Minneapolis Accidently Published Private Information on Sexual Misconduct Cases


Isaac Bowen
Minneapolis may have violated state law when it accidentally published approximately 1,300 addresses where criminal sexual conduct was reported on its new open data website.

The city immediately took down the data when it was alerted to the problem, but this highlights the type of issues created when open data initiatives aren't handled competently.

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Minneapolis's New Open Data Portal Is Basically Worthless

screenshots via Tony Webster and Ben Johnson, image by Ben Johnson
The Minneapolis data portal had a disastrous launch

On Monday Minneapolis announced the official launch of its long-awaited open data portal. Open data nerds, journalists, and curious citizens are now welcome to pick through raw data capable of illuminating almost every aspect of life in the City of Lakes.

The city released data about crime, fires, licensing, air quality, trees, 311 calls -- the list goes on, and it's due to get bigger. A press release noted the portal is "meant to make the most frequently requested and most useful data easily accessible, and more content will be added over time."

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10 Skyscrapers That Will Change the Minneapolis Skyline

Categories: Minneapolis

Ryan Cos.
Downtown East
Minneapolis is in the middle of an unprecedented, skyline-altering construction spree. Last year the city set a record in construction spending with $1.2 billion worth of building permits issued. This year the city says $2 billion is within reach.

Here's a look at eight projects in progress that contain ten of the tallest, most expensive skyscrapers driving the development jamboree:

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Minneapolis Moves to Ban E-Cigarettes in Public Buildings

file photo
E-cigarettes will soon be regulated just like regular tobacco in Minneapolis

By the end of the year it looks like there will be no more vaping allowed in any public buildings in Minneapolis.

Yesterday a City Council committee unanimously passed a measure that would extend the state's 2007 Freedom to Breathe Act to e-cigarettes. The new ordinance would treat e-cigarette smoke exactly like cigarette smoke.

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Minneapolis Wins Bid for Final Four in 2019

Meet Minneapolis
The team behind Minneapolis's winning bid celebrated on Friday

Last Friday the NCAA announced Minneapolis will host the Final Four in 2019.

The city's winning bid was titled "Winning Happens Here," a bit ironic for a city that literally has not won a major sports championship since 1991. (Sorry, Lynx fans.)

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Schell's Is Buying the Grain Belt Sign and Plans on Relighting It

Categories: Beer, Minneapolis

Ben Johnson
Schell's is planning on relighting a Minneapolis landmark

The iconic "Grain Belt Beer" sign at the foot of the Hennepin Avenue Bridge may soon glow once again after sitting dark for nearly 20 years.

Today Schell's Brewery announced it has a purchase agreement in place to buy the Grain Belt sign and hopes to work with the Preservation Alliance of Minnesota to fix up and relight the classic Minneapolis landmark.

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Minneapolis Makes Its Pitch for the Final Four

If Minneapolis hosts the Final Four it will look something like this
If an envoy of local business bigwigs and Minneapolis boosters were convincing enough yesterday the city could host the MLB All-Star Game, Super Bowl and Final Four within a span of five years.

The NCAA will announce which of eight finalist cities will host the Final Four from 2017-2020 on Friday. Minnesota Sports Facilities Authority Chair Michele Kelm-Helgen said the presentation "went off without a hitch" when we caught up with her on her way home from the presentation to the NCAA in Indianapolis.

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Park Commissioner: North Minneapolis Shut Out of Riverfront Renaissance

Minneapolis Parks Foundation
Will north Minneapolis ever see something like Waterworks?

Minneapolis has grand plans to redevelop its industrial northern riverfront into a group of parks connected by trails -- "like pearls on a string necklace" is an analogy favored by Park Board Commissioners.

But after scooping up numerous properties on northeast Minneapolis's riverfront and approving a $24 million plan for Waterworks on the downtown riverfront, Park Board Commissioner Jon Olson is wondering when north Minneapolis will see some investment.

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Study: Blacks Way More Likely to be Arrested for Minor Offenses in Minneapolis Than Whites

Thumbnail image for MplsSkylineFromNorth.jpg
Doug Wallick on Flickr
A new report put together by the Minnesota chapter of the American Civil Liberties Union finds that black people are way more likely to be arrested for low-level, non-violent offenses in Minneapolis than whites.

Using the Minneapolis Police Department's own data, the report finds that from 2004 to 2012, blacks in Minneapolis were 11.5 more likely to be arrested for marijuana possession than whites; 8.86 times more likely to be arrested for disorderly conduct; 7.54 times more likely to be arrested for vagrancy; and 16.39 times more likely to be arrested for curfew/loitering.

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Saturday Morning Was Very Violent Time Along Hennepin Avenue in Downtown Minneapolis

Categories: Crime, Minneapolis
Vanessa Uzong
Around 1 a.m. Saturday -- about the same time a woman was shot dead inside the Augie's strip club on Hennepin and Fourth Street in downtown Minneapolis -- another woman was nearly killed a block away by a driver who allegedly ran her over intentionally.

Vanessa Uzong, 24, has been charged with first-degree assault in connection with the incident, which left the victim, Miera Horton, in critical condition with a punctured lung, shattered pelvis, broken femur, and fractured ankle and ribs, authorities say.

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