Independence Party's Hannah Nicollet Plans to Sue for the Right to Debate

Screenshot of Hannah Nicollet from October debate in Rochester

Politics is inherently a game of winners and losers, those with money and resources and those without. But in Minnesota, with its rich history of third-party candidates, it's also about giving voices to those who aren't just pure red or blue.

Hannah Nicollet, the Independence Party candidate for governor, believes that. She feels she had the right to be up on the stage at last Sunday's gubernatorial debate, debating incumbent Mark Dayton and GOP challenger Jeff Johnson on issue after issue. Yet she was denied. But she's not going down quietly.

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DFL: "Fake Republican Outrage" Fuels Stink Over Photoshopped Candidate Pics [IMAGES]

A number of local Republicans got in touch with us in recent days to express dismay about photoshopped images of MNGOP candidates that the DFL has included in attack mailers put together by the party.

We were sent a DFL mailer that goes after Kirk Stensrud, a former legislator and MNGOP House candidate in an Eden Prairie-area district that should be closely contested next month.

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Chris Christie's Visit Leads to Awkwardness Between Jeff Johnson and Mike McFadden

Paul Blume on Twitter
Chris Christie hangs out with Johnson and McFadden before things took a turn for the awk.
-- Scroll to bottom of this post to watch a live stream of this morning's 8 a.m. Dayton/Johnson debate --

Yesterday, New Jersey Governor and Chairman of the Republican Governors Association Chris Christie visited the Twin Cities to campaign with MNGOP gubernatorial challenger Jeff Johnson (and MNGOP Senate hopeful Mike McFadden) at the Global Academy public charter school in Columbia Heights.

We put McFadden's name in parentheses because his presence sorta gave off the vibe of an affection-starved friend who crashes his buddy's big date because he's got nowhere else to be.

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Minneapolis Cops, Once Pawlenty Fans, Endorse Governor Dayton

Minnesota Media Services Inc.
Dayton, pictured here with John Delmonico directly to his right, has the endorsement of the Minneapolis cop union.
The Minneapolis cop union -- officially known as the Police Officers Federation of Minneapolis -- has unanimously endorsed the reelection bid of Gov. Mark Dayton.

In a news release, union president John Delmonico says his organization, which is the largest police union in the state, "endorses people, not parties." That comment is borne out by the fact that the federation endorsed Republican Tim Pawlenty in 2002 and 2006.

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Hennepin Sheriff Candidate Eddie Frizell Calls for an End to the Stanek "Dictatorship"


As Hennepin County Sheriff candidate Eddie Frizell turned his large, bald head around his small town-hall forum at the North Regional Library in Minneapolis, it was obvious that he was seeing a true cross-section of the voters he was looking for. Sweatshirts, not suits. Different languages and ethnicities. And unique concerns, like a fear of entering the force due to harassment or a reticence to even call the police in an emergency for fear of them clamping down on undocumented immigrants.

"It's just the ability to recognize where we're coming from," one attendee told Frizell. "And I don't think many can realize that."

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On Eve of Big Game, DFL Goes Hard After Stewart Mills for Being a Packers Fan

In hindsight, Mills's wife probably wishes she hadn't posted this picture to Facebook.
-- Update at bottom --

Tomorrow night, it'll be Teddy Time in Green Bay, as the Vikings take on the Packers in a much-anticipated nationally televised matchup.

The DFL knows a news peg when it sees one, apparently. Today, mailers are hitting mailboxes throughout Minnesota's Eighth Congressional District making light of a story we broke back in June 2013 -- Rick Nolan's Republican challenger, Stewart Mills, is a Packers fan.

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Franken/McFadden and Dayton/Johnson Debate Today: Watch Them Here

On the top row (from left to right), IP candidate Hannah Nicollet, Dayton, and Johnson will participate in the gubernatorial debate. On the bottom... well, you know who those guys are.
It's October, which means we're hitting the homestretch of the election season.

Today, in fact, may be one of the biggest days between now and November 4, as debates will be held in the races for the two highest-profile offices up for grabs in Minnesota -- the gubernatorial seat currently held by Mark Dayton, and the U.S. Senate seat currently occupied by Al Franken.

Thanks to the Uptake, you can watch both of them, streaming and on demand, below the jump.

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While Other States Take from Feds, Minnesota Gives More Than It Gets

Categories: Politics, Taxes

Thumbnail image for Minneapolis skyline wiki 560.jpg
Susan Lesch via Wikimedia

We've all heard the story before (like in the2012 presidential election): A whole lot of Democratic voters are freeloaders, living where they can just take from the government and never have to work. With its relatively high taxes and blue-leaning government, Minnesota would seem to fit right in.

But if anybody's freeloading off the government, it isn't us. According to various studies, it's actually, ironically, mostly right-leaning, anti-government states that are raking in the benefits from feds. And in the supposedly overtaxed lands of Minnesota, we're actually one of only 15 states that's giving more to the government than we're getting.

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"No New Quagmires" Protest Takes Aim at U.S. Involvement in Syrian Conflict

"It was the U.S. invasion and occupation that destroyed Iraq and brought about the current crisis," MPAC says. "Nothing the Pentagon does can undo that or bring about peace."
The Minnesota Peace Action Coalition (MPAC) is organizing a "No New Quagmires" protest tomorrow, scheduled for 4 p.m. along the sidewalks at Lake Street and Hiawatha Avenue in south Minneapolis.

In the wake of Congress approving President Obama's request for authorization to train and equip Syrian rebels for a war against Islamic state militants, protesters plan to demand "No New Iraq War!" and "No U.S. War in Syria."

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Tom Emmer Campaign Signs Weren't Allowed at Target Field, Twins Officials Say

Emmer enjoys a Twins game while one of his campaign signs hangs in the background.
As photos of what appeared to be a Tom Emmer event at Target Field during a game on the afternoon of Sunday, September 7, circulated online, we asked Twins officials if Emmer's camp had approval to display his campaign signs at the ballpark.

Turns out they didn't, but just went ahead with it anyway.

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