Rick Nolan Disses Star Tribune

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Yesterday, the Star Tribune endorsed Stewart Mills' effort to unseat Rick Nolan as the congressman for Minnesota's Eighth District.

The historically left-leaning paper's endorsement of a Republican created a bit of a stir and led some to wonder whether the Strib's new owner -- former Republican legislator Glen Taylor -- has started exerting his influence on the editorial board.

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John Kline's Descent From Patriot to the Whore of Higher Ed

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The marbled corridors of the Rayburn House Office Building are deserted at the moment, save for the tardy staffer bravely power-walking in masochistic heels.

That wasn't the case five minutes ago.

Then, the hallways of this four-story structure, home to U.S. representatives and their staffs, teemed with a mix of hustle, Frank Underwood agendas, and generous self-assessments of grandeur.

Quiet replaces that energy now.

Minnesota Congressman John Kline, a Republican who represents the Twin Cities' southern suburbs in a district that stretches into Wabasha County, makes his appearance down the hall from his fourth-floor office. He's dressed to filibuster in a navy suit and a light blue tie that pulls the whole ensemble together. The 67-year-old retired Marine Corps colonel appears as if he could still bang out a Crossfit workout without spiking his heart rate.

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The Revolt of the Third Party Candidates

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Another week, another third-party candidate fighting to debate.

Last week, it was the Independence Party's gubernatorial candidate, Hannah Nicollet, who said she was planning to sue Hamline University because it refused to let her into its October 19 debate. This time, the fight's over Green Party attorney general candidate Andy Dawkins. But instead of a lawsuit, the third-party candidates are teaming up to try to change the system.

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Minnesota 2nd-Most Liberal State, Study Says

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Monroe Family Blog
A study put together by The Hill concludes that Minnesota is the second-most liberal state in the country, only behind Washington.

The Hill cites Minnesota's history of supporting Democratic presidential candidates and the DFL's control of the legislature, among other factors, as reasons the state is just about as deep blue as it gets these days.

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Ebola Travel Ban Becomes Divisive Issue in Franken/McFadden Race

A year ago, who would've thought Ebola, of all things, would emerge as a central issue in Al Franken's reelection bid?

It has. During a WCCO TV debate yesterday, Franken and his Republican challenger, Mike McFadden, spent over seven minutes going back and forth about what the appropriate response to the virus is.

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Judge: Orono's Ban on Jay Nygard's Wind Turbines Conflicts with State Law

This tall metal structure (on the right) moves people to sue each other
A Hennepin County judge ruled Friday that city officials can no longer ban small wind energy systems used at businesses and homes, including Jay Nygard's. For four years, he's been battling his neighbors and city officials in court for the right to keep four homemade wind turbines on his Lake Minnetonka property.

We called him Friday and found him brimming with pride. An engineer and owner of Go Green Energy, Nygard almost went to jail this summer for refusing to back down.

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Michele Bachmann Fundraising for Stewart Mills

Michele Bachmann's star has certainly faded since the halcyon days of 2011, but nobody has ever questioned her ability to fundraise.

So it's worth noting that yesterday, Bachmann sent an email to her supporters pleading with them to contribute to Stewart Mills's congressional campaign.

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Marijuana Policy Project PAC Throws Gov. Dayton Under Bus

-- Update at bottom with comment from Rep. Branden Petersen --

In a press release sent our way by an MNGOP-affiliated source, the D.C.-based Marijuana Policy Project PAC pledges to make a maximum financial contribution of $4,000 to Jeff Johnson's gubernatorial campaign.

But lest you think the nation's largest marijuana policy organization is some sort of surprisingly right-leaning group, the release also notes that the PAC plans to give a matching contribution to the Senate DFL PAC. Take that, DFL Gov. Mark Dayton!

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Independence Party's Hannah Nicollet Plans to Sue for the Right to Debate

Screenshot of Hannah Nicollet from October debate in Rochester

Politics is inherently a game of winners and losers, those with money and resources and those without. But in Minnesota, with its rich history of third-party candidates, it's also about giving voices to those who aren't just pure red or blue.

Hannah Nicollet, the Independence Party candidate for governor, believes that. She feels she had the right to be up on the stage at last Sunday's gubernatorial debate, debating incumbent Mark Dayton and GOP challenger Jeff Johnson on issue after issue. Yet she was denied. But she's not going down quietly.

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DFL: "Fake Republican Outrage" Fuels Stink Over Photoshopped Candidate Pics [IMAGES]

A number of local Republicans got in touch with us in recent days to express dismay about photoshopped images of MNGOP candidates that the DFL has included in attack mailers put together by the party.

We were sent a DFL mailer that goes after Kirk Stensrud, a former legislator and MNGOP House candidate in an Eden Prairie-area district that should be closely contested next month.

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