Wisconsin Cop Pablo Torres Featured on Billboard After Shooting Two People in 10 Days

Screenshot/Fox 6 Now
The billboard thanks citizens for supporting an officer who shot two people in a span of 10 days

On March 4 Kenosha, Wisconsin police officer Pablo Torres arrived at a scene where cops were trying to calm down a suicidal 66-year-old man named Terry Knight.

According to criminal charges filed against Knight, he exited a vehicle with a knife in each hand. Two cops who were already at the scene couldn't convince Knight to drop the knives, and an attempt to taser him was unsuccessful.

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Josh Lawrenz, Disgraced Chaska Cop, Created a Culture of Fear, Latino Residents Said

Josh Lawrenz's Facebook page
Josh Lawrenz lost his job earlier this month after an inquiry into charges of racial profiling.

The young woman with a cherub face and a white flowered blouse struggled to finish her words, fighting back tears as she stood before the Chaska City Council.

City resident Natalie Lopez described how a Chaska police officer, whom she only knew as "Josh or Joshua," would regularly camp out in his squad car at the entrance of the Brandondale Mobile Home Park.

"That police," said Lopez, "told me he wants to send every single person who doesn't have no license back to Mexico.... Now, I'm scared and I think all the Latinos now, we don't feel safe.... Please help us."

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High Schoolers Playing Nerf Wars Worries Cops in Northern Minnesota

Categories: Police

Helgi Halldórsson/Flickr
Cops are worried about kids taking the latest fad a bit too seriously

Nerf Wars has been around for years. This millennial blogger remembers it being called "Assassination" at his metro-area high school a decade ago.

The game can get ridiculously complicated with custom rules involving duels, alliances, bounties, buybacks, safe zones, etc, but the central concept is simple: Everyone pays a buy-in, and when you get shot you're eliminated. Last person (or team) standing wins.

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Ronnie Guy Wants to Know Why Minneapolis Police Gunned Down His Dog Mya

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Justice 4 Mya Facebook Page
Mya and the Guy family children in an undated photograph.

It was a situation just asking for a bad outcome.

Last Thursday evening, Minneapolis Police were summoned to Ronnie Guy's north Minneapolis home. The 37-year-old single father of three told City Pages he had called the department to ask for someone to "escort" his father, Robert, back to his home on Washington Avenue. A news report from last night, however, said officers had been dispatched because of a family disturbance.

It was pushing 10 o'clock on April 16 when a squad car quietly pulled in front of Guy's neighbor's house.

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Tania Harris, 18-Year-Old High School Student, Charged With Assault After Being Shot by Police

Black Lives Matter/Facebook
Black Lives Matter dropped its original claim that Tania was unarmed when she was shot

Black Lives Matter backed off its claim that cops were lying about 18-year-old Tania Harris having a knife when she was shot last Thursday night, but her family and their supporters are still outraged.

They argue even though she did have a knife, police could've used a less dangerous weapon like a taser or pepper spray, or at least warned her before shooting her twice in the stomach.

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Robbinsdale Police Shoot Woman Who Was Allegedly Wielding Knife

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Screenshot/Fox 9
Victim's mother tells Black Lives Matter police are lying, daughter was unarmed

At 5:41 last night police responded to a call about an unwanted person at an apartment building in Robbinsdale.

When Robbinsdale police arrived, Hennepin County Sheriff Rich Stanek says officers encountered an adult female with a knife who was shot after she "refused to comply with an officer's commands."

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Minneapolis Cop Caught on Tape Threatening to Break 17-Year-Old's Leg [UPDATE]

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Tony Webster/Flickr
"If you fuck with me I'm going to break your leg before you get a chance to run"

According to Fox 9, on March 18 a 17-year-old named Faysal Mohamed had just finished playing basketball with some friends at the Blaisdell YMCA in south Minneapolis when cops pulled over their car.

As Mohamed was stepping out of the car he starting recording on his phone, catching an unidentified male officer threatening to break his leg.

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Why Do Only 30 Minneapolis Cops Live Within the City?

Wikipedia original photo
Compared to departments in other big cities, the number of MPD officers who live within city limits is way low.

Police Officers Federation of Minneapolis President John Delmonico has heard the argument for years. He didn't buy it then. He's not buying it now.

"I certainly don't believe for a moment that if a cop doesn't live in the same city where he works that he's not going to give 100 percent," says the lieutenant, who's been the union chief since 1999. "To me it's a non-issue and the one people bring up because it's easy to point at."

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Cop Zach Messmer Tells Critic to "Hang Urself," Gets Unique Punishment

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Zach Messmer's Facebook
A cop who told a critic to "hang urself" will be teaching other cops about the dangers of social media
For starters, Darryl Danielson would like an apology.

A few weeks ago Fargo police officer Zach Messmer told Danielson to "hang urself" on Facebook after Danielson criticized the University of North Dakota and Grand Forks Police Departments over how they handled the aftermath of a police shooting.

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Cloquet Police Officer Mark Laine Was Drunk When He Caused Fatal Car Crash

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Screenshot of KSTP
Laine's BAC was .178 at the time of the crash

On March 5 Fay Dahlman was driving in to work the night shift at Community Memorial Hospital, where she worked as a nurse for the last 12 years.

Just after 11 p.m. she passed North Road, heading south by the regionally famous Gordy's Hi-Hat drive-in restaurant and just a few blocks away from the hospital. Suddenly, a brand-new Ford F-150 pickup truck crossed into oncoming traffic and slammed into her 2006 Hyundai Santa Fe head-on.

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