Minnesotans Will Have to Wait Another Year to Buy Booze on Sundays

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Iain Farrell via Flickr
Probably going to have to wait at least another year...

Minnesota's irrational, widely-loathed ban on liquor stores being open on Sundays is probably going to hang around for at least one more year.

Coming into this year's legislative session hopes were high with both Gov. Mark Dayton and House Speaker Kurt Daudt (R-Crown) on board for a full repeal, but that effort never got a hearing in either the House or Senate.

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Equal Rights Bill Faces Baffling Opposition in Minnesota House

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The U.S. National Archives
Jimmy Carter signs extension of ERA ratification in 1978.

Equal rights for women have become an unexpectedly difficult issue for Minnesota lawmakers to agree on.

The Equal Rights Amendment, which prohibits gender discrimination, passed both houses of Congress in 1972 and headed to the states for their approval. It ultimately fell three states short of ratification, and what should have been history continues to be a kicking controversy today.

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Whittier Neighbors Fight Drug Rehab Center over Historic Mansion

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Google Street View
The house in dispute.

Nu-Way House is a drug and alcohol treatment center in Whittier that puts folks in transitional housing while they get over their addictions.

It wants to expand into the historic Pillsbury-Snyder mansion at 2118 Blaisdell, which was built as a wedding gift for John and Nelle Pillsbury-Snyder after they returned home safe from sailing on the Titanic. The previous owners had been trying to sell it for three years before Nu-Way bit for $1.2 million.

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John Kline, Who's Fought to Keep Student Loan Rates High, Says He Cares About College Costs

David Shankbone via Wikipedia
Is mounting student debt destroying the financial welfare of generations of young Americans?

Congressman's John Kline's legislative track record shows an unparalleled enthusiasm for saddling kids with student loan debt.

Kline, the influential chairman of the House Committee on Education and the Workforce, can do more than almost anyone on Capitol Hill to provide relief to indebted college students. Yet he's repeatedly shown a loyalty to the very companies who make bank off higher ed lending.

Kline now says he feels the pain of those willing to go in the hole for a shot at a better future.

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Drama at the Capitol: House Speaker Kurt Daudt Shouted at, Called "Dictator"

Official state photos
Winkler (R) told Daudt (L) "You are acting like a dictator!"

At the end of a 90-minute hearing on nursing home funding, of all things, Republican House Majority Leader Kurt Daudt (R-Crown) ignored a procedural request for a roll call vote and ended the hearing.

That sent Democrats into a blind rage, bringing a chorus of shouting down on Daudt. Because no one ignores procedural requests on the floor of the Minnesota House of Representatives and walks away unscathed.

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Uber Cranks Up Lobbying Effort in Response to Insurance Bill

Will Uber leave Minnesota?

Uber is pushing hard to stop, or at least water down a bill that would increase insurance requirements of "transportation network companies" in Minnesota.

Yesterday the lobbying started with a truck driving around the Capitol carrying a message about how the bill will kill 5,000 jobs.

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North St. Paul Council Member Scott Thorsen Quits After Argument With Mayor

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Mike Kuehn Twitter; Scott Thorsen Facebook
It's over

North St. Paul City Council Member Scott Thorsen can forgive, but he can't forget.

At yesterday's city council meeting Mayor Mike Kuehn apologized to Thorsen for challenging him to a fight earlier this month, but that wasn't good enough for Thorsen.

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Uber Threatens to Leave Minnesota If It Has to Get Better Insurance Coverage

Uber press kit
The bill would require Uber to carry a $1.5 million insurance policy whenever a driver is logged into the app

Minnesota is considering a bill that would require so-called Transportation Network Companies like Uber and Lyft to carry a $1.5 million insurance policy for drivers any time they're logged onto the app.

If that happens, Uber says it's taking its ball and heading home.

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Republicans Bag on Congressman Rick Nolan for Not Launching Another War

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Rick Nolan
No, the NCRR will not be your neighbor.

Democratic Congressman Rick Nolan has a target on his back. The National Republican Congressional Committee knows his northeast Minnesota district isn't altogether safely blue. So the NRCC regularly beams out missives blasting Nolan for moral failings great and small.

But in its quest to soil him by any means necessary, sometimes the allegations are comically absurd.

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Rep. Dean Urdahl Says Students Are So Ignorant About America They Need to Be Tested

MCPearson via Wikipedia
Are Minnesota high school students American idiots when it comes to their country?

What year was the U.S. Constitution written?

Name one of 22 Indian tribes recognized by the federal government.

Coming up empty? No problem.

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