Cargill's Millions in Campaign Gifts and Lobbying Brings in Billions of Federal Loot

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MN-Proud: Cargill is getting a monster return on its political spending.

Minnetonka-based Cargill, Inc., America's largest privately held corporation, has pocketed more than $1 billion in federal business as a result of its political pull.

The Sunlight Foundation, a Washington, D.C. money-in-politics watchdog group, found that Cargill invested almost $10 million in campaign contributions and lobbying between 2007 and 2012, making it one of the Top 200 sugar daddies on Capitol Hill. Its generosity, quite naturally, didn't go unnoticed.

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Minnesota Republicans Show a $1.5 Million Allergy to Fiscal Responsibility

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Illustration by DonkeyHotey.
The state GOP is deluged in debt.

The Minnesota Republican Party, known for its constant braying about "fiscal responsibility," may want to learn to walk it like it talks it. State GOPers are spending so far beyond their means that they were forced to get a line of credit just to cover day-to-day expenses.

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Man Who Knew Nothing About Norway Drops Bid to Become Norwegian Ambassador

screenshot of confirmation hearing
Unfortunately Tsunis didn't even bother to glance at Wikipedia before his confirmation hearing

George Tsunis's bumbling, cringeworthy confirmation hearing for US Ambassador to Norway was awful enough to offend even the most mild-mannered Norwegian. Stammering under the dubious glare of Sen. John McCain, the Long Island, New York resident looked like a 7th-grader trying to give a book report on a novel when he hadn't even bothered to glance at the SparkNotes.

Last Friday Tsunis, a big-time fundraiser for President Obama during the 2012 election, announced he was dropping his ambassador bid to the delight and relief of Norwegians everywhere.

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John Kline, Slated to Get 50k Pension, Axes Retirement Benefits for Millions of Workers

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The seven-term GOP congressman and retired Marine colonel has plenty to smile about.

For Congressman John Kline, last week was especially epic.

The Minnesota representative kicked off his week by fighting the good fight to allow companies that do business with the federal government the right to discriminate against gay employees. But championing institutionalized bigotry wasn't enough for our hero.

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State DFL May Revoke KSTP's Press Credentials Due to Pointergate

screenshot of KSTP
The Pointergate drama continues

[UPDATE 12/15]: Thomas emailed yesterday and said that instead of taking a vote, the resolution was moved to the next State Central Committee meeting in February.

The DFL's governing body is considering a resolution that would revoke press credentials from KSTP until it apologizes for Pointergate.

Senate District 65 Chair Megan Thomas sent out notice yesterday that she's sponsoring the measure, which will be voted on at the DFL State Central Committee meeting Saturday. If it passes everyone from the station would be barred from accessing the floor during DFL events.

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Franken to Obama: Knock Off Your Wall Street Love Affair

John Taylor, via Creative Commons
Franken is fed up with Obama filling his cabinet with Wall Street alums

A growing faction of big-name Democrats, including Minnesota Sen. Al Franken, are lining up to block President Obama from appointing another Wall Street guy to a gig within the Treasury Department.

On Wednesday Franken issued a statement opposing the nomination of Antonio Weiss for Under Secretary for Domestic Finance. Interestingly enough, Weiss works for the same finance company (Lazard Middle Market) Mike McFadden, Franken's opponent in the last election, used to work for.

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Linea Palmisano Defends Controversial Cuts to Racial Equity, Clean Energy

Linea Palmisano's campaign website
Palmisano says the city is already doing plenty to move racial equity and energy efficiency initiatives forward

One of the Minneapolis City Council's staunchest supporters of budget cuts says she has an elderly widow in her ward who needs a part-time job to pay for her skyrocketing property taxes.

"Yesterday I received an email from a woman named Lenore who is in her 70s," said southwest Councilwoman Linea Palmisano on tpt's Almanac program Friday night.

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Congressman John Kline Wants to Uphold the Right to Discriminate Against Gays

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Bill Clark/CQ Roll Call/Newscom

Fresh off his 18-point bludgeoning of Democratic challenger Mike Obermueller, Congressman John Kline appears to be refueled with fresh venom.

In the past, the Republican, who represents the southern suburbs, has made a nice little career as the legislative concubine for the for-profit college lobby, while also directing his ire at Planned Parenthood and stem cell researchers. Now he's turned his energies to maintaining the right to discriminate.

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Dayton Slams "Despicable" Anti-Transgender Bigots in Awesome Rant

file photo
"The idea that Clay Matthews is going to change gender status to go trample young girls on a basketball course is ludicrous"

Governor Dayton called out anti-transgender protesters for their "hate-mongering" at the end of a press conference about Minnesota's budget surplus yesterday.

After talking about the budget surplus for roughly 15 minutes, Dayton asked if there were any other questions. A reporter asked about the Minnesota State High School League's decision yesterday to allow students who were born male but identify as female to participate in female sports.

Dayton responded with a strongly worded two-minute speech. Some excerpts:

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Tim Utz Pays $2,100 for Recount Despite Landslide Loss in MN House Race

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Tim Utz's Facebook
Constitution Party Candidate Tim Utz and his big green van

Constitution Party candidate Tim Utz is paying for a recount in Minnesota House District 41B despite finishing with only 13 percent of the vote.

According to his Facebook page, Utz's campaign canvassed voters in Hilltop, Minnesota (population: 749) and found at least 35 people who voted for Utz when official election results recorded only 26 votes.

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