Surprise reunion of soldier and his wife at Wild game will make you cry happy tears [VIDEO]

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The Minnesota Wild helped make Jamie Jenn's birthday very special.

Jenn thought she was taking part in a run of the mill intermission contest last night when, out of nowhere, the scoreboard's video feed was interrupted by her husband, Crystal native Specialist Nick Jenn, who's currently on leave from his third tour of duty in Kuwait.

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Wisconsin soldier suspended for controversial casket photo

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Photos posted to Facebook by Specialist Terry Harrison have created a firestorm of negativity and resulted in the Madison-based National Guard soldier's suspension.

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The photo Harrison shared of her National Guard Honor Guard (visible at the top of this page) ignited the controversy. But as that photo spread around the internet, this similarly objectionable post also came to light:

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Rick Nolan gets into "heated exchange" with John Kerry for comparing Syria to Vietnam

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rick nolan rect.jpeg
Nolan is "vehemently opposed to a military strike" in Syria.
Democratic northern Minnesota Rep. Rick Nolan has emerged as one of the most staunch opponents of President Obama's desire to launch some sort of military action against the regime of Syrian President Bashar Assad.

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According to a Politico report, during a conference call yesterday in which Secretary of State John Kerry tried to sell members of Congress on the necessity of a military strike, Nolan and Kerry got into a "heated" exchange after Nolan compared Syria to Vietnam. Kerry, of course, was wounded while serving there.

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Mark Dayton has some tough talk for Virginia and those damn Confederates

Minnesota Historical Society
This flag, currently on display in St. Paul, ain't going anywhere, Dayton said.
During yesterday's Capitol sendoff for a group of Minnesota Civil War reenactors who are headed to Pennsylvania to commemorate the 150th anniversary of Gettysburg, Governor Mark Dayton said it would basically take another civil war for Virginia to reclaim a Confederate flag that was seized by Minnesota soldiers during the 1863 battle.

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The Virginia 28th's blood-stained, bullet-pierced flag is currently on display at the Minnesota History Center, but some Virginians, including Governor Bob McDonnell, want it returned to its state of origin.

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Minnesota pilot killed in Afghanistan plane crash [GRAPHIC VIDEO]

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Video of the crash shows Lipka's plane stalling in midair before it falls out of the sky and crashes.
Jeremy Lipka, a 37-year-old native of Pine Island, Minnesota, was one of seven people killed in a plane crash outside Bagram Air Field in Afghanistan on Monday.

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Lipka was a civilian contractor who flew cargo planes in Iraq and Afghanistan. The plane he was piloting on Monday crashed shortly after takeoff, killing everyone on board.

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World War II bomb found in Lyn-Lake

Not a picture of the actual mortar found in Minneapolis
A World War II-vintage Japanese mortar (right) was found in a Lyn-Lake wall, of all places.
Barack Obama is worried about guns on Minneapolis streets, but maybe he should be concerned about bombs, too.

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When they took down a wall as part of a renovation project, homeowners near West Lake Street and Aldrich Avenue South thankfully didn't get a blast from the past, though they were in for a huge surprise.

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Minnesota leads U.S. in National Guard suicides since 2008

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Minnesota National guard.jpg
Government data shows that National Guard soliders -- even those who haven't deployed -- are particularly susceptible to suicide.
More Minnesota National Guard soldiers have committed suicide since 2008 than those from any other state.

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That grim tidbit was contained in an extensive report on Texas National Guard suicides put together by the Austin American-Statesman and published over the weekend.

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Post Office apologizes for returning woman's letter to Iraq-based son with "DECEASED" stamp

Categories: Military, Sad
Not only did the Postal Service not deliver her letter, but they incorrectly told Najbar her son was dead to boot.
In September 2006, Duluth resident Joan Najbar sent a letter to her son, Sam Eininger, a National Guard solider who was stationed in Iraq. The next month, her letter was returned, unopened, but adorned with this stamp: "DECEASED"

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Fortunately, Najbar had been in touch regularly with her son, including a phone conversation the night before the letter was returned. But still, considering Eininger was still alive, that's a pretty outrageous and traumatic fuck-up.

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Pete Hegseth on lady soldiers: "You don't want to have to deal with Matt's feelings toward Mary"

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pete hegseth rect.jpg
Hegseth doesn't like the idea of women serving in combat roles.
Yesterday, in a surprising move, outgoing Defense Secretary Leon Panetta signed an order allowing women to partake in armed combat for the first time in American history.

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Panetta's move had the strong support of President Obama and the Joint Chiefs of Staff, but it didn't sit well with Pete Hegseth, the 32-year-old veteran and Fox News personality who has been mentioned as a possible Republican challenger to Al Franken in 2014.

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Blake Page, West Point cadet, quits academy to protest "unconstitutional proselytism"

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blake page rect.jpeg
The founder of the Military Religious Freedom Foundation compares Page (left) to Rosa Parks.
Months shy of his graduation from West Point, Blake Page is quitting the academy and heading back to Minnesota to protest alleged discrimination against non-religious members of the military.

-- Minnesota less religious than 30 years ago, but still one of the most religious states
-- 21-year-old newlywed Minnesotan is 2,000th American to die in Operation Enduring Freedom

Page went public with the news yesterday in a Huffington Post column entitled, "Why I Don't Want to Be a West Point Graduate." In it, he writes: "It is pathetic that so many leaders in the military are comfortable with both subtly and brutally discriminating against non-religious members."

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