North Mpls Halloween Display Featuring Hanging Doll Removed After Complaints [PHOTO]

A homeowner removed a Halloween display from the front yard of his north Minneapolis home at 52nd and James Avenue after a number of people complained.

The display showed a doll hanging from a tree. Underneath, another doll (with a white face no less) held a rope in the manner of a hangman.

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Riley Swearingen Charged with Assault for Giving Mankato Cop "Wet Willy"

Riley Swearingen
Sure, it's no fun to be on the receiving end of a "wet willy," but you wouldn't think one would constitute felony assault, right?

But that's one charge among a few 24-year-old Riley Swearingen faced for putting his saliva-dampened fingers in the ears of a Mankato cop during the course of drunken shenanigans just after bar close Saturday morning. (As this post was being finalized, we learned that after three days in jail, Swearingen agreed to a plea deal yesterday whereby he pleaded guilty to misdemeanor disruptive intoxication in order to have the felony charge dropped.)

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Don Samuels Calls 911 on North Minneapolis Hot Dog Giveaway [VIDEO]

don samuels new rect.jpg
Samuels says he thought the hot dog giveaway was actually an illegal business.
:::: UPDATE :::: Don Samuels on Hot Dog-Gate, Faulty Reporting, and His Priorities

Former City Council member and current school board candidate Don Samuels is taking heat for calling the cops on a hot dog giveaway organized by Neighborhoods Organizing for Change on a sidewalk right outside its north Minneapolis headquarters at 911 W. Broadway Ave.

Samuels says he thought the hot dogs were being sold illegally by a group without a license to sell food. In fact, however, the dogs were given away as part of NOC's "impromptu pledge-to-vote barbecue," as a post on the organization's Facebook page puts it.

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MNGOP Candidate Roger Weber Literally Sawed Neighbor's Garage In Half [PHOTO]

Thumbnail image for RogerWeber.jpg
His "Issues" section may be blank, but it's safe to infer Weber is a big backer of chainsaw rights.
Roger Weber, the MNGOP-endorsed challenger for DFL incumbent Carly Melin's northern Minnesota House seat, faces a civil trial this week for sawing his neighbor's rural Nashwauk Township garage in half last year.

Why in God's name would he do such a thing, you ask? Because according to a Forum Communications report, Weber claims the half of the garage he mowed down was built decades ago by his father on land he now owns, but he doesn't want it on his property anymore. Meanwhile, the owner of the other half of the garage, Mark Besemann, acknowledges the property line dispute, but claims Weber acted unreasonably in resolving things with a power saw rather than peaceful negotiations.

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Stopped for brake light, wanted man jumps off Roseville bridge to evade arrest

Image of Highway 36 bridge over Fairview Avenue via Google
Larry Law jumped off this bridge and lived to tell the tale, authorities say.
Larry Law, a 51-year-old St. Paul resident, knew he was in trouble when the car he was riding in was pulled over for having a brake light out on the Highway 36 service road near Fairview Avenue in Roseville at 1:42 a.m. on June 15, as he had a felony warrant out for his arrest.

So while an officer ran warrant checks, Law made a break for it. He didn't get far.

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Irony: Andy Parrish deletes racist tweet hours after chastising Chris Fields

John Croman on Twitter
I mean, should we really expect anything less from a guy who goes on national TV with no pants on?
After Chris Fields dug himself into a deep hole with a series of tasteless tweets about Robin Williams's suicide, local Republican political operative Andy Parrish saw fit to get on his high horse: But before Fields even got around to apologizing for his self-inflicted debacle, Parrish found himself apologizing for a racist tweet of his own.

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Teen doing handstand on Mall of America 2nd-floor railing falls to first floor, survives

Our "Really bad ideas" category was created for this story.

A 17-year-old somehow escaped serious injury after plunging from the Mall of America's second floor to the first just after 2:30 p.m. on Saturday afternoon. Witnesses reported that the teen was doing a handstand on a railing before falling, according to information from MOA officials.

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St. Paul 14-year-old takes school bus for a three-mile cruise

courtesy Roseville Police
The bus this morning, where it was stopped by a Shell station fuel island.
They say the road to hell is paved with good intentions. Especially if you're driving a school bus.

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Global Village Duluth apologizes for "Annual MLK Day Black Sale"

Global Village Duluth -- a downtown store selling "Clothing, jewelry, scarves, incense, cards, tapestries, lamps, instruments...more unique gifts than you can imagine!" -- published the above post on its Facebook page Friday.

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This wasn't the first year Global Village held the "MLK Day Black Sale." But it was the first that the promotion was widely decried, and as a result store owner Rachel Mock issued a public apology earlier today.

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Mankato Free Press's "Rapefruit" gaffe makes list of 2013's top layout disasters

@BryanAGraham on Twitter
The forbidden fruit...
Take a bow, Mankato Free Press layout folks. You've been recognized for your work this year.

THE BACKSTORY: Mankato Free Press runs story about "Rapefruit" on cover of food section [IMAGE]

Sure, it might not be the sort of recognition you want, but still... maybe it's better than nothing? I mean, at least people are paying attention to you, right?

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