2014 State Fair poll: slight majority of Minnesotans oppose pot legalization

Coleen Danger
The results of this year's State Fair poll were released Tuesday, showing that Minnesotans favor same-day voter registration and an increase in the gas tax for road and bridge construction.

But a slight majority also opposes the idea of legalizing cannabis for recreational use, thereby extending access beyond the medical program established last spring.

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MN State Fair set record number of visitors on last two days

Joanna Fox
Minnesotans came out to the fair in record numbers on Sunday and Monday, although it wasn't enough to make up for an overall decline in attendance compared to past years.


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Controversial crop art at the Minnesota State Fair: Who decides what's OK to display?


Journalist David Brauer was walking through the crop art exhibit at the Minnesota State Fair on Thursday when he tweeted, "BREAKING: It appears partisan #cropart has been completely excised from #mnfair."

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Crop art

State Fair's 2013 attractions will include luminarium, four new midway rides

Minnesota State Fair
The 2013 State Fair poster, by Marie Olofsdotter.
The Great Minnesota Get-Together already offers sensory overload, from the dozens of rides to the seemingly endless supply of food items on a stick. But as if it weren't enough, for 2013, the State Fair will add 28 new exhibits and attractions.

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- The 2013 State Fair poster is less trippy than last year's

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State Fair lawn parking: How much do fairground neighbors make?

One resident near the fairgrounds filled her yard with cars by Monday afternoon.

Everyone who drives to the Great Minnesota Get-Together sees them: The State Fair's neighbors who, for 12 days in August, put their lives on hold to hawk parking on their lawns.

While vendors inside advertise corn dogs and go-kart rides, the blocks east of the fairgrounds sprout a micro-economy lucrative enough to entice many residents to take a week of vacation and parcel up their yards. Spots go for between $5 and $20, depending on distance to the gates and the day. Neighbors able to cram 20 or 25 cars on their property can make thousands.

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Minnesota State Fair goers oppose 'stand your ground' law, favor Sunday liquor runs

Photo: Minnesota State Fair.
Is it finally time for Minnesota to overturn its Sunday liquor store ban?

Yes, according to the majority of State Fair goers who participated in the 2012 Minnesota House of Representatives opinion survey.

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Minnesota State Fair glitter-bombed over anti-gay marriage booth [VIDEO]

Minnesota State Fair: Glitter-bombed from above.
Not even the Minnesota State Fair is safe from glitter-bombers.

The Great Minnesota Get-Together attracted the attention of gay activists this weekend by allowing anti-gay marriage group Minnesota for Marriage to set up a booth at the fair. Local activist Nick Espinosa, known for organizing the gay barbarian flashmob and glitter-bombing at Marcus Bachmann's clinic this summer, decided to protest the booth's presence, claiming that pro-gay marriage activists were excluded from the fair.

As usual, Espinosa chose the least violent, most colorful protest yet known to man. But this time, with a bit of height added to the mix, the glitter-bomb was likely the most spectacular one yet.

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Two men arrested for counterfeit State Fair tickets

hazeltine horaas.jpg
Richard Hazeltine, Michael Horaas: Forgetting the State Fair spirit.
The Minnesota State Fair is a time for Minnesotans of all walks of life to come together -- including, it seems, the most sleazy among us.

In separate cases, two men are being investigated for the sale of counterfeit tickets for the fair.

Richard Hazeltine, of St. Paul, was arrested for his role in a fake ticket scam on Monday. That makes him the second man caught in the same crime, joining Brooklyn Park's Michael Horaas. Horaas was arrested at the Northtown Mall parking lot in Blaine on Saturday, where he was selling fair tickets that cops say are bogus, the Pioneer Press reports.

There's no word yet on how many fake tickets might have gone out, but those who'd bought them were disappointed in the short-term: The State Fair's pretty good at weeding out bum tickets, and buyers would've been turned away at the gates.

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Dale Johannessen gets tazed at Minnesota State Fair

Image via YouTube
Dale Johannessen gets shirty.
Combine St. Paul's two latest tazing recipients and you've got yourself a fully clothed man.

While Brian Dziubak dropped trou in a gas station, Dale Steven Johannessen managed to get his shirt off at the Great Minnesota Get-Together before catching the attention of cops and getting tazed on Friday. One fair goer got the whole thing on tape.

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State Fair animal crap and crap you eat are tested as fuel sources

Image by IntangibleArts on Flickr
Can corndogs be turned into electricity?
George Johnson, an environmental scientist, is trying to find out whether there's more energy in recycled animal dung or that nasty-ass but oh-so-good State Fair food.

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