hubbard for "co-sponsoring a Heartland Institute conference promoting climate denial" and alleges Hubbard's skepticism has "seeped into [his] stations' reporting."

Hubbard's flagship station, of course, is KSTP. But KSTP news director Lindsay Radford tells us Media Matters has it wrong about the upcoming conference and overstates Hubbard's influence on her newsroom.

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iTunes scrubs Gleeman and The Geek podcast after MLB complains about use of "Twins"

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Simpler times: Aaron Gleeman (left) and John Bonnes record a podcast in the Metrodome in January 2013.
The City Pages Best Sports Podcast 2014 has been booted off iTunes, for now at least.

That's because Aaron Gleeman and John Bonnes had the audacity to use the words "Minnesota Twins" in the iTunes description of their Gleeman and the Geek podcast. That prompted a copyright complaint from the MLB, which in turn prompted iTunes to remove it.

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MNGOP cries foul over DFL payments to credentialed Capitol reporter Shawn Towle

Hann (left) thinks that by not blowing the whistle on the DFL's payments to a Capitol reporter, Bakk (right) has "damage[d] the integrity of the Senate."
Shawn Towle is a credentialed Capitol reporter who posts stories occasionally at Some might call him left-leaning, but his personal politics isn't an issue -- after all, the openly conservative True North blog is also credentialed.

The problem is that according to MNGOP officials, Towle has received almost $40,000 from the DFL since 2012, including a payment of $1,000 in the DFL's most recent financial report.

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Congress candidate Aaron Miller allegedly ignoring acclaimed journo after critical coverage

Miller is allegedly ghosting at least one political reporter in his district.
Aaron Miller recently won the MNGOP endorsement to run against Democrat Tim Walz in Minnesota's 1st congressional district. But his endorsement was overshadowed by comments he made during his acceptance speech taking umbrage with the fact his young daughter was taught about the theory of evolution in school.

That story, which blew up nationally, was first reported by the Mankato Free Press's Josh Moniz, winner of the Minnesota Newpaper Association's 2012 Best New Reporter of the Year for Dailies award. Miller later called media coverage of his comments "a complete distortion," and Moniz now says Miller is treating him like someone who has no interest in a second date.

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Conservative U of M Morris paper cries foul after professor asks people to throw it away

PZ Myers
Last November, in an article meant to be satire, the Morris Northstar ran a photo of Trayvon Martin's dead face with this caption -- "Trayvon Martin, victim of racism and fascism, and what does [school administration] have to say about it? Nothing. Not a single thing."

That passage prompted Morris biology professor PZ Myers to write on his blog that the Northstar "has worn out its welcome and must go. Treat their scattered papers as hate-filled trash and dispose of it appropriately."

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TC Biz Mag editor Adam Platt takes heat for hypocritically ripping bloggers' Twitter habits

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Platt: Do as I say, not as I tweet.
In a column entitled "City Centered: Tweetle Dumb," Adam Platt, executive editor of the Twin Cities Business Magazine, unloads on local journalists "whose Twitter presence deviates wildly from their work."

"To me, Twitter is not a place to see what people are doing, eating, or thinking, but a source of information and links to longer-form content," Platt writes. "But the more time I log on Twitter, the more I grow weary of many of the folks I follow, which unnerves me, because I consider most to be friends or respected colleagues."

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Sid Hartman's report about new $70 million football practice facility is wrong, U of M says

Today's Sid Hartman column contains a big scoop about a new $70 million practice facility for Jerry Kill's football team. The only problem is it's totally inaccurate, at least according to one high-ranking University of Minnesota official.

Citing unnamed sources, Hartman, 94, reports that ground will be broken on the football facility this December. But Chris Werle, senior associate athletic director, says, "That story is wrong. There's no groundbreaking date yet."

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