State DFL May Revoke KSTP's Press Credentials Due to Pointergate

screenshot of KSTP
The Pointergate drama continues

[UPDATE 12/15]: Thomas emailed yesterday and said that instead of taking a vote, the resolution was moved to the next State Central Committee meeting in February.

The DFL's governing body is considering a resolution that would revoke press credentials from KSTP until it apologizes for Pointergate.

Senate District 65 Chair Megan Thomas sent out notice yesterday that she's sponsoring the measure, which will be voted on at the DFL State Central Committee meeting Saturday. If it passes everyone from the station would be barred from accessing the floor during DFL events.

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Park Board's Brad Bourn Snubs #Pointergate's Jay Kolls, Burns KSTP on Facebook

Headshots via Minneapolis Park Board and KSTP
Bourn (left) refused an interview with Kolls (right)

Both KSTP and its reporter Jay Kolls have made it abundantly clear they are never backing down from #Pointergate, no matter how high the public scorn and ridicule is heaped.

Yesterday Minneapolis Park Board Commissioner Brad Bourn was the latest to pile on.

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Rick Nolan Disses Star Tribune

rick nolan rect.jpeg
Yesterday, the Star Tribune endorsed Stewart Mills' effort to unseat Rick Nolan as the congressman for Minnesota's Eighth District.

The historically left-leaning paper's endorsement of a Republican created a bit of a stir and led some to wonder whether the Strib's new owner -- former Republican legislator Glen Taylor -- has started exerting his influence on the editorial board.

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John Kriesel, Sen. Sean Nienow Engage in Twitter Warfare Over Vikings Stadium

Categories: Media beefs
Kriesel (left) wasn't amused by Nienow's anti-stadium quips.
On Saturday, John Kriesel, a former Republican legislator who was a big supporter of the Vikings stadium bill back in 2012, offered his prediction for Sunday's Vikings game: No big deal, right?

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Kevin Love's Goodbye Letter to Minnesota Stirs One Last Controversy

k love new rect.jpg
Parting is such sweet sorrow -- unless you wind up with LeBron. Then it's mostly sweet.
Kevin Love finally got around to saying goodbye to Minnesota.

Yesterday, Deter Jeter's new website, The Players' Tribune, published an essay by Love entitled, "How I Spent My Summer Vacation." Referring to the month-long period late in the summer during which the departure he requested from Minnesota was pending, Love writes, "With everything up in the air, I felt like I couldn't say a proper goodbye to Minnesota. And once the trade finally went through, everything happened quickly."

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New MNGOP Attack Ad Offends Everybody But MNGOP [VIDEO]

The ad uses a dead child's image without the family's consent.
-- Update at bottom --

A new MNGOP attack ad called "Incompetence" links Gov. Mark Dayton with the death of Eric Dean, a 4-year-old from Pope County who died early last year after being repeatedly abused by his father's live-in fiancé.

It was "downright horrifying that [Dayton] signed a law making it more difficult to investigate maltreatment cases," the ad's narrator says.

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Reporter Sarah Lahm on Critical Don Samuels Piece: "This Is Bigger Than Don Samuels"

Lahm (right): "The outside money flowing to the Samuels campaign follows a relatively recent national pattern... where local school board races have been heavily influenced by the political and financial heft of outside groups."
As we detailed earlier this week, school board candidate (and former City Council member) Don Samuels isn't happy with a report recently published in the Investigative Fund that takes a tough, unflattering look at the copious national money pouring into his campaign.

But the journalist who reported the piece, Minneapolis-based freelancer Sarah Lahm, stands by what she wrote and tells us Samuels shouldn't take it personally.

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Fox's Mike Goldberg Calls Critics Assholes, Douches After Panned Vikes Performance

Goldberg was pumped before the game, but things didn't go as smoothly as he probably hoped.
-- Update at bottom --

UFC announcer Mike Goldberg made his NFL TV debut Sunday, announcing the Vikings-Lions debacle game for Fox.

Suffice it to say his performance didn't exactly receive rave reviews.

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Owatonna People's Press Blasts Jeff Johnson Over Misquote Controversy

Johnson is taking heat for saying a paper acknowledged misquoting him when, in fact, it never did.
Years ago, yours truly interviewed Amy Klobuchar while she was touring a business in Faribault, Minnesota. As soon as I approached the senator to ask a couple questions, one of her aides swooped in with a tape recorder, presumably to ensure I didn't end up misquoting anything she said. I can't think of another time that's happened before or since.

Of course, it's understandable that big-time politicians are concerned about media members getting their comments right. But in an editorial, Jeffrey Jackson, managing editor of the Owatonna People's Press, blasts MNGOP gubernatorial candidate Jeff Johnson for saying that the paper misquoted his running mate, Bill Kuisle. According to Jackson, he has the tape to prove they actually got it right.

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DFL Candidate Eric Bergeson Draws Scrutiny for Off-Color Columns

YouTube screengrab
Bergeson delivers a keynote speech at a conference on cognitive impairment. Ironically, he's taking heat for writing about pretending to be "mentally impaired."
Here's how politics works: On Wednesday, the race involving Eric Bergeson, the DFL candidate for a House seat in northwestern Minnesota, was added to the Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee's "2014 Races to Watch" list."

"Democrat Eric Bergeson, a local columnist and business owner, is mounting a serious challenge" to two-term MNGOP incumbent Debra Kiel, the DLCC writes.

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