Critics: Why Are Protesters So Hellbent on Inconveniencing Everyone?

Katie G. Nelson
What gives them the right to inconvenience everyone else?
As word spread of the planned Black Lives Matter protest at the Mall of America this Saturday, critics came out of the woodwork to decry the gall of these demonstrators. How dare they disrupt my last-minute Christmas shopping with something that I personally don't care about? What gives them the right to inconvenience the hardworking masses?

The same exasperation sprung up when protesters decided to shut down 35W. Regular citizens deserve to get to work, the logic goes -- to get to the store, to get on with their lives without such intrusive inconvenience.

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Mall of America Braces for Huge Black Lives Matter Protest Saturday

Tony Nelson
2,000 protesters are expected to pile on one of the most chaotic shopping days of the year

What happens when a national protest movement tries to disrupt a holy temple of consumerism on one of the biggest shopping days of the year?

Shoppers will find out Saturday afternoon, when a horde of protesters organized by Black Lives Matter tries to take over the rotunda at the Mall of America.

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What Do the Minneapolis Protesters Want?

A standing-room-only meeting held at Neighborhoods Organizing for Change December 6

Protests demanding racial equity and police accountability have showed no signs of stopping lately. What do protesters hope to accomplish locally, and how, besides protesting, do they plan to enact tangible change?

Last Saturday people packed into the headquarters of Neighborhoods Organizing for Change in north Minneapolis to figure out how to harness energy from the protests into action.

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Delta Fires Kip Hedges for Speaking Out on Wages, Inflames Labor Movement

Photo by Susan Du
Kip Hedges addresses his supporters outside the airport on Friday.

When Kip Hedges, a Delta Air Lines baggage handler of 26 years, was fired for demanding a $15 minimum wage, Delta responded that he had made untrue and disparaging comments about the company.

Well, if Hedges's statement that many of his Delta co-workers currently make less than $15 is untrue, Delta has yet to clarify what exactly is untrue about it. As for the comments being disparaging, it's a credit to Delta officials for realizing they ought to feel ashamed.

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Protesters Demand Police Accountability in Rallies Throughout Weekend

Categories: Protest News

Left: A "die-in" at the Hennepin County Government Center Sunday afternoon. Right: A protest that shut down Broadway Street between north and northeast Minneapolis Saturday night.

Anger over a lack of police accountability on a national and local scale manifested itself through a number of protests in Minneapolis this weekend.

A Saturday night rally temporarily shut down Broadway Avenue heading into northeast Minneapolis, and yesterday people protested on the University of Minnesota campus before the Vikings game and later at the Hennepin County Government Center.

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Protesters Shut Down 35W, March On City Hall [VIDEO]

Categories: Protest News

Katie G. Nelson
Protesters march onto 35W

This afternoon a crowd protesting a grand jury's decision to not indict a white New York City police officer for choking a black man to death took over northbound 35W.

The protest brought traffic to on 35W to a standstill, and now it has entered downtown on its way to Minneapolis City Hall. [UPDATE] 2:50 p.m. The protest has reached City Hall

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#TCShutItDown: Thousands of Protestors Rally in Solidarity for Mike Brown [Video]

Categories: Protest News

#TCShutItDown: Minneapolis Rallies in Support of Mike Brown from Voice Media Group on Vimeo.

Thousands gathered on Tuesday evening outside the Minneapolis Police Department's Third Precinct at Lake Street and Minnehaha Avenue to rally and march in solidarity for Mike Brown, his family, and supporters in Ferguson, Missouri.

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No Indictment in Ferguson: List of Rallies Planned in Minnesota

Categories: Protest News

Jesse Marx
Crowds will be rallying across the state today in response to a jury's decision not to indict Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson for shooting and killing an unarmed teenager

At least four rallies are planned in Minnesota today after a Missouri grand jury decided not to indict a police officer for shooting an unarmed black teenager six times.

Protest erupted across the country in the wake of the original incident in August. Now the grand jury's decision, announced around 8:30 p.m. last night, has ignited a new wave of anger over Mike Brown's death and lack of punishment for Ferguson, Mississippi, police officer Darren Wilson.

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AT&T Is Screwing Its Most Senior Employees Out of Sick Pay

Greta Bergstrom
Veteran AT&T workers rallied outside of the AT&T Tower last week

In August 2013 Deb Derke was getting ready to leave for a week-long vacation in Nashville when she heard her husband Kyle hit the ground with a loud thump.

Kyle had suffered a heart attack, and shortly afterward he had a stroke that paralyzed the left side of his body. Since then Derke, who has been employed by AT&T for 29 years, missed more than 500 hours of work to be with her husband during the long recovery.

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Washington "Redskins" Protestors in Minneapolis: We're Not Mascots [Video]

Just a few of the many signs at Sunday's protest.
Thousands united towards a single cause on a chilly morning outside of TCF Bank Stadium just hours ahead of the Vikings game against Washington on November 2. But this wasn't a routine tailgating session before the big game -- this was people from all walks of life protesting against the Washington "Redskins" name.

Dan Snyder, Washington's NFL team owner, has been deaf to the arguments against the offensive name, but that didn't stop folks from descending upon the stadium in droves to voice their grievances.

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