Three Miles of New Protected Bike Lanes Planned Parallel to Midtown Greenway [UPDATE]

City of Minneapolis
The new bike lanes will take away either parking or a lane of motorized traffic

Minneapolis came in an embarrassing third place in the latest rankings of America's best bike cities, and to help fix that Mayor Betsy Hodges ponied up $790,000 for new protected bike lanes in her 2015 budget.

Yesterday the Star Tribune reported that nearly three miles of protected bike lanes are being recommended for East 26th and 28th Streets between Portland and Hiawatha when those streets are repaved this summer.

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Nicole Curtis Be Damned: Historic Uptown House Has Been Demolished

Ben Johnson
A four-story apartment building will be built in its place

It's over, folks. Yesterday a wrecking crew began leveling the historic home at 2320 Colfax Ave. S. in Minneapolis's Wedge neighborhood.

Last year a developer planning a four-story apartment building won the long, drama-filled battle over the 1893 structure known as the Orth House, which was built by renowned architect T.P. Healy.

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Preservationists Say the Skyscraper Planned for Nye's Is Way Too Tall

Minneapolis Historic Preservation Commission
Looks like the developer may have to battle historic preservation concerns at City Hall

Preservationists are mad about the 29-story apartment tower planned to replace Nye's because it flagrantly violates the guidelines of the historic district it sits in.

"This new proposed building isn't even within the realm of... it's just not even close to fitting into the area's historic context," says Doug Mack with Preserve Minneapolis.

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The New Minneapolis Logo Has More Color, Fewer Sailboats

Categories: Minneapolis

City of Minneapolis
Pretty snazzy, eh?

Will the good times ever end? First the Atlantic calls Minneapolis a "miracle city," and today the city's hot new logo drops.

This morning the City Council will have a chance to weigh in on the refreshed logo when it's presented publicly for the first time during an Executive Committee meeting.

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Phoenix by the River: Home of the 12,000-Square-Foot Condo

Screenshot of Google Street View
12,000. Square-Foot. Condo.
For the most part, Phoenix on the River is pretty normal by riverfront condo standards. It was plopped into the heart of St. Anthony Main in 2007, surrounded by upscale restaurants, nice trails and camera-toting tourists.

What sets it apart is its two-floor, 12,000-square-foot, $8 million condo perched like a bejeweled crown on the very top of the 18-story building.

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The Apartment Building Replacing Nye's Will Look Something Like This

Renderings provided by City of Minneapolis Heritage Preservation Commission
So we're calling this the Nyerise, right?
Those of you still broken up over the eventual demise of Nye's should look away, because developer Schafer Richardson has submitted its initial plans to turn the beloved Hennepin Avenue mainstay into a 29-story apartment tower.

The good news is the redevelopment will bring 189 more "market-rate" rental apartments downtown while saving most of the historic Nye's building. We'll see how many changes will need to be made as it works through the city approval process, but last night neighbors got on board when the local neighborhood association voted to support the design.

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Minneapolis Paying Dontae Thomas $25K and His Lawyers $115K to Settle Cop Chokehold Suit

Fibonacci Blue via Flickr
Another payout for police misconduct in Minneapolis
Today the Minneapolis City Council is set to tentatively approve a $140,000 settlement because a cop allegedly choked out Dontae Thomas, who was a senior at Patrick Henry High School when the incident occurred back in January 2012.

Under the terms of the settlement, Thomas will receive $25,000 and his lawyers with Gaskins, Bennett, Birrell and Schupp will have $115,000 in legal bills paid by the city.

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Where Has Minneapolis Gentrified Since 2000? [MAP]

Categories: Minneapolis

Tony Webster via Flickr
Minneapolis is the 3rd-fastest gentrifying city in America, behind Portland and Washington D.C.
Governing Magazine just published a study where it mapped gentrification throughout the 50 largest cities in America. It claims Minneapolis, with its construction cranes and hot new restaurants opening everywhere, is the third-fastest gentrifying city in the country.

The map shows downtown, Northeast near the river and all along major transit corridors like the Midtown Greenway and the Blue Line are gentrifying. According to the study more than half of the damn city is gentrifying.

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Who's Paying For the New Nicollet Mall? Not the Vikings

James Corner Field Operations
The professional real estate firm hired by Downtown Council decided the Vikings stadium is juuust outside of the benefits zone
The Minneapolis Downtown Council is making the rounds this week with its plan to assess downtown property owners for their $25 million share of the $50 million Nicollet Mall renovation.

The plan, carefully crafted by Shenehon Business and Real Estate Valuations, breaks down the assessments into three different zones based on proximity, and eight different business classifications ranging from commercial office space to vacant land.

Almost all of the owners of downtown's major buildings will be paying something as beneficiaries of the ambitious rethinking of the mall, except for one glaring exception: the new Vikings stadium.

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The 10 Most Absurd Licenses Required by Minneapolis

Neil via Flickr
In Minneapolis a license is required to sell Christmas trees, operate a jukebox, or hold a "going out of business" sale?
Minneapolis loves licenses. It offers hundreds of them; the exact number is tough to nail down because there are so many redundancies.

Grocery stores are broken down into 14 different categories, all requiring a different license. That's not counting the nine different licenses available for different classifications of confectioneries, and nine more for meat markets.

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