Lindsey Vonn confirms she's dating Tiger Woods

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Vonn and Tiger: A friendship that evolved into "something more."
Today, Lindsey Vonn confirmed a rumor that's been out there since January -- she's indeed dating Tiger Woods.

WHAT A DIFFERENCE THREE YEARS MAKES: In 2010, Vonn took a shot at Tiger

Vonn, currently recovering from knee surgery to repair a torn ACL and MCL she suffered during a ski crash early last month, confirmed her relationship in a statement she published on her Facebook profile.

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Minnesota's population remarkably more diverse than 50 years ago, though still very white

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minnesota sign.jpg
Monroe Family Blog
Minnesota: It's not just for white people anymore.
During a presentation to legislators at the Capitol yesterday, Minnesota Demographer Susan Brower pointed out the significant extent to which Minnesota has become more colorful over the past five decades.

SEE ALSO: Duluth roiled by two recent blackface incidents [VIDEO]

According to the most recent demographic numbers, 17 percent of Minnesotans are "persons of color," a category including those who identified themselves on the last census as black, Hispanic, Asian, Native American, or other non-white ethic groups. In 1960, that number stood at just 2 percent.

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Lindsey Vonn reportedly dating Tiger Woods

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Tiger's dating history seems like a topic of conversation Lindsey might want to avoid.
Tiger Woods is reportedly dating Minnesota's sexiest athlete -- St. Paul native Lindsey Vonn.

-- Lindsey Vonn is the most-searched Olympian of all time... of course she is [PHOTOS]
-- Minneapolis woman claims Tiger Woods hurt knee in Navy SEAL urban warfare simulator

We're not sure why Lindsey would want anything to do with Tiger after all the craziness that went down with his ex-wife Elin, but according to a Star magazine report, a source close to Tiger says "He wants to marry again and thinks Lindsey could be the woman." So if you see Tiger working on his game at Hazeltine next spring, now you know.

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Edina's Southdale Center named one of "10 Buildings That Changed America"

Edina's Southdale mall in the 1950s.
The Mall of America might lure tourists from all over the world and boast a bajillion stores, but Edina's Southdale Center has history, and the folks at PBS think it's kind of a big deal.

The nation's first enclosed regional shopping center, Southdale has been named one of the "10 Buildings That Changed America" and will be featured on a 2013 PBS documentary by the same title.

Historians and architects across the country chose Southdale as sixth on the list, which includes buildings ranging from America's early years to today.

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Minnesota's proportion of native-born residents decreasing, says census

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Minnesota welcome.JPG
Over the past 30 years, Minnesota has welcomed an increasing number of non-native residents.
Minnesota is a little less Minnesotan than it used to be.

Recent census data indicates that about 69 percent of state residents were born here, compared with 75 percent in 1980. Hennepin and Ramsey counties are two of the least Minnesotan areas of the state, with about 40 percent of residents in each hailing from places where pop is probably known as something called "soda."

The most Minnesotan county is Morrison, home of Little Falls, where more than 87 percent of residents are native. Houston County, situated in the state's southeast corner across from La Crosse, has the most imports, with less than 33 percent of residents hailing from here.

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The most gay-friendly Twin Cities employers

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The Human Rights Campaign assessed companies' GLBT-friendliness
The Human Rights Campaign Foundation has released a study measuring hundreds of companies' friendliness to gay employees.

If their survey is any indication, Minnesota companies tend to do well by their GLBT employees. Thirteen Minnesota companies received perfect scores in the Corporate Equality Index.

The survey measured whether companies provide equal benefits for same-sex partners and spouses as well as transgender employees and dependents. Companies were also expected to show public and internal commitment to the GLBT community.

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How Minnesota became the second-highest state for mortgage fraud -- or not

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mortgage fraud house.jpg
This north Minneapolis house was one of the properties featured in a 2006 fraud scam.
Minnesota is either the second-best or second-worst place to hatch your mortgage fraud scam.
The Mortgage Fraud Index came out yesterday morning and ranked Minnesota second-highest in the country for incidence of mortgage fraud.

But a closer look at the data suggests we're not overrun by hucksters. In fact, the state's high rating might be the result of its willingness to prosecute con artists. The index ranks states based not by the total number of frauds, but on the number of criminal charges and civil complaints filed against fraudsters.

Hennepin County Attorney Mike Freeman tells City Pages his office devotes considerable resources to fighting mortgage fraud.

"One of the reasons our numbers are high is because it's a priority of mine to go after these cases big-time," he says. As of June, Hennepin County attorneys have filed 52 cases against 66 defendants in the past year.

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Nate and Nick Smith, twins who made the $50,000 hockey shot, won't get the money [VIDEO]

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Today Show screen shot
Telling the truth cost $50,000
Nate and Nick Smith, the 11-year-old twins from Owatonna who tag-teamed a miraculous hockey shot three weeks ago, won't get the $50,000 prize promised for the shot.

Last month at a charity hockey event, Nick Smith's name got drawn to try for a near-impossible shot: From 90 feet back, send the puck through a 3.5-inch cutout. Nick was out of the building at the time, so the boys' father, Pat, sent Nick's twin brother Nate down to the ice. Unbelievably, Nate sent the puck right into its target.

Pat Smith quickly told the event organizer that it was Nate -- not Nick -- who'd made the shot, and the event organizers and insurance company have been tussling since over whether to give the Smiths the prize money.

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Downtown ambassador takes Melissa Hill's bike [VIDEO]

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DID screengrab.jpg
This downtown ambassador will take your bike and "have you arrested for cursing."
The guys who walk around downtown Minneapolis in yellow jackets aren't police officers.

They're private employees working for a non-profit, Minneapolis Downtown Improvement District, and their job is to help make downtown "cleaner, safer, greener and better in order to achieve a more vital and vibrant downtown." They're called "ambassadors," and according to DID are supposed to be the "friendly faces" of the city.

But you wouldn't know it from watching a video of two DID "ambassadors" harassing an anti-war protestor who was chalking the sidewalk in front of the FBI building on Friday night. The ambassador came up and snatched her bike, claiming it had been "abandoned," threatened her for "defacing public property," and said he could have her arrested for cursing.

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Nate and Nick Smith, 11-year-old twins, making the NY media rounds after $50,000 hockey shot

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Screen shot KARE11
Nate Smith after making the impossible shot
Eleven-year-old twins Nate and Nick Smith of Owatonna got some major excitement at a celebrity hockey match in Faribault on Saturday when Nick's name got called to try for a center-ice shot.

Nick wasn't in the arena, though. So Nate, his identical twin, took to the ice. Nate Smith nailed the puck into a three-and-a-half-inch cutout in the goal--from a starting point 89 feet away. The shot was worth $50,000. The twins' father confessed the swap-out, and the family is still waiting to hear if it will get the money.

"We haven't heard yet. But we've a lot of exciting stuff happen this morning," says Pat Smith, the boys' father. "We're getting flown out to New York. We're going to be on Inside Edition and CBS Morning Show."

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