Police Investigating Two Homicides in Minneapolis Over Last Two Days

Tony Webster/Flickr
A 15-year-old was killed late Sunday night and early this morning police arrested a man at the scene of a suspected homicide just south of downtown

Minneapolis police are investigating two potential homicides that happened in the city during the last 36 hours.

On Sunday night, a little after 11 o'clock, cops responded to a call about shots being fired in north Minneapolis. Police spokesperson John Elder says police conducted numerous interviews around the 4100 block of Fremont Avenue North, but did not make any arrests.

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No Hats in Theaters? Jukebox Licenses? Mpls May Eliminate Its Most Ridiculous Rules

Tom Magliery/Flickr
Minneapolis City Council Member Andrew Johnson is trying to get rid of regulations like the $52 jukebox license

Minneapolis knows it has a problem with business licenses.

Over the years the number of rules governing every conceivable aspect of city life has piled up in comical fashion, cluttering the regulatory code with decrees on everything from selling Christmas trees to operating nut vending machines.

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CenturyLink Cable TV Coming Soon to Some Parts of Minneapolis

Public domain/Pixabay
Rollout will be limited at first, but cable TV competition is coming to the Twin Cities

Not a great week for Comcast.

Its merger with Time Warner failed, sparing the Twin Cities from a new spinoff cable company called GreatLand Communications Connections that would've replaced Comcast. Now Minneapolis is poised to allow CenturyLink to offer its PRISM cable TV service, which would create competition in the city for the first time since the original cables were laid in the early 1980s.

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City of Minneapolis Approves Paid Parental Leave for Employees [UPDATE]

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Minneapolis joins St. Paul, St. Louis Park, Brooklyn Park, and Hennepin County in offering paid maternity leave

UPDATE 5/1 10:15 AM
The full city council just unanimously approved the paid parental leave policy. It will be backdated to Jan. 1, 2015.

The topic of maternity leave came up fairly early in Minneapolis City Council Member Andrew Johnson's first term, when one of his aides became pregnant with her first child.

"While I've never had a child, I realize it's not really a vacation and you can't really compare it to being sick," he says.

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The New Lowry Avenue NE Will Have Less Room for Cars, More for Bikes

Hennepin County
One of northeast Minneapolis's busiest streets is slated for a calming makeover

Everyone agrees Lowry Avenue NE is a disaster right now.

The sidewalks are comically narrow in spots, cars and trucks fly through at dangerous speeds, and blighted, boarded-up commercial buildings are too common for northeast Minneapolis, which is experiencing an economic resurgence.

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After 400 Cop Calls Last Year, Uptown McDonald's Will Have to Close Earlier

Categories: Crime, Minneapolis

Mike Mozart/Flickr
Getting post-bar munchies is about to get a little harder in Uptown

The drunken, shady shenanigans inside the Uptown McDonald's around bar closing time on weekends is no big secret.

It sits at the epicenter of the hormone-charged Hennepin Avenue bar scene, and it's right next to a major bus station. The Uptown McDonald's is either a godsend, one last refuge for the post-bar crowd to mash some greasy food and pull itself together before crashing, or a stain on the neighborhood and magnet for crime, depending on who you talk to and what their BAC is.

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Early Morning Fire in Basement of City Hall Closes Police Evidence Room

Categories: Fire, Minneapolis

Fibonacci Blue/Flickr
Police will spend the day figuring out how much evidence and seized property was damaged

There was a little bit of a scare this morning when a blaze broke out in the basement of Minneapolis City Hall around 1 a.m.

The fire was in Minneapolis police's evidence room, and it eventually put out by the sprinkler system. Any potential damage property or evidence held by Minneapolis police is still unknown, according to Minneapolis police spokesperson John Elder.

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Cool Interactive Map Lets You Look at How Minneapolis Has Changed Since 1938

Categories: Minneapolis

City of Minneapolis
Look at how different parts of the city have grown over the last 70+ years

It's Monday morning and you're probably at work procrastinating slogging through the stack of emails that piled up over the weekend.

Luckily our friends at the city of Minneapolis's open data department have something interesting to help you ease back into the workweek. They recently published a comprehensive aerial map where you can slide back and forth to compare the city as it was in 1938 and what it looked like in 2011-12. It's awesome:

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Why Do Only 30 Minneapolis Cops Live Within the City?

Wikipedia original photo
Compared to departments in other big cities, the number of MPD officers who live within city limits is way low.

Police Officers Federation of Minneapolis President John Delmonico has heard the argument for years. He didn't buy it then. He's not buying it now.

"I certainly don't believe for a moment that if a cop doesn't live in the same city where he works that he's not going to give 100 percent," says the lieutenant, who's been the union chief since 1999. "To me it's a non-issue and the one people bring up because it's easy to point at."

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Here Are the Latest Plans For Gigantic 750-Apartment Development in NE Minneapolis

Lennar Multifamily via Minneapolis Planning Commission
Plans are moving forward for one of the Twin Cities' largest housing developments in years

This baby is going to be big.

On Thursday one of the largest construction companies in America will have its first public meeting with the city of Minneapolis to talk about its proposed development spanning two blocks in Northeast near the Mississippi River.

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