20 Things You Say That Make You a Minnesotan

Anna Gulbrandsen
You don't need to be Paul Bunyan or Babe the Blue Ox to call yourself a Minnesotan. In the Land of 10,000 Lakes, there are plenty of sayings ("Don'tcha know!") that have been passed down throughout the years -- and a few that are singularly our own.

Here are some things you'll hear more than a few Minnesotans say time and time again. If you've been in the state for even a short stretch of time and catch yourself saying any of these, you betcha you're on your way to becoming an honorary Minnesotan. Did we miss any? Leave your suggestions in the comments.

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20 Things You Never Hear Minnesotans Say

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Marge Gunderson is speechless!
"Yah, you betcha!"

"Oh, fer gosh sake."

"Awwww jeez."

For better or worse, these are sayings that are associated with Minnesota. Although you'd probably have to go to your 80-year-old grandmother's church basement mixer to hear those in regular conversation uttered without a drop of irony.

While we embrace our long vowels -- especially after a couple drinks, don'tcha knooow -- there are some things we simply don't hear in our fine Land of 10,000 Lakes. Here are 20 of 'em. There are definitely more things you'll probably never hear escaping the lips of a Minnesotan, so leave your suggestions in the comments.

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Francis Hoefgen: Portrait of an abusive priest

Father Fran Hoefgen and the old St. Boniface in Hastings that merged with Guardian Angels to become St. Elizabeth Ann Seton
For four years he went into Minnesota parishes that were either struggling financially, or from sexual abuse allegations, and helped smooth things over. Then his conscience caught up with him.

Patrick Wall is convinced that he might still be in the Order of St. Benedict today had it not been for Francis Hoefgen, a troublesome priest who was quietly removed from a parish in Hastings. Wall was ordained a couple months later and soon vaulted into Hoefgen's old spot.

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The year was in 1993 -- almost a decade after Hoefgen admitted to giving a teenage boy a blowjob. Police and prosecutors knew about it, and had done nothing.

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Erica Clark finds envelope stuffed with cash at McDonald's, doesn't do what you'd expect with it

Categories: Minnesota Nice
Submitted image via the Duluth News Tribune
Erica Clark
Imagine you're walking into a fast food joint when you happen upon an envelope in the parking lot. You open it up, and to your amazement, the thing is stuffed with thousands of dollars of cold, hard cash.

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Let's be honest -- most folks would probably keep it and thank their lucky stars, right? But not 19-year-old Minnesota State University Moorhead student Erica Clark, who went out of her way to reunite the rightful owner of $2,800 with an envelope containing his cash after she found it in a McDonald's parking lot yesterday afternoon.

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Hopkins Dairy Queen customers pay it forward to tune of $700

Categories: Minnesota Nice
KARE screengrab
You never know what sorts of feel-good things are going to happen at this DQ.
Last month, Joey Prusak, an employee at the downtown Hopkins Dairy Queen, opened his own wallet to reimburse a blind customer who was robbed of $20 by a greedy woman.

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Prusak's spirit of altruism is apparently still alive and well at that very same DQ, where yesterday customers donated more than $700 toward free meals and treats.

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Joey Prusak, Hopkins Dairy Queen worker, reimburses blind customer after he's robbed [UPDATE]

Categories: Minnesota Nice
A DQ employee was Minnesota Nice personified last week when one of his customers was robbed.
-- Update at bottom --

A customer at the Hopkins Main Street Dairy Queen recently wrote to the company to commend Joey, an employee who did all he could to prevent a woman from stealing cash from a blind customer, then opened his own wallet to reimburse the man when his efforts to stop the woman proved fruitless.

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"I was in shock by the generosity that your employee had," the letter to DQ says. "From a customer of your store and a customer of DQ I would probably like to say Joey has forever sealed my fate as a life long customer of the Hopkins Mainstreet Dairy Queen."

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Glen Perkins hooks up Twins tickets for "screwed" fan

glen perkins rect.jpg
Who needs Ticket King when you've got Glen Perkins and a Twitter account?
Hours before the Twins' Sunday afternoon game, closer Glen Perkins went out of his way to hook up tickets for a fan who said on Twitter he was "screwed over" when he tried to buy some online.

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And these weren't nosebleeds. Perkins left four lower-level, behind-home-plate tickets for the fan and his girlfriend, cousin, and grandma.

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Mpls reps the U.S. on this morning's Today Show as one of 13 hot destinations in 2013 [VIDEO]

screenshot from the Today Show
Minneapolis represents the U.S. on Travel and Leisure's list of 13 travel picks in 2013.
What list features Nepal,  Uco Valley in Argentina, Zambia, and... Minneapolis?

Last month, Minneapolis topped a full five categories in Travel and Leisure's annual survey of 35 cities across the country. Now, the magazine is handing us a more exotic honor: one of the 13 best places to travel in 2013. The roundup isn't just for domestic trips, like Lonely Planet's recent list, but for visits anywhere in the world.

Nilou Motamed, the magazine's features editor, stopped by the Today Show this morning to discuss the list, and tell the two surprised hosts why Minneapolis is the only U.S. destination to make the cut.

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- Climate change could make Mpls the new NYC, says The Economist [VIDEO]

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Hopkins rated as one of America's friendliest towns

It's nothing too exciting but it is very friendly, at least in Forbes' estimation.
The Minnesota Nicest place is Hopkins, according to Forbes. The suburb made Forbes' list of "America's Friendliest Towns."

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Forbes cites the town's relatively low crime rate, which is reflected by the relative dearth of Hopkins-related crime stories in City Pages archives.

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Twin Cities number one for percentage of residents who volunteer

Feed My Starving Children on Flickr
There's more of this happening in the Twin Cities than anywhere else in America.
The latest "Volunteering and Civic Life in America" study suggests there's something to all that "Minnesota Nice" stuff.

-- 43 percent of Mpls lives alone (that's 16 percent higher than the national average)
-- Minnesota is the least miserable state, according to Bloomberg
-- Minnesota is the state of the future, Gallup says

According to the 2011 census data used in the study, Minnesota has the fourth most per-capita volunteers of any state, and the Twin Cities' spirit of volunteerism is even more impressive -- Minneapolis/St. Paul has the most per-capita volunteers of any major metro region.

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