Check out building made of shipping crates that's proposed for North Loop

We'll say this much -- it's not boring!
A commercial building made out of shipping crates is proposed for the North Loop and will be considered by the Minneapolis Planning Commission Committee of the Whole on March 27.

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The project, located at the intersection of Fourth Street and Fifth Avenue North, is the work of a Minneapolis marketing firm named Akquracy. Building design comes courtesy of New York-based architectural firm Lot-ek.

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Minneapolis might require bars to provide free earplugs

Earplug photo via 4nitsirk's Flickr
Frey, a first-term council member, defeated Diana Hofstede in November.
Minneapolis City Council Member Jacob Frey has introduced an ordinance that would require all establishments with on-sale liquor licenses to provide free earplugs to patrons and employees.

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"The key piece of this is that it will not cost business owners a single dime ever," Frey told us this afternoon. "These earplugs are being provided for free by a campaign that has been launched to prevent hearing loss, which is a quite prevalent issue, especially recently."

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Council Member John Quincy: MLB "Clean Zone" concerns "out of proportion"

John Quincy photo via Twitter
The ACLU might not be happy about it, but Minneapolis City Council Member John Quincy says granting the MLB's request to create a "Clean Zone" around Target Field during a two-week stretch surrounding this summer's All-Star Game "is something we have to do and should do."

THE BACKSTORY: ACLU blasts Mpls Council for approving "Clean Zone" during All-Star Game

"It's something we've done before for all the other major events we've had in town, like the previous Super Bowl and the NCAA Tournament, and it's typically standard operating procedure for every community that puts together a major bid for a major event," says Quincy, who serves on the Community Development & Regulatory Committee, which was tasked with reviewing the MLB's "Clean Zone" resolution before it was forwarded to the full council, where it was approved without discussion.

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Lisa Bender takes heat for pleading ignorance regarding council's MLB "Clean Zone" vote

Lisa Bender photo via Facebook
Last week, the Minneapolis City Council approved, without discussion, Major League Baseball's request to created a potentially speech-limiting "Clean Zone" across a swath of the city during a two week stretch surrounding the 2014 All-Star Game to be held this summer at Target Field.

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The resolution requires additional MLB approval for any block events, parades, temporary structures, tents, signs, and banners that would normally require just city approval. In other words, it essentially gives the MLB veto power.

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Minneapolis City Council close to throwing support behind medical marijuana

Coleen Danger
Minneapolis Councilman Andrew Johnson is one of those rare characters in the medical marijuana debate, playing both politician and patient.

He was diagnosed only a few years ago with an extreme form of glaucoma in both eyes, he says. Before major surgeries, his doctors have prescribed conventional medicine to decreased pressure, one of which had the potential to be fatal.

"Our legislators allowed me to be on a drug that could kill me, but not medical marijuana," Johnson says. "I have, as a result, less vision in my eyes."

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ACLU blasts Mpls Council for approving speech-limiting "Clean Zone" during All-Star Game

Image by Jayme Halbritter for City Pages
Today, the Minneapolis City Council approved the MLB's request to create a potentially speech-limiting "Clean Zone" across a swath of the city during a two week stretch surrounding the 2014 All-Star Game.

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The city's decision to temporarily cede some regulatory power to the MLB didn't set well with the Minnesota ACLU, which characterized it as placing "our free speech rights... in the hands of a private corporation."

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Lisa Bender tested by proposed Franklin and Lyndale redevelopment

Rendering via Star Tribune
This is the vision developers have for one of the Uptown area's busiest intersections.
New Minneapolis City Council Member Lisa Bender faces one of her first big challenges with the proposed redevelopment of the Franklin Avenue and Lyndale Avenue intersection.

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The project -- which would replace the surface parking lot, commercial properties, and Theatre Garage space currently on the southwest corner of the intersection with a glassy, six-floor mixed-use structure including 85 rental units, a rebuilt theater space, new commercial properties, and a large parking lot  -- doesn't sit well with some neighbors. Concerns range from the architecture to the building's height to the project's density to increased congestion.

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Minneapolis and Edina beefing over 50th & France parking

Palmisano (left) said her dispute with Neal (right) embodies "the suburban versus city approach in terms of addressing a parking problem."
Just last month, Linea Palmisano took over for Betsy Hodges as the City Council representative for Minneapolis's affluent 13th Ward in the southwest part of town.

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Heading in, Palmisano recognized that the parking situation near 50th and France is a major issue that needs to be dealt with. So she was less than thrilled to see a blog post on Edina's city website criticizing Minneapolis officials for their handling of the situation before she even had a chance to meet with her counterparts on the west side of France Avenue.

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Today is R.T. Rybak's last City Council meeting [PHOTOS]

:::: UPDATE, 11:45 a.m. :::: Council voted unanimously to approve the downtown east redevelopment project mentioned at the bottom of this post.

After more than a decade as Minneapolis mayor, R.T. Rybak will attend the last City Council meeting of his tenure today.

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Next time the council convenes, the holidays will be behind us, and the Betsy Hodges era will have begun.

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Jeff Wagner's "Wake Up Minneapolis" is Washington Post's worst ad of 2013

A screengrab from the WaPo's worst ad of the year.
We, and many other media outlets, thought mayoral candidate Jeff Wagner's half-naked "Wake Up Minneapolis" spot was pretty damn clever and sorta funny too.

WATCH IT HERE: Wagner's half-naked ad goes viral [VIDEO]

But the Washington Post's Chris Cillizza isn't a fan. In fact, he named it his "worst ad of 2013" on the Post's political blog.

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