MNGOP Secretary Chris Fields: "Nothing offensive" about Chisago GOP's slavery post

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Fields (right) doesn't think the Chisago County GOP has anything to apologize for.
Hours after someone published a post on the Chisago County GOP's Facebook page last week that said, "Pro-choice: Against slavery? Don't buy one," GOP officials in the exurban county apologized and characterized the post as being "in obviously poor taste."

Not so fast, MNGOP Secretary Chris Fields says.

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Chisago County Republican Party publishes extremely racist Facebook post

"Pro-choice: Against slavery? Don't buy one"
-- Updates at bottom --

From the "I can't believe anybody thought this was a good idea" file: The Chisago County Republican Party posted the image at the top of this post to its Facebook page this morning.

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Yes, it's a shocking display of racism and bad judgment, but it's not as though many people in the right-leaning exurban county or elsewhere have taken notice -- the page only has 156 followers, and though new posts are published almost daily, not one of them has received a single "like" since October 6.

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ACLU calls on Vikings to boycott "Redskins" when Washington comes to Metrodome [UPDATE]

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The National Congress of American Indians recently released this poster framing just how racist team nicknames like "Indians" and "Redskins" are.
:::: UPDATE :::: Today, the Metropolitan Sports Facilities Authority denied the ACLU's request to boycott "Redskins." According to an AP report, the authority's lawyer determined that doing so would constitute unconstitutional censorship.

Original post (October 24) -- The American Civil Liberties Union is calling on the Vikings to not use the word "Redskins" when the Washington professional football team (as Bill Simmons calls them) visits the Metrodome on November 7.

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In a statement published on the ACLU's blog today, Jana Kooren writes, "The ACLU-MN is encouraging all parties involved in the upcoming Vikings/Washington Redskins game to do the right thing and not call the team by the offensive name Redskins but instead call them Washington."

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American Indian Movement will protest outside Vikings-Redskins game at Metrodome

Categories: Racism
To publicize the upcoming protest, AIM has taken to using a logo (right) that's similar to the Redskins logo it finds offensive (left).
The American Indian Movement will march from the American Indian Center to the Metrodome on November 7 then hold a rally outside the stadium when the Vikings play the Redskins during a nationally televised contest that evening.

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The march and rally is in protest of the continued use of the "Redskins" nickname by D.C.'s NFL team. The issue has come under increased scrutiny this year as prominent national sportswriters Peter King and Bill Simmons have begun boycotting mentioning "Redskins" in their columns and protesters outside Washington's games have become a regular occurrence.

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Lawsuit: Owner of Buffalo company used slur to explain why he wouldn't hire black temp

Categories: Business, Racism
A Minnesota company is being sued for the way it allegedly treated a black temporary worker and a full-timer who says she lost her job after she stood up for her discriminated-against colleague, according to a Star Tribune report.

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Myrna Peltonen, 42, worked as a production manager for Izza Bending Tube & Wire, a small industrial company based in Buffalo. She claims when she recommended to the company's owner, Scott Landgraf, that he should offer a full-time position to Randall Smith, a black temporary employee who had worked 500 hours for the company, Landgraf instead ordered her to tell Smith his services were no longer wanted and then dropped a racial slur for good measure.

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Chris Kluwe blasts NFL for tolerating Redskins nickname

Chris Kluwe is still looking for an NFL job, but after his rant last night, we doubt he'll find work with the Washington Redskins.

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Kluwe sounded off on the Redskins nickname controversy, which has gained steam this year as prominent national sportswriters Peter King and Bill Simmons have begun boycotting mentioning "Redskins" in their columns and protesters have started calling for the name to be changed outside Washington's games.

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White supremacist trying to take over NoDak town, moves in next to county's only black guy [VIDEO]

Categories: Racism
WDAY screengrab
Craig Cobb, to WDAY: "People's comfort level is best when they are amongst their own."
Talk about awkward -- in tiny Leith, North Dakota, one of the most outspoken white supremacists you'll ever see lives next to the county's only black guy.

Craig Cobb recently moved into an $8,600 house with no septic tank or running water in Leith, which has a population of about 20 people. Cobb's plan, ultimately, is to turn the town into a "White Nationalist Community," and in an interview with WDAY, he bashed Jews, Christianity, and characterized the term "hate crime" as "a Jewish term for Affirmative Action by white men."

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Asked if he admires Hitler, Cobb said, "I do. Yes, I do."

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Three Mpls cops cited for beating black men; one cop called a victim a "fat [N-word]"

The MPD has been taking a PR beating this week for off-duty officers' racist words and actions.
Hot on the heels of MPD officers Brian Thole and Shawn Powell getting themselves in trouble for calling black men "monkeys" (among other slurs) during an altercation in Green Bay comes a report that two other MPD cops recently pleaded guilty to disorderly conduct following an incident where they beat black men and used racial slurs.

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The two officers who pleaded guilty in June are William Woodis, 47, and Christopher Bennett, 38. A third officer, Andew Allen, was also charged in connection with the incident, which occurred last November 19 outside Bogart's Place in Apple Valley, but charges against him were later dropped. All three officers, like the two involved in the Green Bay incident, are being investigated internally by the MPD. Woodis, Bennett, Allen, Thole, and Powell are white, and all five were off-duty at the time of the incidents.

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Target sued over ludicrously racist training document

Categories: Racism, Target
target logo rect.jpg
The document pointed out that not all Hispanics eat tacos.
Three Latino ex-Target employees are suing the company for discrimination and retaliation, in part because of a preposterously racist training document that officials acknowledge was used at one distribution center.

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The training document was meant to help managers deal with "Hispanic" employees.

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Betty McCollum leads charge to rid NFL of "demeaning" Redskins team name

Goodell to McCollum: "Neither in intent nor use was the name ever meant to denigrate Native Americans or offend any group."
Betty McCollum represents St. Paul in the House of Representatives, but as co-chair of the Congressional Native American Caucus, she's leading the charge to get a D.C. sports team to change its name.

SEE ALSO: UMD hockey fans warned after "smallpox blankets" chant during Fighting Sioux series

McCollum and eight other Congress members recently wrote a letter to Washington Redskins owner Dan Synder urging him "to change the name of your NFL franchise."

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