Playboy Gets It Right About Catcalling [VIDEO]

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Months after a Minneapolis woman published secretly-recorded videos of herself getting catcalled while walking the streets of the City of Lakes, a new clip of a woman walking around New York City by her lonesome and being relentlessly harassed by men has become the talk of the internet.

Many, of course, sympathize with the woman, an 24-year-old actress named Shoshana Roberts. But others expressed concern about the producer's choice to omit white men from the final cut, while Fox News personalities made a case that almost nothing in the video was worth getting worked up over. Host Bob Beckel even went as far as to catcall Roberts on the air, saying, "She got 100 catcalls, let me add 101... Damn, baby, you're a piece of woman."

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Mpls woman secretly records conversations with catcallers, posts video online [VIDEOS]

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This guy told Lindsey, "Minnesota chicks are hot." Little did he know it was caught on tape.
Lindsey, the same 28-year-old woman who infamously called out a Minneapolis catcaller in an epic Cragslist Missed Connection ad last year, has upped her game.

She's now taken to secretly recording interactions with catcallers, then posting the clips online. At the conclusion of each interaction, she tries to give the men a card referring them to The banner of the website reads, "Being harassed by strangers isn't fun, but now, responding to street harassment can be."

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In Minnesota, most Missed Connections happen at the grocery store [MAP]

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Minneapolis woman shames catcalling douche with hilarious Craigslist "Missed Connection" ad

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Are you the kind of douchebag who shouts sexist comments at random women you see walking on the street in Minneapolis?

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If so, this clever Missed Connection ad may have been written about you.
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Coffee shop first date live-tweeted by City Pages blogger, hilarity ensues

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dailylifeofmojo on Flickr
Names, the location, and this blogger's sense of privacy have been withheld.
Last night, yours truly was chilling out at his favorite coffee joint when an attractive blonde sat down at the neighboring table.

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She looked like she was waiting for someone, and lo and behold, about 15 minutes later a young man walked in, head swiveling from side to side in hopes of finding his date as un-awkwardly as possible. The two made eye contact, greeted each other, shared an awkward hug, then settled in for an experience that's both exciting and somewhat dreadful -- an internet-facilitated first date.

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Duluth couple blasts "pagan" Olympics, write that it "made one think of pedophiles"

Matt Lancashire | Flickr Creative Commons
Heathens! The London opening ceremony.
Dennis P. and Rosemarie Mitchell are disappointed in the London Olympics. According to the Duluth couple, this year's games, and particularly the opening and closing ceremonies, "made one think of pedophiles" and of "Satan being glorified."

Or so they write in a letter to the Duluth Budgeteer News editor, which is currently tearing its way around the internet as a "wonderful" example, says Deadspin's Barry Petchesky, of how "there is nothing in the world like the letters to the editor section of a small newspaper."

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Torii Hunter: Pohlad's ignoring me and Twins fans are dumb

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We're paraphrasing. But Torii Hunter, in New York this week for a series against the Mets, granted an interview to the Daily News. Here's what this season's best Twin, whose contract is up this season, had to say:

"I want to be with the Twins and that's been my main goal, but I'm human and the silence makes you wonder. I think I'm a decent player. I can't believe there hasn't even been a conversation about it. That's tough to swallow."

OK, fair enough. The man wants to get paid. But what about this?

"I love Yankee Stadium. The atmosphere and energy there is great. And the fans know the game. When they get on you it can be pretty personal, but it's always about your baseball game. When someone screams, 'You just can't hit that slider,' that's someone who knows what they're talking about. You don't hear that kind of informed (chatter) in Minnesota."


Ivy Beleaguered

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Pity the Harvard Law student. It is her sad fate to squander her days in the company of America's future overlords—before being thrown out into the cruel world with a six-figure salary at age 25.

Last summer, one particularly sympathetic local decided to share the native warmth that so many Midwesterners feel for the coastal elite. In a good-natured article in last week's Harvard Record, second-year law student Pamela Foohey recounted a mysterious letter that turned up on the windshield of her Lexus SUV—or, rather, her parents' Lexus SUV. The car, Foohey explained, had Connecticut plates, and, more important, a window sticker from Harvard Law.

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Overheard: Congressional candidate's shocking confession

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Tuesday afternoon, Farmfest 2006, congressional candidate panel, Redwood Falls.

After nearly 90 minutes of taking questions, nine incumbent and challenger candidates for U.S. Congress are giving final remarks to a crowd of about 300. Each one--including Collin Peterson, Michele Bachmann, Rod Grams and Coleen Rowley, among others--takes great pains to prove "just folks" bona fides to the independent family farmers assembled.

(Hey, Agent Rowley, how about the name of your blog?)

Tim Walz, the DFLer challenging Gil Gutknecht in Minnesota's First District, scores the biggest laugh of the day, however. (Admittedly, the bar is pretty low at such an event.)

"You wanna talk about small town, I'll tell you that I went to a school with 25 students, and 12 of them were my cousins," Walz says, pausing a beat. "Prom-dating was very difficult."

Overheard: Joe Schmit's final wisecrack

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Wednesday, 6:58 p.m., the Channel 5 studios somewhere in the Hubbard Empire complex on University Avenue, where Minneapolis meets St. Paul.

Longtime KSTP-TV sports guy and recent news anchor Joe Schmit is bidding an emotional adieu, leaving his job of 21 years for a gig with Petters Media & Marketing Group.

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Eastbound on the 16 bus, 6:25 p.m., Friday, University Avenue, just past Snelling. White guy and black guy, both middle-aged, both well into their holiday binge drinking, sharing a seat.

"I'm going down to see Alice Cooper," announces the white guy.

"Alice Cooper?" responds his seatmate. "Who's she?"