Minneapolis approves $130,000 for tasers

While St. Paul city officials dealt with the fallout from the allegedly racially motivated tasing of Chris Lollie, the Minneapolis City Council approved purchasing 50 new tasers for its police force.

On Friday, council green-lighted spending $130,000 for the tasers, which run $999.95 each, along with the corresponding numbers of batteries, holsters, and warranties.

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MPD denies report HCMC shooting began inside hospital

Categories: Crime, Minneapolis
Just after 3 p.m. yesterday, shots rang out near the Hennepin County Medical Center. Nobody was hurt, though a vehicle was struck by a bullet. The hospital was locked down for a brief period of time.

The Star Tribune, citing comments made by Minneapolis Police Department Lieutenant Richard Zimmerman, reports that "a group of people passing through the hospital entrance got into an argument with another group and somebody started shooting." But reached for comment this afternoon, MPD spokesman John Elder tells us that's not what really happened.

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Landlord loses his licenses, takes Minneapolis to court over fair housing

Wikimedia Commons

The law for landlords in Minneapolis is pretty open-and-shut. If you get two of your rental licenses pulled for not abiding by city codes, you can't rent any properties for the next five years. It's a strict rule, but it's there for a reason, meant to protect renters from unscrupulous landlords.

The case of Ron Folger seems to fit right in. He first lost a license when his renter was caught dealing drugs, and he didn't come up the required plan to tell the city how he would fix it. The next time, his group didn't allow a problem-ridden property to be inspected. That was it: two strikes and you're out. He couldn't rent those properties, or his 17 others, for the next five years.

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Mpls, St. Paul two of best four cities for quality of life, study says

You're looking at two of America's top four quality of life cities, at least according to NerdWallet.
NerdWallet ranks Minneapolis and St. Paul as the third and fourth best cities in America, respectively, in terms of quality of life.

The cities ahead of us? Madison and Lincoln. Talk about a Midwestern bias!

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Kenwood neighborhood wants Hidden Beach to close at 4 p.m.

Categories: Minneapolis
Nick Vlcek for City Pages
The Kenwood neighborhood is offering to pay $5,000 for added police patrols to enforce the earlier closing time.
Following a meeting last week, the Kenwood Isles Neighborhood Association is calling on the Minneapolis Park Board to change the closing time of East Cedar Lake Beach (otherwise known as Hidden Beach) to 4 p.m. for the rest of the season, at least.

The beach currently closes at 10 p.m., but the neighborhood, citing problems with intoxicated misbehavior, late-night loitering, and property crimes (among other issues), has come to the conclusion that the status quo can't be maintained.

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Hidden Beach's fate to be decided by Park Board this winter

Categories: Minneapolis
Hidden Beach photo by Nick Vlcek for City Pages
The special Kenwood Isles Area Association meeting that took place earlier this week didn't produce a resolution calling on the Minneapolis Park Board to take action on the problems neighborhood residents say plague Hidden Beach, but something along those lines will be coming soon, Kenwood neighborhood association chair Larry Moran tells us.

And when it does, the Park Board vows to consider it carefully before deciding what action to take in time to implement changes before next year's beach season.

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Kenwood considers calling for temporary closure of Hidden Beach

Categories: Minneapolis
Nick Vlcek for City Pages
Hidden Beach isn't as hidden as it once was, but neighbors are fed up with all the pot smoking, drinking, and nudity that goes down there.
:::: UPDATE :::: Hidden Beach's fate to be decided by Park Board this winter

During a special meeting tonight, the Kenwood Isles Area Association will consider whether to support a resolution calling on the Minneapolis Park Board to temporarily close Hidden Beach, the Southwest Journal reports.

The measure would be a response, in part, to crime problems there. As of last month, there had been 60 police reports written this year pertaining to incidents at the beach, which is about twice as many as at this time last year, according to the Southwest Journal. (But while crime is up relative to last year, it's on par with 2011 and '12, the Journal adds.) Most of this year's reports pertain to drinking or pot smoking and/or possession.

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Hit-and-run, stabbing, shooting mark unusually violent weekend in Whittier

Minneapolis Police Department
Investigators work at the intersection of 26th Street and Lyndale Avenue South following a hit-and-run outside the Bulldog Friday morning.
This summer, crime has reemerged as a huge issue in north Minneapolis -- not that it ever went away in the first place.

This past weekend, however, was marked by a string of unusual violent crimes in south Minneapolis's Whittier neighborhood.

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North Mpls Ferguson vigil gets tense after arrest of woman holding "Don't Shoot" sign [VIDEOS]

Rachel Bean on Facebook
People wave their hands in the air outside MPD's 4th Precinct headquarters in protest.
Last night, in commemoration of the death of 18-year-old Michael Brown at the hands of police in Ferguson, Missouri, hundreds turned out to observe a moment of silence at the Minneapolis Urban League on the North Side.

A short time later, a woman carrying a "Don't Shoot" sign who participated in the vigil was arrested on the street by the Minneapolis Police Department for reasons that remain unclear, prompting a protest outside the MPD's 4th Precinct headquarters.

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Uptown hot tub attracts schadenfreude

Photo by Amanda White
Schadenfreude: Pleasure derived from the misfortune of others.
Shortly after we published our initial blog post about the cool-looking hot tub that hangs over Lake Street as part of the Walkway development in Uptown, commenters let us know it was taped off because of a leak. (The tape is visible in the above photo.)

Some suggested the leak was a result of shoddy engineering. But that's not necessarily the case, a state employee in the department that inspects pools tells us.

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