Jeff Johnson Only Hennepin Commissioner to Oppose Anti-"Redskins" Resolution

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With the Redskins coming to town to play the Vikings Sunday, the Hennepin County Board took the opportunity to discuss the team's nickname.
Last night, the Hennepin County Board approved a resolution calling on the Washington Redskins to change the team's nickname. The measure was approved 6-1, with MNGOP gubernatorial candidate Jeff Johnson casting the lone dissenting vote.

"I don't support it, and actually, it frustrates me a little bit," Johnson said. "I understand that people have very strong personal opinions about this, and they should absolutely act accordingly with respect to what merchandise they buy or what events they go to or whether they want to place pressure on certain businesses to do things differently, but this has nothing to do whatsoever with Hennepin County or the Hennepin County Board or Hennepin County taxpayers."

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Study: Blacks Way More Likely to be Arrested for Minor Offenses in Minneapolis Than Whites

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Doug Wallick on Flickr
A new report put together by the Minnesota chapter of the American Civil Liberties Union finds that black people are way more likely to be arrested for low-level, non-violent offenses in Minneapolis than whites.

Using the Minneapolis Police Department's own data, the report finds that from 2004 to 2012, blacks in Minneapolis were 11.5 more likely to be arrested for marijuana possession than whites; 8.86 times more likely to be arrested for disorderly conduct; 7.54 times more likely to be arrested for vagrancy; and 16.39 times more likely to be arrested for curfew/loitering.

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Pro-"Redskins" Group Advertising in Twin Cities

You can be sure there will be lots of talk about and condemnation of the Washington Redskins' nickname in the Twin Cities this week, as the team prepares to square off against the Vikings on Sunday at TCF Bank Stadium.

But at least one group is using local media to present a counterargument to the anti-Redskins ones put forth by people like Clyde Bellecourt.

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Opponents of "Redskins" Nickname Find Ammo in Vikings/U of M Stadium Contract

Flickr via A Syn
Earlier this month, University of Minnesota president Eric Kaler appeared on MPR's The Daily Circuit to talk about the direction of the school. Buried near the end of that interview was a quick, though important, conversation about football.

The university has leased TCF Bank Stadium to the Minnesota Vikings for the next two years, and on November 2 will host the Washington Redskins. The team's name conjures images of dead Native Americans for bounty and upsets just about everyone who doesn't work for the team.

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Here Are Mpls Homes U.S. Bank Is Accused of Neglecting Due to Racial Discrimination [PHOTOS]

This foreclosed home, at 726 Queen Ave. N., is one of many in neighborhoods of color that U.S. Bank is accused of illegally neglecting.
The National Fair Housing Alliance has revealed the specifics of the racial discrimination claim it's making against U.S. Bank in Minneapolis.

NFHA officials came to town this summer to take a look at 28 foreclosed homes. They concluded that foreclosures in neighborhoods predominately populated by "communities of color" were 3.9 times more likely to have trash or debris on public display compared to foreclosures in white neighborhoods. Furthermore, they found that 78 percent of foreclosures in communities of color had overgrown or dead grass, and that such foreclosures were comparatively 2.8 times more likely to be covered by invasive plants.

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U.S. Bank "Categorically Rejects" Minneapolis Racial Discrimination Allegation

U.S. Bank's Minneapolis headquarters.
:::: UPDATE :::: Here Are Mpls Homes U.S. Bank is Accused of Neglecting Due to Racial Discrimination [PHOTOS]

U.S. Bank isn't taking accusations it illegally neglects foreclosed homes in Minneapolis's "neighborhoods of color" lying down.

Yesterday, Dana Ripley, senior vice president of corporate communications for the Minneapolis-based bank, told us, "We categorically reject the NFHA's [National Fair Housing Alliance] claim against U.S. Bank." He followed up today with a statement that says, "NFHA has established a pattern of using incomplete, inaccurate, and misleading information in order to generate inflammatory headlines -- while at the same time -- seeking significant amounts of money from our company behind-the-scenes."

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October 13 is Indigenous Peoples Day, Not Columbus Day, in Minneapolis

Why the mean mug, Chris? Upset we're not celebrating you anymore?
This year, for the first time since 1936, the second Monday in October won't be Columbus Day in Minneapolis.

Thanks to a resolution passed last April, the holiday has been renamed Indigenous Peoples Day. There's a bit of work still to be done, however -- at its most recent meeting, the Minneapolis City Council directed staff to work with leaders in the local American Indian community to "review the City of Minneapolis' programs, practices, and policies as they relate to the intended impact of the Indigenous Peoples Day Resolution."

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U.S. Bank Accused of Racial Discrimination in Minneapolis

BasicGov on Flickr
:::: UPDATE :::: U.S. Bank "Categorically Rejects" Minneapolis Racial Discrimination Allegation

This week, the National Fair Housing Alliance plans to officially add Minneapolis to the list of more than 40 cities in which Minneapolis-based U.S. Bank is accused of illegal discrimination in "neighborhoods of color."

In a release, the alliance alleges, "U.S. Bank fails to perform basic maintenance and marketing tasks for its bank-owned foreclosures in African American and Latino neighborhoods to the same standard as in White neighborhoods, a practice that violates the federal Fair Housing Act."

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Racist, Homophobic Posts Force Wisconsin Republican Jacob Dorsey Out of Race

Jacob Dorsey screencap via Digital Journal
Think Minnesota Republicans have a hard time with social media? Consider the case of young Wisconsin GOPer Jacob Dorsey.

Dorsey, 19, took a semester off from his studies at Brigham Young University-Idaho to run for a Janesville seat in the state assembly, which is the Wisconsin equivalent to the Minnesota House. But he's headed back to school after screencaps of racist and homophobic online posts he wrote surfaced.

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St. Paul Police Release Chris Lollie Arrest Surveillance Footage

Lollie (in red hat), confronted by three officers, including one wielding a taser.
Yesterday, the St. Paul Police department released two surveillance videos of Chris Lollie's rough arrest in the First National Bank Building skyway.

Though the videos show what you'd expect them to show in light of Lollie's cell phone footage, the St. Paul cop union took to Facebook to argue they "show that the officers involved handled the situation professionally and in accordance with their training."

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