Conservative U of M Morris paper cries foul after professor asks people to throw it away

PZ Myers
Last November, in an article meant to be satire, the Morris Northstar ran a photo of Trayvon Martin's dead face with this caption -- "Trayvon Martin, victim of racism and fascism, and what does [school administration] have to say about it? Nothing. Not a single thing."

That passage prompted Morris biology professor PZ Myers to write on his blog that the Northstar "has worn out its welcome and must go. Treat their scattered papers as hate-filled trash and dispose of it appropriately."

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TC Biz Mag editor Adam Platt takes heat for hypocritically ripping bloggers' Twitter habits

Categories: Media beefs
Platt: Do as I say, not as I tweet.
In a column entitled "City Centered: Tweetle Dumb," Adam Platt, executive editor of the Twin Cities Business Magazine, unloads on local journalists "whose Twitter presence deviates wildly from their work."

"To me, Twitter is not a place to see what people are doing, eating, or thinking, but a source of information and links to longer-form content," Platt writes. "But the more time I log on Twitter, the more I grow weary of many of the folks I follow, which unnerves me, because I consider most to be friends or respected colleagues."

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Sid Hartman's report about new $70 million football practice facility is wrong, U of M says

Today's Sid Hartman column contains a big scoop about a new $70 million practice facility for Jerry Kill's football team. The only problem is it's totally inaccurate, at least according to one high-ranking University of Minnesota official.

Citing unnamed sources, Hartman, 94, reports that ground will be broken on the football facility this December. But Chris Werle, senior associate athletic director, says, "That story is wrong. There's no groundbreaking date yet."

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Jeff Dubay, Sean Barnard waging social media war on each other

Categories: Media beefs
Barnard (left): "Everyone told me to defend myself, so I am. Jeff went back on social today and blasted me. Enough is enough."
After his podcast was abruptly dropped by the Tom Barnard Network last week, Jeff Dubay took to Facebook and broadsided Sean Barnard, Tom's nephew and GM of the network, calling him "a genuinely bad person with no sense of ethics or professionalism whatsoever who let's his alcoholism dictate how he conducts business."

Here's the Facebook rant Jeff Dubay deleted after he was abruptly fired by Tom Barnard

Dubay then went off the social media grid for a few days by deleting both his Twitter and Facebook. But yesterday, he reactivated his Facebook long enough yesterday to take new shots at Barnard.

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Here's the Facebook rant Jeff Dubay deleted after he was abruptly fired by Tom Barnard

Categories: Media, Media beefs
Dubay made a triumphant return to the radio last year after ending up behind bars thanks to a crack addiction.
:::: UPDATE :::: Jeff Dubay, Sean Barnard waging social media war on each other

Barely two weeks into his new gig as a podcast host for the Tom Barnard Network, Jeff Dubay was abruptly fired yesterday.

When Dubay was let go by 1500 ESPN in January, he accepted the news with equanimity and actually thanked the Hubbard family "for the great opportunity." This time around, however, he posted a vitriolic Facebook rant in which he characterized Sean Barnard, general manager of the Tom Barnard Network, as "a genuinely bad person with no sense of ethics or professionalism whatsoever who let's his alcoholism dictate how he conducts business."

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Minneapolis and Edina beefing over 50th & France parking

Palmisano (left) said her dispute with Neal (right) embodies "the suburban versus city approach in terms of addressing a parking problem."
Just last month, Linea Palmisano took over for Betsy Hodges as the City Council representative for Minneapolis's affluent 13th Ward in the southwest part of town.

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Heading in, Palmisano recognized that the parking situation near 50th and France is a major issue that needs to be dealt with. So she was less than thrilled to see a blog post on Edina's city website criticizing Minneapolis officials for their handling of the situation before she even had a chance to meet with her counterparts on the west side of France Avenue.

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Rick Nolan's spokesman denies report Congressman violated federal law

rick nolan rect.jpeg
Rick Nolan
Congressman Rick Nolan's spokesman denies explosive allegations made in a recent Zenith City Weekly report.

NOLAN's 2014 CHALLENGER: Stewart Mills, GOP congressional candidate, hits a beer bong [PHOTOS]

The piece, written by Shelly Mategko, alleges that during his campaign to unseat Republican Chip Cravaack in 2012, Nolan, with the help of the DFL, circumvented federal campaign laws limiting political parties to spending $5,000 per election on individual candidates.

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Star Tribune reporter Paul Walsh stands by controversial CeCe McDonald story

Categories: GLBT, Media beefs
CeCe McDonald
The Star Tribune is taking heat for its report on CeCe McDonald's release from prison.

THE BACKSTORY: CeCe released from prison [VIDEO]

The January 13 piece, written by breaking news reporter Paul Walsh, described CeCe as "a man in transition to being a woman" instead of the GLAAD-endorsed formulation, which is simply "transgender woman." Walsh and the Strib editors have also been criticized for putting quotations around CeCe's name, identifying her as "Chrishaun 'CeCe' McDonald" instead of just CeCe McDonald.

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John Kriesel feuds with former DFL opponent Jen Peterson

Cottage Grove Council Member Peterson (right) doesn't think Kriesel did much to create jobs in Cottage Grove, and didn't appreciate his claim that there are "no jobs" there.
Last night, former MNGOP Rep. John Kriesel got into it on Twitter with the DFLer he defeated in 2010 during his one and only political race to date, Cottage Grove City Council Member Jen Peterson.

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While in office, Kriesel, a 32-year-old decorated war veteran who had his legs blown off in Iraq in 2006, crossed party lines and became one of the Legislature's most outspoken supporters of same-sex marriage. After he announced his retirement from the Legislature following just one term, he got some buzz as a possible MNGOP gubernatorial candidate, but for now isn't involved in politics.

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CNN criticized for torturing reporter by making her stand amid Mpls' polar vortex [VIDEO]

Cruel and unusual reporting?
In a post on the Mediaite blog, CNN takes heat (no pun intended) for making a reporter stand outside today and report live along the Mississippi River in Minneapolis while the windchill was 44 below.

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"Boasting that they had sent a 'California girl' to the depths of the polar vortex on Monday, CNN repeatedly made correspondent Stephanie Elam trudge onto the banks of the Mississippi River in Minneapolis... to report first-hand on the 'historic and life threatening' cold enveloping the central states," Mediaite writes.

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