Dennis Nguyen pulls out of Secretary of State race

Dennis Nguyen photo via Facebook
Days after we reported about a controversy over Dennis Nguyen's alleged taste for strip clubs, he's pulled out of the Secretary of State race.

Nguyen, a Republican who works in private equity, announced the move on his Facebook page this morning.

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MNGOP Secretary of State candidate Dennis Nguyen admits going to strip clubs

Dennis Nguyen photo via Facebook
In recent weeks, three different well-connected Minnesota Republicans have gotten in touch to pass along the same tip. (They asked their names be kept off the record.)

:::: UPDATE :::: Dennis Nguyen pulls out of Secretary of State race

The tipsters told us this: MNGOP secretary of state candidate Dennis Nguyen frequents strip clubs.

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Rebranded "Winona County Conservatives" now threatening armed resistance

Categories: MNGOP
The new name distances the page from the MNGOP.
In November, the "Winona County Republican Party" Facebook page shared a doctored image of the Obamas that alluded to racial stereotypes about blacks. In response to that and other instances where county-level MNGOP units got themselves in trouble for offensive posts, state Republican officials vowed to create and disseminate social media best practices guidelines.

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But those guidelines didn't stop Winona County Republicans from publishing questionable stuff on Facebook, as earlier this month the page shared images comparing Hillary Clinton to satan and alleging Democrats are waging a "war on babies and Christians." (Because after all, what tried-and-true liberal doesn't hate wee ones?)

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Winona County Republicans share post comparing Hillary to satan

Categories: MNGOP
Screengrab from Winona County Republican Party Facebook page
What would this make Bill?
Last month, MNGOP Chair Keith Downey announced party officials were developing new social media best practice guidelines. The move came at least partly in response to the Winona County GOP getting itself in trouble for sharing a Facebook post about the Obamas that alluded to stereotypes about blacks.

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Well, either the folks writing the guidelines are a little late delivering the goods, or the document never made its way down to Winona. Because today, Winona County Republicans are back up to their old tricks with two Facebook posts that are questionable at best.

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Star Tribune editor scolds Senate MNGOP for doctoring classic Dayton/Zygi photo

Categories: MNGOP, Media beefs
MN Senate GOP on Twitter
Today, Star Tribune political editor Patricia Lopez and Strib photographer Glenn Stubbe took issue with the MNGOP Senate communications team for doctoring Stubbe's classic Mark Dayton/Zygi Wilf photo in the tweet at the top of this post.

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Stubbe tweeted, "Folks this is wrong and should come down." Lopez then upped the ante by suggesting the Strib could take legal action.

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MNGOP moving to one of Minneapolis's crunchiest neighborhoods

Categories: MNGOP
The MNGOP's headquarters is set to move to this building.
About 18 months after the MNGOP was nearly evicted from the office space it was renting in the Capitol Office Building, the financially challenged party is preparing to move... to the crunchy streets of Seward?

SEE ALSO: Judgmental Mpls neighborhood map describes Seward as land of "crabby baristas"

Indeed. An MNGOP press release reveals that the party's new home as of January 2014 will be 2200 E. Franklin Ave.

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MNGOP official takes heat for suggesting JFK was shot by Secret Service agent

Categories: MNGOP
Today is the 50th anniversary of John F. Kennedy's assassination, and to commemorate, most everyone is offering their theory about what really happened on that fateful Friday afternoon in Dallas.

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One person who thinks JFK's assassination was an inside job of sorts is Brandon Sawalich, the current finance chairman of the Minnesota Republican Party and a onetime candidate for MNGOP chair.

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Winona County GOP official dismissed concerns about decried Michelle Obama gold grills post

Categories: MNGOP
Winona County GOP officials apparently don't think this post is anything to apologize for.
On the same day we wrote about the Winona County Republican Party's controversial anti-Obamacare Facebook post -- you know, the one containing a doctored image where Barack is shown without teeth and Michelle is adorned with gold grills -- a young woman named Carlyn Shanley wrote an email to Winona GOP officials calmly and thoughtfully explaining why she, as a Minnesotan, was embarrassed by the party's actions.

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Winona GOP officials would respond to her message, but they weren't in a mood to apologize.

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MNGOP drafting social media guidelines in wake of decried Facebook posts

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mngop logo rect.jpg
Apparently sick of seeing his party in City Pages headlines, MNGOP Chair Keith Downey says Minnesota Republicans are developing a new list of social media best practices guidelines.

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The idea is that after the guidelines are approved the MNGOP's state-level leadership this week, they'll be shared with county officials who may need help understanding that it's actually not a good idea to compare abortion with slavery or post a doctored image of a gold-grills-adorned Michelle Obama.

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Winona County GOP shares doctored image of Michelle Obama with gold grills on Facebook [UPDATE]

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:::: UPDATE :::: Winona County GOP official dismissed concerns about decried Michelle Obama gold grills post

Sure, it's not as bad as the Chisago County GOP's recent "Pro-choice: Against slavery? Don't buy one" post, but really?

SEE ALSO: MNGOP Rep. Pat Garofalo suggests liberal blogger is a pussy

Yesterday, the Winona County Republican Party shared a doctored image of Michelle Obama adorned with gold grills and Barack with no teeth (it's at the top of this post) on its Facebook page. The point, we infer, is that's what your smile might end up looking like if you use the Affordable Care Act to purchase dental insurance.

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