The Onion calls for rioting in Madison in commemoration of final print issue

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Print is dead, says The Onion. (Even though its Milwaukee print edition still lives.)
Shouting fire in a crowded theater is a crime. So if there really is rioting in Madison tonight, might the editors of The Onion find themselves in legal trouble?

THE BACKSTORY: The Onion discontinues print publication in Madison, its original market

Probably not. But still.

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The Onion discontinues print publication in Madison, its original market

The Onion's original print edition is going the way of the dinosaurs.
The Onion is pulling the plug on its original print publication.

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The Madison edition, founded in 1988 by University of Wisconsin-Madison students Tim Keck and Christopher Johnson, will run for the last time on July 25.

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Star Tribune Guild cancels planned protest due to concerns about Dayton's tax plan

thomas pix via Flickr
Strib HQ.
After the Star Tribune banned its union from meeting inside the Strib building last week, the Star Tribune Newspaper Guild decided to protest. Members planned a rally outside the paper's building for Monday afternoon at 4.

Strib honchos justified the meeting ban by saying it would be "disruptive." But the choice didn't come in a vacuum: Strib labor contracts expire January 31, and Guild members -- the about 250 employees who work in the newsroom, and on promotions and circulation -- are currently negotiating a new pact.

Plus, Monday marked the 2,004th day that Guild members have gone without a raise, on top of pay cuts and other concessions that the union granted the paper during the dark days of 2009 bankruptcy.

In spite of all of this, around 11 a.m. yesterday, the Guild cancelled the rally. So what happened?

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- Star Tribune to exit bankruptcy

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WCCO Duck Dog: Asian American Journalists Association demands apology from CBS Chief Diversity Officer Josie Thomas

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James Schugel is under the microscope.
The Asian American Journalists Association is demanding an apology from CBS corporate in the wake of affiliate WCCO's admission that it botched the October 31 story that has become popularly known as "Duck/Dog."

"We were disturbed by an Oct. 31 broadcast by your Minneapolis affiliate, WCCO, in which its I-TEAM reported about an alleged Minnesota "puppy mill" sending dogs to a Chinatown meat market in New York City. The report was false and helped perpetuate harmful stereotypes of Asian Americans," reads the letter. "WCCO should be embarrassed for its mistake."

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Minnesota Independent editors talk site shutdown

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Minnesota Independent editor Jon Collins was laid off yesterday.
The Minnesota Independent is shutting down, according to its editor and the company's CEO.

Jon Collins took the job as site editor earlier this summer but was laid off yesterday around noon, Collins confirmed to City Pages. The move came as a bit of a surprise to Collins, who thought the site was doing well.

"The Independent's been around for quite a while, five or six years; a lot of awesome reporters have gone through it," Collins said. "I kind of thought it would be around for a little bit longer, but what can you do?"

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Star Tribune suicide article was "crude and disgusting," says nephew of Carter McComb

Richard Carter McComb: the man whose suicide inspired the Star Tribune's yuk yuks
The nephew of a man whose suicide was mocked by the Star Tribune is speaking up about the questionable judgment of the local daily.

"Thank you for pointing out the horrible decision the Star Tribune made by making light of Carter's situation," writes Mike Healy, the nephew of Carter McComb. "Editorializing in that situation was crude and disgusting."

As City Pages pointed out on Wednesday, the Minneapolis daily chose to lede its article about McComb's suicide with a trite cliche about death and taxes. Hours later, the article was removed from the Internet and has since been replaced with a more conventionally written death notice.

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Richard Carter McComb suicide tickles Star Tribune's funny bone

Richard Carter McComb: the man whose suicide inspired the Star Tribune's yuk yuks
An early candidate for worst lede of the year award goes to this Star Tribune story about the suicide of Lifelink CEO Richard Carter McComb.

We're not sure which is worse: The cringe-worthy use of the world's oldest cliche, or the fact that the goofy wordplay is the beginning of a story about a man who shot himself in the head.

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Michele Bachmann Newsweek cover: Queen of Rage [IMAGE]

Michele Bachmann on Newsweek
Michele Bachmann has truly made the big-time: She is featured on the cover of the  August 15 Newsweek.

Of course, this may not be how she would have liked her close-up.

The photo of Bachmann makes her look like some sort of manic street preacher. And the headline, "Queen of Rage," hardly speaks to her Christian values.

Is this some gimmick by Newsweek to goose newstand sales? Cause they couldn't have picked a crazier picture and headline to entice supermarket shoppers.

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DOA: Pioneer Press runs Tim Pawlenty presidential announcement on obit page

Tim Pawlenty's presidential campaign is Dead On Arrival, according to his hometown newspaper.

The St. Paul Pioneer Press hilariously ran the announcement of T-Paw's presidential campaign on the Obituary page this morning.

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No local media outlets are good enough for Governor Dayton's radio show [UPDATE]

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radio 103281637_3ffb13f53c.jpg
Dead air for Dayton.
Jesse Ventura had one. Tim Pawlenty had one. But Gov. Mark Dayton has decided that he won't have his own radio show, even after sending out a 16-page form to local media so they could bid on the project.

Even reliably lefty AM950, where "what's left is the truth," didn't make the cut for our DFL governor.

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