The Green Party comes to Minnesota, looking for new political life

Image from Dawkins for Attorney General Facebook Page

I walk into the 11:00 a.m. press conference at the Green Party's National Annual Meeting - one of the political party's biggest events of the year - and I'm a little confused. I'm normally accustomed to big rooms for these kinds of events, with chairs lined with journalists, jostling to get the best look at the candidates. But what's in front of me is an entirely different picture.

As expected, Minnesota's six Green Party candidates line a wall at the front of the room, but in front of the podium, where I expect to see the media, I instead find about 15 chairs, most empty, with a few Green Party supporters strewn about. As for the press at this press conference? I'm one of only two members who've shown up.

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Gov. Mark Dayton donated $10,000 of his personal wealth to charity last year

mark dayton rect.jpg
Gov. Mark Dayton's 2013 tax return was released last week and shows that he gave $10,000 to charities -- 10 times as much as last year.

His office did not respond to our request for comment, but judging by previous news coverage, the boost came in response to the governor's own criticism last November. When asked then about the mere $1,000 he had donated, he told reporters, "I'm disappointed in myself."

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Stewart Mills makes hay out of Rick Nolan's deleted tweet about the Constitution

Mills (left) and Nolan
But Stewart, all human creations are imperfect, aren't they?
Republican U.S. House hopeful Stewart Mills put incumbent Democrat Rick Nolan on blast yesterday for a tweet posted but then promptly deleted from Nolan's account in which the U.S. Constitution is described as an "imperfect document."

"Rick Nolan needs to explain what exactly he meant when he called the Constitution an imperfect document on Friday," Mills said in a release. "As a Member of Congress, he took an oath to protect and defend the Constitution, but now he's showing his true colors. For hundreds of years, countless Americans have fought and made the ultimate sacrifice to protect our way of life."

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Don Allen says decried doe-eyed anti-DFL ad is actually critique of MNGOP

Kathy may be talking trash about Dayton, but she's really critiquing the MNGOP, Allen (right) says.
When we called Don Allen yesterday to chat with him about his ostensibly anti-Mark Dayton ad, he knew we weren't looking to write a post singing its praises.

"So -- how bad are you going to slam me?" he asked right away.

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Anti-Dayton ad uses doe-eyed DFLer, gets mocked and ridiculed [VIDEO]

Wait, wasn't Obama the guy who talked about change?
:::: UPDATE :::: Allen says decried doe-eyed anti-DFL ad is actually critique of MNGOP

North Minneapolis activist Don Allen's Independent Business News Network released the first in a series of ads he plans to put together this campaign season using (alleged) DFL voters against DFL candidates.

"A Message to the Minnesota DFL" features a doe-eyed "Minnesota Democrat" named Kathy, who, as police sirens wail in the background, tells viewers, "I have watched our governor, Mark Dayton, promise 'change' but never deliver."

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Here's what to expect at the upcoming medical cannabis meetings, open to the public

Dank Depot
-- Correction at bottom --

The state's new 23-person medical cannabis task force has a public meeting coming up.

It's scheduled July 31 and intended mostly as a meet-and-greet for the task force members who will be tasked with evaluating the medical cannabis program. It'll be followed Aug. 8 by a meeting for folks interested in becoming certified manufacturers of cannabis.

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GOP House candidate Bob Frey believes dinosaurs lived with humans

Cartoon by Ken Avidor
Frey: "Dinosaurs have always lived with man."
Last week, we told you about GOP House candidate Bob Frey's discredited view regarding the link between gay sex and AIDS. Turns out there's more wacky theories where that came from.

The Bluestem Prairie blog unearthed a January 2004 audio clip of Frey claiming that "dinosaurs have always lived with man" during a hearing before the Minnesota Senate Education Committee. To bolster his claim, Frey toted around a gigantic replica of what he claimed was a femur bone from a 16-foot-tall human.

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The DFL just came really close to putting legal pot on its list of priorities

Coleen Danger
At the Minnesota DFL convention in Duluth last month, 1,076 delegates cast ballots related to the party's 2014-15 action agenda. Resolutions ranged from taxes to veterans to recreational cannabis.

The last one needed 619 votes to pass, but ended up with 603, according to tally takers.

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Eden Prairie GOP candidate Sheila Kihne once wrote cringe-worthy book about dating [VIDEO]

Kihne during her appearance on the Today show.
Yesterday, we told you about Republican House candidate Sheila Kihne's controversial, ultra-right blogging. Today we bring you something even more interesting.

Kihne's campaign website notes that while she's currently a full-time mom, the Eden Prairie resident once was "Co-Author of a Book on Dating and Courtship, [and] appeared on The TODAY Show and Fox News Channel." And lemme tell you, what a book it is!

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Eden Prairie GOP candidate's outspoken blogging elicits criticism from both sides of aisle

Sheila Kihne photo via Facebook
One MNGOPer expressed concern the DFL will gain a seat in November if Kihne wins her primary.
:::: UPDATE :::: Eden Prairie GOP candidate Sheila Kihne once wrote cringe-worthy book about dating [VIDEO]

Sheila Kihne is a Republican activist and Eden Prairie resident who is running in an August primary for a Minnesota House seat.

On her website, Kihne characterizes herself as a "small-government conservative." But in recent weeks, some of Kihne's fellow Republicans have reached out to us about blog posts she's written that suggest she's so conservative, she actually favors raising taxes on low-income Minnesotans. (Liberals have also gotten in touch to draw attention to Kihne's blog.)

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