Lisa Bender Addresses Trolls, Explains Vote to Demolish Nicole Curtis's Beloved Orth House

Ben Johnson
After the mayor and Curtis trade barbs, Bender responds

Lisa Bender had her reasons for voting to allow the demolition of Uptown's Orth House at 2320 Colfax Ave. The city staff she relies on recommended it and two different judges ruled against efforts to trying to stop it, giving property owner Michael Crow every right to knock the fire-damaged building down.

The city council member's decision made her a passionate set of enemies in reality TV star Nicole Curtis, thousands of her fans from across the country, and longtime neighborhood residents in favor of preservation and wary of change.

In a short essay published on her personal Facebook page yesterday, Bender addressed the "aggressive, sometimes violent rhetoric" those opponents used in voicing their angst over the loss of the old house, and expanded on her reasons for allowing the demolition.

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A Student Loan Debt Strike is Launched; Congressman John Kline Owns the Blame

Zenith Education Group
Despite closing or selling dozens of campuses, Corinthian College Inc. was one of Rep. John Kilne's most generous campaign contributors in 2014.

"Jill B' was in her fifth month attending Everest Institute. She was $15,000 in the hole in federal student loans. Every day she regretted choosing to enroll at the for-profit university and she was pissed at herself for not doing the research.

She took to an online message board where she characterized the instructor heading the medical assistant class as indifferent to learning, even destructive. "My teacher graduated from Everest in 2006 and has never [had] a medical assisting job.... She tells us on a daily basis that she wants to quit."

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Kurt Daudt Dubiously Claims Republicans are Responsible for Minnesota's Whopping Surplus

Categories: Politics

Daudt's official state photo
Nice try Kurt

The state capitol was abuzz Friday with the news that Minnesota's budget surplus has swollen to almost $2 billion, up more than $800 million from the last estimate. Democrats, Mark Dayton and Republicans scrambled behind the scenes to set priorities for all of this newfound cash, while special interests made it rain press releases lobbying for a piece of the action.

House Majority Leader Kurt Daudt (R-Crown) seized the opportunity to spin the fruits of Minnesota's long-term economic growth as a statewide endorsement of Republicans taking control of the House just three months ago.

"I think that part of this economic confidence has to do with the fact that there's balance restored in state government," he told an incredulous capitol press corps Friday.

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Mayor Hodges Calls Out Nicole Curtis on Facebook for Inciting Her Army of Trolls

Tony Webster via Flickr
Curtis holding her dog during a candlelight vigil she held for 2320 Colfax last summer

Nicole Curtis, a reality TV star with about 725,000 Facebook fans, doesn't like Minneapolis City Council member Lisa Bender.

Curtis blames Bender for allowing a 122-year-old house (2320 Colfax, a.k.a. the Orth House) in Bender's ward to be demolished. Occasionally Curtis, who owns a home in Bender's ward, posts online to tell her massive fan base about how Bender lied and collaborated with developers so the house could be destroyed.

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Congressman Glenn Grothman Wants Us to Spy on Food Stamp Users

Mr. Grothman goes to Washington, won't stop talking.

Media starling Glenn Grothman, a freshman Republican Congressman from Wisconsin, has struck again.

During a town hall in Oshkosh, Wisconsin, on Friday, Grothman warned constituents to keep an eye on food stamp users in grocery stores because he suspects a ton of them aren't actually poor.

"I would argue some people are arranging their life to be on Food Share. You just look at them and kind of wonder," Grothman said.

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Finally Cable Competition in Minneapolis? CenturyLink and Comcast Battle at City Hall

Al Ibrahim via Flickr
"They're going to throw enough grenades into this process to see what explodes in the hope that they can delay our entry into the market"

For the first time in the city's history Minneapolis is poised to have competition in the cable market.

CenturyLink has been moving along a plan to offer its Prism cable TV service as a direct competitor to Comcast (soon to be spun off into a company called GreatLand Connections), but its plans have hit a snag at City Hall.

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Jay Nygard's Neighbors Frustrated with Judge's Decision to Save Hated Wind Turbine

This turbine in Jay and Kendall Nygard's front yard has launched a thousand lawsuits.

Jay and Kendall Nygard, creators of the most hated non-working wind turbine in Orono, went to court Thursday expecting jail time for refusing to dismantle their front yard decor. Instead, Judge Susan Robiner took pity and told them to just lock up the turbine and turn over the key.

Orono had previously ordered the Nygards to take down their DIY wind turbine because it violated the city's zoning codes. The Nygards turned to state law in defense, which in turn slapped Orono on the wrist for trying to enact a blanket ban on all turbines within the city.

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Republican Legislator Says High Cigarette Taxes Are Oppressing Trailer Park Residents

Categories: Politics

Screenshot of Trailer Park Boys
The Draz defends the poor's right to cheap smokes

Rep. Steve Drazkowski (R-Mazeppa) doesn't support a higher minimum wage, wanted to repeal a law requiring local governments to pay women equal money for equal work, and supported mandatory drug tests for welfare recipients.

Try to raise taxes on cigarettes, however, and he transforms into a fierce advocate for the poor.

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Edina Blows Off Residents to Develop Last Public Piece of Land

Categories: Politics

A Public Grandview
A small, angry group of Edina residents who want to save the city's last potential site for a community center from privatization

Edina has a single slice of centrally located public land left, and council members are eager to sell it to the highest bidder, residents say.

Problem is, the 3.3 acre plot at 5146 Eden Avenue has always belonged to the people, and an overwhelming majority of the people want to build a new community center there.

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Closing the Loophole that Allowed Coffee Masturbater John Lind to Walk

Ramsey County
Police say Lind admitted ejaculating in his co-worker's coffee on at least two occasions, but charges were dropped because of a loophole in state law
John Lind is the pervert who allegedly admitted to police he ejaculated into his co-worker's coffee on at least two occasions last year.

The co-worker, who he had a crush on, caught him in the act on August 26. A week later he was charged with fifth-degree sexual assault for the disgusting crime.

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