Check Out "World's Most Dangerous Port-A-Potty" at Vikings Stadium Site [PHOTO]

Used with permission of Mill City Times
This is one port-a-potty you definitely don't want to be in if it tips...
When nature calls, you have to heed it -- even if you're hundreds of feet in the air on some precarious-looking scaffolding.

That's the situation facing workers working at the site of the new Vikings stadium, as you can see at the top of this post in a photo shot by the Mill City Times' David Tinjum.

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Swimsuit-clad gal sunbathes at snowy Lake of the Isles [PHOTO]

Oh, Minnesnowta...
Somebody is really, really ready for spring.

A friend of the City Pages passed along the photo at the top of this post. It was taken by Kelly B. at Lake of the Isles on Sunday, when temperatures rose all the way up into the 50s.

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For Christ's sake, Florida

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Photo of Bitcoin beggar outside Dinkytown McDonald's goes viral

kingbot on Reddit
A photo of a man begging for Bitcoins outside the Dinkytown McDonald's is blowing up Reddit, with more than 500,000 views since it was posted yesterday.

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The photo, visible above, nicely juxtaposes the tech-savvy beggar's "Every Bit Helps" sign with McDonald's plea for workers.

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Blaine Rep. Tim Sanders shares crazy photo of neighbor's house engulfed in flames [UPDATE]

-- Update at bottom --

Just after midnight, Rep. Tim Sanders, R-Blaine, tweeted out the above photo of his neighbor's burning house.

That doesn't look like the sort of fire anybody trapped inside could survive, but thankfully, Sanders said everyone got out in time.

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The Zygi Wilf/Mark Dayton photo people can't get enough of: Top 10 tweets

During yesterday's Vikings stadium groundbreaking ceremony, Star Tribune photographer Glen Stubbe captured a photo of Zygi Wilf and Mark Dayton that's worth somewhere between a thousand words and $975 million.

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As you'd imagine, Twitter users here all the way from Los Angeles to here to New Jersey weighed in with their best 140-character captions. Below are the 10 best wisecracks we saw.

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Someone actually dressed up as the Minneapolis mayoral ballot for Halloween [PHOTO]

In our list of the top 13 most Minnesotan Halloween costumes, the unwieldy Minneapolis mayoral ballot clocked in at number six.

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Sure, we gave you step-by-step instructions for how to create it, but all we were really going for was LOLs -- we didn't necessarily expect anyone to go to the trouble of putting the costume together. But as the photo at the top of this post suggests, perhaps we underestimated our influence.

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Sunrise shot of city from the suburbs makes Mpls skyline look small [PHOTO]

orbeq on Instagram
Instagram user orbeq took the above photo this morning.

ANOTHER COOL PHOTO: Lightning flashes over Uptown

His sunrise shot was taken from an office park in Minnetonka near Highway 169 and the Crosstown.

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A's clinch against Twins, celebrate with beer-drinking baby [PHOTO]

Screengrab via Deadspin
Yesterday, for the 90th time this season, the Twins lost and another team won. That's not news. But Oakland's sweep of the visiting Twins meant the A's clinched the AL West, and following the game the party was on.

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Like, really on. Check out the screengrab at the top of this post. Yup, that looks to be a baby drinking a beer.

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Grand Rapids police chase cute black bear cub [PHOTO]

Black bear cubs: In a word, cute.
Yesterday, a woman named Shannon Leigh Sweeney sent the Grand Rapids Herald-Review a cute picture of Grand Rapids cops chasing after a black bear cub.

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Sure, it's all ooohs and aaahs in hindsight, but it probably wasn't for the cops involved at the time -- as some commenters pointed out, the presence of the cub in town means the mother bear probably wasn't far away.

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St. Paul man photobombs Google Street View camera [PHOTO]

See one of these rolling down your street? Don't be shy -- do like the St. Paul guy did and strike a pose.
It isn't quite as cool as this. Nor is it as LOL-worthy as this. But still -- not bad.

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A St. Paul man's rock n' roll salute will live in Google immortality (or at least until they update their maps), as he timed his gesture at exactly the right moment to have it captured by the company's Street View cameras as they rolled down Sheldon Street last October.

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