Robert Dahl, Suspect in Murder-Suicide, Dreamt Larger Than He Could Afford

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Robert Dahl's Facebook page
Robert Dahl during better days on the golf course in a photo from earlier this month.

Robert M. Dahl, a 1986 Osseo High School graduate-turned-California vintner and the suspect in a Napa Valley murder-suicide, had long been guilty of writing checks with his mouth that his ass couldn't cash.

According to friends and business acquaintances, the 47-year-old married father of three was a smooth-talking chaser of dollar-sign daydreams who was good at making the sale, but perpetually failed at executing the enterprise.

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Pickle Factory Stinks Up Southwest Suburbs

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screenshot of KSTP
The smelly mystery has been solved!

For the last few days, a rotten stink pervaded the southwest metro.

People in Chaska, Shakopee, and Eden Prairie walked around squinting, noses crinkled, wondering, "What the hell is that smell?"

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Part of Duluth's Landmark "Icehouse" in Lake Superior Has Mysteriously Disappeared

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Mike Scholtz
The Icehouse before (left) and after (right)
Some call it "The Icehouse," or "The Cribs," while an informational plaque nearby deems it "Uncle Harvey's Mausoleum," named after the businessman who built it in 1919.

By any name the sagging cement structure sitting about 50 yards from shore in Canal Park is one of Duluth's most recognizable landmarks, and sometime between New Year's and Valentine's Day part of it mysteriously disappeared.

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Delbert Huber, man questioned for Wetterling abduction, died in prison of natural causes

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WCCO screengrab
Huber talks with WCCO's Esme Murphy the day before his death.
On the heels of blogger Joy Baker's fantastic work about possible links between Jacob Wetterling's abduction in St. Joseph in October 1989 and a string of attacks on young teenage boys in Paynesville in 1986 and 1987, authorities took a fresh look at the Wetterling case last month.

One of the people they spoke to was 83-year-old Delbert Huber. At the time, Huber was serving time in the Faribault prison for murder. He was convicted of killing a school teacher during an October 2011 dispute over $50. (His arrest produced the unforgettable mugshot below the jump.) In 1989, however, Huber lived in Paynesville, which is about a half-hour from St. Joseph, and after Wetterling's abduction he was questioned about the case because of his resemblance to a witness account of what the abductor looked and sounded like. (Read more about that and see a sketch of the suspect here.)

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Loring Park UFO mystery solved [VIDEO]

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This image was shot by a drone (his little drone buddy can be seen at the bottom).
The UFOs filmed flying above Loring Park last Friday have been identified, and some might say the truth is scarier than alien vessels.

In a word, drones.

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Does this footage show UFOs above Loring Park? [VIDEO]

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A man walking from Uptown to downtown stopped and turned on his video camera when he saw these two things in the sky.
A video posted on shows two mysterious objects flying above Loring Park last Friday night.

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The site boldly proclaims that the objects are "UFOs over the Basilica," but the man who shot the video, while acknowledging he's "not sure what the objects were," concludes they were "probably something of terrestrial origin."

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Mari Ruddy, missing diabetic St. Paul woman, found alive [UPDATE]

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Mari Ruddy and the green Honda Civic she was last seen driving.
-- Update at bottom --

Today, a desperate search is taking place for Mari Ruddy, a diabetic St. Paul woman who has been missing since around 1 p.m. Tuesday.

Ruddy, 48, has had type 1 diabetes for 30 years, the Pioneer Press reports. She wears an insulin pump and family members say she only had enough insulin on her to last two days.

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Aaron Schnagl, on-again/off-again boyfriend, is "person of interest" in Jelinek disappearance

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Schnagl jelinek rect.jpg
Schnagl (left) was reportedly rekindling his relationship with Jelinek (right) before she disappeared last weekend.
Five days after she was reported missing, there's still no sign of Danielle Jelinek. But authorities have now named Aaron Schnagl -- her on-again, off-again boyfriend -- as a "person of interest" in the case.

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Schnagl admits to being the last person to see Jelinek. He says the two of them went shopping in Minneapolis on Saturday night, then returned to his Chisago Lakes Township home for drinks and sex before Jelinek took off on foot Sunday morning. But it sounds like authorities -- who previously said Schnagl has been uncooperative with them -- think Schnagl knows more about what happened to Jelinek than he's sharing.

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