What's It Like Being a Woman in Minnesota?

Michael Hicks
It might be cold, but Minnesota is a pretty great place for women.
When personal finance analysts at WalletHub released their obligatory roundup of the nation's best and worst states in which to be female just in time for Women's Day this Sunday, we expected the usual distribution of prizes. Points to the East Coast where feminists have the abortion lobby by the balls, slaps on the wrist for the Deep South, where it also sucks to be black, gay, Muslim, or a driver of a fuel efficient car.

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I can't stop staring at this photo of Chewbacca running the Twin Cities marathon

Look at this amazing photo of a person in a Chewbacca costume running the Twin Cities marathon.
It takes quite a bit of dedication to run a marathon, but times that by a thousand to run a marathon wearing a heavy, hairy costume.

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Twin Cities have country's smartest, most attractive people, says Travel and Leisure

Payton Chung, cursedthing, and chris_cadlum via Flickr
We're attractive because we're nerdy, outdoorsy, and have "refined tastes in beverages," says Travel and Leisure. (The Minneapolis Central Library, Surly, and Lake Calhoun).
Travel and Leisure has confirmed what we already know. In the magazine's annual Favorite Cities 2012 survey, readers compare 35 cities across the country, and gave Minneapolis and St. Paul top marks in a full five categories.

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- Minnesota is the state of the future, Gallup says

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Minnesota has put on a few pounds, per latest national fat survey [MAP]

If Minnesotans were mice, 25.7 percent of us would be this big guy on the left. Zoom out and look at all Americans, and it's 35.7 percent.
- Minnesota is the state of the future, Gallup says
- Minnesotans have third-highest well-being, Gallup finds
- Minnesota is fat, but not compared to the rest of the fat United States

Your scale's not broken. In 2011, Minnesota got fatter.

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Minnesota turns 153 today: Still the hippest, gayest, most bike-friendliest state around!

Today is the 153rd anniversary of Minnesota.

On May 11, 1858, our hunk of land was shaved from the eastern half of what was then-called "the Minnesota Territory" and admitted as the 32nd state in the nation.

For an old lady, Minnesota remains quite hip, as we learned this week.

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Lindsey Vonn, Buck Hill veteran, makes her Wheaties box debut

Thumbnail image for Vonn.jpg
A Minnesota two-fer: Golden Valley-based General Mills says Buck Hill veteran Lindsey Vonn will be one of three Olympic gold medalists featured on the upcoming edition the Wheaties box, along with snowboarder Shaun White, of California, and snowboard cross athlete Seth Wescot, of Maine.

Despite a debilitating bruised shin, Vonn took the gold in the Olympic downhill this year. She's the first American woman ever to do so.

This marks yet another major debut for Vonn in 2010. In February, Sports Illustrated featured her in its annual Swimsuit Edition. Vonn appeared aside three other members of the U.S. winter Olympic Games ski team in a red bikini that left very little to the imagination.

Twin Cities smart but boring, survey says

Image courtesy of Andrew Ciscel on Flickr

Minneapolis and St. Paul ranked first for intelligence in Travel and Leisure's reader survey of 30 American Cities. We're smart! But no one wants to come here for Spring Break.

Our fair cities scored well on some other characteristics -- we are the 10th-best looking, the 5th-friendliest, and the 6th-most athletic of the 30 cities included in the poll. Check out how the Twin Cities fared on the Travel and Leisure poll here.

And, if you don't like the rankings, you can just pretend they don't exist. They are just a compilation of readers' votes -- totally not scientific.

Hot: Prince on a Segway


Do we even need to say anything? No way. Drink it in, ladies (and gentlemen).

Buy this magic on a T-shirt over at Chop Shop. (via)

Casey Carlson eliminated from American Idol

Thumbnail image for caseycarlsonpromo.jpg
Photo courtesy of Fox Broadcasting Company
Minnesota's Casey Carlson's moment in the American Idol spotlight ended so quickly we don't even know what to say. She forgot her lyrics during the Hollywood group singing, destroyed a song by The Police, and then quickly left the stage with grace last night. We had so much hope for Minnesota's next pop star and now it's over. Can Jesse Langseth shock the world and win our hearts now so we have some hope of Minnesota talent?

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Casey Carlson: American Idol's biggest disappointment

Thumbnail image for caseycarlsonpromo.jpg
Photo courtesy of Fox Broadcasting Company
We were pumped up to have some potential Minnesota talent in American Idol this season. Not to mention a potential perfect (perhaps maybe boring) package for an American Idol star.

Unfortunately University of Minnesota student Casey Carlson fell pretty flat last night and was quickly pummeled by the judges. Only her hotness can save her now.

She performed "Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic" by the Police. Yikes.

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