Protestors of all colors demand prosecution of Ferguson cop who killed Michael Brown

All photos by Jesse Marx
By 6 p.m., the rain has dissipated. Hundreds of protestors are gathering outside the Hennepin County Government Center on Thursday to demand the prosecution of a white Ferguson, Missouri, cop named Darren Wilson. And as they do, a black security guard leaves his post and steps briefly outside.

"If I weren't working," he says, "I'd be out here, too."

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Mpls women head to Ferguson to protest, raise money

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Mpls women head to Ferguson to protest, raise money

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From left to right, Margaret, Illuebbey, and Luby prepare before protesting in Ferguson.
As Jes Luby watched TV news coverage from home during one of the first nights of protests in Ferguson, Missouri, following the officer-involved shooting of Michael Brown, she broke down crying.

Soon, she and two Minneapolis friends -- Britta Margaret and Mickey Iluebbey -- were driving down to Missouri to raise money for the protesters and to take part themselves.

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North Mpls Ferguson vigil gets tense after arrest of woman holding "Don't Shoot" sign [VIDEOS]

Rachel Bean on Facebook
People wave their hands in the air outside MPD's 4th Precinct headquarters in protest.
Last night, in commemoration of the death of 18-year-old Michael Brown at the hands of police in Ferguson, Missouri, hundreds turned out to observe a moment of silence at the Minneapolis Urban League on the North Side.

A short time later, a woman carrying a "Don't Shoot" sign who participated in the vigil was arrested on the street by the Minneapolis Police Department for reasons that remain unclear, prompting a protest outside the MPD's 4th Precinct headquarters.

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Protester risks death to place "Love Water Not Oil" banner over Target Field video board

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-- Update at bottom --

Despite extensive security preparations, during the third inning of last night's All-Star Game -- right before the retiring Derek Jeter's final ever at-bat during the Midsummer Classic -- someone managed to place a banner over Target Field's right field video board that said, "Love Water Not Oil."

The slogan appears to be a reference to Honor the Earth, a Native-led environmental organization established by Winona LaDuke and the Indigo Girls. In May, the organization held a "Love Water Not Oil" benefit concert in Duluth and on Madeline Island, with all proceeds going "to defend our waters, lands and communities from pipelines and practices of dangerous resource extraction."

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Laborers picketing union and nonunion contractors at Ridgedale Shopping Center

Pics provided by the Laborers showing an open escalator shaft and electrical box inside Ridgedale Center
Thursday, the Laborers' International Union of North America wrapped up its second day of picketing outside Ridgedale Shopping Center, calling on workers to swap tools for signs.

Organizers say for months they've been gathering evidence of safety violations on construction sites that are accessible to the public. The Minnetonka mall remains open while it's undergoing a $100 million facelift and individual tenants work on projects of their own.

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Light display on Walker Art Center bridge protests money in politics [PHOTO]

Phyllis Roden (@proden53)
People driving into Uptown were greeted with this message Saturday night.
A group of activists protested the role money plays in American politics with a light display on the Walker Art Center bridge on Saturday night, after the first day of Rock the Garden concluded.

One of the protest's organizers, Phyllis Roden, tells us the display was in part inspired by the Minnesota Legislature's failure to pass a bill calling on Congress to overturn Citizens United, the controversial 2010 U.S. Supreme Court ruling which held that the First Amendment prohibits the government from restricting political independent expenditures by corporations, associations, or labor unions. (We reported on that bill in April. Read it here.)

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Anti-LRT protest on Green Line's opening day was a bust

All screengrabs via WCCO
Occupy Wall Street it wasn't...
Steve Ellenwood blames it on the rainy weather. Others would probably identify different scapegoats. But whatever the reason, the anti-LRT protest Ellenwood organized for the Green Line's opening day was a dud. (Read the backstory here.)

When we spoke to Ellenwood last week, he said he hoped up to 200 protesters would turn out Saturday. In reality, dropping a zero from that number would get you in the ballpark of how many showed up, and that's being generous.

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Anti-LRT protest planned for Green Line's opening day

Michael Hicks
$957 million later, the first passenger-carrying Green Line trains will roll past the Weisman tomorrow.
:::: UPDATE :::: Anti-LRT protest on Green Line's opening day was a bust

Steve Ellenwood, a Woodbury resident who describes himself as "very active" in Republican politics, is organizing an anti-LRT protest planned to take place during the Green Line's opening day tomorrow.

"We're just a group of people that are very, very concerned about the financial commitment we've subjected future generations to," Ellenwood tells us. "When you listen to proponents of this, you keep hearing them say [LRT] is going to cut congestion, which is a bunch of BS. That's already proven not to be true."

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Occupy Homes plans protest after more homeless people are arrested by MPD

Via respres on Flickr
Days after three homeless people were arrested at a foreclosed home in south Minneapolis, Occupy Homes says four more arrests occurred this week for the same thing.

A mother and son were arrested for squatting in a foreclosed home near Penn Avenue North and Golden Valley Road, and two more were arrested at a home near Park Avenue South and 31st Street, Occupy Homes representatives say.

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Occupy Homes protesting arrest of homeless men who were fixing up foreclosed Mpls home

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Occupy Homes MN on Facebook
Activists blocked an intersection in downtown Minneapolis last night to protest the arrests.
:::: UPDATE, 4:35 p.m. :::: Occupy sources tell City Pages no felony charges will be filed against Martinneau and Willis. They have been charged with misdemeanor trespassing, however.

Just after noon yesterday, Antoine Martinneau and Damion Willis were arrested while doing some work on a foreclosed home near the intersection of Chicago Avenue and 38th Street in south Minneapolis.

SEE ALSO: Occupy MN cuts ties with Occupy Homes MN, calls the group "commercial" and "classist"

According to Occupy Homes, both Martinneau and Willis and currently "experiencing homelessness" and found the home unlocked. But Hennepin County officials say both men are being held on suspicion of a felony count of "possession of burglary tools," a charge that carries a maximum penalty of three years in prison and a $3,000 fine.

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