Eden Prairie GOP candidate's outspoken blogging elicits criticism from both sides of aisle

Sheila Kihne photo via Facebook
One MNGOPer expressed concern the DFL will gain a seat in November if Kihne wins her primary.
:::: UPDATE :::: Eden Prairie GOP candidate Sheila Kihne once wrote cringe-worthy book about dating [VIDEO]

Sheila Kihne is a Republican activist and Eden Prairie resident who is running in an August primary for a Minnesota House seat.

On her website, Kihne characterizes herself as a "small-government conservative." But in recent weeks, some of Kihne's fellow Republicans have reached out to us about blog posts she's written that suggest she's so conservative, she actually favors raising taxes on low-income Minnesotans. (Liberals have also gotten in touch to draw attention to Kihne's blog.)

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Gov. Mark Dayton's medical cannabis task force includes staunch opponents and supporters

Dank Depot
Last week, Gov. Mark Dayton named 16 people to a task force that's responsible for evaluating the state's medical cannabis program. The list is a mixed bag, including eight healthcare providers and four members of the public -- but also four opponents from the law enforcement community.

None of them have been content to sit on the sidelines. Dakota County Attorney James Backstrom, for instance, once wrote an op-ed calling cannabis "the most dangerous illegal drug in our nation," and reaffirmed that position last November, mocking the use of the term "medical."

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Republican House candidate Bob Frey shares bizarre, discredited view about gay sex

Bob Frey (left) with the MNGOP-endorsed candidate for governor, Jeff Johnson.
:::: UPDATE :::: We got in touch with Matt Gieseke, the endorsed DFLer running against Frey and Nash, to get his response to Frey's comments. Click to page two to read it.

Last year, video of pastor Mike Frey's cringe-worthy soliloquy at the Capitol about the dangers of "ejaculation inside of a colon" left us unsure whether to laugh, cry, or move into the woods and stop paying attention to politics altogether.

Like son, like father, apparently. Even after Mike embarrassed himself by espousing an anti-gay theory that has no scientific basis, his father, Bob, articulated basically the same view during a recent interview with MinnPost.

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Mike McFadden scrubs negative Facebook comments, fills void with positivity from intern

McFadden's "Coach" ad has proven to be a real punch in the nuts to his campaign.
MNGOP-endorsed U.S. Senate candidate Mike McFadden's first major TV ad elicited criticism, and considering "groin gate," how could he possibly have expected otherwise? But instead of taking it on the chin or defending the head-scratching spot, his campaign decided to purge his Facebook page of negative comments about it.

Or at least so BuzzFeed reports, citing screengrabs provided to them by a "Minnesota Democrat." (C'mon, hook us up!)

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Rick Nolan and Stewart Mills quibble in 8th Congressional Race over who loves guns more

Republican challenger Stewart Mills (left) and incumbent Rick Nolan, DFL

Judging by campaign media, Minnesota's 8th Congressional District is a key battleground for gun control.

In a new campaign ad, Republican challenger Stewart Mills accuses Rick Nolan, his DFL opponent, of having "no respect" for the Second Amendment and wearing "hunter's orange" when it's politically expedient.

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Mike McFadden's first major TV ad sparks "groin gate" debate [VIDEO]

Nuts or guts? That's the question.
McFadden has apparently nailed down the all-important youth football player vote.
Republican U.S. Senate hopeful Mike McFadden's first ad, in which he touts how he once took out his son's stitches with his own hands because he was too cheap to take him to the doctor, left us scratching our proverbial head. His second offering has us Googling about hair transplants because we've just about scratched away all the damn stuff.

The spot, which according to the Strib is McFadden's "first broadcast ad" and will run on four local stations, culminates with the candidate getting punched by a child in his guts. Or was it actually his nuts?

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Phyllis Kahn alleges election judge called her "old Jewish lady," opponent "Muslim brother"

Noor (right) is trying to take Kahn's seat and become the first Somali elected to the legislature.
The campaign of Rep. Phyllis Kahn (D-Minneapolis) has filed two complaints regarding improprieties that have allegedly taken place during her heated primary battle with Mohamud Noor.

One alleges that a Minneapolis elections judge named Fadmo called Kahn "an old Jewish Lady" while interpreting the primary ballot for a Somali man who was recently at City Hall to cast his absentee ballot. On the other hand, Fadmo characterized Noor as "our Muslim brother," the complaint says.

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Police group that opposed medical cannabis still struggling to find its place in politics

jayneandd via Flickr
The state's Violent Crimes Coordinating Council is having a hard time obeying the rules.

You may remember that these were the guys who, in January, jumped unexpectedly into the medical cannabis debate by sending a letter of "strong opposition" to key legislators. The problem was that no one asked for the council's opinion, and by providing one, its members overstepped their boundaries.

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Do Dayton, DFL deserve credit for MN's high rank in CNBC's Top States For Business?

Somewhere, Tim Pawlenty shakes his head...
The Dayton administration is crowing after Minnesota clocked in with a sixth-place finish in CNBC's Top States For Business 2014 list.

Matt Swenson, Dayton's press secretary, drew reporters' attention to the study yesterday, writing in an email, "Members of the Press - I wanted to make sure you saw this news release issued by the Minnesota Department of Employment and Economic Development (DEED) this afternoon. CNBC just named Minnesota the 6th-best place to do business in the United States."

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Meet Prinsburg, Minnesota's most conservative city

Wikimedia Commons/Deanlaw

If you wanted to find the most conservative city in Minnesota, you'd probably start by looking in the sixth congressional district, the area right above Minneapolis that's still represented by Rep. Michele Bachmann and has a large evangelical population.

Surprisingly, however, you'd be pretty far away. In fact, according to newly released data from the analytics firm Clarity Campaign Labs, Minnesota's most conservative city is Prinsburg, a tiny city located about 90 miles due west of Minneapolis.

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